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Last Build Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2005 21:37:14 -0000


Apocalypse Game Engine - RC2 out!

Sat, 10 Sep 2005 21:37:14 -0000

After less than a month since release candidate 1, the dev team rolls out yet another package! Release Candidate 2 fixes many things, including the buggy skirmish code, which could not even tell who won. We've also added a NEW template (unfortunately, IE does not fully support it due to PNG discrepencies), and added many new functions. This includes a global messeging/email system for the admin (to alert of updates or changes), a registration mechanism that will now require a valid email address, an improved list of players, and much more!

The dev team is now on its way to finishing up version 0.70. One of the major items that we are very excited to begin on is a page which shows the development of your empire since it was concieved. This page will show the player's stats through the course of the game, and a net change. We are thinking of picking up a PHP/Drawing library for our game as well, or possibly learning the built-in drawing functions that PHP has to offer.

In the farther future, after 0.70 is completely finish, we will start focusing more on the modding aspects of Apocalypse Game Engine. When AGE was first concieved, it was designed to be an engine where even the newest programmer would be able to make a decent game. While AGE is HIGHLY moddable at its current stage, we strive to make it even more moddable. The dev team has been throwing ideas back and forth - one of these was the concept of creating our own library. This way, the aspiring game master would need to know only rudimentary programming concepts in order to use the built functions to create his/her game. The only downside is that the library would probably be huge, and would have VERY slow loading speeds. Again, we are still tossing these ideas back and forth.

In any case, download the newest version of Apocalypse Game Engine. Links are the following:

Download link:
Dev Game:

Happy Gaming!

Apocalypse Game Engine - RC1 release for version 0.70

Sun, 21 Aug 2005 07:26:39 -0000

Release Candidate 1 for version 0.70 has just been out. Download a copy now! There have been many improvements - the changelog is as follows:

-Uncronned updater
-Implementation of the ADOdb library
-Organized includes.php
-Fixed admin panel
-Full implementation of types
-Security fixes
-Prefix for tables (enables more than one game to be run on the same database)
-Dropdown box selection for invitation/player message, etc
-Ability to enable/disable many things (types, teams, commander, etc)
-Improved updater script (more organized)
-Much faster page load time

For those unfamiliar with the Apocalypse Game Engine, it is a web-based strategy game engine, which (i've been told) is similar to Utopia (although I've never personally played). It was inspired by Blacknova Traders, a game I still play in my free time (the main hub is at\). After a while, I thought it wise to perhaps learn how to make my own web game. As of now, it has been three years since I first started programming on this project.

We are proud to have this release out, after over 6 months of silent development. This release promises to be more stable and versatile. We are most proud of our new update system - it is more organized, and can be run without cron!

We hope you will enjoy this release, and have a good time running your own web game!