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Preview: Germany 2006 World Cup Blog

Germany 2006 World Cup Blog

Germany 2006 World Cup, me, email, photo's, beer, women = blog.

Updated: 2014-10-14T10:10:58.898+01:00


Becks really has to go


He's telling the News of the World that he wont quit, well the message from the public is he has to go.

Becks, you're over 30 and you know you have to go; do the honorable thing and not what's best for you and your media profile and quit the international game.

England will never win anything with Becks; neither will Real Madrid. He is the weakest link.

Whatever happened to 'stiff upper lip'?


Let's be honest to begin with, England never played anything like a team that knew what they were doing. The football was a little above average for the whole tournament.

David Beckham was crying after the game; pussy. John Terry was also seen crying and I think that's going to follow him around for years. When did is suddenly become acceptable for men to cry in public?

Anyway, Sven is gone and now we have Stevie Mac from Middlesbrough. I can's see it getting any better under him so let's hope the FA wake up, smell the coffee and fire him soon after his third defeat.

Cheers team England, you didn't fail to let me down again.

Poor Aussies lose in last few seconds


I gotta admit I'm feeling a little sorry for Australia tonight. They were beaten by a referee that doesn't know the basic rules and a team more used to diving and cheating than fair play.

The referee made a very bad decision when he gave Italy a penalty kick with 10 seconds on the clock. First, it wasn't a penalty as the tackle was made; the cheating Italian basically thought he'd fall over the player instead of go round him and second he's doing FIFA no favors with yet another bad display from the referee.

We, as Englishmen, can't complain too much after our own representative at the tournament made a mockery of the game and should never referee again but come on; we know the Italians cheat because there is an investigation into match fixing in Italy going on as we speak so why the referees don't look out for this from them baffles me.

If I were a representative of the Australian FA I'd tell everyone that was willing to listen it's not fair or right; see who Sepp Blatter blames then!

Beckham proved critics wrong: Cobblers


David Beckham scored the winner against Ecuador but I can't help feeling that if he wasn't in the side we'd have won by more.

Apparently he thinks he answered his critics but I think he's only gone one step further to proving he's lost the plot.

When Lennon came on with a few minutes to go England looked like they had more options. Beckham, too tired to continue, looked a frail figure leaving the pitch. We should revert to using Lennon in the next match and forget about Beckham if we're to stand any chance of beating Portugal.

I'm not anti-Beckham, I just want to win.

Beckham needs to go if England are to have any hope


I've long said Beckham is a waste of space and if his performances in 2002 were not bad enough his general football for Real Madrid should have been reason enough for him not be playing for England again.

I'm convinced he's only in the team for his media profile and the revenue he generates by selling his name on a shirt. His football is average and the only thing he's got going for him is a cross that more often than not doesn't go where it should go.

He can gloss it over any way he wants but most agree that he should have done the honorable thing and retire from international football some time ago.

When England don't win anything again this year there will be only one person to blame; Becks.

England to play Ecuador and Owen is out for the count


Playing Owen was always going to be a risk but I thought it would have been the injury that kept him out of the Newcastle team for most of the season and not a new one. Is a player who earns so much money actually worth it?

Anyway, England are through to the second round and must fancy it. Only problem is who we play in the quarter finals, but that is the quarter finals and a respectable finish if we do go out although I don't think we will.

I think Beckham has to go though. He did nothing against Sweden and Joe Cole was man of the match by a country mile. Beckham is four years, if not more, past his best and is only playing because of his media profile. Surely winning the World Cup is more important than playing the player who sells the most shirts?

Back to football. We'll beat Ecuador and if we don't then I'm going to start supporting Sweden.

England go through but not very convincing


I have to go meet someone in about half an our for a late breakfast and I have one of those hangovers that is only active in the guts. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but the chap I'm meeting loves a fry-up; not sure if I can handle it this morning. We'll soon find out.

Anyway, the reason I've got this monster hangover is England beat Trinidad and Tobago last night. It wasn't convincing and I'm not sure what Svennis is trying to do but a victory is a victory and England are through to the second round.

Germany play Ecuador at 3pm on the 20th and we play Sweden at 8pm. We'll know then what we've got to do to avoid Germany and I think Sweden will oblige as they need a draw or victory to confirm their place.

I'm going for my breakfast then I'm going back to bed for a couple of hours. Come on England!

Ballack: Waste of money and come on England


I watched the Germany game yesterday and if I were a Chelsea fan I'd be gutted. Ballack was fairly ordinary and in my opinion he's past his best. Players nearing 30 seldom have the same form when they were 24 or 25 and this is just a waste of money; I'd quite fancy Germany in the next round after last night as I don't think they're the threat I gave them credit for.

Anyway, 5.00pm tonight and it's England. I'm going all out for a 3-0 win and qualification to the second round.

The boys will do us proud and the only threat I can see from the first round of games is Spain and we could meet them in the semi finals so bring em on.

Bring on Trinidad and Tobago


Sweden drew with Trinidad and Tobago but I'm putting that down to Sweden and not T&T. I don't think we'll have any problems against them and fully expect a bag full of goals.

David Beckham has said "What we've noticed, is that the top teams, the teams that are rated as favorites, all played well and won their first games. Argentina looked strong, and Italy came into the game with people talking about Totti having been out a long time, but he controlled things and caused a lot of problems. There's going to be a big threat from a lot of teams."

Well, what I've noticed is that England are going to win this group. Sweden were average and I reckon Paraguay will come second. Germany are going to win their group so we'll probably face Ecuador if they play like they did the other day which pretty much guarantees us through to the quarter finals.

But for now, bring on Trinidad & Tobago.

Three points is three points


I really have got one of the worst hangovers I can remember. I sometimes say this to the wife to get an extra hour in bed but this time I really mean it.

I'm told I've got a bit carried away with the World Cup. I think it comes every four years I can get a bit carried away.

England won. They didn't play great but they won. The first gaem is normally a little strange so I'm not going to thing too much about it. England won and we're top of the group; if we were offered what we've got we would have all taken it so I'm a happy chap.

Come on England.

Today is the day and I thought I'd start it with a joke


Someone emailed me this yesterday and I laughed so I thought I'd post it here:

A German family head out one Saturday to do some shopping. While in the sports shop the son picks up an England football shirt and says to his sister, "I've decided to be an England supporter and I would like this for my birthday." His big sister is outraged by this and promptly whacks him round the head and says, "Go talk to your mother."

So off goes the little lad with the white and red football shirt in hand and finds his mother. "Mum?" "Yes son?" "I've decided I'm going to be an England supporter and I would like this shirt for my birthday". The mother is outraged at this, promptly whacks him around the head twice and says, "Go talk to your father."

Off he goes with the football shirt in hand and finds his father. "Dad?" "Yes son?" "I've decided I'm going to be an England supporter and I would like this shirt for my birthday." The father is outraged and promptly whacks his son around the head 4 times and says: "No son of mine is ever going to be seen in THAT!"

About half an hour later they're all back in the car and heading towards home. The father turns to his son and says; "Son, I hope you've learned something today?" The son says, "Yes dad I have." "Good son, what is it?" The son replies, "I've only been an England supporter for an hour and already I hate You German Bastards!"

Anyway, come on England, do it for all of us.

24 hours and counting: World Cup 2006


I've gone a bit crazy and purchased 240 cans of beer for the next month. It's not as much as you might think as pretty much every night is going to be a beer night and there will be people around watching; I'm so keen I'm starting tonight just to get in the groove.

Every match is a big one if you're an England fan simply because we could be going out at any time but deep down I think we'll go all the way especially if Rooney is fit and doesn't suffer any setbacks.

Twenty-four hours to go and all I can say is good luck lads. You've got the players, you've got the ability and all you've got to do now is go out and want it more than everyone else.

Thirty days of bliss is just about to begin. Come on England!

Our time has come: England can win this tournament


I've felt like this before the start of every major tournament but I truly believe we're about to see something special.

I believe Gerrard and Lampard are 'career' peaking, Beckham knows it's his last chance and with him you sometimes get the best when it's the last chance. Crouch is proving to be a class striker and defensively I think we've got quite possibly the best back four in the World.

I even think without Rooney we've got a great chance, him coming back in would only improve that and I think it has to be at the expense of Owen, who 'career' peaked in France.

Could you image Crouch and Rooney up front with a pairing of Gerrard and Lampard in the middle controlling things? We've got a chance and it all starts this week. Come on England

England win and look ready for World Cup


England won last night and it looked like they could have gone up a gear if they needed to which was nice.

Fat Frank also missed a penalty when the cheating scouser Steven Gerrard dived for a penalty. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't a friendly match but it was. I also think Stevie Gerrard is probably the best player we've got but he did cheat and he is a scouser.

All of the refs will get together before the tournament and players like Gerrard will be mentioned. It won't do us any favors.

Still, England win and less than two weeks to the World Cup.

It looks like Rooney could be fit for the World Cup


If one player really could make or break this World Cup I reckon it's Rooney. Take away all the crap that comes with him, or did and you have possibly one of the best footballers on the planet.

I like Rooney and from what I've read about him he's an honest, down to earth lad who just loves his football.

The news today is that Rooney is making perfect progress in his battle to be fit and it's only now that I really understand why Svennis was so adamant that he would be in the squad if he had even the slightest chance.

I hope Rooney is fit and I hope he plays. He could be the difference. Roll on Roomania!

It all rests on the Rooney scan


Wayne Rooney is off for a scan on his foot next week which won't tell us if he can play in the World Cup but you'd think it would confirm we'd won the World Cup based on the amount of press coverage a scan is getting.

It really is turning into Footballers Wives and it's starting to piss me off. Sure I'm supporting England and I'm as interested in preparations for the World Cup as the next man but this is just a joke.

The British press are a joke and all they're doing is putting every single person involved with England high up so when they lose they've got further to fall. I'm seriously considering just watching the matches from my local pub now as all the hype is starting to do my head in.

Strength in numbers movement: England World Cup Song


We like World Cup songs and this one is going to be played by me for a few weeks or until England get knocked out because they played Beckham.

It's simply called England and is well worth a listen if you like rap. I'm listening now and I'm loving it. When you get to the site click on the song England on the right hand side or you'll get some other song. Come on England!

Win some tickets to the World Cup and feel good at the same time!


The World Cup is sold out so where will you get tickets? You can now bid on tickets and fund life-saving research at the same time.

If you win a ticket you'll also get put up in a 5-star hotel. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is auctioning four category 1 tickets to Round of 16 in Cologne, June 26, 2006 (Match 54 -- Winner Group G vs. Runner Up Group H) and four Category 1 tickets to Round of 16 in Dortmund, June 27, 2006 (Match 55 -- Winner Group F vs. Runner Up Group E).

They're also two rooms for two nights (26-27 June) at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne. If you want a chance to win these tickets, you have spare cash that you don't know what to do with then get along to the auction and bid.

Less than a month to the big kick off


Sven has picked a toddler for his provisional squad and Rooney and Owen will probably not make it and if they do they're not going to be 100%.

It should be depressing times but I've still got a glimmer of hope. I think Sven has overlooked some players that could do a job but he knows best, doesn't he?

England will be fired up for this tournament and for some of the squad it will be the last chance to win it. Beckham can be an inspiration and he'll be the one in the dressing room reminding the players of the war and battles in the past.

England are still in with a shout and Sven reckons we can get to the final. I reckon if we can get to the final we can win it just like West Ham can today. My big concern is getting knocked out in the fist stage as I think it's possible.

I've still not got my tickets but I'm going anyway. Come on England!

Rooney a doubt for the World Cup


Wayne Rooney broke his metatarsal bone in his right foot yesterday in the 3-0 defeat to Chelsea and as good as destroyed any hope of England winning the World Cup.

I know we shouldn't expect one player to carry all the hope for us fans but he does doesn't he?

Wayne Rooney is out and our chances have vanished, especially as we're likely to play a Michael Owen who will not be match fit and a David Beckham who hasn't been match fit for 5 years.

I might support Sweden instead this year!

Finally somebody speaks out against Beckham


Bryan Robson, former England captain and all round super hero has finally confirmed what everyone thought about David Beckham; he's not a leader.

Personally I don't think he's good enough to be in the England squad and I'd much rather have SWP on the right. Becks was good enough and could probably still do a job for England but we all know he's past his prime. Playing him is only reducing our chances of success this year and his media monkeys will do nothing to convince me of otherwise.

It's okay wanting to win and telling us enough times we've got a great chance but with Becks in the team I'm afraid we have no chance. If Sven continues to pick him it will disappoint me.

Well done Robson, it took real balls to come out and say that against the self appointed leader.

Please God not Steve McClaren for England


Steve McClaren is a waste of space made famous as an assistant manager. He's shown at Middlesbrough he's a crap manager so why should we give him the England job?

The England job is all about motivating players and getting across tactics. Has anyone ever seen a less motivated team than Middlesbrough?

McClaren asks to be judged on his record in the papers today so I've had a look at it. He's been in charge at Middlesbrough for 243 games. Of those he's won 96, lost 89 and drawn the rest. It's not a bad record and there are worse but there are also better.

The point is it's not about 'your record'. Sure that gets you in the window its about your ability to fire people up and I just don't think McClaren has it. He' like the timid kid at school in the shadow of someone else that you always used to laugh at.

No to Steve McClaren please. He'll not do bad but we'll certainly not win anything. If you want to win something put in Stuart Pearce or Big Sam from Bolton. Not the guy who wet his bed until he was 12.

A golden ball for the winners of Germany 2006


I was yawning as I read about this earlier today and every time I think about it I yawn again. It's only football, why do we have to make a gimmick out of everything?

News that the average premiership player earns over 600k a year was also released today. The whole game is a joke but football is football and its in our blood.

Well back to the title of this post. The winners of Germany this year will get given a golden ball that they'll use at all of their games until South Africa in 2010. Not that many are really likely to forget who the World Cup holders are but I suppose it's a nice idea and it's another way for FIFA to make more money out of the tournament.

Tits out for England: Great song for World Cup in Germany


World Cup songs are popping up all over the place and I've now got my favorite.

Branded and Tits out for the lads is the song I'm going to be listening to when traveling wherever I end up traveling this summer.

The FA announced yesterday that Embrace will sing the official England song called 'World at your feet' but for me Tits Out does it for me. Asked to play one song 'World at your feet' or 'Tits Out' and I know what I'd pick.

"We think we've got a really good song and hopefully it will repeat the success of previous songs such as New Order's World in Motion," said Embrace lead singer Danny McNamara.

Well, he would wouldn't he! You can listen to Tits Out here.

Little Mikey Owen likely to be fit for Germany


I'm not the biggest Michael Owen fan but he is a great striker and after spending most of the season picking up a fortune each week for sitting on the treatment table it looks like he'll still be attending the World Cup with Team England even if he is only 80% fit.

We saw with David Beckham in 2002 that you shouldn't take an injured player to the tournament but if reports coming out of Michael Owen Limited are anything to go by he is going to be in Germany and he is going to be representing England.

Should he go? It all depends for me on him getting 8 or 10 games under his belt and scoring 5 or 6 goals, not declaring fitness. There are other strikers who have played all season who quite literally 'deserve' it more than Owen.