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This weblog is a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes, and try to keep up, okay?

Last Build Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 03:08:45 +0000


Cover Your ZuckWebmaster

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 03:07:01 +0000

Palo Alto, California A man worth north of $70 billion is giving all your private information to Chetty Chetty Bang Bang so he can figure out wherefore all this inequality. Yeah, I know, laugh tracks go here. The only way this could have been more ironic if the collaboration was between Bezos and Chetty. What […]

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That Axiom AgainWebmaster

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 02:58:36 +0000

Parkland, Florida My 54th Axiom, yet again: Whenever a mass group of young people do something, there is always an old person behind it.  If a mass of young men bearing arms take a hill, there is an old man with stars on his helmet behind it.  Likewise, when you see masses of young “anarchists,” […]

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The Candy Man CanWebmaster

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 23:38:52 +0000

Downtown West I’m sure you’ve heard by now. I don’t have any objection as such, but what I do roll my eyes over is the inference that little (black) kids don’t like the cops because the cops have never given them candy.  No, the reason little black kids tend not to like cops is because […]

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You Actually Thought There Was Honor Among Thugs?Webmaster

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 13:28:39 +0000

Jeff Vanderlou Did you, Earl? This reminds me of another nine-year old victim of violent crime, Tyshawn Lee, out of Chicago, about two and a half years ago.  Someone lured him into an alley and straight up clapped him, because his father was a big wheel in a gang that is a direct rival and […]

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Look Just Up the StreetWebmaster

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 20:15:03 +0000

Benton Park;  Knoxville Read all about it. If the cops want a line on who did it, all they have to do is walk west a few blocks. In related news, yesterday, TradWorker rallied on the campus of the University of Tennessee, and of course Profa showed up.  Instead of going after TradWorker, Profa chimped […]

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Science Is DiscriminatoryWebmaster

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 00:07:14 +0000

Mountain View, California NLRB finds no prob with the Goolag axing Damore. Not a surprise to me, because the way the narrative has read to me, and the Damore saga was one of those things that broke during my involuntary sojourn, so I had to catch up on it later, I always thought he had […]

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There’s a Joke Hiding Somewhere In ThisWebmaster

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:17:39 +0000

Daytona Beach, Florida This references Wendell Scott, the last black(-ish) man who started a NASCAR race, and in fact, has been the only one to win one. I’m waiting for the punchline. Waiting? C’mon, I haven’t got all day.

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Hold This LWebmaster

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 14:33:09 +0000

Tallahassee, Florida The more I think about it, the more it pisses me off, and the worse the taste gets in my mouth. I’ve known for a long time that our sector is full of people, including many of the big names and clipper ships, that say and do provocative and wackadoodle things just to […]

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Why We Do Things.Webmaster

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 19:57:29 +0000

Guest post by Puggg This right here, is why I and Blogmeister exchanged important internet login user names and pass words a few years ago, which is why I was able to be the backup quarterback around here for four months. As you may remember, I just recently made detective, so I don’t regularly patrol […]

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Chicago ValuesWebmaster

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 15:55:22 +0000

Chicago No honor among thieves, n’est pas? Jail officials said they were going to forward video of the “despicable” action by up to five inmates to prosecutors so it could be considered in any potential sentencing. “Prosecutors,” as in State’s Attorney Kim Foxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  She’ll probably use this to ask the judges for even more lenient […]

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Howard Jones DoctrineWebmaster

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 14:07:39 +0000

Jefferson City MissouriNet: Missouri lawmakers look at resolution to make youth violence a health epidemic Missouri lawmakers are looking at a measure to declare youth violence a public health epidemic. The proposal from Representative Bruce Franks Jr. also calls on the General Assembly to support the establishment of statewide trauma education. Most of the time, […]

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We Wuz Kangz, Writ 134 MinutesWebmaster

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 13:46:31 +0000

I’m just waiting, and not gleefully so, for the first news story to cross mine eyes about a black either murdering or violently assaulting a white person, because MUH WAKANDA. It happened after Roots, and Mississippi Burning, and A Time to Kill, and Twelve Years a Slave.  One of our common complaints is that hate […]

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Second HelpingWebmaster

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 18:00:16 +0000

Tonight’s full show, in spite of the phone gremlins.

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Three PassesWebmaster

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 16:24:50 +0000

Chicago Let’s pick this up in the last four paragraphs: Even when the straw purchasers are prosecuted, the punishments are often much more lenient than the public might expect. Last year, Simone Mousheh purchased four weapons for $600 each and sold two to a man with Chicago gang ties. She was sentenced to 12 months […]

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Thu, 15 Feb 2018 00:34:04 +0000

Columbia Srsly? They call this news? People trolling events and movements via social media is dog bites man. If they want to know the real agitators, they need to look inward.

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My ExpectationWebmaster

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 21:10:58 +0000

Parkland, Florida It will either be: (A) Religion of peace or (B) White beta male rage

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Kevin’s Underground RaveWebmaster

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 19:47:53 +0000

Los Angeles;  San Francisco Why is Kevin de Leon trying to challenge Dianne Feinstein openly on issues where they are already the same? Environmentalism, immigration, health care, minimum wage — On those issues, Feinstein = de Leon, they would have identical voting records. These kinds of challenges to long entrenched established political incumbents require differentiation. […]

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Claire’s Sniffing AroundWebmaster

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 19:45:51 +0000

Washington, D.C.;  Jefferson City;  Kirkwood Claire calls out the pharma lobby for the opiate crisis. She is getting this close to calling out the Sassoon family.  May we expect her next report to be such where those who keyboard in the words will have to use Shift+9 and Shift+0 on occasion? While we in the […]

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The World’s Lamest Excuse Has Just Been Given New LifeWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 20:21:18 +0000

Seattle I’ll start this thing a little down the line: His opinion piece appears based on unsubstantiated claims, such as, “More than half of all Americans who apply for jobs get them not only because of their qualifications but also because of who they know and their networks. Whites must go out of their way […]

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For a Medallion of GoldWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 17:43:25 +0000

Peyongchang, South Korea;  Washington, D.C.;  San Francisco WATCH: "@ChloeKimSnow's story is the story of #immigration in America" –@SenatorDurbin on the Senate Floor #Olympics — (@FWD_us) February 13, 2018 Chloe Kim?  Nice story. But I’m not willing to trade my white majority for a few shiny trinkets. Ye shall not crucify our demographics for […]

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Shakespeare or SchrodingerWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:51:55 +0000

Granada, Spain I hate myself, therefore, I love myself.

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Ctrl+F “Demog” Yields Zero ResultsWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 15:29:30 +0000

Helsinki Mystery wrapped in enigma. As for some more clear and sober thinking about Finland.

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The Extremes Cannot HoldWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 14:50:01 +0000

Ogden, Utah At the intersectionalty of MUH INCLUSION and #MeToo. I’ve got a convoy of popcorn tractor trailers at the ready for the moment when these people figure out their grand coalition of the fringes mish mash is unsustainable.  You know, it will be Smokey and the Bandit with popcorn instead of bootleg beer. And […]

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The New White PeopleWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 14:44:45 +0000

Chicago S-T: African-American aldermen on Monday lashed out at fired Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy for suggesting that middle-class blacks have fled Chicago, leaving “trigger-pullers” behind on the South and West Sides. This means that middle class black people are the new white people.  Which means if you’re middle class and black and reading this, […]

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Only in St. LouisWebmaster

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 14:38:31 +0000

CWE A police chase ended at the hotel called Chase. And yes, this is only two blocks away from what will be the Bloomin’ Onion.

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