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This Is The Last Post


After nearly 8 years, 5,000 posts and 500,000 page views, this is the last post at Kept-Up Academic Librarian. It has been a good run but the need for this blog is diminished and even though the time it takes...

Before They Can Teach Foreign Graduate Students Must Improve Their English


For hundreds of grown men and women here, work can mean sticking fingers into models of the human mouth, or trying to talk while peering at their tongues in mirrors or while hopping up and down stairs. They are foreign...

College Student Debt Will Eventually Lower The Birth Rate And Hurt The Economy


Exponentially growing student loans are driving up tuition and creating a demographic time bomb as well as a higher-education bubble that could explode in taxpayers' faces.As college costs and student loan debt soar (partly due to opulent university spending) and...

Transfer Students Are Higher Education's Hot New Commodity


But there are two storm clouds on the horizon. The first is the shift of demographics that has many students seeking postsecondary education by moving with their feet to two-year colleges and for profit institutions In this mix, the transfer...

Student Housing Crunch Means Getting Really Close With Your Dormmates


Standing inside her dorm room at Cornerstone University Wednesday, Abbigail Stefanek watched as her father brainstormed ways to pull off what seemed like a tricky task: fitting five beds into a room normally used for two. “It seems a bit...

International Branch Campus Seen As Way To Build A Global Brand


Newcastle University is one of the latest entrants into the thriving world of international branch campuses, or IBCs. Universities across the globe have now established well over 200 foreign campuses, up from 82 in 2006. Branch campuses give schools a...

Penn State Plans Its Strategy For Rebounding From A Scandal


After months of reacting to one devastating development after another in the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal, university trustees Sunday charted a proactive strategy to rebuild faith in the campus. The approach, outlined on the final day of the board's...

Parents Have Unrealist Expectations For College Costs And Career Potential


Parents saving for their children’s college expenses may be in need of a reality check. While Massachusetts families expect to pay most of their children’s college costs, the typical family comes up well short of they money they need by...

Professor Admits He's A Liberal And Wants His Reward


Campus Reform, a conservative organization, has been inviting students to submit videos of liberal professors promising $100 if the videos lead to an article for the group. Kieran Healy, a sociologist at Duke University, decided he could make money off...

Returning Students Find Big Crowds And Fewer Classes


It was the first day of the fall term at most of California's 112 community colleges, and statewide budget cuts meant students were returning from summer break to face higher fees, fewer course offerings and crowded classrooms. An information booth...