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Preview: No Joy In Metsville

No Joy In Metsville

The temporary home of, while some issues with the regular site are being worked out.

Updated: 2017-10-11T14:50:22.913-04:00


Back on Blogger


New hosting company, same old problems. Apparently, my now thrice re-installed version of Movable Type is just such a mess that it's not going to cooperate with me. But I'm sure you're all as tired of hearing about the technical headaches I've been experiencing as I am of experiencing them. I'd love to get back to just writing about the Mets, but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards at

Bye bye, Blogger


Ladies and gentlemen,I'm happy to announce that No Joy In Metsville has made its triumphant return.Blogger has served me well for the past six days, but to compare it to Movable Type is like comparing a bowl of chocolate ice cream to a bowl of shit.See you all at the other site.-Vinny

Almost Back


Well, No Joy In Metsville (the real one) was back up for a brief period of time today. Long enough for me to de-spam my e-mail and to try and de-spam the comments. That's when things went awry, yet again.Now you get a pretty "This Account Has Been Suspended" page when you go to the site. Better than the scary "Forbidden" message you got over the past few days.At least now it seems that it's in

Still on Blogger


So, it turns out that a CGI script within Movable Type (the publishing system I use at went haywire on Saturday and pushed the CPU on my host's web server to unusually high levels. As a result, access to my directories and files was blocked by HostGator, for whom my friend is a reseller. He's trying to get the site re-enabled, but that's proving to be a more difficult

Does this thing still work?


Hey kids,Wow, it's been a long-ass time since I posted anything here.In case anyone was wondering, I haven't shut down No Joy In Metsville. At some point during the afternoon on Saturday, May 21st (while the Mets were giving the Yankees a good, ol' fashioned whoopin'), something with the site went horribly awry and I no longer have access to my files or directories to attempt to fix it. I can't

Well I'll be damned...


We ditch Blogger and then they go and make it better. Oh well.

We've Moved


In case you missed it, we can now be found at

Moving On...


I suppose I should've consulted Scott before going ahead with this, but oh well... I'm sure I don't need to tell those of your that have blogs that are "Powered by Blogger" how frustrating and flaky it can be at times. So, with that in mind, Scott and I decided to register a couple of domains so that we could eventually move this blog over to one or both of them, once a suitable replacement for

Seo Must Geo


3rd Inning: Obviously the Mets failure to get a run in with the bases loaded and no one out is disgusting, but even more pitiful is the continued suckitude of Jae Seo. With the wind blowing in at Wrigley, Seo has already allowed home runs to Moises Alou (a two run shot in the first inning) and a solo shot to Todd Walker in the third. It's beginning to look more and more like last year was a



Mets prospect looks to fit in has a piece up about Victor Diaz and his transition to the outfield, which is said to be going well. According to Baseball America, Diaz has been charged with two errors so far in twelve games played, which isn't terrible at all, considering he's learning a new position. Even Mike Cameron has two errors this season. Defense aside, Diaz has actually

Game Notes


Nice little rally by the Yankees in the 3rd. I missed Matsui's double, but saw Tony Clark work his walk - and work it he did. Cairo followed with the classic hacker's at bat - he swung at all but one of the pitches he saw, and he saw about eight or nine. He was way behind the fastballs, until the last one, which he lined into right-center for a double. Matsui scored. Clark then scored on a

Tonight's Yankees Lineup


1. Jeter, SS 2. Williams, CF 3. Rodriguez, SS 4. Sheffield, RF 5. Posada, C 6. Sierra, DH 7. Matsui, LF 8. Clark, 1B 9. Cairo, 2B Joe has decided to rest Giambi and Enrique Wilson. There's a lefty on the mound, but that's just an excuse - Torre isn't afraid of starting Giambi against the likes of Schoenweis. It's nice to see Clark in the lineup. I was doubtful we'd see that in any

Cubs win! Cubs win! Cubs win!


I listened to the game at work so I wasn't able to see the errors by Gutierrez and Spencer in the ninth, but it sure sounded ugly. Once again, as Tony Batista crossed home plate my cell phone rang. I don't think I need to tell you who it was. I wasn't able to answer the call, so here's what I heard when I checked my voicemail: Trendon: I know you're just ignoring me. You damn well know you

Jorge and Javier, bad news for DePaula, other random crap.


I always enjoy finding a column that sings the praises of Jorge Posada. Today, there's this one in New York Newsday. It's a fun article, with some very odd and/or interesting moments. Jorge on Jorge: "I don't even know what I'm doing," Posada said. "Don't ask me."I love it. Javier Vazquez rebounded impressively from his previous start, a 6-2 loss to the Red Sox last Friday. Now 2-1, Vazquez

Has it come to this already?


Mike Piazza doubles home Kaz Matsui to give the Mets a second run for the first time in what seems like an eternity, as well as the lead over the Expos. No sooner does Matsui cross the plate when my cell phone rings. It's friend, occasional comment contributor and eternal pessimist, Trendon: Me: Hello... Trendon: They're still going to blow it. Shortly after our conversation ended Mike

Wiggy Hospitalized


Mets' Wigginton hospitalized after fainting spell According to the Associated Press: NEW YORK -- Mets third baseman Ty Wigginton was hospitalized after fainting at home and feeling dizzy at the ballpark. Wigginton Wigginton was in NYU Medical Center after complaining during Wednesday night's game against Montreal. He is expected to miss New York's road trip to Chicago, Los Angeles and San

Dammit, dammit, dammit!


Between family commitments, work and exhaustion I've missed the last three games and I'm not happy about it. "Oh, I'll just take a quick nap, miss the first couple of innings at most." Suuuuuuuuure. Of course, you know what happened. I woke up just in time to hear that the game had ended. There's always the replay on YES in about half an hour, I guess. I'm looking forward to seeing a strong

Post Mortem


Damn you, Brad Wilkerson! First, let me confess that I started writing about how the Mets lost tonight's game before the game was even over. I actually started in the seventh inning. I know, shame on me. But sometimes you just know. I knew last night, and I knew tonight. There was just no way that any breaks were going to go the Mets' way, and, as has been their custom recently, they

Broken Record


I think Fran Healy needs to say "lunging and reaching" a few more times tonight. Maybe we'll even get lucky enough to have him go off on one of his "preparatory hitch" tangents.

The Bullpen From Hell strikes again


Cadet Eugene Tackleberry reporting for duty, sir! OK, so it's David Weathers and not Tackleberry, as my friend Dan calls him. Anyway, just as I was getting ready to write about how Al Leiter pitched, and how Zach Day was just as good or better than him, the usually reliable Weathers comes into the game in the eighth and promptly gives up a home run to Jose Vidro that gives the Expos a 2-1 lead.



The Mets posted a much-needed 4-1 victory over the hapless Expos last night. And while Tyler Yates didn't match the performance from his debut against the Expos in Puerto Rico, he was far better than the batting practice pitcher he was impersonating in his last start on that cold, rainy night last Wednesday. In 5 & 2/3, Yates allowed only one run (earned) on five hits and three walks, while

Patriot's Day Game


I missed the game yesterday, as I was out and about. I'm sure you'll find plenty of good recaps. I'm working today, which means I can't actually watch the game, but with the aid of the Yahoo! Sports GameChannel and's Gameday Audio I can follow along in semi-style. Yankees are up 3-0 midway through the second inning. Travis Lee brought in Sheffield and Matsui (single, walk) with a



Losing three in a row to the lowly Pirates...just awful. I know I cried foul when Jae Seo was demoted, though maybe not as loud as some others, but he's lost me as a supporter. He was just brutal today. He accomplished the unthinkable, which is that he made me look forward to Scott Erickson returning from the DL. The Mets obviously knew something we didn't when they sent him down. I, for

Deja Vu

2004-04-18T14:32:11.436-04:00 Mets sign Botallico to minor league deal I guess his strong spring performance wasn't enough to get Ricky Bottalico a job anywhere else in the majors, so he decided to take a minor league deal from the Mets and accepted an assignment to Norfolk. I would guess that he'll probably just make a few appearances in Norfolk to shake off any rust that might have accumulated since he left the



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