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The Morning News - Headlines

Daily headlines at The Morning News.

Published: 2016-09-02T13:27:00+00:00


August 19, 2016


State Dept. says $400m payment to Iran wasn’t ransom, but was delayed to create “leverage” in hostage return. Before and after views of Southern Louisiana, devastated this week by historic flooding. Worried by Trumputin, Congress wants to obstruct removing Russian sanctions—energy companies have already started. If Clinton wins, expect a new era of misogyny, just as Obama’s presidency brought racism to the fore. “Old-fashioned sexual exploitation has been sold to today’s teenage girls as their own ‘sex-positive’ choice.” For women, walking can be a radical declaration of autonomy and creativity. Should Hillary win, Bill will step down from the Clinton Foundation, which will also start refusing foreign donations. Ryan Lochte was right when he said someone pointed a gun at him. It was a gas station security guard telling him to stop peeing on the walls. Uber’s first self-driving fleet of Volvos will debut in Pittsburgh this month, but with backup drivers present. About 200,000 people are turning to GoFundMe to cover emergency medical expenses. Artificial intelligence researchers deploy autonomous internet defense bot for the first time. Caseworkers must deal with terrific ambiguity, which means plenty of kids are taken away from good parents. #longreads Justice Dept. says it will stop contracting with private prisons, which mostly provided low-security services at 13 locations. Behind the move to end private prison contracts: Shane Bauer’s “My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard.” Ancient Mexicans were said not to have raised any animals, but archaeologists at Teotihuacan just unearthed…a bunny farm? You think California is easy on pot, but this decade it arrested hundreds of thousands for marijuana-related offenses—most are black. “Until America’s mortgage monster is brought to heel, the task of making finance safer will remain only half-done.” Obamacare made a dent in extending coverage; a public option would bring down prices. #longreads [...]

August 18, 2016


By pairing up with Bannon, Trump abandons centrists to focus on winning over those who already supported him. The RNC can’t pull funding from Trump without risking low turnout and losses down the ballot. Paul Manafort further tied to facilitating secret lobbying by Ukrainian pro-Russian parties. It’s just 15,000 less dollars that the Trump campaign has. Squatter sells to Trump’s marketers. Countries all over the world have walls at their borders, and none of them work. Drones will soon be cheap enough for any military—they’ll all cite Obama’s policies as international precedent. #longreads The IRS is allowing depleted water resources to be deducted, but doesn’t have any hydrologists on staff to root out fraud. Women are the fastest-growing incarcerated segment, and struggle with environments and services designed for men. Social media survey shows white people don’t talk about race. Twitter’s dismal record in curtailing abuse is even worse in light of its rapid removal of Olympics content. When is a distribution method that harms users’ brains no longer an acceptable cost of doing business? Against digital media. Related: NPR ditches comments. New York businesses will no longer have to individually contract out trash pickup, leading to major efficiency gains. Los Angeles’s psychics, illusionists, and fortunetellers trick writer into becoming a better person. Science isn’t driven by curiosity—research is leashed to military and institutional strictures. #longreads Dutch could ban new gas-powered cars in the next decade. Florida prosecutor declined to charge George Zimmerman but has no problems sending kids to jail for life, even in murky cases. Profile of an architect who builds off-kilter “Lifespan Extending Villas” designed to destabilize inhabitants. #longreads [...]

August 17, 2016


Hackers appear to have accessed the NSA’s hacking tools, which the agency uses to hack into foreign governments.

“When Zillow starts warning about sea level rise, it may be time to start worrying about sea level rise.”

Baltimore PD consistently applies sexual violence to coercive ends, but there’s no one to call when your abuser is a cop.

Black incarceration is still higher than it was in 1990, but at least it’s come down.

Restrained interview with Colson Whitehead, whose painfully funny depictions of racism come to a head in The Underground Railroad.

“Erdogan’s government has shut down or taken over at least 45 newspapers, 16 television stations, and three newswires in the past three weeks.”

Are narcissists conservative, refusing to affirm beauty in others, or are they explorers who leave behind anything that’s not their best?

Univision wins auction for Gawker.

New research shows déjà vu might occur when the brain detects memory errors.

Try concentrating on your déjà vu to see if you can forecast your near future. Troubleshooting déjà vu.

“The loss of natural water purification capacity is systematically increasing the cost of water treatment around the globe.”

Almost every baby born in an American hospital gets the same pink-and-blue blanket. Its designer got his start making butchers’ aprons.

The Games have been avid partners with society’s reactionaries. Brief recap of the Olympics’ failed redemption.

The Cold War is over, but America’s antipathy toward Russian people and culture remains.

Seniors are particularly susceptible to computer abuse because they don’t have anywhere to learn about security.

The last time I went a week without a screen was in a different century. TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin goes to adult camp.

August 16, 2016


Clinton team prepares for the first general election debate, anticipating Trump’s Lewinsky attack. Contrary to what the Clintons want to hear, “there is no concrete evidence that discredits Broaddrick’s rape claims” against the former President. Once and for all: Donald Trump isn’t winning because of factory workers who lost their jobs. Suspected serial arsonist accused of setting the Clayton fire in Northern California. Forty percent of French 17-year-olds smoke, compared to less than 10 percent of American teens. Wyoming, sitting on a gold mine of wind energy, claims it can tax collection—does that mean the state owns the wind? Among the five biggest open questions in current economics: What does an aging and slow growing population do to your economy? On a GDP-adjusted basis, Iran has the most Olympic medals in Rio. Reporter ignores Williams sisters’ many gold medals until Andy Murray calls him out. More than half of the “refugee team” Olympians are competing as runners. Contrary to popular belief, our bodies may be designed to throw things overhand. London hosts world’s first contemporary art exhibition for dogs. London’s Met assembles all-star team of detectives with a remarkable ability for recognizing faces. Investigation into rotisserie chickens: they’re not the bargain that people think, but they are “a gift to the lazy and rushed.” Conservationists in Tanzania use chili powder-filled condoms to save elephants. Wisconsin taxidermist makes robotic decoys to help game wardens catch poachers. Larry Wilmore calls his show being canceled by Comedy Central “the unblackening” of his time slot. Hunter Thompson’s widow returns the antlers he stole from Ernest Hemingway. Embers of profanity flicker: Not much truly obscene source material remains in English. In case you missed it: “The Secrets of the Wood Wide Web.” #longreads [...]

August 15, 2016


Polls favor Clinton in the presidential election, but Wikileaks and unknown geopolitical events still threaten. If Mr. Trump could make progress in reunifying Republicans, Mrs. Clinton would quickly find herself in a tighter race. Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau discovers millions earmarked for Trump’s campaign chief. Diary of political lessons learned while canvassing for Sanders. Universal basic income won’t alleviate poverty and may undercut benefits to the poor. #opinions Warren Buffett’s sister needs volunteers in Boston to help give away her brother’s money to needy cases. American schools spend big money on security against shootings, to little definite result. Ryan Lochte and other US Olympic swimmers robbed at gunpoint. Photos of child boxers in Cambodia, where the sport is seen as a way out of poverty. Hope Solo is comfortable playing the anti-hero—a rare, welcome role for a female athlete.  #opinions Food salvaged from Olympic Village feeds 5,000 daily in Rio. Polio is back in Nigeria because Boko Haram prohibited vaccines. Native Americans and movie stars arrested at protest of oil pipeline in North Dakota. Conviction overturned for Brendan Dassey, featured in Making a Murderer. Pioneer in user-centered design asks Saudi teens how they use their phones. I was 15 when I took my short, cold dip into pageant life, and I can’t shake that naive voice. Powerful IBM chip that uses brain-like computation allows for gesture recognition. Following a suggestion from the late Vonnegut, computer analysis reveals six basic plot structures. More than 500 physics papers go to waste as data disproves new particle. Headline of the day: “MouseTube Is Like Pornhub for Mouse Research.” [...]

August 12, 2016


Trump can’t win if he loses Florida, but he only has one field office and “no visible footprint” in the state. Right-wing commentators cycle through baseless theories about Clinton’s dire health. Despite his former insistence, Trump now says he was being sarcastic when he said Obama founded ISIS. Charting the Arab world’s catastrophe since the invasion of Iraq 13 years ago, leading to the rise of ISIS and a global refugee crisis. #longreads France undergoes its own “public exposés of police violence” that inspired Black Lives Matter. Led by a tiny party, Barcelona has become a leader in urban policy. East African countries ban imports of donated clothing, viewed as undermining local industry. American workers need their hearts and minds more than their muscles. Thanks to faulty IP mapping, one couple in Kansas has been constantly accused of other people’s crimes. DEA to make more marijuana available for medical research, but won’t reschedule the drug. Many phone sex operators can’t access the traditional job market due to disability or hardship. Touching portraits of phone sex operators. #photography Cops in schools mean Tasers and rap sheets for typical schoolyard fights. Fuck empowerment! Children are little death machines, they rip through your body. They chew on you. They are animals. Gendered user-experience testing leads to virtual reality optimized for men. Male boxers in Rio don’t wear helmets anymore, supposedly for safety. Heterosexual male journalist at the Daily Beast endangers closeted Rio athletes with gotcha piece about Grindr dates. LGBT teens are three times as likely as their peers to consider suicide. In the age of gay marriage, study sheds light on the social and romantic reasons bisexual men still rarely come out. San Francisco’s restaurants are now so expensive and polarized, even rich people are learning how to cook. Swedish fish Oreos are a thing. Yes, the snail is quite alone. Your weekend poem: “Snails,” by Francis Ponge. [...]

August 11, 2016


Away from Rio, Brazil’s Senate begins impeachment against Rousseff. Philippines president’s latest bad idea: calling the US ambassador a “gay son of a whore” on TV. There’s always a bit of truth to a dangerous punch line, especially when it’s joking about taking up arms against a political rival. Democratic outreach to Asian Americans in this election may tip Georgia to Clinton. Our defenses are stronger, but what we have to defend has outpaced our progress. The anti-terror security state at age 15. DEA to reveal its long-awaited decision on whether to regulate marijuana differently. FYI: Marijuana is legal in some form in 24 states. Drug cartels recoup profits lost to legal marijuana by pushing heroin instead. Economics the discipline is to the economy… as chess theory is to medieval history. Fewer American women than ever are having babies. University of California spends $9,000 on chancellor’s office “escape hatch” in case of student sit-ins. Justice department finds widespread racism in Baltimore PD. When mental health professionals systemically misdiagnose patients of color, treatment looks more like punishment. Three of the top medical journals rejected 14 out of 14 of the top-cited articles of all time in their discipline. Baseball treated A-Rod like “an unwanted dog” while he was at the top of his game, in part because he acted like one. #opinions British police investigate possible poisoning of a Wimbledon player, potentially by an organised crime betting syndicate. Girl Scouts introduce two new s’mores cookies with the same name. Facebook unleashes update to block ad-blocking software. A case of digital misidentification can sometimes translate into an intimate connection with others. We should give up on trying to make people less prejudiced and make our systems less open to bias. #opinions Man becomes new wine queen for German town of Kesten when no woman wants the job. [...]

August 10, 2016


Trump suggests “second amendment people” should shoot Clinton if she becomes president. Reminder: Trump hasn’t spent a dime on TV advertising. Momentum grows for boycotting the Dominican Republic, where racist immigration policy is deporting Haitians en masse. Democrats in Congress break from Obama to condemn Brazil’s coup. Guantanamo sees biggest test of clemency versus security—for the man used as America’s “guinea pig of post-911 torture.” Obama’s bragging on clemency is undeserved, when ”even Nixon let more people out of jail.” It would take a black family over two centuries to accumulate the same wealth the average white family has today. Most of Wisconsin’s 61 black neighborhoods are jails or prisons. Secret sub bases aren’t so hidden when their icy cover melts because of climate change. How the US clobbered the competition in the women’s gymnastics team final. Photos of parents while their daughters win Olympics gold. Adults may love being nostalgic about their summer jobs, but most of today’s teenagers don’t work. American Bar Association bans sexist language, in part to prevent male judges from calling female attorneys “honey.” ISIL demands many things of its top commanders, but good Arabic isn’t always one of them. Trends in home design: Model rooms from the 1970s. Wind throb, or, “the Helmholtz resonance,” drives drivers crazy, and it’s only getting worse as cars become “tighter.” Financial technology promised to make banking cheaper, but the industry’s leading lights have dimmed. How Silicon Valley spreads the same sterile aesthetic—“Airspace”—across the world. The astonishing story of Peter Doig, artist accused of disowning his own painting. The contemporary art boom is hurting museums’ bottom line. [...]

August 9, 2016


Senator Collins of Maine says she won’t vote for Trump over “his constant stream of cruel comments.” Fifty former national security officials say Trump would be “the most reckless President in American history.” We think the world is getting better. Nine beliefs of the neo-liberal. How Paul Krugman made Trump possible: by wasting purple prose for years on mainstream Republicans. Fox News executives reportedly ignored harassment complaints brought directly to them. Suicide bombing at Pakistan hospital kills dozens of human rights advocates. Chinese tourist spends two weeks in German migrant hostel after mistakenly applying for asylum when he only wanted to report a stolen wallet. In previous Olympics news, let’s relive Mary Carillo’s amazing badminton rant. How the media is covering the Hungarian swimmer rumored, never alleged, to be doping under the abusive influence of her husband-coach. “Lilly King’s improbable journey to the finger-wagging frontline of swimming’s Cold War.” Why it’s hard to regulate payday loans: short-term lenders adapt too quickly. Hackers shift their attention from retail to healthcare. Apple applies to receive utility license to sell excess solar power. Xavier University in Cincinnati installs North America’s first pizza ATM. Industrial “avocado time machine” will keep guacamole green for up to 10 days. Cage-free eggs were a big victory for animal rights groups, but only a marginal improvement for hens. Study finds that if you appreciate trashy films, “you have varied and refined tastes and are of above-average education.” Objectively, intellectuals aren’t like everyone else, but that doesn’t invalidate their ideas. #opinions Now that I’m no longer obsessed with getting fucked up enough to die, the question of finishing school has resurfaced. Informed by his own experiences, professor argues Nabokov had a peculiarly hallucinogenic form of epilepsy. Eight examples of the new sound of the guitar in 2016. Close reading of the expectations already foisted upon Frank Ocean’s follow-up. Korea’s most epic tale of royal linguistic heroism. [...]

August 8, 2016


Filipino president links over a hundred government officials to the drug trade, encourages their extrajudicial murder. Nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri hanged in Iran for spying for the US. Russian athletes banned from competing at the Rio 2016 Paralympics following the country’s doping scandal. Weightlifting lost its integrity as a sport long ago, but as a spectacle it’s better with drugs. #opinions Michael Phelps wins his 23rd Olympic medal and his 19th gold, both records. Thanks to Phelps, “cupping” has its Olympics moment. Not to be featured anytime soon in the Olympics: Rapper Warrior Ninja. #video The border between the Netherlands and Belgium in the Dutch village of Baarle zigzags through people’s living rooms. The modern craze for pu’er can be traced back to 1994. Tracking the world’s most coveted tea. Ultramarathoner adopts stray dog that followed him for 150 miles in the Gobi Desert. Sixty years after his death, Einstein’s leather jacket still smells of pipe smoke. Upper-class supremacy is nothing new in the US, where it shines brightest on people with bad teeth. Condemning Trump’s comments on Muslims, Senator Collins points to a Somali community’s remarkable transition to Maine. To be accepted as transgender in Japan, you need to be diagnosed with a condition that the rest of the world agrees doesn’t medically exist. Cooperativism, successful abroad, is the economic subtext of the Black Lives Matter platform. Map shows the real value of $100 in each state in the US in 2016. If you accept that student loan debt will only become a crisis if it increases individual costs beyond the returns to a college degree, you’ve already given up on public higher education. The Library of Congress promised to archive every tweet, but open access would undercut a key Twitter revenue stream. Your Monday Twitter discovery: We Want Plates, a crusade against serving food on anything but. The Iraq war version of War and Peace is a comic book. A small moment in literature: Salman Rushdie comments on Michael Chabon’s post of Ayelet Waldman being shushed by Obama. [...]