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Comment on Data rescue projects by Dr. Rick Crouthamel

Wed, 23 Aug 2017 01:43:07 +0000

Suggest listing our new historic hydrometeorological data digitization site... The site is the only known site that digitizes precipitation strip charts with volunteers. We have just been funded by the Copernicus program to modify our program to digitize barograms, thermograms and alpha-numeric forms. Our site requests volunteers to register and start digitizing. My 10 year old granddaughter is one of our most prolific digitizers. This is an excellent opportunity for retirees to help the world. This effort can be especially good for retirees confined to nursing homes or without transportation possibilities. Rick

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Nemesis

Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:37:24 +0000

This is for all the planet saving techno superheros out there: " Climate Change Policy and The Super-Hero Syndrome"

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Killian

Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:35:38 +0000

Scott Strough wants to commodify soil carbon.... what could possibly go wrong? However, at least this could be seen as a bridge to more rational reasons to build soil carbon, like, um, life. Nigel, got to admit: Didn't even read your response cuz... economics... blah, blah... economics... blah... no such thing as sustainability... blah, blah... Thomas: You try too hard to be cute. Simplify, dude. I don't want to have to interpret your posts... I do that all day long at work. Steve Keen: Been mentioning him here since I met him in 2010, so need for intro. Others would do well to study his work, however. He has a steady-state model that functions, so there is that for the rather unenlightened growth-must-happen-or-the-economy-dies (Well, duh! Thus, stop growth.) crowd.

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Nemesis

Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:18:31 +0000

Yes, the oily, sticky, criminal fingers of the fossil fuel industry are just everywhere: " Civil society: “Oil companies should not author IPCC report” 108 organizations urged Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to review flagrant conflict of interest of allowing two oil company employees to co-author a crucial report on global warming... The two authors in question work with ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco, the second- and third-largest corporate emitters of greenhouse gases worldwide respectively. These two companies bear a large part of the responsibility for causing climate change, along with 88 other corporate emitters who together are responsible for 2/3 of cumulative historical carbon dioxide and methane emissions since 1854, according to a study by Richard Heede... Therefore, the signatories argue that “it is worrying that the industry representatives are precisely those with interests in promoting unacceptable pathways and high-risk technologies, such as climate geoengineering, which distract from the real emissions reductions that are required to avoid catastrophic warming..." Hahaha, let's get rid of funny "civil society", it's just naive, communist bullshit and it doesn't make any dollars ! Cheers to Rex Tillerson !

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Nemesis

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 23:35:08 +0000

@Thomas, #418 " While most here would not hold a belief in Karma maybe some do get the truism of “What goes around, comes around” …. eventually? ;-)" Com on, Karma, "what goes around, comes around" is just some superstitious believe of stupid, childish barbarians. It doesn't affect modern, zivilized techno priests, politicians, multinational corporarations and such, who are not ruled by the Laws of Nature, but rule them, harr harr 8-)

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Thomas

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 23:14:47 +0000

CLIMATE ONE - 14 Mar 2017 - Why Facts Don't Trump the President The obsession with facts can be taken too far at the expense of other deeper means of communication. Emeritus Professor & Cognitive Scientist expert George Lakoff says if progressives want to learn from the election of Donald Trump they need to change what they study in college, how they think about facts as adults, understand framing and learn to repeat, repeat, repeat. Robert Rosenthal joins us from The Center For Investigative Reporting to help us understand the importance of facts in reporting.

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Thomas

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 22:56:44 +0000

@412 Scott Strough, I'm all for Ag carbon sequestration, even before you appeared here. The idea and research has been around a long time now and still worthy of being promoted and discussed. Negative feedback/impacts of 'subsidies' are equally important. And Killian et al notions of sustainable farming practices, organic farming, low impact with community based dynamics equally so. I think advocates of such alternative modes of thinking and practice need to remain focused on getting their favorite issue up on the to-do-list for Politicians, political parties, across the media landscape but more importantly on the Agenda of all UNFCCC discussions about goals and national commitments to drive industrial scale society wide change and then naturally any treaties focusing on halting emissions & bad land use practices and making 'negative emissions' a permanent reality. [I rationally doubt it's possible, but still, motivated people should keep trying imho.] That being said Scott, you really don't help your 'case' suggesting $200/lb Ham as a go to ideal. Maybe seek a better "real world example" of global positive outcomes for people and the environment of carbon sequestration and major changes in Ag practices. @417 nigelj, hi and thx for all your comments and thoughts on the matter. re "The corn idea looks good in theory, but would be very complicated to implement" - yes of course. Very impractical. :-) Just a hypothetical idea to encourage holistic critical thinking about the 'core' issues, not the 'corn' issues. :-)

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Kevin McKinney

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 22:47:23 +0000

Thomas, #385--
373 Kevin McKinney asks: “More interesting to me is, what would you say on the vexed topic of transition to a sustainable world? I have already stated my position on that topic on a number of occasions. Basically, (or shall we say simplistically lol) it isn’t going to happen voluntarily nor by planned intent.
OK, but what I am not clear on is, what is the 'it' that you don't expect to happen? Apologies if I missed it earlier, but as you can see...

Comment on Sensible Questions on Climate Sensitivity by Mal Adapted

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 14:35:46 +0000

Interpretation: There is enough uncertainty that a little humility need apply.
Scientists, like all genuine skeptics, are required to be humble before Nature. It's necessary, though not sufficient, to not fooling themselves. Pseudo-skeptical AGW deniers, OTOH, who keep saying "it's not happening", "it's not our fault", "it won't be bad" or "We'll be lucky" are letting hubris fool them. That last AGW-denier meme has been labeled 'luck-warmerism'. Luckwarmers selectively mask the upper half of the ECS PDF, while falsely accusing climate realists of masking the lower half. The luckwarmer insists that published ECS confidence limits can only mean the most cost-effective public policy is to do nothing. How about you, Dan? Are there limits to your confidence?

Comment on Unforced Variations: August 2017 by Thomas

Tue, 22 Aug 2017 13:10:01 +0000

Up-to-date weekly average CO2 at Mauna Loa Week beginning on August 13, 2017: 405.14 ppm Weekly value from 1 year ago: 401.90 ppm +3.24 Weekly value from 10 years ago: 381.80 ppm +23.34 Last updated: August 22, 2017