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Big Picture Speculator

An educational site about investing, trading, and speculating in resource stocks. We provide market commentary and technical analysis of big picture trends. Our Big Picture Speculator investment newsletter outlines specific opportunities in small cap stoc

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Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.

Where Did I Go?


Here I am and here Between writing up my Big Picture Speculator Portfolio of 10 "must own" stocks and some consulting projects, my time for blogging has dropped off lately. I've started contributing to the Trading Markets "Trader Blogs" section so there will be postings there for you to view. Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.

Readers Write


Bruce writes.... I just renewed my subscription. Enjoy your work - keep it up ! I wanted to put in my two-cents as far as your list of 5-10 must owns. I would prefer that you let go of one name at a time and compile a list, instead of releasing a must-have portfolio all at once. Your subscribers know that when you feature a company, the stock usually rises in short order. This is why your

CBC Newsworld


I was interviewed a week and a half ago by CBC Television. My parents have been glued to the station ever since I told them about it. The suspense is finally over... CBC Newsworld Today (channel 15 in Calgary) will be featuring a segment on uranium in Southern Alberta today at 4:30pm. Uranium used to be $8/lb and now it is over $30. That is the "big picture" uranium story. Not Advice Try the

Contrarian Consensus


Precious metals are not breaking out to new highs, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them. Although not as exciting as playing momentum flu stocks or Google, there is a solid long term uptrend in place for precious metals. I believe it is just a matter of time before we see an explosive move to the upside. There are many kinds of gold bulls: Perma-Bulls - while away the bull market



I asked for a testimonial from David Pescod who puts out the Stocktalk Late Edition*. He had been featuring some of my ideas lately. When the first stock a person recommends for you triples within 6 to 8 months, it is amazing how that person has suddenly attracted your attention. We hosted a stock picking panel for Joe Martin’s Cambridge House Conference in Vancouver this past January and Jim

Welcome to the Boomtown


This just in from my Calgary homebuilder contact... I wonder if you have looked at any concrete/cement companies as a resource stock. Lafarge can't keep up with the demand in Calgary and have said certain days they will have no residential service to keep up with the commercial demand. Also there's a shortage of type 50 cement because of some plant shut downs. It seems that cement companies

Television Interview


It is never boring working at the offices of the Big Picture Speculator. Today I was interviewed by CBC News to provide some "big picture" background on uranium. I'm not sure if/when the piece will run but I'll keep you posted. Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.

Mining Headaches


Grande Cache Coal has been clocked for not living up to expectations. If you want to get a sense of the issues facing mining companies take a listen to the recent Grande Cache Coal conference call. Some of the challenges include: Rising fuel costs Competition for mining executives Delays in delivery of equipment Underperforming/undercapitalized contractors Competition for labor with Fort

Refco Irony


On the left side you see columnists warning about the implications of the Refco fiasco juxtaposed with a nicely placed Refco Canada ad. I'm sure not all RealMoney readers would see the ad as it was obviously targetted to Canadians. screen capture Very rib truck...

Safety First


I've read several articles about the advantages of futures contracts for commodities vs. owning mining companies. Mining is a risky business whereas if you own a futures contract for copper you know you have the coppper... or do you? What if your account is frozen? Futures broker Refco is toast. It is ugly. The tentacles extend beyond Phillip Bennett (the ousted chief executive). If you want a

Silver Sneaks Higher


Today's silver price slice through the ~US$7.60 level. The next resistance level is at US$8.00-8.17. Money rotating out of energy stocks needs to find a home and I think precious metals are going to benefit. Silver Price

There's a Rainbow in Toronto


I’ll be speaking at the Toronto Resource Investment Conference, Oct. 2-3, 2005. October 2, 2005—9:30am China/Energy/Commodities panel October 2, 2005—11:00am Workshop (Energy related stocks) October 3, 2005—7:30am Eye Opener Discussion Stompin' Tom says There's a rainbow in Toronto where the maritimers are bold They always get a potfull-but they never get a pot of gold. Although, I

Drilling Boom


The greatest increase in US gas supply will be coming from the Rocky Mountain Region. When gas well spacing drops from 40 acres to 20 acres a signficant amount of new drilling is required. Drilling is hot, as is its debate Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.

International Investing - Political Risk


Resource stock investing always carries an element of risk. If you own investments that conduct operations in Venezuela you will be intimately familiar with these risks. Crystallex (KRY), was developing the Las Cristinas gold deposit but that has been called into serious question. It is common to have great mineral deposits situated in a politically risky country. They remain undeveloped for a

Intercontinental Blogging


This map from shows the location of the last 500 Big Picture Speculator readers. Location Map

Correlating Commodities


Correlating gold and oil is a time honored activity for gold bugs. I have seen many gold/oil charts but I've never used them to make trading decisions. Long term columnist Howard Simons will make you think twice about using the gold-oil correlation. Oil-Gold and Other Uncorrelated Trades Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.



Former Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, chose to speak his truth to veteran reporter Peter C. Newman over a 15 year period. OOPS!!! Once you speak ill of someone you create ripples that are impossible to stop, whether talking to a reporter or a friend. I've done it myself but the pond was pretty small. I have dissed those who challenge the Basin Centered Gas model. Fortunately, nobody took

Demand and Supply


From the Economist (via Infectious Greed) Some experts predict that over the next 20 years more cars will be made than in the entire 110-year history of the industry. From Dave over at Chevron: It took us 125 years to use the first trillion barrels of oil. We'll use the next trillion in 30. The world consumes two barrels of oil for every barrel discovered. Not Advice Try the Big

Uranium Debate


Jim Dines squared off against Paul van Eden at the Gold and Precious Metals Conference in Las Vegas last week to discuss uranium. This is bullish for precious metals because everyone would be climbing over each other to talk about them if they were performing well. I first learned of Paul van Eden's mildly bearish stance in June 2005 at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. He believes

Some History


This blog has been around for over a year now. I thought it a good time to review some Big Picture Speculator high points. I've been writing about uranium stocks since January 2004. What first drew my attention to this high octane group was regularly finding a series of "Strong Volume Gainer" days in uranium companies. The markets were otherwise dull and there were less than 15 uranium

Fill the Trunk!


It is not uncommon for people to confuse natural gas, crude oil, and gasoline. Most of us are intimate with the volatile nature of gasoline prices. We don't pay attention to them when they are abnormally low. An old Bloom County cartoon showed a delerious motorist exclaiming "fill the trunk!!! fill the trunk!!!" during a trough in the gasoline price cycle. Unfortunately, I can't find an online

Central Bankers Conspire in Calgary


Nobody invited the Big Picture Speculator to attend the Changing Fortunes Round Table at Spruce Meadows (where central bankers come to play). I wonder if anyone from GATA or the World Gold Council will be there. Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.

Flu Story Stocks


Watch for flu stories to gain prominence over the next few months. Since our little comment about flu stories on August 18th, there have been takeover plays in Chiron (CHIR) and ID Biomedical (IDBE). Both were featured in "Snapshots" from our paid service in advance of the takeover. Sometimes we're lucky. Not Advice Try the Big Picture Speculator free for 30 days.