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PECL: Latest releases

The latest releases in PECL.


xdebug 2.5.0


Sun, Dec 4, 2016 - xdebug 2.5.0 + Added features: - Implemented issue #1232: add memory delta to HTML traces - Implemented issue #1365: Allow remote_connect_back to be set through XDEBUG_CONFIG = Fixed bugs: - Fixed issue #1168: Added defensive check to prevent infinite loop - Fixed issue #1242: Xdebug on Windows with Eclipse has issues with breakpoint IDs - Fixed issue #1343: Wrong values of numerical keys outside 32bit range - Fixed issue #1357: Function signature using variadics is reported as being not executed - Fixed issue #1361: Remote debugging connection issues with Windows (Anatol Belski) - Fixed issue #1373: Crash in zend_hash_apply_with_arguments when debugging, due to unset symbol table

ev 1.0.4


Fix: memory leak in PHP 7.0.13

yaconf 1.0.3


- Fixed ISSUE #19 (Memory leak on foreach and reference)

mongodb 1.2.0


** Bug * [PHPC-316] - config.w32 should define MONGOC_ENABLE_SASL * [PHPC-447] - Windows builds should generate libmongoc and libbson config and version files * [PHPC-481] - Windows reports wrong mongoc and libbson versions * [PHPC-520] - Document driver dependencies * [PHPC-525] - Demonstrate non-empty $filter argument in Query constructor example * [PHPC-530] - Document MongoDB\Driver\Server type constants * [PHPC-554] - Rephrase unsupported/corrupt BSON messages * [PHPC-625] - Document that persistent sockets should not be re-used after forking * [PHPC-673] - Cursor::isDead() returns true despite cursor being alive * [PHPC-674] - Advise users to install pkg-config for building the driver * [PHPC-693] - Unacknowledged WriteResults have null counts * [PHPC-728] - Wrong example on how to provide client certificate * [PHPC-748] - CursorID is not properly expressed on 32-bit platforms * [PHPC-756] - fromJSON() should not evaluate bson_error_t.message as boolean * [PHPC-762] - undefined symbol: mongoc_write_concern_is_acknowledged * [PHPC-788] - Timestamp on 32-bit platforms breaks * [PHPC-790] - UTCDateTime constructor should truncate floats * [PHPC-794] - BulkWrite::update() silently ignores invalid arguments * [PHPC-801] - Empty ReadConcern and WriteConcern should serialize to BSON documents * [PHPC-804] - Timestamp and UTCDateTime constructors should accept integers in strict types mode * [PHPC-838] - Javascript objects are always serialized as BSON code types without scope ** Epic * [PHPC-542] - Remove dependency on mongoc private symbols ** Improvement * [PHPC-359] - Ensure read preference tags sets serialize as documents * [PHPC-424] - Validate that read preference tag set is an array of documents * [PHPC-433] - Persist topology state between requests * [PHPC-486] - Add syntax highlighting to BSON persistence articles * [PHPC-637] - Remind users that connection URIs should be encoded * [PHPC-654] - Implement comparison handlers for BSON types * [PHPC-676] - Do not allow BulkWrite objects to be executed multiple times * [PHPC-684] - Report bypassDocumentValidation in BulkWrite debug output * [PHPC-705] - Do not unnecessarily wrap filters in $query * [PHPC-721] - Javascript constructor should throw if code contains null bytes * [PHPC-724] - Regex constructor should throw if pattern or flags contain null bytes * [PHPC-726] - Allow cross-platform serialization of Timestamp and UTCDateTime * [PHPC-731] - Parse Timestamp argument as strings to accept large integers * [PHPC-739] - Rename "javascript" to "code" in Javascript BSON class * [PHPC-741] - Use consistent exceptions for BSON initialization methods * [PHPC-742] - Regex constructor should default flags arg to empty string * [PHPC-744] - Improve error messages for invalid Decimal128 and ObjectID strings * [PHPC-746] - Default Manager URI to "mongodb://" * [PHPC-754] - Remove libmongoc-priv system dependency in config.m4 * [PHPC-755] - Remove include of private mongoc-trace.h ** New Feature * [PHPC-459] - BSON objects should implement JsonSerializable * [PHPC-460] - BSON classes should support PHP serialization and var_export() * [PHPC-498] - ReadPreference, ReadConcern, and WriteConcern should serialize to BSON * [PHPC-536] - UTCDateTime constructor should default to current time and accept DateTimeInterface * [PHPC-552] - Implement ObjectID::getTimestamp() method * [PHPC-619] - Implement Decimal 128 type spec * [PHPC-716] - Support new readConcern level "linearizable" * [PHPC-729] - Implement __toString() method for Javascript and Binary * [PHPC-730] - Implement getCode() and getScope() for Javascript * [PHPC-734] - Support providing collation per operation * [PHPC-752] - Allow users to set a limit on acceptable staleness * [PHPC-757] - Implement The MongoDB Han[...]

rdkafka 2.0.1


This version of rdkafka is indented for php version 7. To compile rdkafka for older versions of php, use the pecl package version 1. * Fix build on PHP 7.1 * Various bug fixes

sync 1.1.0


- Added cross-platform named shared memory objects. - Rewrote *NIX objects to be much lighter on shared resources. - Fixed null name issue. - Fixed object memory leak issue. - Now works on Mac OSX. - Now works on PHP 7. The same code base also works on PHP 5.

vips 1.0.1


- First stable release.

timezonedb 2016.10


Updated to version 2016.10 (2016j)

vips 1.0.0


- First stable release.

swoole 1.9.0


- Added Swoole\Redis\Server, redis compatible protocol server framework - Added Swoole\Mmap, high-performance disk read and write function - Added Swoole\Client::pipe method - Added onBufferEmpty and onBufferFull event callback for Swoole\Server - Added buffer_high_watermark and buffer_low_watermark option for Swoole\Server - Added swoole_clear_dns_cache function - Added Swoole\Channel, high performance shared memory queue - Fixed redis client type method could not return a string - Fixed an issue when the sync client length protocol package_max_length was invalid - Fixed low-level version of gcc running under the long-term crash happened - Fixed invalid websocket_mask for asynchronous WebSocket client - Fixed a problem where the MySQL client crashed accidentally when there were too many records - Fixed Mac platform task more than 8K to create a temporary file failed to lead to the problem of undeliverable tasks - Fixed taskWaitMulti When the process returns more than 8K receive timeout problem - Fixed atmoic add and sub return value exists data synchronization problems