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Nokia N-Gage QD Silver Edition


Ewan and Rafe look at the Silver QD and find that the more things stay the same the more they change.

The true Next Generation


Steve Litchfield looks at a trend that started with the Psion palmtop, continues today with cutting edge smartphones and will end up seeing true mobile Internet devices.

The Sendo X and a half


What might have been. And yet is. Steve Litchfield looks at the Sendo X, now at the end of its life, yet strangely renewed and a taste of what could have been.

Nokia Nseries N91


Nokia Nseries N90


The Nokia Nseries N90 is a 3G Series flip smartphone. It has a 2 megapixel camera with integrated flash and dedicated capture, zoom and auto focus buttoms. It has an external screen resolution of 128 x128 pixles and an internal screen resolution of 352 x 416 pixels (the first higher resolution Series 60 device).

Nokia Nseries N70


The N70 is a 3G Series 60 smartphone with a 2 megapixel camera with integrated flash and x20 zoom. It was one of the first 3 Nseries devices announced by Nokia.

30 Minutes With The Nokia 7710


Guest reviewer Alfie Dennen unpacks his shiny Nokia 7710 and gives us "30 minutes with the 7710," his initial thoughts and a whistle stop tour of some of the applciations bundled with the Series 90 multimedia smartphone.

Skinning the Series 80 powered Nokia 9500 and 9300


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