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Denver, CO


Lockdowns, SWAT response in search for shooter

Tue, 04 Mar 2014 00:32:45 GMT

(image) KUSA - Three Loveland schools have been placed on lockdown while authorities search for at least one suspect in a shooting.

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Prisoners released due to overcrowding

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 23:29:34 GMT


AURORA - Five convicted prisoners were released from a holding facility in Aurora on Monday.

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Anti-gang activist pleads not guilty to attempted murder

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 20:50:43 GMT

(image) KUSA - Monday is the scheduled arraignment for Terrance Roberts.

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Woman who gave gun to Ebel sentenced

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 20:49:22 GMT

(image) DENVER - The woman who gave a presumed killer the murder weapon was sentenced Monday morning.

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Bringing New Orleans to Denver for Mardi Gras

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 11:39:38 GMT

(image) KUSA - The preparation for Mardi Gras is starting. Monday morning, 9NEWS showed everyone how to bring a little slice of New Orleans to Denver with some Louisiana-style cooking.

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Sled hockey team looks to Sochi

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 11:04:35 GMT

(image) KUSA - The Olympics may be finished, but Sochi still has its time in the spotlight.

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CU-Boulder campus will close on 4/20

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:48:19 GMT

(image) BOULDER - The University of Colorado plans to close its Boulder campus on April 20 - otherwise known as 4/20.

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Student survives cardiac arrest at school

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:47:15 GMT

(image) DENVER - Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill, which would create a grant program to train students in CPR and the use of defibrillators.

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Grocery store scanners, scales put to the test

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:45:56 GMT

(image) KUSA - Thousands of Americans are getting cheated at the grocery store and gas pump everyday: are you one of them?

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'Bags of Fun' to honor life of Gabby Krause

Mon, 03 Mar 2014 10:39:43 GMT

(image) DENVER - Monday, Gabby Krause would be celebrating her sweet 16th birthday. However, 10 years ago, Gabby passed away after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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