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Last Build Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 21:04:11 -0000


Pihlaja 003 alpha released

Sun, 01 Jul 2007 21:04:11 -0000

Read the release announcement and more info from
You can download Ubuntu Feisty Fawn binaries from the sourceforge download page.
This is a buggy and crashy release, so don't expect anything from it.
Pihlaja development is nowadays mostly done in
You can also find the subversion repository, wiki and forums from there.

Released Pihlaja 0 0 2e on the webpage

Tue, 06 Dec 2005 20:05:42 -0000

Released Pihlaja 0 0 2e on the webpage. I will only release this version on the webpage, as there's just not enough changes compared to the 0 0 2d. When I'll get some more stuff done, I'll release a more proper release. And as always, nothing really works with this 0 0 2e release. I've been hoping for a better canvas system, as the pure opengl didn't work quite well, and now the Gnome::Canvas seems to be doing things completely differently than I would want it to. So, I'll keep on coding with Gnome::Canvas until some better alternative comes along, hopefully based on some opengl, or cairo(mm).

PihlajaDebayer 0.0.2 (this is NOT Pihlaja)

Mon, 22 Nov 2004 13:46:39 -0000

Today I released PihlajaDebayer 0.0.2. It has nothing to do with Pihlaja - the non-linear editor. So it's a completely different program for different purposes. I just released it here, because it's so small, and doesn't yet deserve a sourceforge page of it's own.

This program is a commandline debayering program. This release contains a Windows .exe file. Try pihlaja_debayer.exe --help for documentation, or read the readme.txt or the text below.
The program has 2 debayer methods: Bilinear interpolation and Variable number of gradients. But don't get your hopes up, it's still in alpha stage.

Pihlaja 0 0 2d "Non-working" released.

Tue, 02 Nov 2004 08:13:51 -0000

The Pihlaja 0 0 2d "Non-working" release is a slight update to show that it will work on Mac OS X X11. It also gets most of the code from the old Pupuedit back with the Pihlaja prototype so it looks more like a real application now. But looks may decieve. It's not a real app yet!

Compiling on Linux should be slightly complicated on this release. You have to atleast modify puDefines.h to JK_LINUX. And this version uses the latest gtkmm and especially SIGC. The sigc slot() is changed to mem_fun(), and there mostly is a JK_OLD_SIG defined, except in the puMain.cpp where I got tired. Also PIHLAJADIR isn't used with getenv() at all. Instead we're using ./ as the dir where to load everything. So this might have to be changed. Following these steps and with an adventurous mind, you might be able to compile on anything.

Email me if you really want a Linux release of this. I could make it in a week if there really is a demand. Otherwise I'll code on OSX, as I'm doing my conscientious objector duty work stuff in a place with Macs. And then I'll sometimes make a Linux update, atleast after I get Gtkmm2.4 to work on Mandrakelinux10.

Nobody emails me nowadays. The address is something like: You should be able to figure it out. Just send me a mail if you have a slightest interest in the project. Even if you're only going to be using it in the future.

Still no Gstreamer as it's so hard to get working. 0.8 doesn't even play an mp3 with the helloworld example for me. So we might have to wait a long time before we get anything working out of Pihlaja.

Pihlaja prototype 0 0 2c released

Mon, 24 May 2004 07:47:28 -0000

This is the final prototype for the timeline of the forthcoming Pihlaja 0 0 3. It uses gtkmm and libgnomecanvasmm. It should work when you get those two and compile them. Then you can unzip the sourcedirectory under /libgnomecanvas/examples/. Then you just type 'make' and run the result.

The timeline is quite usable now. It has all kinds of features. Try it out. Ofcourse there's a lot of functionality missing that is in the full Pihlaja timeline, because this is just a scaled down prototype version.

Lately I've been trying to merge the old Pupuedit 0.0.2 code with the prototype. This seems to be a bit bigger task than I presumed, but most of the work is already done. All the small classes are ready, and only a couple of the bigger classes remain in an uncompilable state. The system is somewhat different, so I've been forced to disable some things to get files compiling, but they'll get back there, after it compiles. And after it compiles it will hopefully be put into CVS. After we get some progress from there, we'll release the next release hopefully in less than six months.

The timeline in the prototype has some problems, but it is almost perfect. It is one of the best timelines I've seen, but I'm not sure how good it will be with hundreds of edits. The problem is currently that in some rare cases, when moving multiple edits, the edits sometimes overlap even they're checked not to overlap in any case.

Released the prototype on the homepage...

Sun, 02 May 2004 17:43:26 -0000

Today I released the prototype for Pihlaja 0 0 3 timeline. It's only the timeline and therefore it's a very simple one file program where you can look at how Pihlaja is going to work in the future. Ofcourse you can then try to compile it, and send me suggestions about the user interface. You can also tell me if I'm doing something completely wrong, before I unify this code with the 0.0.2.

The release is only found on the Pihlaja home page at

Oh, and the name change seems to be kind of official. And the web page is updated to a little nicer look. (It still isn't perfect, but I'm really focusing on other issues than graphic design right now.)

Happy labour day (1st of May, or whatever it's called.)

Current status...

Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:58:47 -0000

The problems with my computer have been solved. The motherboard was broken, and now with the help of my brothers old computer I was able to install linux and get the data from my harddrives.
Even so, I better start making some backups.

Hopefully I'll be studying a little about CVS stuff and we'll get the code to be publicly developed. This could happen during or after the summer 2004. We'll see how it goes.

The opengl rendering of the timeline has been dropped, because it caused some problems with some graphic cards. The new prototype uses libgnomecanvasmm for the timeline. This way we get much easier to maintain and more standard code. And also the code size will propably drop a little.

A slight update on the homepage...

Sun, 18 Apr 2004 14:11:39 -0000 contains some bits and pieces of information regarding the future of Pupuedit. So take a look if you want to.

A slight pause in the development will follow.

Tue, 02 Mar 2004 08:55:38 -0000

Here's some a little bit bad "news":

Since the destruction of my year 1998 PC (propably caused
by something in the windows or in the motherboard) the development of Pupuedit has halted. At this point it is uncertain can the contents of my harddrives be rescued. The computer still boots at times, but it is getting more and more broken and keeping so alarming noises that I'm going to get some professional help. Propably the drives can be saved, as I think it was the motherboard which broke.
But IF the drive cannot be saved, it means that all the development made on Pupuedit since the last release (three months) was lost. Ofcourse I didn't have any backup, since my computer was running just fine.
Even if the data can be saved (which IS likely to happen) I don't have a computer any more, and unfortunately this means that I have to pause the development of Pupuedit for the time being.

This message was just to inform you, if someone was waiting new releases. But even this little drawback the development will continue after this little pause. At the moment I'm scheduling the next release to be somewhere after summer 2004. The 0.0.3 release will still not be usable for video-editing, but it should have the User Interface (UI) almost ready for most parts. In the latest version the UI was revised to be more "mode free", and you could do just about everything with the same multitool. This makes editing fast and easy to learn.
New developers are still needed. Contact me at if you want to become a developer or just want to give feedback, questions, hopes, dreams or whatever.


Pupuedit 0.0.2 (no gstreamer yet) released

Wed, 10 Dec 2003 18:39:39 -0000

Pupuedit 0.0.2 (no gstreamer yet) released,

Lot's of new stuff. It's not usable to anyone
yet, though.
Oops, I mysteriously lost the README
from the release, so see release notes for
another quick readme.

There are no proper makefiles so compiling
might be a little bit difficult. See release notes
for how to install.


-monitor size can be changed from preferences list
-scaling monitors (though they are only Gtk::Image not
-early support for the concept of movie which consists
of scenes or clips. This will be the hopefully
revolutionary concept in pupuedit.
-CMX3600 EDL import (you have no way of changing the
clips in timeline though)


-no gstreamer yet
-no saving, no loading of projects
-most of the menus don't work yet, but some do.
-tools menu is useless at the moment.