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Preview: Truly Bad Films

Truly Bad Films

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Hi folks - I don't know if anyone still stops by here, but for those who may still care: I've given notice to the landlord. I'm moving.The name of my new estate is:Chai's Truly Bad FilmsOn Easter Sunday it'll be a year since my brother died, and I finally feel some urge to write sidewinding around under my skin again. Posts may be light for awhile . . . but I think I may be coming back into

Helping Out a Bud


Before Leslie left town she gave me a set of keys and asked me to turn on the lights and bring in the mail while she was gone. I've posted a review of Spamalot over at her place, just to keep the pipes from freezing.Enjoy!

Hey Bus Driver!


Leslie was so kind to drop a sweet comment on my site yesterday, thinking that I had started posting again. What really happened was that I used my Blogger account to teach the Girl Scouts how to start their own blogs and one of them posted on Truly Bad Films by mistake.Leslie said, " Hah! I knew you'd be back sooner or later. You've been sorely missed, my friend." And her comment started me

Moving soon . . .


Well, folks - I'm moving. But shutting down TBF doesn't mean there won't be anymore Truly Bad Film reviews and other silly news.The kind gents over at LlamaButcher Palace have offered me a basement key where I can plug in my wood burner and scorch messages in pine planks until the smoke makes me dizzy and the guys yell at me to open a window. So I'm packing up my Etch-A-Sketch, my Spirograph, my

Thank Yous


Thank you to all who sent prayers, phone calls, comments, email and other support. You've helped me more than I can describe. I'm past the worst, thanks to my friends.God bless you!--Liz

What's Up


Dear Faithful Readers:On April 8th my younger brother died of a catastrophic stroke. Since that day I've walked around with a hole the size of a vollyball in my chest. I'm on drugs, and they are keeping me from going after him. But that's the only good thing I can say.I'm pretty sure I'll be closing down TBF. It's been a goof-bomb riot and I thank you all from the place where my heart used to be



TBF is going on hiatus until mid-May. See ya'll then!

Politically Corrected Team Names


There ought to be more techno-related teams since it's now "wrong" to be an Indian, Warrior or whatever. Teams names of the future will be of this ilk: the Danville Datastreams, the Burlington Binaries, and the Atlanta ATMs.It couldn't be worse than the Flames or the Wahoos and it's way better than the "Fighting Christians." (An actual former team name of Elon College, now Elon University and

Gettin' Old


It must be the hag in me sittin' up on back legs, but I hate it when students come to ask me something and they talk in this teeny, tiny Sally Struthers voice. I want to say, "Ask in your Big Girl Voice or I'm not helping ya'!"I know there is an ingrained behaviour here trying to come across as wittle and helpless . . . but it rubs my fur wrong.

Hand Toys


First, I found this little gem yesterday - a well-known "raw food" specialist in New York City was arrested for exposing himself on the subway. Russell Scott Smith of the New York Times wrote a mischevious article about the troubles of nut milk-maker extraordinaire, Dan Hoyt.According to Hoyt, “There have been situations in a bar or nightclub where you’re fooling around with somebody and yeah,

Pep's Thought's on Katie


In a related announcement to Katie Couric's takeover of the CBSEvening News, sources say that the intro music for the newscast willnow be "Hag," by The Breeders:"Hag! Coastal cut-throat!You dirty switch,You're on againAll night, all night, all night..."--Posted by Pep

I'm Agog


Did you see this on the news last night? They're growing functional, human, internal organs in a lab in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.OMG! The Chinese will have to dump prisoner organs on the market at cut-rate prices to undermine this development. (I had to say something stupid because I'm practically speechless.)This must be the way my grandfather felt when he saw a Model T clattering down the

Hatin' on Katie


As anyone who reads here often knows, I hate Katie Couric. It isn't because she's a successful woman. It's because she is a moron.Rarely have I seen stupider questions asked in featherweight interviews, than those posed by Katie PerkPerk. She's cultivated a singular talent of asking a question and then turning stone deaf while her blood meal offers up an answer, which often, humorously leads her

Character Actor of the Month


My April Character Actor of the Month is Jane Lynch.Wow - does this lady work? Allll the time. You'll remember Jane from Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and most recently, as Andy's boss Paula in The 40 Year Old Virgin.She's also, less famously, appeared in Married... with Children, Judging Amy, Monk, CSI, The L Word, and Two and a Half Men.Jane is six feet tall. I'll never forget the way she was

Brit Boys


Let's do this Jeopordy-style:Alcoholic osteopathy and feed the daisies.The Question - What do British child actors Mark Lester and Jack Wild do these days?I was seven years old when Oliver! hit the movie theaters. It starred nine year old Mark Lester as Oliver Twist and fifteen year old Jack Wild as the Artful Dodger. Back then, whenever I saw Mark Lester, my lil heart went thunk-a-thunk. Just

Movie Review


Fahrenheit 451 (1966)Last night on TCM I watched François Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451. I'd never seen it before and it was really quite something. I laughed. I cried - not really. I hit my head on the futon frame.First, the Good. Even though much of it's obviously dated, Truffaut managed to make a film that still has pull. It's a very quiet film, and you have to relax into a mental state that

Adam Sandler


I tell ya kids, I hate almost everyting I've ever seen Adam Sandler do, but he just keeps getting work and getting his name out there in the public eye more all the time, so I've come to the conclusion that he must be the Nicest Man In the World.Seriously - I think this guy has networking down to an art where he charms the crap out of people on a personal basis. This is his only talent . . . I'm

Movie Review


Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time (2001)Andy Goldsworthy is a Scottish sculptor and photographer who creates emphemeral works using only natural elements. (Click here to see some of his gorgeous work.) Rivers and Tides is a documentary about Goldsworthy's work by German filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer.I was already a huge fan of Goldsworthy's work, but I fell in love with Andy

Aural Wasabi


Another re-post from ancient ages gone before . . . or something . . .*****Ever just sit there at work, tapping away on the keyboard when a ghost of Chinese hot mustard flits into awareness, teasing your sinuses with a memory of delicious pain, then vaporizes leaving you with this unbearable craving to line up at the local Chinese buffet? Yeah - it happens, but most of the hot mustard in central

Geek Girl


Back, by popular demand - a re-post of a story from a yesteryear. Enjoy!*****I know I'm a geek. That's no secret to me or anyone else. It was obvious in high school. In tenth grade art class my art partner and I made a life size papier mache Mr. Spock, hand lifted in the "Live Long and Prosper" gesture. As if you needed further proof, I was also in AP biology class, AP English and band. I played

Happy St. Patrick's Day


Happy St. Patrick's Day chirren!Have a Guinness and a leg of lamb for me. I say "have it for me" because I think I'm getting the flu and next week, through the 25th, is booked up solid in my DayMinder. I promised to put together a flyer for a Ceilidh on campus at the end of the month. I'm hosting a catered event next week to celebrate Women's History month, I'm running a badge workshop for Girl



Dearly beloved Twigs and Buds - I just finished giving an interview to Voice of America. My site, Gifts of Speech is a Voice of America Our World Site of the Week! (It'll be up sometime in the next 14 days.)I talked with producer Art Chimes for about a half hour on the phone this morning. Believe me peeps, this is the guy you want to invite to your next party. He's a witty broadcast geek with

I Heart Technology


Technology comes through for us gals again in the form of a site called Don't Date Him Girl!OMG - this site is a hoot & a holler. Take this description of a Cheater (they display the word "Cheater" above each photo) named Daniel:We were engaged from 10/04 to 2/05. He told me he was a Psychologist and was divorced from a woman who cheated on him throughout their marriage. He told me he had two



Artnatomy is an awesome Flash application that lets you see the muscles beneath the face, the expressions they produce, and the meanings of the expressions. Cool fine art instruction tool!

Story Corps


Story Corps is a national project to record hour-long oral histories of average people. All of the interviews will be archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. The site tells you how to record a story at home, or you can visit a Story Corps booth at one of their locations.They're in Atlanta right now, but they will be in Raliegh on April 6th. What a cool project!