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Preview: Project News: XcomMSN Messenger client

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Recent posts to news

Last Build Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 02:31:13 -0000


New versions with MSNP 11,12 support

Mon, 19 Dec 2005 02:31:13 -0000

Since some people were actually visiting this project and downloading code from it i have started on MSNP12 and 11 compatible code for the new version and should be available to download (As a pre Alpha) soon (About in a week or so)Also the home page will be updated soon.

New code will be available both in Delphi and C# two identical codes so whoever wants c# can have C3 and those who still like Delphi like me can have Delphi 6 - 7 Code. Although I’m not planning to add Proxy support to Delphi version, sadly.

More news will follow after actual ode is up on web. Sorry I took down old code as it no longer shows any relation to new version coming up. Also old code will be available to download after cleaning up a bit later next Jan.

Feel free to contact me @ if anything is there to ask about the code.

Msnp9 update to enable it to log in to official servers

Mon, 15 Dec 2003 09:47:43 -0000

hi every one , since we get soo many visitors to this site , it odes seems like its a good idia to keep things up to date. i am now thinking of updating the client to msnp9 which is used by the new messaging servers in msn. this will onceagain allow the client to log in to the official client. although the updates will take some time. thanks for all your support soo far have a merry xmas

Leagle issue please read

Fri, 12 Sep 2003 10:33:17 -0000

As of Oct 15th 2003 MSN will stop all clients that are using MSNP7 protocal including XCOMMSN, Although it is easly updateble to version MSNP9 which is used on MSN Messenger 6 , We have doubts that this process might not be leagle , and if so we will not upgrade this client to MSNP9.

We are observing other 3rd party Open source clients and the direction they are heading before doing any feuture developments on MSNP9 .

Eventhough we are not going to do any additional developments Full source for the client will be available for any interested party to download.

Sorry guys,

and thank you for being with us this far.

Which points to

Thanks guys for downloading

Tue, 19 Aug 2003 07:11:52 -0000

A big thanks for every one who downloaded this software and commented onit , so far all comments seems to be positive though :-) . Please lete us know what we can improve in thhis software and if you would like to help us please join us

Major problem with win2k

Mon, 21 Jul 2003 05:43:02 -0000

sorry but it seems Xcommsn is not running correctly under win2k, if you are getting an exception and crashing in the startup saying there is a colour problem , then you are in this mess. i'll have it fixed up asap till then use rc2 eventhough it is extreemly buggy and crashing , sorry about that

Rc2 is up on the files section

Sun, 13 Jul 2003 10:01:12 -0000

Rc 2 has been uploaded to sourceforge server on the 13th jully 2003 . new version covers most of the msn 4.7 supporting features and hope you would find it interesting

source will be up on the network soon . as there are some parts which requires some cleaning up.
thank you for all your support

Any bugs? in Rc1

Sun, 06 Jul 2003 22:26:51 -0000

we are aware of certain bugs on Rc1, they are as follows,
1.Popup menu in chatting window to add additional people doesn't work,

2.if you enter an incorrect password to log in it doesnt say its wrong and doesnt show you the log in dialog, although in the console it says disconnected.

2 in the view where your contacts are listed some items are missing..

please do comment on any other or eve these error and send a bug report to

we will fully credit you for your testing so pls let us know your name and any other details you wish to have in the about box of xcommmsn


amodha shalitha wijekoon

The First alpha version is up

Sun, 06 Jul 2003 22:21:18 -0000

hello every 1,
the first alpha relese RC1 is up on the network you are most welcome to download both source or binary and play around with it.if you go for source make sure you first install the component set before opening the source and you also need a version of delphi 6 or may be 7(dont know about D7 or Kilyx compatibality)

Any one like to help

Wed, 02 Jul 2003 21:44:14 -0000

we are looking for any one who is interested in helphing in for the development of XcomMSN Messenger client . Currently we have an experimental version of it working which will be available for download shortly and if you are intrested in helphing please email to with the subject "XcomMSN Messenger client" . thanks and every one is welcome.

Amodha shalitha wijekoon