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Updated: 2018-04-11T12:36:50-06:00


3 Simple, Free Apps for Accessing Your Home Computer From Anywhere (Gizmodo)


AnyDesk is totally new to me, so I thought I'd make note of Gizmodo's post on 3 Simple, Free Apps for Accessing Your Home Computer From Anywhere. I use Chrome Remote Desktop at least weekly, and have used TeamViewer to...

Some thoughts on citations in the 21st Century


Colleagues at work pointed to this long read on Medium: Open Access Knowledge: Digital Style Guide. In it, Patrick Dunleavy makes the case that, whenever possible, academic citations should point to "free" online versions of resources rather than the archaic...

Installing Extensions in Open Refine - note to self: RTFM


One of my all-time favourite open source tools is Open Refine, which "is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data." Today...

A quick showdown of three automatic transcription tools


One of my hats these days has me supporting students and faculty in the use of NVivo, a piece of software used for qualitative data analysis. Often people are wanting to analyze the text of recorded interviews, and of course...

Some tweaks at Google Scholar


Somehow I wasn't subscribed to the Google Scholar blog already, and missed last week's announcement that they'd made some tweaks to the interface of Google Scholar. Today though I was presented with a big link under the search box to...

Search Google Maps via shortcuts


Lifehacker has a post describing how to Map Anything From the Chrome Address Bar. Sounds great, except I recently switched back to Firefox after many years away, so found that there are a pair of extensions for FF that allow...

Free access to the Rights, Action, and Social Responsibility Collection from de Gruyter


Until the end of 2017, de Gruyter is offering free access to its Rights, Action, and Social Responsibility ebook Collection for "all students and faculty". You do have to register, and it appears that when I did so, I did...

Factiva filters for Fake News Phenomenon


Thanks to a tip from my colleague Dani I learned that Factiva has recently added a filter for fake news. Like many things with Factiva (IMHO), it's not terribly intuitive to find, so here are the steps. You can either...