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Collecting My Thoughts

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Monday Memories--moving the books out


My friends and I compare notes on how we're doing in clearing out the clutter. Three are planning moves to retirement apartments; we're not there yet, but we want to do some rearranging. Our photo albums are taking over the house--I think I counted 70! We did a massive sweep about 11 years ago, but it all came back.  Before I got sick in January, I'd started on the books again, and then last week renewed the effort.  The books have been rounded up and herded into the garage, tied with some twine, and Christmas ribbon, but there's not much change on the shelves. They'll go to the church, the cancer resale shop, the public library, our son, and the sailing books we'll take to the lake next time to see if a neighbor wants them.  A lot of cookbooks went this time.  That's unusual for me, but they were mainly just hanging around to remember the good times.  I have in that stack a 12 volume set of the Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery that I bought one week at a time at the grocery store in the 1960s, and many Taste of Home Annuals. If you are looking for a new set of that encyclopedia, it goes for about $2,000 according to Amazon, or about $40 used.  I think there are volumes in my set that are "new."  I wrote a Thursday Thirteen blog about my cookbooks in 2006.  

Then I decluttered in 2009 about 8 years ago. Shelves looked pretty good, but still tight.

Another set (tied in red ribbon in the photo) is the Famous Writers school of writing, 3 volumes plus an annual. I found them at a used book store about 20 years ago when I was doing more writing, but never really used them. Lots of famous names. According to Wikipedia, as many as 90% never finished the course, so perhaps this was from a disgruntled student. There was eventually a law suit. But I think there should be 4 volumes.  Going through the architectural journals I found an annual that included some places we've been like Thorncrown Chapel.

The bookshelves with all those titles removed, still very full.

Because they lost the election


In 2015 the Census reported "changes in income, poverty, and health insurance coverage in the United States between 2013 and 2014. The main takeaway is that income is still stagnant. The median income in 2014 was $53,657—essentially unchanged for the third consecutive year, but 6.5 percent lower than in 2007, before the recession, and 7.2 percent lower than in 1999." All that recovery Obama bragged about, that hope and change, was for the top 1% and those with investments. So why is the left raging in rent a mobs about Trump when he's been president for 3 weeks, and we had Obama for 8 years? (Mother Jones, Sept. 16, 2015) Because they lost the election.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took to social media to quell what it calls "dangerous and irresponsible" stories that allege the agency is executing "roundups" of illegal immigrants for deportation.
Untrue, ICE said in a tweet.

ICE arrested nearly 700 illegals over recent operations, saying 75 percent of those had criminal records. One President Obama operation alone in 2012 netted 350 percent more illegal fugitives."

Why does the left rage and pass along these stories then? Because the protests have nothing to do with illegal immigration. They lost the election.  (, Feb. 17)

There's another women's march coming up--not sure if it's about inequities or Trump.  Women with the same education, marital status and position of the same age and geographic area are earning more than men of the same status. Are they going to strike to earn less? A 2009 report commissioned by the Labor Department that analyzed more than 50 papers on the topic found that the so-called pay gap “may be almost entirely” the result of choices both men and women make. In 147 out of 150 of the biggest cities in the U.S., the median full-time salaries of young women are 8% higher than those of men in their peer group. In two cities, Atlanta and Memphis, those women are making about 20% more.

In Obama's final year women were 35 percent more likely to live in poverty than men. So why are they mad at President Trump who's been in charge 3 weeks?  Because they lost the election.

Withdrawing books


I'm withdrawing books. That's librarian talk. We also call that deacquisitioning. I have three locations to take them--church, library sale, and cancer resale shop (four if you count my son). Each item is recorded on my book blog and they are in piles by topic/theme on the floor of my office. This is the first time I've ever given away cook books. We have become ROMEOs. Retired old men eating out. (Need any Martha Stewart?) The shelves seem to look the same.

Then my husband gets inspired, takes a break from the watercolor of Granada he's working on, and brings up about 50 titles from his office. Bad idea. He doesn't know how to do it. I found one of my grandfather's books on farm buildings with terrific drawings from early 20th century, and half of what he "contributed" were my books which were on his shelves (too large for mine). 


This introduction to book blues is to tell you I found a pristine copy of Saturday Evening Post, Fall 1972, with a portrait of Richard Nixon on the cover. That surprised me a bit since neither of us ever voted for him, or liked him. However, what is stunning is an article by Paul Ehrlich on "Population Control." He was very influential in the 60s and 70s and totally misled all western nations about the dangers of overpopulation and advocated ZPG. (It was really a disguised message I think about keeping blacks and browns under control.) Anyway, if you sort through his hints, hysteria and hyperbole, it sounds exactly like the "climate change" gooble-degook we hear today.

Erhlich is still around. There's a Vatican workshop on Biological Extinction Feb. 27-Mar.1 and he's a speaker. What a shame. Abortion, contraception, euthanasia. Speakers completely violating all church teaching. But then, so do Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. All advanced and Western countries, U.S. Europe, Japan, China have birth rates below replacement. That's what is behind the push for more immigration--there aren't enough workers to fund the social programs. But I'm not sure Somali-Swedes or Yemeni-Germans really want to work and merge into a thrifty, hard working value system. Of course, Japan and China aren't taking in middle east refugees despite birthrates well below replacement. Nor are Nigeria or Kenya--they are coming to the U.S.--over a million in the last decade under our "diversity" immigration plan.

Guns purchased by Social Security recipients?


There is no national data base of the mentally ill that I'm aware of. Yet I know people concerned that the latest restriction on the 2nd amendment defeated on Wednesday was to protect us from them. Obama wanted to identify people based on their Social Security status as needing 3rd party assistance to receive benefits so they would be flagged in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Is that legal for denying other rights, like speech or religion or assembly? I can't imagine that advocacy groups for the disabled didn't take this on as a very slippery slope. 

The man who robbed, raped and murdered a 21 year old OSU student last week as she left work probably wouldn't have been on that sweep of people who receive benefits, but he had recently been released from prison with a rap sheet, including sexual assault, going back to his pre-teen years. Is that a mental illness or just a very sloppy judicial system?

Obama's Executive Order squeaked through in late December probably just to irritate the gun lobby, but was first proposed in 2012 after the Sandy Hook killer was determined to be mentally ill. The problem is this rule wouldn't have caught him. He stole his mother's guns and first killed her before going to the school.

If you voted for Mrs. Clinton--WHY?


The issues important to voters between New York and LA in 2016 where Trump won were,
1) terrorism,
2) economy,
3) education,
4) jobs,
5) health care costs.

I have no idea what mattered to those voters on the left coast, but it appears,
1) Hillary is biologically a woman, although that matters in nothing else to the left,
2) abortion on demand especially for the poor and minorities,
3) raising minimum wage (4% of hourly employees) to keep the poor at the bottom longer,
4) illegal immigration to change the racial mix of the U.S.,
5) higher taxes and more regulations to strangle American small businesses so the big guys can hold them back and reduce competition.

If you voted for Mrs. Clinton, and I missed your reason(s), let me know. For a lot of people it was her name wasn't Trump. According to the polls additional concerns showed Republicans cared more about poverty and race relations than Democrats.

March 8--a day without women


Why is the left afraid to investigate the differences in wages among women? For the obvious reasons--we all know the answer. Career choice, education, experience, skill and geography determine salaries in the USA. For men and women.  Both of us use an all female medical practice. I have no idea if they purposely keep out men (except for patients), but there's a high level of estrogen when you walk in. I think I did see a male tech several years ago, but I he's moved on.

And guess what? There is a vast difference in pay among the 
1) female staffer who moves the sliding window, takes our insurance cards and hands us a clipboard, and 
2) the tech who checks our weight, blood pressure and types notes into the computer, and 
3) the doctor who rushes in for 5 minutes and tries to find out what's going on since the last visit.

I'm guessing at income--about $25,000 for the first woman who is a high school graduate, $35,000 for the second who had 6 months of technical school, and about $200,000 for the third woman who had 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school and 3-7 years of residency before I saw her in that office. Where's the rage, and who should be marching on the Day without women? Woman one, two or three?
I asked a pleasant young clerk at the ophthalmologist office what her training was for the field, and she said none, she had a degree (something in the humanities) and this was the job she found when she and her husband moved to the area. Which category will she go in?   That practice is almost all male doctors and female staff.

Gosnell; the untold story of America's most prolific serial killer


Yesterday hearings began on Ohio Right to Life's Unborn Child Dignity Act (S.B. 28), legislation which would require the humane burial or cremation of unborn children following an abortion. When police finally raided the clinic of abortionist Kermit Gosnell (for an unreported death plus drug charges), a Philadelphia "doctor" with primarily minority clients, they didn't expect a house of horrors. The smell and filth was beyond anything these long time investigators had ever experienced. A filthy, flea-infested, cat and human excrement covered clinic with expired drugs, broken unsanitary equipment and instruments, post abortion women sitting in filthy chairs covered with blood stained blankets moaning in pain with untrained, unlicensed staff to help them. Because the toilets didn't work (fetal remains and vomit clogged them) the women urinated on the walls. Gosnell kept jars of baby feet in storage and fetal remains in trash bags in closets and the basement. Some fetal parts he took to his summer home in NJ to feed to clams, which he then brought back to the clinic to feed his (illegal) sea turtles.

Yes, unborn children deserve better than this.

 During the initial investigation Gosnell had to complete an abortion that had already been started (her 4th). Upon finishing the abortion he came back to his office and ate his lunch in front of the stunned police officers without removing his blood stained, torn gloves and gown, and when a piece of food fell on the floor he just picked it up with his chop sticks and ate it. He bragged that his cat had killed over 200 mice. His clinic was licensed and inspected by the Health Dept. This is what Democrats like Hillary Clinton mean when they preach "safe, legal and rare." I might add expensive to that mantra. The investigators found the bill for the woman who died, $830.00.

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. Gosnell; the untold story of America's most prolific serial killer. Regnery Publishing, 2017.

Don't take this book on your lunch break! 



The only problem with downsizing is. . . stuff. I've counted 70 photograph albums (don't tell me to put them on disk--we did that for one Haiti trip and it was a lot of work). I'm withdrawing about 200 books and don't even see space on the shelves. Then there's the scrapbooks of hand made and artist friends' cards. And my grandmother's childhood scrapbooks and clippings now 135 years old. Half of you can identify; the other half just pitch memorabilia. I've got 3-4 boxes of cards, many from our parents who have been gone about 15-20 years.  My mother-in-law always underlined every word--I thought it a little strange at the time, but now I think it's sort of sweet. 

106 sactuary cities take federal dollars


Why are 106 cities protecting criminals who have raped or assaulted women, stolen someone's ID, or been in gang activity? Sure, you'll see the sweet mama with crying kids on TV, who was "only" kiting checks or voting multiple times. Most violent crimes are intraracial--crimes of opportunity and blending in. Read the Department of Justice stats. Black on black. White on white. Gay on gay. So other immigrants are being victimized but  fear reporting to the police because they are illegal. Would those mayors do that for American citizens? They thumb their noses at the law. Obama was called "deporter in chief" by the alien protection crowd--but his leftist supporters generally kept quiet about it. Now they blame Trump?

$27 Billion in federal grants go to 106 sanctuary cities which defy the law to hold criminals for ICE to deport. Just 12 of the 106 receive $16 Billion. The two cities with the most to lose if Trump is successful: 
Washington, D.C. municipal government received the highest amount of federal funding on a per capita basis: $3,228 per person; $12,912 per family of four; or $2.09 billion total.
The City of Chicago, IL received the second highest amount of federal funding on a per capita basis: $1,942 per person; $7,768 per family of four; or $5.3 billion total. 


Leaking? That depends on your ideology


I  get the giggles when  friends on the left say there were no leaks or scandals in the Obama terms? Well, yes, but some were reported as "inadvertant disclosures." However, if you search you can find something about Edward Snowden, or exposing foreign informants who were then killed, or the freeze that got some editors fired as a warning to others in the media, or Obama's criminal investigation into leaks that worried him, or FBI agent Donald Sachtleben, or attacks on Wikileaks insiders, or revelations of federal employees keeping tabs on each other not only in the National Security bureaucracy, but the Department of Education, USDA, NOAA, etc. 

Of course, whenever these snooper dooper stories appeared during the Obama years, the reporters to be safe and not anger the powers in DC quickly added any similar stories from the Bush administration all the way back to Judas betraying Jesus, just to make sure they didn't paint Obama too black. Not to beat a dead horse in Benghazi, but that was really about illegal gun running to the rebels in Syria, a plan that went badly for our ambassador and resulted in a cover up by Susan Rice obediently lying to the American people on behalf of Hillary Clinton and President Obama

Adoption for the lucky few


Are you considering adoption? Zondervan (Christian book publisher) has a new book about a delightful family with three children under age 5 (lively group) as told by Heather Avis, the mom, about how she and husband Josh went from grief over infertility to joy in adopting two medically fragile babies with Down syndrome and one with a mixed racial heritage. It's very well written and an easy read--but the problems and snags like heart surgeries and meeting with birth families are folded in. 
Avis, Heather. "The lucky few; finding God's best in the most unlikely places." Zondervan, 2017. ISBN 9780310345466 
I don't do Instagram, but I think that's how this book was birthed as the author shared her joys and sorrows with others in similar situations. Whether yours is a step parent, international, special needs, or plain vanilla adoption, I think you'll enjoy this book. Also a good book for grandma and aunties.

Today's new word: pathbreaking


I like to blog about "new words." They are only new to me. When I go back and review those posts, I see I never use them as delightful and interesting as they are and have to relearn the meanings. But today I came across the term "path-breaking" in an article lauding the contribution of an OSU couple in astronomy--$2.8 million. It sounded awkward, so I looked it up, and found it was being used in 1913 in the title of a book about woman's suffrage on the west coast. So I downloaded and started to read it. That's why it's so dangerous to wander around the internet. I have so many books in my TBR pile I don't need to be downloading anything . . .

Is a college degree a good ROI?


One of the reasons Columbia University can claim that poverty among young children was at 45% during the Obama years is that pesky threshold the academics and bureaucrats say is needed to support a family. Let's say you've dumped the kids' deadbeat dad, finished college and gone on for your dream degree--a Master's in Library Science (today the degree title may use the word information or technology, but you know what I mean). You've got debt, but everyone says a college degree is the ticket to the middle class. $32-$35,000 isn't terrific, but not unusual for a beginning MLS degree in a small city, and it varies state to state, but so does the poverty threshold. Probably the para-professionals in the library who've been working 20 years earn more, but you'll have that pride of possession and benefits that far exceed the private sector. According to our government, that salary is low income, and you'll need at least $50,000 in a medium sized Ohio city to climb out of that category. 

The largest number of children in low income households are white, but the highest percentage are minority (36% white; 29% Asian; 69% black). The fact sheet I'm reading (Basic Facts about Low-Income Children: Children under 3 Years, 2015) does mention education and jobs to climb out of the low income category, but ignores marriage.

If you try to work the internet on ROI for a college degree, you get--guess what--articles written by academics urging you to take on a 4 year college cost of $140,000.  And why not?  They need to keep those seats filled in college xyz.

Why parents turn to home schooling


Not sure why the left gets to redefine words we all know. Fascism, socialism and communism are all forms of government--intrusive, overbearing, Marxist and controlling all aspects of citizens' lives or businesses. HUGE bureaucracies because its big job controlling everything from DDT to bathrooms. A Berkeley middle school teacher Yvette Felarca was rioting at the Milo Yiannopoulous (gay conservative) thwarted event at UC Berkeley, punching out people she disagreed with and shouting obscenities. She was on Tucker Carlson's show and defended her illegal behavior of assaulting people because she considers Milo a fascist. Sorry babe. Only government which is your employer as a public school teacher, can be truly fascist because it controls the masses and the police stood down while YOU assaulted people. Milo has never whipped up a mob or attacked anyone physically, but Felarca has. 

Why people turn to home schooling--the Felarca follies. She had already been suspended from her teaching job, but the teacher's union went to bat for her so it looks Berkeley's children are stuck with a violent, foul mouthed teacher who also shuts down school board meetings as well a conservative speakers.

What will Democrats try next?


They've tried just about everything. Crying on camera on election night. A recount by the biggest loser, Jill Stein. Demeaning the Electoral College. Trying to buy off electoral voters to change the count. Dressing up like vaginas and parading through Washington. Blacklisting Ivanka's clothing line. Quoting the Bible. Quoting the Constitution. Dog whistles of fear and panic to frighten immigrants. Speaking out at award shows as though they don't read lines for a living.

Now the media and the Democrats have agreed on the President's mental health as an issue. And they ignore the reason THEY LOST (media lost even bigger than the Democrats). The voters liked what Trump said he would do. Supreme court conservative choice. Repeal the unaffordable Affordable Care Act. Reduce regulation and red tape for business. Create jobs. Correct immigration failures by the previous administrations. Bring back American jobs. Defund Planned Parenthood.

The only people acting mentally ill are the Democrats in Congress, their lap sitters in the media and the rent a mobs on the streets blocking traffic and shouting at Town Hall meetings. Trump just goes ahead doing what he promised--making America great again.

Be pro-life


Be pro-life. A blessing by St. Francis of Assisi. "Blessed is the servant who loves his brother as much when he is sick and useless as when he is well and can be of service to him. And blessed is he who loves his brother as well when he is afar off as when he is by his side, and who would say nothing behind his back he might not, in love, say before his face." [A brother I am assuming in this context is a friar, but it works for us, too.] Until I was looking for this quote, I didn't know Columbus, Ohio has a St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Looks like an architectural wonder and is located in Victorian Village. Could use a little help with some restoration. I think we'll have to go visit. It has a nice newsletter and a Facebook page.  Blessing the animals in October [...]

The Grammys I didn't watch


No, I would never watch the Grammys, but I'm trying to watch the national news.  And even Fox has to show clips about every two minutes. I'm hitting the mute every chance I get. An industry that is built on merit, talent, fighting tooth and nail to win and entrepreneurial energy (from the eyebrow creator--like our niece Kimberly--to the theater designer to the pearls sewn on the designer dress to the lunch ladies) wants to destroy capitalism? 

The Gramophone was invented in 1877--and that's about how useful and up to date the Progressives are. Someone needs to read about the show trials in the USSR in the 1930s.

I hope everyone in northern California is safe--there is some news between the Grammy clips.  A dam is eroding. Huge hole that needs to be filled before people drown while trying to escape.  But it's more important to show a rap group insulting the president.

I'm biased and so are you, but Washington Post really is biased


Everyone has a bias--and more than one  I have them.  You have them.  But Washington Post has gone waaaay beyond bias to insane, hysterical hatred.  Since it was bought by Jeff Bezos (Amazon gay gazillionaire) it’s worth swearing off, but I do still look through the headlines to see if any of the 8-9 “news” or opinion stories in the digital version will be about anything other than Trump hatism. Nope. But one story on the 11th made me wonder if it is eating its own toxic entrails.  The “journalists” opined that perhaps all this rioting and activism about Trump’s election could possibly be good for the Democrat party--sort of like the Tea Party was good for Republicans.

1) The authors ignore that not only did President Obama’s policies, particularly the misnamed Affordable Care Act, lose the federal government for the Democrats, but he lost most state legislatures for them, too. He left the country leaderless abroad, although he personally enjoyed great popularity at home. There is no Donald J. Trump in a governor’s seat; there is no State Senator Trump in a state where Obama helped Democrats lose.  But 68% in flyover country are controlled by Republicans.

2)  And what Starbucks did the Tea Party burn down? When did the Tea Party mob bankers and businesses wearing black masks and screaming obscenities?  What March in Washington did the Tea Party ever threaten the police or leave enough trash to sink the climate change movement or dress like their own genitals? And did the entrenched Republicans in Congress ever listen to the Tea Party?

Looking back on Alan Bloom looking back


In Alan Bloom’s book, "The Closing of the American Mind” (1987)--a book that began as an essay and became a best seller--he discusses how the meaning and acts of sex and sexuality changed between the 50s and 60s and the 80s, and that the college students he knew saw a sexual arrangement as convenient, but not lasting or a commitment. “They are roommates with sex and utilities included in the rent.” (p. 106). 

With the looming strike of women (they are angry about the election of Trump and mad at the Electoral College) and the January 21 Women’s March in DC, I think he missed his mark in thinking the “rights” push was over.  It’s not over because it's never over for the Left which needs a victim, and over 50% of the population are women and 57% of the college graduates since the 90s are women.  For the Left  no matter what progress women, homosexuals or transsexuals make, there’s always a new victim to be found which can be folded into the original goal.  The push to normalize sex with children is the most recent one, as polygamy or polyandry will just be too boring and acceptable since sex with adults has lost all meaning. Relativism, Bloom said, makes students conformist and incurious. Their supposed open-mindedness closes their actual minds. And that continues as the students of the 80s are the parents and professors of today's college students.

Bloom writes about relationships in the mid-80s: “Men and women are now used to living in exactly the same way and studying exactly the same things and having exactly the same career expectations.  No man would think of ridiculing a female premed or prelaw student, or believe that these are fields not proper for women, or assert that a woman should put family before career.  The law schools and medical schools are full of women, and their numbers are beginning to approach their proportion in the general population.  . . The battle here has been won. . . They do not need the protection of NOW (p. 107)  And he goes on to note that not only do his students have nothing to learn about sex from their parents, but also believe they have nothing to learn from old literature or history  [and I would add the Bible, but he doesn’t] so when they have problems with relationships, they have nothing to go back to.

Although Bloom's book was a best seller, other academics became alarmed--he was called a racist, sexist, homophobe (although he was probably gay said a close friend after Bloom died), a Nazi--well, you know the routine.  He was practically Trump!  After 200 reviews of the book, the academics began having conferences about it!  Which makes me think, maybe I should put it back on the shelf and choose another title to withdraw.  Since I've blogged about this a year ago (at my book blog) I'm not making much progress reducing the crowded bookshelves.

Fake history as well as fake news


Shocking isn’t it how most of us were taught fake history, for me beginning in 5th grade in Forreston, Illinois?  There was no Dark Ages after Rome fell to the barbarians. In fact, those barbarians were Roman citizens enjoying a  fairly high level of culture and more likely assimilated Rome. There was no Enlightenment where suddenly the world of learning exploded.  There was no scientific revolution, only a group of secularists who denied the truths the church had taught all along. And what about that awful Spanish Inquisition? More people died from the death penalty in the first 70 years of the 20th century in the U.S. than in 350 years of the Inquisition.  To bring us up to today’s headlines, there is also no HIV Pandemic, just very risky behavior by a small segment of the population in multiple countries, mostly young, gay and bisexual males, which spreads disease and death around the world.

There were incredible advancements in technology, science, agriculture, literature and art all through the era I was taught to call “the Dark Ages.”  And without an era that had gone  “dark,” how could there be an era when the lights suddenly came on--the Enlightenment--a time when Europeans looked back and copied what the Greeks and Romans did.  How could scientists of the 18th century pat themselves on the back if they had to be standing on the shoulders of the giants of science of the middle ages? They needed the myth of a Scientific Revolution. There was slavery in ancient Rome, but it had virtually disappeared in Europe by the time of the so-called Enlightenment.  So where did it go?  Changes in technology, agriculture, war and economics made it useless.

But who can we blame for all this misinformation about darkness and slow progress? Why were we taught this? Christianity, of course, say the atheist academics, and specifically the Roman Catholic Church say the non-Catholic academics. The United States arose from the English Reformation view of world and European history, so that’s what we were taught; most of our colonies excluded Catholics owning land or building churches. That’s why the religious history books on my office shelves begin around 1517 for Lutherans and Reformed or 1600 for Baptists, or 1850 for Restorationists and 1900 for Pentecostals and Charismatics, and 10 years ago for the Rock City Church, the fastest growing Christian church in Columbus, Ohio.  That’s why we could watch five seasons of Downton Abbey without asking why aristocratic Anglicans in the 20th century were making their home in an abbey built by Catholic monks who lost their home, life’s work and probably their lives for Jesus in the 16th century.

The other day I looked through the introduction of a book of evangelical Christian literature, “Valiant for the truth,” by David Otis Fuller (c. 1961). Let me quote, “It has been said that after the close of the Apostolic Age theology fell over a cliff until restored by the great formulated creeds of the church. . . “ And that’s pretty much the mother’s milk we were all nourished with whether mother was a Lutheran, Calvinist, Mormon, Congregationalist, secularist or atheist.

Local channels promote fake news


Let your local news channels hear from you when they repeat the fake news script "Muslim ban" or "immigration ban." It's 7 countries out of 50 (and that number should raise some questions--most used to be Christian countries). It dates to 2015 when President Obama recognized the danger of trying to vet people from governments with terrorist ties (and he would have NEVER used the word Muslim). I've written to Channel 10, WBNS. They not only misuse this term, they misuse their audience with anti-administration stories.

The big boys that bring in super smart and well educated workers on legal visas are getting nervous. They must make us think the worst. Google. Amazon. AMA. Academe. They are bringing in foreign workers in every imaginable category--while American graduates struggle to pay off their college loans working as secretaries and copy editors. I'd be shocked if Google is bringing in any Somalis or Yemenis except to work in the kitchen to feed their millennial staffers organic, vegan salads. I think large universities like Ohio State would close tomorrow if their supply of foreign students all getting a full ride from their governments back home, would have their visas questioned.  This is BIG money.

These companies don't import steel or light bulbs or bicycles to compete with American factories, they import workers to compete with American workers. So what happens when a labor field is flooded? Wages stay flat--STEM workers' wages haven't progressed much since 2000, according to Fortune Magazine. But it probably looks pretty good to someone from India. So how is an American college grad to pay off that $30,000 debt if Silicon Valley is filled with workers from Asia and India here on H1-B visas? The college slots are also filled with foreign workers. I don't think these guys at Google and FB worry about Muslim terrorists, but they probably stay awake at night thinking about a level playing field for American IT workers. So let's call it an "immigration ban."

Comments on the "Muslim Ban" from Medpage


Don Lynch:  "I guess first I would like to say it is not a Muslim ban. If it was there are countries with a higher number of Muslims that would have been on the list. It was an attempt to get a better hold on people with ill intent for America. It has happened before. And I would be negligent if I didn't mention that The President of the United States may have better information on the currant security risk and where they are coming from then us mere mortals. ( And NO he wouldn't tell the people as it would just tip our hand on just how must information we have on the bad guys operation.) That being said, he also mentioned this was just for two months, any questionable entries would be handled on a case by case basis. Like someone coming here for emergency surgery. During this short two months he was hoping to have a handle on things after meeting with security around the globe, and his own cabinet. But that might be delayed while politics are delaying The Presidents Cabinet. This is all being done at the risk of Americans. He didn't want to act globally until he had the necessary information in hand. And now we have judges making up law the way they think it should be. So we'll all wait (with our pants down around our ankles leaning across the table) until we get in front of a judge that reacts to The Constitution of the United States, and not one that dispatches law the way he wants it to be."

I saw this response in a comment about 12 medical organizations at MedPage objecting to the travel restrictions from seven terrorist countries.  I do wonder why the U.S. is either 1) borrowing their doctors when they need them so much, or 2) training their doctors to be sent back into the meat grinder.  Of course, we can be pretty sure they won't go back.

Obama's plan to help poor children (there wasn't one)


“Among all children under 18 years in the U.S., 43 percent live in low-income families and 21 percent—approximately one in five—lives in a poor family." How did Obama let this happen? I thought everything was great! He said so! Our pension investments did fine most of his 8 years--and I know the wealthy did extremely well. How many articles did you see the last 8 years on a gap?  Do you suppose this could be why President Trump won and the rent-a-mobs now rage? And did you know that being raised in a married family reduced a child’s probability of living in poverty by about 82 percent? Nothing like a job to get Dad out of poverty. We have 123 income transfer programs to help the poor; it seems it does help--them stay poor.

Basic facts about low income children    Jiang, Y., Granja, M.R., & Koball, H. (2017). Basic Facts about Low-Income Children: Children under 3 Years, 2015. New York: National Center for Children in Poverty, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

 Obama's economic, social and foreign policies not only lost the Democrats control of the federal government, but he pretty much destroyed their chances in the state governments--Republicans are now in control of a record 67 (68 percent) of the 98 partisan state legislative chambers in the nation, more than twice the number (31) in which Democrats have a majority, according to the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). Instead of doing some soul searching, kicking a few has-beens to the curb and reorganizing, Democrats continue to rage about Trump's tweets and hire rent a mobs, like trying to stop Betsy DeVos from visiting schools today.

Fair Trade Coffee


This morning I saw an ad for a coffee brand on TV that prominently promoted the "Fair Trade" label. That label now appears on a number of products from developing countries and originally was intended to get the little guy a better price for his labor. There's no evidence that has actually happened, but it has become a huge marketing campaign, and makes people (you and me and especially churches) feel better. It's a product produced in the poorest countries consumed by the richest countries--22% by the U.S. and 67% by EU. Because it's intended to help the small farmer, large corporate producers don't qualify for the label, even it they pay their farmers more, provide schools and hospitals for the community and use sustainable/organic agriculture. 
"Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit, but an unusually sustainable one. It gets most of its revenues from service fees from retailers. For every pound of Fair Trade coffee sold in the United States, retailers must pay 10 cents to Fair Trade USA. That 10 cents helps the organization promote its brand, which has led some in the coffee business to say that Fair Trade USA is primarily a marketing organization. In 2009, the nonprofit had a budget of $10 million, 70 percent of which was funded by fees. The remaining 30 percent came from philanthropic contributions, mostly from foundation grants and private donors.

People in the coffee industry find it hard to criticize FLO and Fair Trade USA, because of its mission “to empower family farmers and workers around the world, while enriching the lives of those struggling in poverty” and to create wider conditions for sustainable development, equity, and environmental responsibility.6 “I’m hook, line, and sinker for the Fair Trade mission,” says Shirin Moayyad, director of coffee purchasing for Peet’s Coffee & Tea Inc. “When I read [the statement], I thought, there’s nothing I disagree with here. Everything here I believe in.” Yet Moayyad has concerns about the effectiveness of the model, mostly because she does not see FLO making progress toward those goals."

Lincoln on slavery


In March 1860 Abraham Lincoln spoke at Yale on the campaign trail to the White House. Yale's student body was divided on the issue of slavery, an important plank in the Democrats' platform. "If Slavery is right, all words, acts, laws, and Constitutions against it, are themselves wrong, and should be silenced, and swept away. If it is right, we cannot justly object to its nationality—its universality; if it is wrong they [the Democrats] cannot justly insist upon its extension—its enlargement."

That's how I feel about legal abortion, both the federal and state laws; if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned, the issue just goes back to the states where it is still immoral even if legal. If abortion is right, then all acts and laws are wrong and have no meaning. 

However, this statement by Lincoln was a paraphrase of a writer who influenced him and many abolitionists, Leonard Bacon, a Congregational preacher and writer who wrote it in 1846. The Congregationalists are now blended into United Church of Christ which has been supporting abortion since 1971. President Obama was a UCC member, but so was Harriet Beecher Stowe (Congregationalist).