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Last Build Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:12:31 -0000


PORTALEngine WIP 0.0.3 released

Wed, 11 Aug 2004 15:12:31 -0000

After a lot of months of work, i have been able of polish my CRPG game engine (PORTALEngine) in order to make something playable. Today i have released a new version of my engine with a little alpha playable tech demo (not as astonishing as the first demos of Era, but well, i'm proud of what i have done ;) ).

For me, this is very important, because I have been programming 2D CRPG's since eight years ago (starting in text mode), and finally i have been able to create something who is near my initial dreams.

Let's move onto the subject. The engine, PORTALEngine, is a CRPG Engine with a japanese look&feel, but internally is capable to manage complex situations like scheduling, task partition (NPC's slaving other NPC's), and others. It's basic features are:

- 2D graphics, with variable size.
- Multiples cameras.
- Scriptable entities.
- Battle in real-time with pause.
- Scheduling, slaving,...
- Coded in Pascal and JEDI-SDL, with sources in spanish (sorry guys ;) ).
- Windows and Linux (ey, it's SDL ;) ).
- And a lot of bugs :P

The problem with this engine is that I have been doing it with a "generic" CRPG in mind, but now I have realized that if I want to end it, I must center in the design of the game I want to do. At least, I think I am in the right way.

The engine+"mini-game" can be obtained at

Hope some comments, and also hope you people like it!!!

PORTALEngine WIP 0.0.2a released

Sat, 24 Jan 2004 11:53:19 -0000

New version of this (WIP) CRPG engine. Now, the engine can be compiled using FreePascal, and there is a Linux version.