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Preview: Oyarsa's Observances

Oyarsa's Observances

This blog is created for my random thoughts and opinions. Conflicting opinions are always welcome, but comments or remarks left in a disrespectful or distasteful manner (to be determined by myself) will be either ignored or deleted. This blog has a zero-

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I encourage all parents to use this site and educate themselves. Remember: child predators have (and do) wait in public libraries for unsupervised children.

Do You REALLY Know Anything About Narnia?


If you read ALL the books, take the quiz yourself. If you just watched the first movie, you might want to skip this quiz.


Do you .:really:. know anything about NARNIA?

You surely know all that there is to know about NARNIA! If anyone deserves a tickit to True NARNIA, it's you!Congrats, you are a true NARNIA fan! C.S Lewis would be proud! Just like me, you love THE CHRONICALS and can't stand it when someone gets their facts wrong! You have spent so much time reading THE CHRONICALS that C.S Lewis, Aslan and the rest of the NARNIANS owe you a favor! After all, you were right there with them when NARNIA was born, the White Witch was slain, when the legendary LAST BATTLE took place, and every other memorable moment in between! All in all, no one can ever say you don't know you're NARNIA.***********************************Now that the quiz is over... ^^^^^please rate and message!^^^^^clicking a button takes up less than two milliseconds of your life, and I promise I will message you back if you message me!Thanx!
Take this quiz!


Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Cool Health Search Engines


Yeah, I know there's WebMD and all the rest, but this one looks like it copies the google template; though they do not appear to be affiliated with Google.

What do they have to offer?


  • Health Engine: Most advanced health search engine.

  • Health Sites by Topic: Users can browse and search health topics.

  • Government Health: Users can browse and search important Government health sites like and

  • Health Statistics: Users can browse daily health statistics

Very easy to search, authoritative sources. Pass it on.

Also check out:

BioMedSearch contains all PubMed/MedLine publications, additional journals, and a collection of theses and dissertations that are not in the PubMed database.

Best Tax Cartoons of 2006


This list is in no way to be considered objective.











The Welfare Fraud Link--Your tax dollars at work!


According to a Chicago Sun-Times article, welfare fraud not sends a portion of taxpayer money to buy drugs, but it may also fund terrorism.

My solution: kill the program. It's obviously not doing what it's intended to do, and it's unfair to the taxpayers and the families of the beneficiaries. Get the government out, and let private enterprises take care of providing services to the poor; they're not afraid to turn away people who want to take advantage of the system, while providing services to those who really need it.

If anything, the government excarbarates the problem. I was grabbing lunch at a McDonalds and happened to overhear two Black men in their early 20s or thereabouts speaking to eachother; one was ridiculing the other for working at McDonalds, saying that he'd "get more cash" if he applied for welfare". I didn't say anything, but the sentiment didn't surprise me. The more people get on welfare, the more people in the class line above welfare will no longer see a reason to work, which means the more the people that actually do work are forced to pay for those who won't. I truly hope the young man did not listen to the advice of his friend/acquaintance. I respect him for being willing to work.

Before anyone comments on compassion, consider this: your income taxes are not "donated" to the government; if you refused to pay them, the government would barge in your residence and force your compliance at the business end of a gun. You are not "donating" to the needy by paying an income tax. You are a victim of government mugging.

And I think that needs to stop. Before it gets any more out of hand.

Grad School Craziness


Once again, I've had to take a leave of absence from blogging; graduate school and work responsibilities have made me put many of my hobbies aside. Hopefully I will be able to update this more often in the near future, but very likely posting here will be sporadic until the end of the month.

Apologies in advance,


Evil Overlord List and Comic


For all you aspiring Fantasy writers out there, may I turn your attention to the Evil Overlord list. (If you've seen it already, tough. Review it repeatedly.)

By now, I'd guess that most fans of fantasy or science fiction have heard of it, but I figure a reminder won't hurt anyone.

(From the User Friendly Archives.)


Click on it to make it appear larger.

"Library Blogs Worth Reading"


I haven't been keeping up on my library blog reading very well; graduate classes and studying eat up time that I formerly allocated for blog reading.

Thus, I did not notice till now that Heretical Librarian listed this blog in his recommended list of conservative librarian blogs.

Thank you, Heretical Librarian!

Though I would advise Readers to also check out LOTR Librarian where I primarily blog about library and librarianship related issues.

School Bans Pig Stories


I wish this was a parody, but sadly, it's true. A West Yorkshire School has banned fictitious stories about pigs "in case they offend Muslim children"

Come again? The same Headmistress would think nothing of forcing an English schoolchild to read fictious works other cultures, but the same doesn't hold true for Muslim students?

Banning classic works of literature from a classroom in the name of tolerance offends me, and, no doubt, offends some of the non-Muslim parents as well. Depriving children from classics of literature such as "Charlotte's Web", a story celebrating an unlikely friendship, Winnie the Pooh tales, etc hinders their literary and intellectual growth.

Respect for other cultures is a two way street. Those children are living in a Western culture, they need to be taught Western traditions, not sheltered from them.

From the Religon of Peace--Pictures from London


God have mercy on those who would ransack, threaten, kidnap, and kill in the name of Allah over a bunch of cartoons. Cartoons.

There's something I still want to know. According to this London Telegraph report:

"A leading hard-line Muslim cleric, Sheikh Yussef al-Qaradawi, called for the day of anger to protest against the printing of the cartoons - first published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September (my emphasis) - in other European papers."

Where was all the Muslim outrage when the cartoons were released last September? Where were the riots and the flag burnings? Anyone?

Regardless of what took them so long, the "Religion of Peace" has proved the point of the cartoonist.


(Thanks to Michelle Malkin for providing the gallery.)

But, back to the original point of the topic, which is, of course, the pictures from London.









Best Blonde Joke Ever!


I found the best blonde joke ever on jcrue's blog.

Judge gives Child Rapist 60 day sentence.


I'd like to start out this post by directing the reader's attention to this statistic from an article on Princeton U's site

Effectively, all this judge has done is give young, innocent girls in Vermont (and elsewhere if the criminal flees the state) a 60 day reprieve from being raped by this particular man.

In my opinion, someone convicted of raping a child should either receive life without parole or should be sentenced to death. Anyone who rapes should receive the full force of the law. That girl's trauma won't end in 60 days, or 60 weeks, or 60 months, for that matter. Why should his punishment?

The judge hasn't done the victim or her family any favors. He's all but ensured this guy will be able to create more victims.


Blanco: Louisiana not getting fair share of aid


Blanco has a lot of chutzpah.

6.2 Billion dollars of taxpayer's money goes to New Orleans and its not enough.

This comes on top of a report about Blanco spending 564,838 to remodel the offices of some of her staff.

Want to know what that money went for?

"The newly refurbished office space on the sixth floor of the State Capitol includes hookups and mounts for two flat screen televisions, Swedish granite countertops, walnut paneling and frosted laminated glass. The floor, which will not be accessible to the public, was redesigned to add three new offices, a conference room and file storage areas." and "The coffee room in the northwest corner was modernized." A modernized coffee room, boy, that woman has her priorities straight!

How did she pay for her posh new remodeling?

"Three days after crews started tearing out the old offices, the administration announced that the state's budget would be about $1 billion short because of damages caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. That day, Commissioner of Administration Jerry Luke LeBlanc told a legislative finance committee that the budgets supplying money for public health care and education would need cuts of 20 percent or more and that more than 18,000 state employees would have to be laid off."

Come to think of it. Maybe she does need more than 6.2 billion. She probably wants to update both her office and the governer's mansion, plus have a bit of spending money on the side.

Darthmouth Student Lied, Soldiers died?


Perhaps a slight stretch, but it does have a certain ring to it. An article in the Boston Globe carries the story about the fabrication.

The ALA also weighs in on the matter.

How does this kid know the book is on a "rotating watch list of books" and how would that same kid know about the workings of said list, assuming it exists? Given his known track record of lying, I believe we can maintain a healthy degree of skepticism regarding its existence.

Heretical Librarian did the research and made some other observations, from which I quote part of his findings below:

The ALA article also mentions that the student "requested the book by phone from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst". This raises another question: why didn't the student simply order Quotations via UMass-Dartmouth's ILL service, as the first report of this story indicated? The student could also have used the Virtual Catalogs feature to order Quotations from another Massachusetts library. So why would he try to file an ILL request with UMass-Amherst, whose service appears to be limited to Amherst students, faculty, and staff only? If he simply called Amherst's library to ask about the availability of their copy of the book, would they not have advised him to order the item through his own institution or the Virtual Catalogs? Finally, the claim that the alleged request with Amherst was filed by phone would also make the existence of a record trail less likely, and thus harder to conclusively disprove the story.

Today's other bit of information comes courtesy of Wizbang. This item from the Boston Herald features a comment from the FBI: Complicating matters has been the student, who so far has refused to talk. Boston FBI spokeswoman Gail A. Marcinkiewicz said she has been unable to find evidence that FBI agents visited the student. “We don’t have interest in what people read,” she added.

Given the mounting evidence,I don't think this student should be given a pass. He's not a five year old lying to Mommy about how many cookies he took out of the cookie jar. He knew he was lying. He knew his lie would spread quickly. And if he truly 'didn't know' about the consequences of his lie, then it's all the more reason to put charages against him, before some other person tries the 'didn't know' excuse to leak something more serious.

Merry Christmas!


As I celebrate Christmas, and not Hanukah or Kwanzaa, I wish all my fellow Americans a very merry Christmas indeed, whether or not you believe in the reason for the season.

May God bless you and keep you all, and may He reveal Himself, His holiness, and His love to all who read this blog.


Updated My Links


I added yet another Tolkien site: One Ring: The Complete Guide to Tolkien Online. One Ring appears to be a directory of Tolkien websites: everything from books, to fanfiction, to movies, to image galleries and more. This site was a Librarian's Index to the Internet pick, and after reviewing it myself, I thought it was an appropriate addition.


Nina Shea's The Real War on Christmas


Recently, I have been involved in online discussions with some Christians about our concerns with merchants subsituting "Happy Holidays" for "Merry Christmas." One of those participants believed such substitution to be "persecution". Oyarsa vehemently disagrees.

So, while not making light of this latest politically correct trend, I present for my fellow Christians Nina Shea's article, "The Real War on Christmas." Those who have done research in the area of Christian Persecution will know Ms. Shea as the author of In the Lion's Den: Persecuted Christians and What the Western Church Can Do About It.

PacMan in the Library?


Evidently, two students at the University of Michigan came up with a prank to dress as Pac-Man and a Ghost, respectively. The pair ran through the UGLi (the Undergraduate Library) and the Fishbowl (a huge computer lab on Central campus) during finals week. Pac-Man screams in horror as the Ghost chases him yelling "Waka Waka Waka." According to Boing Boing, the video has spread like wildfire on the U of Michigan campus, and killed the original hosting site's bandwidth. Watch the video. (.mov file; make sure you have a player capable of playing it; you will likely need QuickTime. )

Of course, those who played Pac-Man will recall that the "waka" sound was only made by Pac-Man when he ate the pills. The ghosts were silent.

For those who did not grow up playing the game, learn more about Pac-Man through this Wikipedia article.

Chewbacca Sings!


I received this link from a friend. Very funny.

But, don't take my word for it. Listen to Chewbacca sing for yourself.

Have You Seen This Penguin?


A 3 month old penguin was evidently kidnapped from the Amazon World zoo on the Isle of Wight, in southern England on Saturday.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of said penguin, please contact the Amazon World Zoo.


Updated Link List: Environment


Those of you interested in environmental issues might find some or all of these sites interesting.


  • A Better Earth

  • The site aims to introduce readers to "a wide range of alternative environmental approaches, including locally based 'eco-innovation,' outcome-based regulations, quasi-market pricing strategies, corporate and individual stewardship, property rights enforcement as a means of protecting the environment from polluters, and the cultivation of environmental aesthetics."

  • The Commons

  • A site devoted to "the principle of promoting environmental quality and human dignity and prosperity through markets and property rights. Put more simply, it’s about free markets protecting the environment."

  • Competitive Enterprise Institute

  • The Wall Street Journal has called the CEI "the best environmental think tank in the country."

  • Enviro-Truth

  • Envirotruth is dedicated to injecting badly needed truth into the debate about our environment. For too long, some environmental groups have seized the world stage and the public's attention by distorting facts, bending the truth and even committing acts of terrorism against innocent citizens.

  • Green Watch

  • Look here for information about nonprofit environmental groups. According to the group, "These tax-exempt groups orchestrate political, legal and public relations campaigns that aim to protect and improve the environment. But green activism, however well intentioned, often harms the environment it would save from Corporate America."

  • The National Center for Public Policy Research

  • The National Center for Public Policy Research is a communications and research foundation supportive of a strong national defense and dedicated to providing free market solutions to today's public policy problems. We believe that the principles of a free market, individual liberty and personal responsibility provide the greatest hope for meeting the challenges facing America in the 21st century.

  • National Wilderness Institute

  • "Too often we hear how people are going to be the ultimate demise of our environment. At NWI, we believe the opposite to be true, that people using a little creativity together with innovative technology offer the best solutions for our environmental problems."

  • PERC (Property & Environment Research Center

  • This organization uses a free-market approach to resolve environmental problems.

    Cuban Library Updates


    My library brethern in Cuba have some news updates. I refer the interested to read both Secret Prison Libraries Flourish in Cuba and Labor Library Confiscated.

    Once again, I am grateful that I do not live in Castro's Cuba.


    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


    Well, I watched Chronicles of Narnia a second time last night, and saw the trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I was impressed. Looks like it will be as good as the original. (At least, I hope so).

    For the interested, the trailer is available on the movie's official website.


    What don’t you remember?


    Received this challenge from a friend's blog. I filled out hers, so I'm obligated to pass this on. What don't you remember about me?


    “If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, (even if we don’t speak often) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

    It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

    When you’re finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you.”