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hi, lj.

Wed, 26 Oct 2011 18:31:46 GMT

I was checking on old entries, so I figured I'd write a new one.  It feels like a lost art. 

Off to Canadaland tomorrow for a whirlwind weekend among old friends, and then off to Connecticut on Monday to select from a household of abandoned young kittycats.  Picking just one is going to be hard when there are 14 in need (actually,  there are millions in need), but I'm living by the starfish mentality in this case. 

Again, you can find me on the book of faces by searching moonshimmer. 


We're Number 37

Fri, 18 Sep 2009 21:21:06 GMT
With a bullet!

It's only awesome because it's entirely true.


Tue, 15 Sep 2009 05:00:38 GMT

Oh dear deities.

That 6-degrees thing I was talking about?  It occurred to me a couple days ago that I am a mere 2 degrees from ...

Sarah Palin.

*headdesk*  *bleaches brain*


On another note entirely, I wish I'd seen this last week-ish when it would have been more timely, but hey.  Here, have it now:

(But what outcome are they MOST afraid of?)

O Em Gee. Stalinist Fascist Obama co-opts America's kids by telling them to set goals and wash their hands.

From Pixie, with lovea/c

Thu, 11 Jun 2009 18:42:16 GMT

Yeah, I know, I'm never here anymore.  Mainly because I've been seduced by the great time-suck that is Facebook.  Six months behind the curve, as always, but nonetheless I'm there.  It's not hard to find me, if you want to.  And I'll even send you everything from grenade launchers to coconut trees to pretty eggs to good karma, as desired.  :)  But now that I am here, it's only to let my cat tell you a story....  Crossposted from Catster:A new baby kitty walked determinedly into our lives on Monday night. She looks like she's at least part Turkish Van, with calico ear spots and tail. She's "horribly emaciated" according to the volunteers at Forgotten Cats (feral TNR clinic), and Grandma has already named her Taffy (since she's possibly Turkish!) There are two pictures of her on my page, but she's looking pretty scruffy right now, because apparently she's been through quite an ordeal. Mama may make her own page a little later, when she's not so busy nursing her! How all this happened was: Mama was TRYING to trap Fizzgig yet again Monday night, but she wound up trapping Taffy twice instead, within half an hour. She'd never even seen this little kitty before, so the first time she let her loose and tried again for Fizz. But the second time, she decided that since Taffy was evidently far more interested in eating food than she was scared of being trapped, she'd take what Bast was so obviously giving her! Now Mama is glad she made that decision, because Taffy probably needed immediate help more than Fizzgig does. At Forgotten Cats on Tuesday they couldn't even figure out that she was already spayed before the doctor made an incision, because she is so emaciated that her skin is thin and the scar doesn't show. So unfortunately she now has a small tummy wound. They also had a hard time bringing her out from under the anesthesia. They think she's probably under a year old, so they classified her as a kitten. She was checked for a microchip, but doesn't have one. Once Mama heard she was so malnourished, she decided to bring her home and work on getting her into better shape. Taffy slept on Mama most of Tuesday evening - Mama thought the warm body contact, hearing her heartbeat, and getting a gentle massage would help her come out of the anesthesia. She finally woke up around 11 pm and Daddy cuddled her for a little while, and she started taking a little cat food soup early Wednesday morning. Taffy's living in a kennel now in our laundry room, just so she can rest and relax and recuperate from her ordeal - and not have to meet the 8 of us all at once! Mama hasn't tried weighing her yet, but she thinks she's only about 3 pounds. She doesn't look it because of her long coat, but she is so skinny Mama can feel her ribs, all her vertebrae, and the places the bones fit together on her skull. She also seems to have an upper respiratory thing of some sort, and Mama doesn't want that going all through the house. Mama will take her to the vet if it doesn't get better in a couple of days, but right now Taffy's eating and seems content, so Mama doen't want to stress her any more if it's not necessary. Taffy's getting fed cat food soup mixed with Catsure nutritional supplement and also hi-calorie nutritional gel so she can put some weight on - small amounts many times a day for now, until she builds up some strength. She doesn't seem strong enough to do more than nibble at dry food, but it's always available to her. Mama was pleased to discover that at least she's not dehydrated - she's peed healthy amounts several times. She's very tame and likes cuddling, and loves to have Mama pet her or hold her food while she's eating, so she's definitely not going back outside to live. Mama thinks given her condition, her being spayed, and her inability to find sufficient food outdoors, she was probably a throwaway former pet. :( HISSSSSSSS! Mama keeps referring to her as a "foster", but given that Grandma decide[...]

You cannot change the laws of physics?

Wed, 13 May 2009 03:20:51 GMT

After 2 visits in 1 week to my Mini dealership service department because of an overheating, bucking, noise-making car engine and an air conditioner with no discernible cooling function, the trusty mechanics there have determined that sometime in the past few months my car took a significant hit to its front grille, damaging the radiator and air conditioner compressor, without inflicting any visible damage on the exterior of the car (bumper, lights, grille, etc).

This leaves them baffled, and they allege it defies the laws of physics.  They surmise that the most likely suspects are unidentifiable road debris, or an ice ball, or a rock kicked up by a vehicle in front of me - something so small that I didn't feel or hear it make impact, yet nasty enough (and wily enough) to fly under my bumper, break the radiator grille-filter thingy off its fittings and put a nasty enough dent in it that the fan won't turn properly (hence the messed up a/c and engine overheating), and then zoom away leaving no debris whatsoever.  And of course it causes the kind of malfunction I'd never notice until I was actually trying to use the air conditioner.  For all I know, this could have happened in November.

According to my insurance company, this freakishly freaky road-hazard incident (what other kind do I ever have?) will cost me a $500 deductible, but at least I'm entitled to a rented replacement vehicle, assuming it will be worthwhile to obtain one for the period of time my car will be out of commission.

Also, I have 2 cats with mild-to-moderate cardiomyopathy.  As of this afternoon they both are taking beta blockers, for life.  And I have to watch them both for signs of congestive heart failure.

I am bummed.

Wilde Kingdome on yon Darby Creeke

Mon, 13 Apr 2009 03:36:17 GMT

Upstairs in my sanctuary late on this Sunday night, opening paper mail and checking email and preparing to pay bills, I just heard our backyard fox barking for the first time.

Funny how a canine territorial call can be raucous enough that it sounds almost like a crow.

No one else in the house heard it, but then again I'm the only one with a window open. And the sound was a stark reminder that Lady, Cow!Cat, Leo and Skeeter were all outside and it was high time they came in, because it's dark out and I can't see them.  (That's maternal logic for you.) And also, OMG, lions and tigers and bears and FOXES!!!!!!

I went to the back door and tried to round them up, with no success.  At the front door, Lady, Cow and Skeet all bounded in.  Leo was nowhere to be seen. (i.e. out of the glow of the porch lights.)  So I put on a jacket, asked Mom to turn on the backyard light, and headed out to do a perimeter search.

I had gone up the driveway, across the lawn, back the other side past the house, and 2/3 of the way into the back yard, calling and clapping, when Leo came bounding out from the woodpile where the fox is rumored to have its den, tail at full mast, glancing behind him every twenty feet or so to see if his new playmate was following.

Yes, it seems that my wussy Leo was out dancing with foxes.

This is going to be some kind of fun.

Addendum:  Cow!Cat is fascinated by the variety of fox calls on the directory where I found the above call, as Steve and I play them on 2 different computers on 2 different floors.  He's running back and forth, ears perked and eyes wide.  Hee!  

oh, Canada!

Fri, 20 Feb 2009 20:48:01 GMT

This makes me feel very homesick and nostalgic. 

I used to shop at the By Ward Market almost every week.


some people are freakish freaks

Mon, 16 Feb 2009 04:20:13 GMT

A couple of hours ago, I exited Trader Joe's to find a note on my car enjoining me to "Learn To Park!"

I remind you that I drive a Mini Cooper.  I usually park it in my hip pocket.

In this case, I had parked it in front of TJ's, nose in, in a space about the size of a football field.  While my parking angle may have been 92º or even 93º, I certainly was well within my space. 

So.  WTF?


In my continuing adventures through The Land Of Win, TJ's now is regularly carrying "Wisconsin Cheese Curds" in their cheese case.

In my opinion, these are close enough for government work to Québec cheese curds.

I told the checkout clerk that now what the food-product gurus at TJ's Central really need to develop is a good, beefy-salty packaged gravy, hopefully not even remotely resembling anything produced by Franco-American.  Because being able to make poutine without the hassle of roasting a beef first would be teh awesome.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to make do with their organic beef broth in the aseptically-sealed box, doctoring it up with something (corn starch? onions? garlic? pepper and salt?) to give it good gravy flavor and consistency.  Over organic russet fries, this would seem to promise all manner of yum.


I have cut back to 1/3 my original dose of Prednisone daily, and fortunately the speedarifficness has cut back a good bit too.  I am still prone to anxiety/hurty brain/heart palpitations, but at least an Ativan takes the edge off it, and I can sleep comfortably without twitching awake ten minutes in.  And when I am awake, about half the time I can actually concentrate on detailed tasks. 

Of course, I'm also prone to initiating highly erratic projects like starting to clean my ovens (Yes, ovens.  I have big oven A, little oven B, toaster oven C.  Not counting microwave oven D, because it doesn't need any serious chemical application or scrubbing) at 10 pm on a Saturday night.  But that's the kind of energy fit I was looking forward to having while on this stuff, so it's not really a bad thing.  It's just definitely not a normal thing.  :D


Finally:  Budgiedome folk!  Has anyone heard anything from Fred, a/k/a Iain Campbell Smith, the past couple of weeks? I sent him an email saying I hoped all was okay with him and his loved ones, and commiserating a bit about the dreadful Australian bushfires, but haven't heard back.  From what I can gather given the address I have for him, he's not particularly near Melbourne/Victoria, but for itinerant musicians "home address" often bears no resemblance to "current location".   So I'm not really worried, and realizing that Fred is who Fred is I know he's probably very likely in the thick of some rescue or fundraising effort - but I'd be happier if I knew someone had been in touch with him.  

reminder to self: idiopathy comes from the Latin, meaning 'we're idiots'

Fri, 13 Feb 2009 15:29:44 GMT

Important question for my ENT dude, since I can find no answers through employment of my own mad research skilz:

Is there any evidence, however remote, that a scopolamine patch, applied in July for a couple hours during and after surgery, could cause swollen lymph nodes on the application area 6 months later? 

It's worth bringing up at my next appointment. Especially since I have a long history of notoriously sensitive response to drugs.

massive win

Fri, 13 Feb 2009 06:15:02 GMT

Backstory:  my pretty plummy Nikon Coolpix camera, which Steve got me last Mother's Day and which I loved dearly, has been missing since at least the second weekend of December, when we put up the Christmas tree and I promptly discovered I couldn't take any pictures of formerly feral cats lounging blissfully under its boughs, because I had nothing to take said pictures with.I have resisted buying one all this time, mainly because it is my sincere and long-held belief that nothing is ever really lost, it is just misplaced.  Especially in this house.  The empiric corollary observation to this faith-based tenet is that the minute I *do* cave in and replace something, it invariably becomes found.  Nature abhors a vacuum, and loves a surfeit.  So I invoke St. Anthony, trot around purposefully putting other things away while training my eyes for a smallish purplish nylon case, and periodically try to think of clever places I might have hidden a wee camera from myself in a misbegotten effort to keep it in a safe place.But tonight I did finally cave in, because the bug to take perty pixtures has been afflicting me much of late, and there are also a few group projects that various persons have asked me to partake in, but I can't cooperate without a camera (at least one of significantly better quality than the poseur inhabiting my telephone).  After perusing and being disappointed by the offerings (or more precisely the prices) on and (which real store was Steve's source for Camera 1.0), I went to that olde standby, amazon, and found My Camera ... the exact same camera ... for $118.72.Wait.  It gets better.With free shipping.Plus an applied $25.00 credit card reward certificate.So I have replaced my long-lost, trusty $200+change camera for ...$93.72.~~~~~~~~~~~Tomorrow, of course, I will find the "missing" camera, but that's okay.  Steve's camera that he got through Craigslist or some such up and died a couple of weeks ago, so I can give him one and then we'll have twin plum cameras.  How insufferably cute.  ~~~~~~~~~~~In further winfulness today, during a madcap, Prednisone-fuelled trip to pick up a few needed items from stores, and also to drop off donations/supplies at Forgotten Cats (and, not coincidentally, to assure my fellow crazy cat ladies that I am in fact alive and have not forgotten or abandoned The Mission, but am merely on what would be considered medical leave were it actually a paying job), I located a McDonalds that, unlike my local franchise, actually has in stock the current Happy Meal promotion Hello Kitty watches, to include in their Happy Meals and make them Happy.  (Because God knows the food isn't going to do the job. Can't they even make a chocolate shake taste vaguely like chocolate any more?)But I digress.Because along with the horrid meal ... I got the Purple Fairy Hello Kitty watch! AND. She's a Very Very Goth Fairy!  (3rd from left.)Which means I think I hit the jackpot with my first quarter.  (Errr.  My first $4.17, that would be.)  Although if I do this again in an attempt to Collect The Whole Set!, I might just be brazen enough to say "can you keep the Happy Meal and just sell me the stupid watch?"Oh.  And in case you think that in this entry I sound even trippier than I usually do, you're not alone.  The Forgotten Cats crew, after witnessing my slightly manic and chatterboxy demeanor today, told me - not only that I should go see House for a consult, which we already have ample reason to conclude - but that I should drive carefully on the way home, so as not to be picked up for a DUI.Well, I ALWAYS try to drive carefully, and this is something of which I've been particularly keenly aware the past week.  But their vocalizin[...]

T=-13.5 days ...

Tue, 10 Feb 2009 22:57:56 GMT

I have taken 13 doses of Prednisone thus far into the Great Idiopathic Lymph Node Reducing Experiment, and I feel justified in observing at this point of the regimen that THIS STUFF MAKES ME CRAWL OUT OF MY SKIN.

*twitch* *fly* *twitch* *shudder* *twitch*

Also.  It is HOT in this house.  Ugh.

A beer at night seems to help enough that I can get a few hours sleep, but I am seriously nervous, anxious, and spazzy the rest of the time.  Which worries me, because I feel unsafe doing things like, you know, driving.  Or separating frozen hot dogs.

Plus, I can't drink beer all day long.  Well, I could, but it would be a really bad habit to get into.

I am also doing things compulsively and repetitively and pointlessly.  Like refreshing my flist and my email and Catster.  But I don't have the concentration to do anything productive, like, say, pack a few boxes or write a letter-of-intent-to-reside or organize a family reunion.  All of which could really use doing, at precisely this juncture in my life.

On a different note, I know some of you found my second to last entry a tad more disturbing than entertaining.  I know, I know.  I just ask that you permit me eine kleine Schadenfreude.  I don't indulge in it often, but believe me this comes out of a deep dark smelly cesspool.  And heaven knows, it's not as if I'm Ste. Thérèse of Lisieux or anyone equally lofty-minded and pure of baneful thought.

And speaking of French saints, I finished a book the other day about Joan of Arc.  Which I really wanted to write something wonderful and insightful about, especially since she's fascinated me since childhood, and an adult, non-hagiographic look at her fascinates me still.  But given the ADHD nature of my brain on steroids, it's not happening, so I'm just going to say:  how cool is she anyway? 

The coolest thing about her is, as much as any 15th-century figure can be said to be demonstrably anything, she was demonstrably sane and clear-thinking. Which just turns my generally secular-oriented and skeptical mind upside down and inside out in all sorts of Hamlet-to-Horatio ways. I always love to find that little luminous, numinous frisson of mystery.  It keeps my thought process very, very interesting.

Okay, now that it's after rush hour I have to go brave the roads and do a doggy pickup from the vet for my Mom.  Wish me luck in not inadvertently killing anyone or anything.  :/


Tue, 10 Feb 2009 17:38:11 GMT

Actuarial science baffles me.

I cannot fathom how the homeowner's insurance policy premium on the new place, with almost $200,000 in additional estimated replacement cost for the structure, can equal only 2/5 of our current policy's premium for this house.  Yep, same insurance company.

Not that I'm complaining or anything.

I guess location really is everything.  (And brick-and-concrete construction, as opposed to stone and wood, helps.)

liek whoa

Sun, 08 Feb 2009 18:39:17 GMT

I flipped out a little while ago because the phone has rung 4 times today before I even had a chance to have breakfast. 

And these are people I like, not nuisance calls.   

Stressy, do you think?

My schedule, and my ability to get things done in the comfy routines I like, has been so fucked up for the past month or so.  I have a dozen projects I keep meaning to work on but never get to; I have a house to start packing up.  I have 2 volunteer positions I'm not doing a very good job at lately, not because I don't want to but because my schedule and my health are both so erratic.  And I'm tired of feeling that everyone, either metaphorically or all-too-literally, wants a piece of me when I can't even find the time to update lj or find out what my friends are up to, or check my calendar to see what event I'm feeling too "bleah" to go to.  (Jud Caswell!  Crap!  I missed Jud Caswell!  And it's Winterlude, and I'm nowhere near Ottawa!  Granted, it's probably 40 degrees there and crap conditions for playing in the snow, but still!) 

I need to chill.  And I really, really need to get my life back.

life on steroids ...

Sun, 08 Feb 2009 04:48:15 GMT

The good news is, after 3.5 days on Prednisone, the neck and jaw swelling is going down.  My skin's a little itchy in the immediate area, I think from being stretched out of shape for the better part of the past month, but a little moisturizer helps that.

The not-good news is, I'm really tired and my stomach is doing weird stuff.  The combination means I can't make plans with any degree of certainty.  For instance, tonight Steve and I were tentatively hoping to celebrate our anniversary, a week early, because he's going kamping next weekend, and going out to dinner on Valentine's Day is generally nightmarish anyway.  But after eating lunch today I felt like absolute crap, and I didn't think dinner at a Belgian bistro, with beer and mussels and frites, would do me any good.  Boo. Nor did Thai food, or Indian food, or Moroccan food seem like a good idea.  Not even the dinner invitation from my neighbor/real estate agent/bouncy ADHD new playmate seemed plausible, and we wouldn't even have had to drive there, or stay if I didn't feel well halfway through the meal.  So instead I crashed out for a 5-hour nap, then got up and ate applesauce and scalloped potatoes.  Oh well. 

But I do get to reduce the dosage on Monday, so maybe these annoying side effects will clear up but the juice regimen will continue to knock out this freakish idiopathic condition.  (Or kill the alien-kitten embryos, if you renounce idiopathy as being the idiot's diagnosis, and instead want to get on board with my favorite theory. [in post comments.])

But drat it all, I was looking for an infusion of Herculean energy from the monster meds ... not the same old dragging-myself-out-of-bed. 

Otherwise, it's been an emotionally charged week, but I don't think that's the juice, I think that's sadness on Catster.  One of our dearest and most pre-eminent members had to be euthanized this week, and our awareness of her last days was imbued with a potent mix of grief, celebration of her very long and well-loved life, and profound empathy for her guardians - especially from the group of us who care for fragile older cats.  We all know we will face this responsibility one day - it is part of what most of us consider a sacred caretaking role we assume for our trusting animal companions.  It is reassuring and comforting to have confidantes with similar concerns to talk it over with, and to hold one another up when someone needs to make the hard decision. but it's nonetheless been a painful, and tearful, few days. 

On the plus side, whenever my constantly dry and irritated eyes can cry natural tears that aren't caused by volatile irritants like onions, that's a good thing. 

Anyway, I have to go take my meds now, and give the cats theirs, and go back to that bed that is singing me a siren song.

... and because I'm not allowed to go to sleep until after 1:30 am ...

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 03:38:59 GMT

... I shall write a real, if narcotic-addled, update.

I have attended two concerts in the past 4 days.  Of these, the better was last night's, which (image) misch  and (image) horvendile  already have recounted for your reading pleasure, and so I need not - except to note that indeed there is a rhyme for Blagojevich, and it is "whiny bitch"'; and the name of the brilliantly neuro opening band for Jim's Big Ego is The Archituners, except they went from a duo to a trio last night with the addition of a fiddler and therefore need a new name, so now we're calling them Melodrama Sweetheart instead.  

In between these musical ventures, I went back to the doc on Friday with alarming new symptoms pointing to a possibly nasty infection, and so have been scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow afternoon.  Being me, I have to take ridiculous anti-allergic precautions for the CT scan, which consist primarily of mainlining Prednisone and Benadryl over the 13 hours prior to the procedure. (Hence needing to stay up until 1:30 am.)   w00t.  In combo with the tylenol/codeine he gave me to mitigate the annoyance of carrying around an extra egg on my neck, and a ping-pong ball anterior to my ear, I'm sure this chemical cocktail will result in massively fun times.  I'm already sort of floating in a not-particularly-pleasant way, so I can't wait to add steroids and soporific antihistamine to the brew. 

Prior to the CT scan, I have an appointment to see my hand surgeon tomorrow morning, and hopefully will graduate from the entire hot dog incident at last.  Afterward, I have the rescheduled house inspection we were supposed to partake in on Thursday.  So tomorrow has the potential for enormous entertainment.  And then, hopefully, I will know what is going on with my assorted glands and nodes, and none of it will be all that serious or scary, and I can get back to something approximating my regular life.

As if I've ever had such a thing. 

liberal doses of nerditude ...

Mon, 26 Jan 2009 03:04:01 GMT

My Political Views
I am a left moderate social libertarian
Left: 6.2, Libertarian: 2.99
Political Spectrum Quiz



my own private inaugural bash.

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 03:19:24 GMT

In honor of the day's events, I just got rid of 7 now-obsolete political icons. 

Perhaps I can fill my vacant  icon slots with music.  Or cats.  Or something else that's, you know, under-represented by the 112 icons currently in my arsenal.  *koff koff* 

best. doctor. ever.

Wed, 21 Jan 2009 02:31:43 GMT

I apparently have an inflamed, possibly clogged, salivary (parotid) gland, which is making the lymph node in front of my ear swell, which is referring pain to my ear.

Apparently, this is not quite the same thing as mumps. 

Doctor's recs?  Besides synthetic penicillin, warm compresses, and doubling up on my Mucinex, he suggests ...

... eating lemon drops or other sour hard candy frequently.

Any questions why I love this guy? 

He also stole some of my blood, just to run some tests, and I get to go back next week for a recheck. 

Hail to the Chief

Tue, 20 Jan 2009 19:30:35 GMT

So far my inauguration day has consisted of a series of cancellations.  Wooo.Last week during an exam my dentist noticed a bump on my neck.  Specifically, he noticed "tenderness", which I thought was damned strange because it didn't feel tender at all to me.  He further told me to keep an eye on it for a couple of weeks, and if it didn't dissipate to get hold of my oto-laryngologist, who also happens to be my allergist.Of course, I went home, looked in the mirror, and was all "how could I possibly not have noticed that egg on my neck?  Or the smaller one in front of my ear? Especially when there's nothing equally protuberant on the other side?" and promptly tried to stay rational.  Which I've managed, about 80% of the time.  The other 20%, dire differential self-diagnoses run through my head.  Hodgkins lymphoma!  Adverse reaction to feral cats! Lupus!  (No, Cameron, it's never lupus.) Mono!  Naphthalene poisoning! Fast forward one week.  That not-tender part?  Not any longer.  It's gone well past power of suggestion, which I suspected when it first started tenderizing, and now feels like a moderately bad ear infection, which feels strange because I never get ear infections on my left side.  And the swelling is worse.  Also, I'm sleeping a lot, even for me.  But no fever, even though I feel like I have a fever and have woken up several times in the middle of the night to throw off quilts and sheets.  Maybe that's just hormones run amok.  At any rate, I didn't get up early and go to Forgotten Cats this morning before coming home to watch the inauguration.  That annoys me, because I wanted to go feed the urchins and maybe snuggle some of the more civilized ones, do my "day of service" and all that.  Besides, I was learning tech last week!  I was doing pre-operative prep!  It was cool, and definitely more pleasant work than cleaning poopy traps.  And now I probably seem like just another slightly unreliable volunteer who can't be counted on, especially on Inauguration Day.  Feh.  Anyway, after sleeping late and then watching the pomp and ceremony, I just cancelled my late-afternoon dentist appointment to repair a broken filling, because really?  More pressure on my head right now?  No thanks.  Which leaves me with just one thing to do today, and that is go to my primary care doc and get referrals for whatever he wants to subject me to, which may be anything from Zithromax to oto-laryng-allergist referrals (which I need anyway for my next state-of-the-allergies visit) to CT scan and biopsy and God only knows what other ooky costly diagnostic procedures.  And that is one appointment I am not cancelling, although I think I'll take a nap first.Fortunately, considering all of the above, I have nothing else I must attend to until tomorrow night, when I do setup for Lansdowne Folk Club, and then Thursday afternoon, when we're doing a house inspection on the Hilldale house.  *crosses fingers*  Oh!  Speaking of which, we're supposed to be settling on St. Paddy's Day, assuming a lot of things.  Anyway, I don't know if I'll make it to LFC for the actual show Thursday night or not.  That depends on how long the home inspection takes, and how tired and hungry we are, and whether or not my neck bump/jaw-ear bump/ear is exploding on me.  In other words, I'll play it by (infected) ear. [...]


Thu, 08 Jan 2009 16:35:25 GMT

Your Word is "Think"


You see life as an amazing mix of possibilities, ideas, and fascinations.

And sometimes you feel like you don't have enough time to take it all in.

You love learning. Whether you're in school or not, you're probably immersed in several subjects right now.

When you're not learning, you're busy reflecting. You think a lot about the people you know and the things you've experienced.

sickbay attendant report

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 15:10:35 GMT

Mom was sick with a stomach/intestinal virus of doom on Monday, and spent the day and night here, with me pouring Pedialyte into her.

Now Andrew has it.

I'm hoping it's closely enough related to this bug that I don't get it, or at least not the full-blown version - particularly since I'm supposed to take Andrew back to Syracuse on Saturday.  It would be spectacularly bad timing if both of us were feeling the after-effects during 4.5 hours on the interstate.

Unfortunately, it seems to start with a headache, and I've had same since about 6pm last night.  Fortunately, nothing else has manifested, so maybe mine is just another garden-variety sinus headache.  *crosses crossables*

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out how to disinfect a couch, since the two of them have spent most of the week thus far on it.  Any ideas?  Are Clorox wipes safe for fabrics?  I don't really want the asphyxiating scent of Lysol spray enveloping me every time I sit down for the next few weeks. 

give us this day our daily YouTubes.DreamGirl

Mon, 05 Jan 2009 03:29:26 GMT

(image) jkpolk  is evil.

She made me find this

I can't help it.  They make me giggle.

Sun, 04 Jan 2009 03:08:02 GMT

So we're putting in a bid on the Hillsdale house next week, subject to a few disclosure items, police reports for the area, etc.


I am at once terrified and euphoric.  Terrified because of the unknowns, the most important of which are: will they accept our offer?  Will we + Mom be able to get the financing?  And then there's the practical aspects: the fact that it's an older structure than we originally intended to choose when we started planning to move, the work that needs to be done on it (mostly cosmetic, thank goodness) and of course financial qualms.  Once again, we're planning to buy in a recession, when we have no cash flow, when we're already juggling mightily to make existing car, tuition and mortgage payments.  And we're enmeshing our finances with my Mom's, which I worry about more for her than for us, in the short term.  Once we sell this house things will ease up.  Once Andrew moves off campus things will ease up more.  And once he graduates (2011.  That's 2 years from now. Yikes!)  we SHOULD be home free.  Emphatic emphasis on SHOULD.

Euphoric because ... I really really like this property.  I like the large, rambly, wooded back yard which has ample room for vegetable garden and cattery and dog lead and fun enclosure for the domestic cats.  It's also more mossy/woodsy  than grassy, which I think is nice because it won't need much mowing - less work for the Steve, less sneeziness for me.  I like the finished basement.  I like the fact that we could have giganto house concerts in it.  I like the fact that we, and especially my Mom, don't have to uproot and rework all of our medical personnel and nearby social contacts.  I can drive her half a mile and she's at several of her friends' houses, or at bus stops or train stations that will get her anywhere she wants to go - or at the supermarket.

I like the lovely sunny yellow upstairs bedroom that I thought would be our bedroom, but seems in everyone else's mind to be becoming my OWN room to do with whatever I like.  Whee!    I like silly little things like laundry chutes, and big important things like bow windows and central air.  I like that instead of all our stuff feeling jammed into a house too small for it, we'll probably feel pleasantly lost in spaciousness.  (And this despite the fact that we'll have our own furnishings plus Mom's.  Yes, it's that big.