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Personal Powerstation


It's every smartphone owner's nightmare. Your battery is on its last legs, you're on the move, on a bus, train or on foot, with no way of recharging from the mains or from a 12V car socket, and yet you need to stay in touch, making calls and perhaps sending emails. Or maybe you're the hardy type, exploring the wilder parts of the earth away from traditional electricity outlets? Either way, a way of generating your own power has got to be an interesting proposition. Continue reading the full review at AAS...



After switching from a 9210 to a 9500 about two months ago, I found that one of my favorite applications for the 9210 (AppMan) only works partially on the 9500. When looking for a replacement I stumbled on PowerDesk which promised to provide exactly the functionality I was looking for (and more). So I decided to give it a test drive and thought it would be nice to take you along for the ride as well. Continue reading the full review at AAS...

Brando Communicator 9500 Aluminium Case


Now here's something different, with looks straight out of The Empire's copybook - these are the cases used to house the 9500s used by Imperial Stormtroopers. You could also use this case to knock in nails. And would probably get it confiscated on airlines as an offensive weapon... Continue reading the full review at AAS...



Anybody using a PDA in the mid-90s (and that means to the majority of Europeans the Psion Series 3 and then Series 5) will recall that