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Nature Chemical Biology

Nature Chemical Biology is a monthly multidisciplinary journal providing an international forum for the timely publication of significant new research at the interface between chemistry and biology. Published in hard copy and online, Nature Chemical Biolo


Antibiotic resistance: Blocking tetracycline destruction


Enzymology and structural and functional characterization of some FAD-dependent monooxygenases provide insights into degradation of tetracycline antibiotics, but also show unexpected features of substrate recognition, reaction mechanism, and competitive inhibition.

Engineering RGB color vision into Escherichia coli


Optogenetic tools use colored light to rapidly control gene expression in space and time. We designed a genetically encoded system that gives Escherichia coli the ability to distinguish between red, green, and blue (RGB) light and respond by changing gene expression. We use this system to produce 'color photographs' on bacterial culture plates by controlling pigment production and to redirect metabolic flux by expressing CRISPRi guide RNAs.