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Preview: Communications of the ACM: Hardware

Communications of the ACM: Hardware

The latest news, opinion and research in hardware, from Communications online.


Unprecedented Malware Targets Industrial Safety Systems in the Middle East

2017-12-14 13:38:56 -0500

Since Stuxnet first targeted and destroyed uranium enrichment centrifuges in Iran last decade, the cybersecurity world has waited for the next step in that digital arms race: Another piece of malicious software designed specifically to enable the damage or destruction of industrial equipment.

Bright Areas on Ceres Suggest Geologic Activity

2017-12-14 13:31:48 -0500

If you could fly aboard NASA's Dawn spacecraft, the surface of dwarf planet Ceres would generally look quite dark, but with notable exceptions.

Beyond Bitcoin: How Technology Could Help Fix Our Broken Financial System

2017-12-14 13:10:22 -0500

On a spring day more than 5,000 years ago in the Mesopotamian city of Ur, a foreign merchant sold his wares in exchange for a large bundle of silver.

How Implants Powered by Ultrasound Can Help Monitor Health

2017-12-14 12:00:13 -0500

Researchers have unveiled small implants designed for disease diagnosis and treatment by using ultrasound to safely beam both energy and instructions.

The Researcher Who Wants to Bring AI to Factories

2017-12-14 12:28:55 -0500

Gargantuan Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn employs more than 1 million people and tens of thousands of robots making iPhones and other electronics.

Robots Multiply in China With Annual Output Passing 100,000

2017-12-14 12:00:45 -0500

China is churning out robots.

Estonia, the Digital Republic

2017-12-13 14:25:13 -0500

Up the Estonian coast, a five-lane highway bends with the path of the sea, then breaks inland, leaving cars to follow a thin road toward the houses at the water's edge.

NASA's Juno Probes the Depths of Jupiter's Great Red Spot

2017-12-13 13:13:41 -0500

Data collected by NASA's Juno spacecraft during its first pass over Jupiter's Great Red Spot in July 2017 indicate that this iconic feature penetrates well below the clouds.

As AI and Robots Rise Up, Do Humans Need an Upgrade Too? 

2017-12-13 12:54:58 -0500

There is a chip implanted in my hand. I'm serious.

Revolutionizing Electronics Using Kirigami

2017-12-13 12:00:13 -0500

Researchers in Japan have developed an ultrastretchable bioprobe using Kirigami designs, which enables the device to follow the contours of deformable biological samples.

It's Super Hard to Find Humans in the FCC's Net Neutrality Comments

2017-12-13 10:59:20 -0500

The Federal Communications Commissions''public comment period on its plans to repeal net neutrality protections was bombarded with botsmemes, and input from people who don't actually exist.

Microsoft's Q# Quantum Programming Language Out Now in Preview

2017-12-13 10:34:00 -0500

Microsoft launched a preview version of a new programming language for quantum computing called Q#. The industry giant also launched a quantum simulator that developers can use to test and debug their quantum algorithms.

Google Is Giving Away AI That Can Build Your Genome Sequence

2017-12-12 12:03:50 -0500

Today, a teaspoon of spit and a hundred bucks is all you need to get a snapshot of your DNA. But getting the full picture—all 3 billion base pairs of your genome—requires a much more laborious process.

Inside Baidu's Bid to Lead the AI Revolution

2017-12-11 16:18:45 -0500

Presumably, Robin Li wanted attention last summer when he decided to launch Baidu's bid for the future of self-driving cars from the front seat of a car that was driving itself.

Alien Probe or Galactic Driftwood? SETI Tunes In to 'Oumuamua

2017-12-11 15:31:20 -0500

Ever since its discovery in mid-October as it passed by Earth already outbound from our solar system, the mysterious object dubbed 'Oumuamua (Hawaiian for "first messenger") has left scientists utterly perplexed.

Scientists 'Inject' Information Into Monkeys' Brains

2017-12-11 14:39:38 -0500

When you drive toward an intersection, the sight of the light turning red will (or should) make you step on the brake. This action happens thanks to a chain of events inside your head.

Scientists Create Stretchable Battery Made Entirely Out of Fabric

2017-12-11 12:00:13 -0500

Researchers have created an entirely textile-based biobattery that can generate maximum power similar to that produced by previous paper-based microbial fuel cells.

Computerized Biology, or How to Control a Population of Cells With a Computer

2017-12-11 12:00:13 -0500

Two studies from European researchers detail their use of hybrid experimental platforms to enable the production of new and reprogrammable behaviors of cell populations.

Why These Friendly Robots Can't Be Good Friends to Our Kids

2017-12-11 10:40:03 -0500

Jibo the robot swivels around when it hears its name and tilts its touchscreen face upward, expectantly.

'Black Box' Recorder Puts Surgeons' Robotic Surgery Skills Under the Microscope

2017-12-11 10:15:21 -0500

A new study from Keck Medicine of USC finds that data from a novel recorder can be used to objectively measure surgeons' proficiency in robotic-assisted prostate cancer surgery.

'Malware-Free' Attacks Mount in Big Breaches, CrowdStrike Finds

2017-12-08 13:26:25 -0500

Despite the rise of massive crypto-ransomware attacks, an even more troubling trend emerged in data gathered by the security firm CrowdStrike this past year and published in the company's 2017 "Intrusion Services Casebook."

AI Will Replace Coders by 2040, Warn Academics

2017-12-08 12:00:13 -0500

Coders and programmers could find themselves becoming marginalized by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Towards Data Storage at the Single Molecule Level

2017-12-08 12:00:13 -0500

Researchers have developed a process for storing information on a single spin-crossover molecule.

Virtual Reality Users Must Learn to Use What They See

2017-12-08 12:00:13 -0500

A new study has found virtual reality users need training to effectively perceive and use virtual imagery.

Plunge Into a (Virtual Reality) Black Hole

2017-12-08 12:24:30 -0500

Imagine, in the frigid depths of space, a pair of immense black holes crashing together so violently that they shake the fabric of space and time.

Tech Is Taking Over Our Lives, and Our 401(k) Accounts

2017-12-08 12:07:12 -0500

As technology takes over more of people's daily lives, it's also taking over ever-bigger chunks of their retirement accounts.

JPL Deploys a CubeSat for Astronomy

2017-12-08 11:19:11 -0500

Tiny satellites called CubeSats have attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Besides allowing researchers to test new technologies, their relative simplicity also offers hands-on training to early-career engineers.

Dubious Claim of Week: Air Force's 'EMP Missile' Could Disable N. Korean ICBMs

2017-12-08 10:10:23 -0500

On Monday, NBC Nightly News broadcast a report claiming that White House officials had discussed using an experimental weapon to disrupt or disable a North Korean missile launch.

Quantum Computing Is the Next Big Security Risk

2017-12-07 15:37:32 -0500

The 20th century gave birth to the Nuclear Age as the power of the atom was harnessed and unleashed.

China's Top Ideologue Calls for Tight Control of Internet

2017-12-07 14:15:18 -0500

Little heard from but hugely influential, the professor-turned-Communist theoretician who has been a major adviser to three Chinese leaders finally stepped out of the shadows on Sunday.