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Study Suggests Carbon Market Encourages Chopping Forests
The current carbon market actually encourages cutting down some of the world's biggest forests, which would unleash tons of climate-warming carbon into the atmosphere, a new study reported Monday.

Technology Companies Tout Greener Credentials, but Significant Improvements Are Distant
With energy costs high and environmental friendliness making for good public relations, more tech companies are touting ways they are "greening" data centers, which serve up Web pages, swap Internet traffic, and process and store business information.

Westinghouse Seals Mega China Nuclear Deal
U.S.-based Westinghouse Electric signed on Tuesday a multi-billion-dollar deal with Chinese partners to build four nuclear reactors in eastern China, finalising a pact agreed between Beijing and Washington seven months ago.

UN Chief Tells Business Leaders To Do More To Fight Climate Change
More than 4,000 business leaders, campaign organizations and others in 116 countries have joined the Global Compact -- established by the U.N. in 2000 to promote human rights, better labor practices, environmental protection and anti-corruption standards for business.

China Bans Production and Import of Two Ozone-Depleting Substances
China has banned the production and import of two ozone-depleting substances, honoring an international commitment to phase them out by 2010, state media reported Monday.

Plant Lovers Want Nurseries To Stop Selling Invasive Plants that Threaten Environment
Environmental groups hope to slow the spread of decorative but invasive plants by persuading nurseries to stop selling them and instead promote native species.

Canada Must Charge Firms a Lot for Emissions, Panel Says
Canada's government will eventually have to charge companies a much higher price than anticipated for polluting the atmosphere if it is to stand any chance of meeting promises on cleaning up the environment, a panel said Wednesday.

Nissan Developing Smaller, Lighter Car Batteries for Hybrids and Electric Cars
Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said Wednesday his company is working hard to develop the next generation of smaller, lighter auto batteries -- a technology that holds promise not just for hybrids but also for electric cars.

U.S. Firms Wary of UN Responsible Business Compact
U.S. firms have been slow to join a U.N. initiative on social and environmental responsibility in business because of perceptions it has no teeth, the head of the Global Compact said Monday.

Green Aviation Management Forum To Address Environmental Strategies, Sustainable Solutions
In September, the Green Aviation Management Forum will examine issues of environmental strategy within the aviation industry and explore sustainable solutions, including emissions trading, alternative fuels, and air traffic management.