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A Stupid Accusation or a Stupid Crime Just Took Place.

Sun, 30 Oct 2016 12:07:48 GMT

This has to be one of the dumbest things I ever heard, and the most irresponsible. You are the President of the United States in waiting, which means your role is supposed to be to enforce the law, and what the law says is simple: the government has to prove what it says. What Trump is saying is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. If you think about it, that is.Trump ran a campaign against one of the more professional, and technologically adept political operations of all time. The Clintons are pros at this. They are the kind of people who, in the course of a campaign, would typically be focusing on each and every district with a laser focus. He's now claiming that the growing, astonishing popular vote lead is the product of voter fraud. Now, I remember the Bush Administration trying to make this accusation work, trying to get out the United States Attorneys to prosecute these cases. Even with their best efforts, with hypothetical conspiracies that would have to employ thousands, the total of successful voter fraud conviction of any time never got north of more than a hundred or so. That's in a country with three hundred million people, roughly speaking. Now, roughly 134 million people have had their votes counted as of this writing. Of those, 64.65 million voted for Clinton, 62.42 million voted for Trump. Trump alleges that the gap is explained by people voting illegally. Or put another way, roughly one to two percent of the votes that came in, at least, were by people ineligible to vote. Now, the conspiracy theory goes that Democrats did this, that they went out and got people who weren't qualified to vote registered, so they could show up on election day, and tip the balance. This is also their claim for the victories that Obama enjoyed, one by five million, the one before by about nine. That's roughly 3.8% of the vote in one case, and 6.87% in the other. That is a truly staggering number of people to vote fraudulently. Number of cases of proven, in person voter fraud in all that time? 31 in a billion. That's two powers of ten out of out of ten places, and that's since 2000, not just recently! Trump has offered no concrete evidence, just a belief. When Bush tried the same thing, he came up dry. But they use this to support measures they claim are meant to suppress voter fraud. What they really do is suppress voting they don't like. Many more votes are being lost to the GOP's efforts to combat a virtually non-existent problem, than to the problem as it really stands. That should give you pause, when the President and other politicians talk about illegal votes they can't prove. But let's be blunt here! If what Trump said happened happened, it has to be one of the most stupidly arranged frauds ever! Obama managed to completely overwhelm both McCain and Romney, both in popular vote and electoral college votes. Critics who irresponsibly allege fraud, large scale fraud in these elections, can at least point to a winning result, one you could argue an organized, professional system perpetrating that fraud would create. Somehow, though, the voting conspirators neglected 2010 and 2014, elections which neutralized much of the Obama Administration's agenda by giving the GOP the House and Senate. Somehow, with Hillary Clinton, the only candidate who came close to beating Obama in 2008, this fraud scheme managed to fail spectacularly. Not only that, but it managed to get a popular vote victory in all the wrong states! Would the Clintons, with Obama's help, somehow fail to realize which counties, which states they'd have to win? This is a ridiculously incompetent conspiracy. If Trump is right, this conspiracy of voter fraud somehow managed to deliver the majority of our governing institutions into the Republican's hands. I think the simpler explanation is Trump is wrong, and he barely won, and doesn't want to admit it. I think the same thing is true about the GOP. I think, despite appearances, that the Republicans are on unstable ground. The demographics tell us that within my [...]