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Lebanese military appear to be target of deadly blast
The bomb exploded on a bus in Tripoli during morning rush hour on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people and wounding 30 others, the Lebanese Army said.

3 aid workers and their driver killed in Afghanistan
A militant ambush of a U.S. aid organization's vehicle Wednesday killed an American aid worker along with a British-Canadian and a Trinidadian colleague, officials said.

Hong Kong emigrant's death attracts scrutiny of U.S. detention system
The death of Hiu Lui Ng follows a succession of cases that have drawn scrutiny to complaints of inadequate medical care and human rights violations.

Georgia says Russian troops still fighting despite accord
An agreement was reached on Wednesday on a framework to end the war, but President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia said later that Russian tanks were still on the attack.

Lagos: Big, busy, traffic-plagued and awfully expensive
Already a city of superlatives - Africa's most traffic-plagued, most populous and fastest-growing megacity - Lagos can add "most expensive" to its list of titles.

Health benefits inspire a rush to the altar, or to divorce court
A poll and anecdotal data suggest more people are making major life decisions on the basis of health care concerns.

Bombing in northern Lebanon kills at least 10
A bomb hidden in a briefcase exploded on a bus in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli during morning rush hour on Wednesday, killing at least 10 people and wounding 30 others, the Lebanese Army said.

France seeks to unite EU behind Georgia truce plan
France, flush with diplomatic triumph after negotiating a cease-fire in Georgia, sought Wednesday to unite the 26 other nations in the European Union behind the plan, urging the dispatch of monitors to the Caucasus to help uphold the truce between Georgian and Russian forces.

Kashmir protests spread to Indian cities
Riots erupted across Indian-controlled Kashmir on Wednesday as Muslims mourned 15 people killed in a day of bloody violence. Meanwhile, protests spread to other parts of India.

Unemployment rate climbs in Britain
The jobless rate in Britain rose the most in almost 16 years in July and wage growth slowed as the deepening economic slowdown drove companies to cut jobs and hold down pay, a report showed Wednesday.