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The Digital Challenge for Libraries

This is the companion blog to my latest book - The Digital Challenge for Libraries: Understanding the Culture and Technology of Total Information - which is now available in paperback ISBN Number 978-0-595-35069-.

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Book Continues to Sell


I have discontinued blogging about this subject BUT my book--The Digital Challenge for Libraries-- continues to sell at a steady pace, mostly through on-line bookstores like BN and Amazon. It is also gratifying to receive an occasional e-mail from someone who has read the book and has a comment or question.If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this book, go to any bookstore (physical or

Table of Contents


1. Introduction I Love LibrariesCollege DazeThe Digital Challenge Ahead The Future of LibrariesIt's Not a Problem, At Least Not HereThere is No Money in the BudgetSuccess Strategies2. The Development of Information ServicesThe Digital Economy The Inner Dynamics of a Service BusinessA Sense of UrgencyHow to Lose Business by Laughing at Customers When They Need Your HelpA Willingness to Take RisksA