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PECL: Latest releases

The latest releases in PECL.


ssdeep 1.1.0


* Patch for PHP 7 support (remicollet) * Add basic Windows support (weltling)

apcu_bc 1.0.4


- promote as stable (no change)

APCu 5.1.10


- fix gh#247 when a NUL char is used as key, apcu_fetch(array) truncates the key - fix gh#248 apcu_fetch may return values causing zend_mm_corruption or segfaults when custom serializer is used - fix gh#260 apcu.serializer=default results in segfault - fix gh#274 non-portable shell == in config.m4 - fix crash when passing bad array to apcu_delete - improve fix gh#266 refcounting errors in APCIterator - fix for PHP 7.3 compatibility

couchbase 2.4.4


* PCBC-508: Add support for FTS advanced sorting

rpminfo 0.2.1


- add summary in minimal information set - retrieve array from metadata - add RPMSENSE_* macros

trader 0.4.1


- trader_ht_phasor and trader_ht_sine expect one argument, fixes bugs #72882, #72967

swoole 2.1.0


- Added shortname - Added channel - Added non-namespace style API

mongodb 1.4.0


** Bug * [PHPC-1038] - "documents" key in "command" in APM's commandStarted for "insert" is missing * [PHPC-1043] - phongo_execute_query() may leak cursor struct on error * [PHPC-1049] - Build warnings with CLang/LLVM * [PHPC-1050] - Advancing a new command cursor to check for an error may invoke getMore * [PHPC-1053] - UTCDateTime constructor reports that its single argument is required * [PHPC-1057] - Refactor option parsing for execute methods * [PHPC-1067] - BSON document produces driver segfault * [PHPC-1072] - phongo_execute_command() leaks BSON reply on error * [PHPC-1092] - Infinite loop iterating BSON object properties with foreach * [PHPC-1093] - Bound checking on 32-bit platforms for APM's duration_micros * [PHPC-1096] - Driver fails to build with libmongoc's bundled zlib * [PHPC-1104] - pecl package misses zlib sources ** Epic * [PHPC-934] - PHPC MongoDB 3.6 Support ** New Feature * [PHPC-834] - Add Read, ReadWrite, and Write command execute methods * [PHPC-967] - Add support for reading and writing OP_COMPRESSED * [PHPC-975] - Array Update Improvements * [PHPC-979] - OP_MSG support * [PHPC-980] - Implement Drivers Sessions API * [PHPC-986] - All writes retryable support * [PHPC-987] - Causally Consistent Reads support * [PHPC-993] - Parse localLogicalSessionTimeoutMinutes from isMaster response * [PHPC-1015] - Implement Initial DNS Seedlist discovery spec * [PHPC-1027] - Introduce classes for deprecated BSON types * [PHPC-1029] - Support maxTimeMS getMore option for tailable command cursors * [PHPC-1042] - Support options array for BulkWrite, Command, and Query execute methods * [PHPC-1109] - Support batchSize getMore option for command cursors ** Task * [PHPC-227] - Mongo Orchestration should restart when Vagrant test VM boots * [PHPC-599] - Document 32-bit platform limitation for Timestamp arguments * [PHPC-995] - Drop support for MongoDB 2.4 * [PHPC-1003] - Use container environment for Travis CI builds * [PHPC-1013] - Test Driver Wire Version Overlap logic * [PHPC-1024] - Document BSON exceptions for Cursor iteration * [PHPC-1035] - Improve server compatibility error messages for wire version checks * [PHPC-1036] - Update test suite for MongoDB 3.6 * [PHPC-1037] - Upgrade bundled libmongoc and libbson to 1.9 * [PHPC-1039] - Non data-bearing servers must be excluded when determining if a cluster supports sessions * [PHPC-1047] - Add MongoDB 3.6 to test framework * [PHPC-1048] - Rename phongo_execute_write to phongo_execute_bulk_write * [PHPC-1055] - Improve docs for linking correct version of OpenSSL on macOS * [PHPC-1065] - Enable BSON corpus tests for deprecated types * [PHPC-1069] - Enable Coverity scans for the driver * [PHPC-1070] - Create macro for accessing zval class or type name * [PHPC-1077] - Fix X509 test failures with libmongoc 1.9.0 and MongoDB 3.6 * [PHPC-1078] - Create constant for available read concern level * [PHPC-1079] - Document that jsonSerialize() returns legacy extended JSON * [PHPC-1080] - Document new (deprecated) BSON classes * [PHPC-1081] - Investigate Fedora build failures for 1.4.0beta1 * [PHPC-1082] - Add a PHP version check to config.m4 * [PHPC-1084] - Upgrade switch/case fallthrough comments to use GCC 7's new attribute * [PHPC-1097] - Report libmongoc's compression engines in phpinfo() output * [PHPC-1098] - Fix test failures due to floating point precision * [PHPC-1100] - Fix test failures when driver is compiled without SSL ** Improvement * [PHPC-709] - Debuglog timestamp does not contain micro/nanoseconds * [PHPC-888] - Support additional TLS libraries for bundled libmongoc * [PHPC-969] - Have TCP keepalive default to true * [PHPC-1031] - Run configure c[...]

psr 0.3.0


- Fix TypeError when no argument is passed to methods in AbstractLogger - PSR-11 Container support - PSR-13 Link support - PSR-16 Simple Cache support - Windows support

rpminfo 0.2.0


- new function: array rpmdbinfo(string name [, bool full]);