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nendo transforms electronic paper to a rollable and adjustable flashlight

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 08:36:05 +0000

nendo is presenting a flashlight that have been designed using the technology of AgIC, that prints electronic circuit boards onto paper, films and cloth using silver particle ink. After testing various types of paper, we selected YUPO paper by Takeo that is used in ballot paper for elections. With YUPO paper, ink sits evenly and the smooth surface ensures the ink and paper can be rounded with minimal force, and are less likely to curl, says Oki Sato, the founder of nendo. The paper is also hard-wearing, water resistant and therefore also suitable for industrial applications. The circuits on both sides of the paper were printed with a checker pattern, and two button cells and seven LEDs were glued on with conductive adhesive. The resistance was changed by varying the path length of each LED by adjusting how tight you roll the paper, enabling the lighting to be controlled. The longer the path the higher the resistance, conversely the shorter the path the lower the resistance. Therefore, light becomes dimmer when paper is rolled loosely, and brighter when tightly rolled. Furthermore, due to the characteristic that the LEDs change color while touching paper, when the paper is wrapped with the […]

The Loopless and Buckleless Band for Apple watches

Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:21:11 +0000

Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency LAYER has designed LABB, an innovative injection moulded selfgripping strap for the new generation of Apple Watches. LABB – short for The Loopless and Buckleless Band – utilises a robust and easy-to-use fastening system in which the two halves of the strap simply grip along their entire surface for maximum traction and to avoid the need for complex buckles and loops. “Brasport Group approached Layer to materialise The LABB project simply because the studio was best qualified to meet the functional, stylistic and holistic specifications of the new-generation strap. And, what looked good on paper proved just as remarkable in practice – the studio explores each project from multiple angles and is never afraid to go against the grain, says Alain Dubois, CEO, Brasport Group.” LABB is the first product for Swiss start-up Noomoon, which has received backing from watchstrap experts, Brasport Group. The innovative, patented strap launched yesterday on Kickstarter.

A collection of lights and screens based on a bell shaped module

Tue, 08 Nov 2016 17:35:30 +0000

Chaînes by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is a collection of lights and screens based on a bell shaped module. The luminous chains exist in white plaster or anodized aluminium (in blue, green or blond gold metal). The non-luminous screen is made in red glazed ceramic. Now the Chaînes collections is presented in a exhibition at Galerie kreo in Paris until January 7th, 2017.  

Soft stone massage pillows

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 12:16:00 +0000

Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune and Mårten Claesson of the Swedish design and architecture group Claesson Koivisto Rune is launching a set of massage pillows for Dream, Japan. One of the main challenges of this commission was to encourage the brand to go against the Japanese medical device market sector norms of employing an attention-grabbing mixture of fabrics, colours and forms for the product’s design in order to communicate various functions and carve out a market position, says Eero Koivisto. We became convinced that there was another way to approach the product that might help it integrate in new ways into more customers daily lives. The result is the Soft Stone massage pillows, says Ola Rune. The Soft Stone massage pillows will be presented at “Trunk Hotel” in Aoyama, on the 4th of November, between 12:30 – 14:30, where Claesson Koivisto Rune will talk about their design philosophy and thoughts on the “Soft Stone” products.

Out with the clogs, in with the clock

Mon, 04 Jul 2016 07:38:50 +0000

It’s the latest edition of MAARTEN BAAS’ Real Times’ series: a gigantic clock (over three metres in height) in the Lounge 2 at one of the world’s most popular airports. Every year 15 million people travel through Lounge 2 at Schiphol, hosting passengers from all around the world. This was one of the many reasons why Schiphol asked MAARTEN BAAS to cooperate in replacing the Dutch icons of tulips, clogs and windmills with one of his internationally acclaimed works. In 2009, world-renowned Dutch designer MAARTEN BAAS launched the first clock in his Real Time series. “Real time is a term that is used in the film industry. It means that the duration of a scene portrays exactly the same time as it took to film it. I play with that concept in my Real Time clocks by showing videos where the hands of time are literally moved in real time.” Real Time clocks show a video performance made by BAAS which takes exactly twelve hours to film and twelve hours to watch it in its entirety, thus creating a hyper-realistic representation of time. In this Schiphol project, MAARTEN BAAS took inspiration from the many faceless men who sweep, clean and work at an […]

First retrospective exhibition by nendo called The Space in Between

Thu, 09 Jun 2016 19:15:56 +0000

The first museum retrospective exhibition by nendo, will hold over a five month period at the Design Museum Holon, Israel. nendo’s designs begin by exploring and layering existing preconceptions, and then locating the gaps or “spaces” in between these layers to tie together new ideas. The idea behind this method is to gradually broaden the mind of the viewer. No less than 70 works divided into 6 categories of “spaces” will be exhibited, with the aim of providing visitors with a first-hand experience of this process. Exhibition information Design Museum Holon (Pinhas Eilon St. 8 Holon, 5845400, Israel) Curator : Maria Cristina Didero Dates : Until October 29, 2016

German edition of the book Make Design Matter by David Carlson

Tue, 31 May 2016 08:03:38 +0000

We are happy to report that the book Make Design Matter by David Carlson, editor in chief of David Report, now is available in a German edition as well. The title is Design oder nicht Sein with sub title Das kleine rote Buch des guten Designs and it is published by Midas Verlag AG in Zürich Switzerland. The book is available from the publishers own webshop and from major online book stores like German Amazon and Bokus.  

World’s first 3D-printed consumer wheelchair by Benjamin Hubert

Wed, 04 May 2016 16:15:00 +0000

  Benjamin Hubert of experience design agency Layer has designed the world’s first 3D-printed consumer wheelchair. The GO wheelchair prototype is the rst project under Layer’s new research division, LayerLAB, and has been created in collaboration with Materialise, world leaders in 3D-printed software and solutions. LayerLAB is a new in- house division of Layer that facilitates experimentation and research into the future of physical and digital products. The GO wheelchair is the result of intensive research with dozens of wheelchair users and medical professionals conducted by Layer over a six-month insight gathering period. During this time, the studio investigated how to remove the stigma associated with wheelchairs as medical devices and instead create a more human-centered vehicle to improve the everyday lives of users. At Layer, we’re interested in understanding how people use and misuse the most important tools in their lives. With the GO wheelchair, we saw an opportunity to really progress the manual mobility category for users with disabilities, and to use 3D printing technology to solve signi cant and meaningful problems. For the GO wheelchair, 3D printing for manufacture is the most appropriate and powerful technology available to capture each individual’s unique body shape to enhance the […]

Photographs of old fashioned roses offering cross-pollinating synesthesia

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 15:05:53 +0000

David Carlson, the editor in chief of David Report, has a long and deep relationship with old fashioned roses. His new series of rose photography started already eighteen years ago when the family moved to Falsterbo and the first rose bushes after careful selection were planted in the sandy soil. Today there are growing more than 125 bushes of over 80 different species of old roses, all contributing to transform the garden into a fragrant, lush oasis. Towards the end of June and beginning of July the garden is David’s private paradise, his own kingdom of glory. The roses in the garden all have their peculiarities and what I invest in them, they give back a thousand times. The ones I have chosen to take photos of is all close to my heart, David Carlson says. In his images David transform the roses from everyday garden plants to become symbolic multilayered objects. In this way, each image is an experience that involves several senses, not just the smell and sight, but also stimulates the tactile instinct and makes you want to reach out and touch the velvety leaves, weigh the flower in your hand. Their sensuality is accentuated against the […]

Tactile and smart notebook by Nendo for smaller objects

Tue, 09 Feb 2016 15:11:14 +0000

Even if we at David Report most write in our digital devices nowadays we do really like the new notebook by Nendo launched at this weeks Stockholm Design Week. The notebook is designed for Stockholm based company smaller objects. The L-shaped perforations along the sides of the pages can be folded out to create customised indexes. Up to 5 different indexes can be formed on each page, making it easy to organise and keep track of the notebook’s contents, just by simple letter or colour demarcations. As the book itself has been crafted in the style of traditional Japanese bookbinding with matte-finish thread, the pages can be neatly torn away from the perforations along the seams, allowing you to give away or file each page individually. Also, the pages are free of any lines or margins, and the covers are all plain-coloured, designed to be as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing as possible when stacked together.