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PECL: Latest releases

The latest releases in PECL.


imagick 3.4.3RC3


- Fixes: * Correct file permissions in built package.

SeasLog 1.6.9


- Fixed issue #113 setBastPath. - Fixed PHP --re seaslog result.

zookeeper 0.3.1


Bugs: - Fix memory leak in method getChildren (Thanks to hulk, PR #5) - Fix memory leak in method create (Thanks to Lin Huang, PR #6)

pcs 1.3.3


* Fix issue #8 : 1.3.2 missing file in archive * Fix compile warning in PHP 5.x

pcs 1.3.2


- Fix issue #6 : pcs breaks spl_autoload_* function

trace 1.0.0


### Added - Add support for Linux environment ptrace - Add support for MacOS - Add filter by url/class/function name - Add limit ouput count ### Changed - Refactoring extensions and tool-side information interaction - Optimize format and color of the output - Remove unused messages such as wall_time?memory records - Improve display status module

imagick 3.4.3RC2


- Fixes: * Imagick::getRegistry() now throws an exception if the key does not exist, rather than terminating the program. * Prevent attempts to resize image to zero width or height, which is not supported by ImageMagick. * Fix compiling on Windows issue. - Added: * function Imagick::setImageAlpha() which replaces Imagick::setOpacity()

mongodb 1.2.3


** Bug * [PHPC-855] - Assertion failure in stream_not_found() after failed getmore operation * [PHPC-856] - Build errors using bundled libbson and system libmongoc * [PHPC-872] - Do not use system crypto policy for OpenSSL on Windows * [PHPC-878] - php_json_serializable_ce missing in PHP versions before 5.5.10 and 5.4.26 * [PHPC-879] - php_date_get_immutable_ce missing in PHP versions before 5.6.8 and 5.5.24 * [PHPC-881] - Windows CA stores should be opened with read-only flag * [PHPC-883] - BSON array keys should be disregarded during visitation * [PHPC-884] - Public property with zero-length name ignored during BSON encoding * [PHPC-885] - Alphabetize Regex flags when instantiating from BSON * [PHPC-886] - Always recalculate field name length when encoding BSON * [PHPC-891] - BSON encoding should throw if PHP keys contain null bytes ** Improvement * [PHPC-635] - WriteResult debug handler should return objects * [PHPC-873] - Do not allow mixing bundled and system libbson and libmongoc libraries ** Task * [PHPC-633] - Add lines to phpinfo() output regarding support for SSL and SASL * [PHPC-714] - Implement BSON corpus test suite * [PHPC-890] - Add license header to source files

redis 3.1.1RC2


phpredis 3.1.1RC2 * Additional test updates for 32 bit systems (@remicollet) * ARM rounding issue in tests (@remicollet) * Use new zend_list_close instead of zend_list_delete when reconnecting. * Refactoring of redis_boolean_response_impl and redis_sock_write (@yatsukhnenko) phpredis 3.1.1.RC1 This release contains mostly fixes for issues introduced when merging the php 5 and 7 codebase into a single branch. * Fixed a segfault in igbinary serialization (@yatsukhnenko) * Restore 2.2.8/3.0.0 functionality to distinguish between an error and simply empty session data. (@remicollet) * Fix double to string conversion function (@yatsukhnenko) * Use PHP_FE_END definition when available (@remicollet) * Fixed various 'static function declared but not used' warnings * Fixes to various calls which were typecasting pointers to the wrong size. (@remicollet) * Added php session unit test (@yatsukhnenko) * Added explicit module dependancy for igbinary (@remicollet) * Added phpinfo serialization information (@remicollet)

APCu 5.1.8


- fix gh#207 Segmentation fault in apc_sma_api_free() - fix gh#221 memory leak - update to apc dashboard (Tyson Andre)