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Recent posts to news

Last Build Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:21:21 -0000


Java TreeView 1.1.0 Released - plugins implemented

Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:21:21 -0000

The plugin interface has been implemented, and all views have been transitiioned over to it. To make it easy to develop third party plugins, a simple example plugin has been set up:

A number of outstanding bugs have also been fixed and some features implemented. In particular, the applet version works much better, and supports all the plugins that the application version does. I set up applets for all of the examples here:

New Features:

Added support for dynamic loading of plugins from "plugins" subdirectory in both app and applet
Repackaged all the views as separate plugin jars, i.e. updated build.xml so that ant packages everything correctly
Centralized coordinates presets- now the "coordinates" subdirectory is automatically scanned for coordinates files
Added link to "Request Feature" to Help->Feedback... dialog
Added support for "style" parameter to applet
Added support for document-specific .jtv file to applet
Added Split Pane to Dendrogram, enabling one click minimization of global/zoom view

Squashed Bugs:

Fixed bug with summary popup not working
Docking state of plugins should be remembered now
Applet should now work properly in 1.5.0 JREs

Java TreeView 1.0.13 Released - osx univeral binaries

Sun, 09 Apr 2006 02:15:07 -0000

I have been reorganizing the code in preparation for adding a plugin interface. This release is primarily to see how well the code performs in
the wild. New feature requests have been mostly tabled during this time consuming reorg.

I have also set up a roadmap page on the site, so you can see what the future may hold:

there's no timeline, as I still have a day job.


New Features:

- The osx version is now a universal binary, and should run faster on the new intel MacBooks. Now if only I had one to test it on...
- added "Find Array..." functionality
- Added interface to set default coordinates for karyoscope. Before, you had to explicitly navigate to the coordinates file every time you ope
ned a new document, now you must set a file as a preset before you can apply it to any CDTs, and you can set one to be the default used for al
l new CDTs by clicking a radio button in Settings->Presets->Coordinates Presets.
- Added support for GROUP header on rows and columns. This allows you to specify partitions (like k-means) from within excel. At some point, m
ore fancy things may be done with this. This also allowed me to unify the implementation of k-means and regular dendrogram - k-means style is
now implemented by a special parsing step which creates the GROUP columns and hands off to the dendrogram viewer. The main motivation is to un
ify things so I don't need to have separate data structures for different types of clustering.
- laid lots of groundwork for supporting plugins, everything but the plugin loader. Try Help->Plugins to get a list of what plugins have been
loaded- since there's no real plugin loader, the ones that are currently there are loaded explicitly in the startup code using the system clas
s loader. it's kind of ghetto.
- added Messages window to Help menu, where you can see status and error messages. You need to check the "Log Messages" checkbox before it wil
l start logging them. It's kind of fun to see what TreeView is doing, although not all parts of the code emit logging messages yet.

Bugs Fixed:

- fixed some issues with tree repainting
- unified several data structures to reduce RAM usage and concurrency complexity, caught some update bugs
- cleaned up the documentation just a little, still a long way to go.

Email Policy:

Recent versions of Java Treeview have come with a registration dialog. The dialog has a checkbox for if you want to be notified of new version
s. However, after discussing with Sourceforge, this is not a good way to go about it- it's too easy for you to check it by mistake, or to sign
up other people. So, now checking the box will cause a web browser window to the jtreeview-announce mailing list to open when the registratio
n is submitted. I will try to keep the volume of this list below 1 email per month. Historically, it has been more like 1 email every three mo
nths on average. You must sign up for this mailing list to be notified of newer versions.