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The latest releases in PECL.


ssh2 1.1.2


- Version 1.1.2 is same as 1.1 except this release contains this changelog - Fixed bug #72988 (Libor M.) - Fixed bug #73198 (Langemeijer) - Fixed php_url_parse issue (Remi Collet) - fix Invalid write of size 1 (Remi Collet) - Fixed bug #73819 (Mitch Hagstrand) - Fixed bug #73410 (Mitch Hagstrand) - Travis CI (Mitch Hagstrand) - Various other fixes on PHP 7 code and code cleanup (Mitch Hagstrand, Libor M., Anatol Belski)

ref 0.4.4


This release improves PHP 7.2 compatibility support Changelist: - Restore original referent obj handler when it is no longer tracked

ds 1.2.0


- Vector's minimum and default capacity down from 10 to 8. - Map and Set's minimum and default capacity down from 16 to 8. - Hash function of arrays is now the length of the array, so O(1).

rar 4.0.0


- Merge changes made to unrar up to version 5.5.6. - Support PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1. - Added functions RarEntry::getRedirType(), RarEntry::isRedirectToDirectory() and RarEntry::getRedirTarget(), as well as the following constants on RarEntry: FSREDIR_UNIXSYMLINK, FSREDIR_WINSYMLINK, FSREDIR_JUNCTION, FSREDIR_HARDLINK and FSREDIR_FILECOPY. - Changed stat handler to return UTC time for creation, modification and access time (does not work reliably on Windows). - Fix cloning of RarArchive being allowed.

couchbase 2.3.4


* PCBC-495: update user management APIs * PCBC-478: add tests for Error Map using CouchbaseMock

mustache 0.7.4


- Mark release as stable - Change minimum version to 5.4.0

handlebars 0.8.2RC2


- Mustache delimiter preprocessing support behind the compat flag - Property lookup now generates a closure from a method if the value of the property is null or does not exist to emulate the behaviour of javascript where functions and properties share a symbol table - only supported for PHP 7 or greater - Changed target handlebars.c version to 0.6.4

libsodium 2.0.4


Requires at least php 7.0 and libsodium 1.0.9.

libsodium 2.0.3


Requires at least php 7.0 and libsodium 1.0.9.

v8 0.1.8


This release extends and clarify existent API and does not introduce any BC-breaking changes. Changes list: - Change V8\Exception::*Error() return type to V8\ObjectValue as the only possible type; - Add external exception wiring option to V8\Isolate::ThrowException().