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Preview: PECL: Latest releases

PECL: Latest releases

The latest releases in PECL.


event 2.4.0RC1


Issue #46: Class name conflict with Laravel and Lumen. Added --with-event-ns configuration option.

cmark 1.1.0


- Add CQL, CommonMark Query Language: allow the programmer to navigate the document without loading entire trees or intermediate objects into memory - refcounting fixes

mysql_xdevapi 8.0.11


WL#11591-DevAPI: Add SHA256_MEMORY support WL#11390-DevAPI: New document _id generation support WL#11242-Support locking modes: NOWAIT and SKIP LOCKED refactoring: reference counting, clear warnings

mongodb 1.4.3


** Bug * [PHPC-1151] - Possible segfault is Session object is freed before Cursor * [PHPC-1152] - Aggregate may fail to use the same session for getMore commands * [PHPC-1162] - Dumping cursor while iterating with IteratorIterator may segfault ** Task * [PHPC-1136] - Add Appveyor build status badge to readme * [PHPC-1156] - Default to Secure Transport on macOS before OpenSSL * [PHPC-1157] - Upgrade bundled libmongoc and libbson to 1.9.4 * [PHPC-1159] - Test on specific server versions in Travis CI ** Improvement * [PHPC-1161] - Free reference to Session once Cursor is exhausted

opencensus 0.2.1


- Preserve annotation, link, and message event options (#171) - Preserve span stacktrace when provided as an option (#171)

redis 4.0.1


phpredis 4.0.1 * Fix arginfo for connect/pconnect issue #1337 [c3b228] (@mathroc) * Don't leak a ZVAL [278232] (Michael Grunder) * Fix config.m4 for lzf issue #1325 [20e173] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko) * Updates EXISTS documentation and notes change in 4.0.0 [bed186] (Michael Grunder) * Fix typo in notes [0bed36] (@szepeviktor)

gRPC 1.11.0


- Compile flags optimization #14768 - Persistent channel fix #14904 - Installation fix #14825, 14807 - Windows build fix #14960 - gRPC C Core 1.11 uptake

couchbase 2.4.6


* PCBC-523: Add tracing support for queries and the rest of KV commands. * PCBC-536: Make it clear that timeout properties use microseconds. * PCBC-531: Field encryption (See * PCBC-537: Implement Bucket#getName() returning bucket name.

swoole 2.1.3


- Fixed failed to compile on docker - Fixed Http\Reponse::write is unavailable - Fixed ProcessPool crash without onWorkerStart callback - Fixed failed to compile with --disable-coroutine - Fixed failed to compile with --enable-coroutinepostgresql on php-7.1

swoole 1.10.4


- Fixed failed to compile on docker - Allow to add timer in master process - Added configure options for pecl script