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Recent posts to news

Last Build Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:27:27 -0000


Working Scripts Available

Thu, 28 Aug 2003 09:27:27 -0000

Currently none of the developers have time to maintain the CVS..... hopefully that situation will change soon.

We actually have some working scripts now - check out the file section of

All available as python source - useable and useful scripts !!

Scripts available :

loadandmerge - merge your reports and your allies reports into a 'superreport' containing all the information.
tradereport - calculate profitable and quick trade routes based on the wanted/For Sale lists from cities.
sentry_monitor - automatically check hundreds of locations for unexpected troop movements.
flag_checker - automatically set and monitor the flag settings for some/all of your units.

I'm (Fuzzyman) responsible for the last two scripts, following is the 'introduction' texts to these. Full (*ahem* mainly) documentation is in the zip file containing the source :

There is now a zip file uploaded to the files section of atlantis talk
(in the Fuzzyman subdirectory). ( )

It has the source code of sentry_monitor and flag_checker along with
sample config files and documentation (probably just one config file to
rule them all actually - but the docs have sample configs in as well :-)

As *both* scripts run through a report (*or* an order template file in
the case of flag_checker) looking for units with special names...... you
can setup a test report (just edit the names in the order template for
flag_checker - you'll need to edit the names in the report for sentry
monitor *or* choose a silly 'sentryname' like 'c' that already appears
in lot's of unit names).

When you've setup a test report or order file you can watch the scripts
in action.

I am *very* keen to get bug reports, comments and suggestions....

Heres the text of the brief introduction to both scripts :

This is a *quick* introduction to the flag_checker and sentry_monitor scripts.

You'll currently need python installed to run it... but they will run on any platform there is a version of python for (windows, linux, mac,
pocketpc... etc)

sentry_monitor allows you to set up (and automatically monitor) a network of hundreds of sentry units... flag_checker automatically keeps your flags in order - especially setting the flags for new units.....
Once you have set up your flag and unit definitions you never need check the flag settings for another unit again. Change the flag defintions to change the settings for *every* unit of that 'type' or rename a unit to change it's type.....

flag_checker is compatible with acb (Atlantis Crystal Ball).. it can write orders *into* the order template of the report... which can then be loaded into acb......... or it can work with a seperate orders file - output by acb *or* atlantis helper....
(flag_checker will write an orders file *back* into a report as well... making an atlantis helper orders file compatible with acb)

Once you've put sentry units in locations across the world - sentry_monitor just produces a text file with a list of locations that unexpected troops have turned up in...... and lists those units... You give sentry_monitor a list of factions to ignore (it can automatically import your friends and allies if you want) and it only reports unrevealed units or units from factions not in your ignore list....
If you stick to the same naming convention... you can combine allies reports using Rob's loadandmerge utility to produce one superreport- and then have sentry_monitor check *everyones* sentries and produce one report......


Project Start

Fri, 04 Jul 2003 09:34:29 -0000

Well the Atlantibot project is now open.
We have even been joined by Pete Christie who wrote the first Atlantibots I ever came across in Pascal.

Most of us are working in Python although we have one C++ writer and another coder who aims to work in Java and Python.... so it should prove fun.

The eventual aim of the project is to produce several fully featured 'Atlantibots' to battle it out on an Atlantis world. These are scripts that read Atlantis Turn reports and generate orders....... These 'automated factions' would have to cope with exploring their world and dealing with other factions as they discover them.

Along the way we will produce various tools of use to the general Atlantis player though - for example an automated sentry monitoring script, automated mapping scouts (including generating movement orders and building a map), faction summary and more.....

There is already some basic code being bandied around........ as soon as we have anything firm - alpha releases, protocols or file format conventions etc... they'll be released here. Any input or suggestions welcomed.