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Four Part Star War

Sun, 28 Dec 2008 12:29:29 GMT
What do you get when you cross a cute Canadian, creativity and a humorous song?


And it is a classic. Really. Granted, he's not singing, nor did he come up with the song but at least he's still good to look at.

Nothing says sexy male more than someone who can make bizarre faces and not really care!

Happy Holidays?

Wed, 24 Dec 2008 05:43:06 GMT

It's Christmas Eve, with only a few hours until the big man slides down well-lubricated chimneys all over the world. But I've been hearing something that I thought I never would...

Happy Holidays!

What the fuck? 'Happy holidays'? Last time I checked, it was Christmas, therefore making 'Merry Christmas' the appropriate greeting. Why is it that we are following the Americans and making this a simple holiday?

And no, I don't want to hear the rubbish about not everyone being Christian so we can't say 'Merry Christmas' because it might offend or upset. My calendar clearly states that the 25th December is called 'Christmas Day' with December 24th being known as 'Christmas Eve'. I don't see 'Holiday Day' and 'Holiday Eve'. And furthermore Australia (and the glorious United States for that matter) is a Christian country, built on Christian heritage and special days. You don't see me hijacking Ramadan and giving it a new name because I'm not Muslim.

Give me Father Christmas, allow the children to perform Nativity plays, let people remember the fact that Christmas is all about Jesus.

Get your heads out of your arses and give this day its proper greeting.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Eurovision Preview: The Grand Final

Sun, 25 May 2008 01:04:32 GMT

It's Grand Final time and tension is building to see who actually does win this year's contest.

Five countries automatically qualify for the Final and I thought I might preview each of them and see how they stack up.

United Kingdom
The UK have had an up-and-down experience with Eurovision of late, with some years doing quite poorly and other years doing pretty well. They haven't won in a good 10 years though. I don't think they'll win this year though. Andy does a great job with this song and it's quite a catchy, toe-tapping single. What he does on stage on the night to make it even more spectacular is to be seen, but the song is a chart buster.
Dix points

Nothing says lots of points more than a group of young, attractive women in little dresses - this is Germany's entry this year. And they come with a pretty Europoppy song which really should go far in the competition. It's quite possible that this one could be in the top 5 but after the Semi Finals results Europe can't be prejudged as usual. An enjoyable song and an enjoyable group.
Dix points

The French hate this one because it's sung in English most of the way through. But for the rest of us it's a breath of fresh air. For once, the French have given us something other than big women wearing flowing dresses moaning about lost loves in French. The background vocals sound great in the preview clip but haven't been working as well in the rehearsals, so it will be interesting to see how they go. This one is truly Divine.
Douze points

Instead of actually trying this year, Spain has sent a ridiculous entry. However, it is Spain and many people do want to know if the Spanish have intelligence so it's probably a good choice. Rodolfo is scary and old. At least he won't be alone in the Eurovision Retirement Home this year - he'll have some Croatians to keep him company. A bizarre song about a dance. Europeans will probably love it, but I really don't.
Huit points

It's more of the same from Serbia this year, with another ballad and lots of musical intervals. Another woman, but this time she looks feminine. It doesn't do much for me and the only reason why it's in the final is because they won last year. I don't think it's going to do all that well this year. But we don't mind - it's Serbia.
Six points

And my top five?
Sweden, Ukraine, Norway, France and Germany

I could pick a winner, but I will most probably choose the song that ends up being near the bottom. However, in the spirit of Eurovision, I'm going with a Norweigan victory. Let's see how I go.


Eurovision Round Up: Semi-Final 2

Sat, 24 May 2008 11:10:17 GMT

And time for Semi Number 2. The last half get their chance to shine... and try to get their way into the wonder that is the Eurovision Grand Final.Will they be as interesting as last night's? Let's find out.IcelandA big welcome to Eurodance and its entry in this year's contest. And a big hello to the newest gay icons Euroband. Nothing says camp more than two blond singers, one with a set of knockers and the other wearing too much eye makeup. Throw in the dance moves for drag queens and the pink and black outfits and we've got Mardi Gras set. As for the song... let's dance. Perfectly Eurovision.Dix pointsSwedenOh Charlotte. A bad start. You need to hit the right notes. Luckily it came back... and one of the biggest favourites of the Contest was done well. It's nice to see Charlotte has been keeping the Swedish plastic surgery industry in the black since her last appearance in Eurovision. Another example of perfect Eurovision pop. And it surely deserves a chance in the Final.Douze pointsTurkeyThose crazy Turks. People still fight over whether they're actually in Europe or not. But would they fight over this song? Stick standard soft rock. Nothing too exciting. Lots of lighting effects to help it. And crazy facial expressions from the lead singer. Not really a fan... but will Europe embrace rock this year? We'll have to find out.Sept pointsUkraineFinally, the Ukrainians have resorted to sex to get points. And they've done a good job at it. Big points for the lead singer who kept her composure even with the tiny piece of material she was wearing as a so-called dress, and extra points for the hot Ukrainian boys locked up in boxes. Another wonderful Eurovision pop song, perfect to rock on to in any state, in any location. Go the Ukrainies!Douze pointsLithuaniaFrom the excesses of Europop to the stillness of a Lithuanian man wearing tight, tight, tight leather pants singing in English. There's something about his voice I really don't like. It sounds as though he's talking as well as singing - a Denis Walter who's doing more of the talking thing. It sounds as though he's trying too hard. I'm not sure it's too appealing. Stick to Lithuanian.Trois pointsAlbaniaA 16 year old has infiltrated Eurovision. Aren't you supposed to be drunk to perform though? How does that work? Obviously it's legal for her. What's not legal is the song. And the cape. What was she thinking? The song is a mixup of all sorts of things - bit of rock, bit of pop, bit of ballad - and nothing really pulls it together. It's distressing. And then that cape is really something. Obviously she thinks she's Superman... but not even he can save her.Cinq pointsSwitzerlandAfter years of not hearing it, Italian has finally come back to Eurovision. But by the bloody useless Italians? No - the Swiss. And quite a handsome man singing it as well. The crowd love him and I do too. It's really a nice song and this one could do well. Unlike the huge boobs of the backup singers, this song actually moved quite well from the slower reflection to the more rock/pop part. Unfortunately poor Paolo couldn't quite get the notes he was after. That by itself might ruin the chances.Dix pointsCzech RepublicFalling off notes seems to be a common theme tonight, which is quite sad. This poor woman did no better, especially when she started sounding like a man. Luckily for any men listening, they could tune out and just watch the backup dancers in their tiny bikini type costumes. Nothing better than a bit of flange flopping around for entertainment. Quite a possible Euro dance hit here, but it's just not doing anything for me. It got a bit boring after the first 30 seconds. Blah.Cinq pointsBelarusShiny disco balls. And shiny disco kittens. Pity about the Belorussian singer. I hope they all don't look like that and enjoy wearing those very tight leather pants. It seems Lucrezia and De stade has been supplying the Eurovision contestants with their clothing this year. They must've also been supplying Belarus[...]

Eurovision Round Up: Semi-Final 1

Fri, 23 May 2008 11:18:40 GMT

It's finally time. The greatest event on the world calendar is finally with us. Granted, it was with Europe a couple of days ago, but it takes a long time for the ship with copies of the tapes to reach Australia. Tonight on SBS is Semi-Final 1. And I am here with the annual round up of this Semi-Final. Ten of the songs in tonight's show will go to the Final on Sunday night (AEST).MontenegroThanks to the bondage women for their support in the Black Mountain's song tonight. Stefan did a pretty good job. Pity about the hair though. Obviously girl's hair is the thing in Montenegro. As are red handprints. Bit of a rock-type song, which has been quite popular of late. Not sure if Europe would really enjoy it though - the lead guitar did go off though. That was pleasing to hear. What wasn't pleasing to see was his face. Poor man.Six pointsIsraelIsrael usually has good looking men. Well that's what I've certainly seen in porn anyway. And look, I'm not complaining about Boaz's big arms. And he's only 20. Bless his soul. The voice could do with some work though. He just didn't quite sound that right. Not too funny really... as opposed to him singing in English. It's always entertaining to hear Europeans sing in English. There's something about hearing them make an r sound that tickles my funny bone.Six pointsEstoniaCrazy Radio has been trying to get into Eurovision for a while. Obviously they were judged on their looks. But their choreography is probably the best I've ever seen in Eurovision history. Nothing can beat old men bopping to music. And these men could even be mistaken for The Wiggles. It's great. It's also wonderful to see a song about veggies and scantly-clad women waving flags. I wonder if anything else of theirs is flapping...Sept pointsMoldovaPink eyeshadow used to be in fashion, I'm sure. Whether Geta has checked the latest catwalks or not I can't say, but man she painted it on. Big mistake. Big mistake to also be standing on a couch. Everyone always heard their mothers scream "Get the fuck off the couch! Couches are sitting on, not jumping on!" yet Geta obviously missed that part of her upbringing. But I suppose the couch does match the fact that this is lounge music, and hey, not too bad either. It just feels as though it is missing something. Oh no, there it was - the singing in English.Quatre pointsSan MarinoWelcome to SM and Miodio. There is a reason why you were left in Italy on your own for so long. Couldn't they find a better-looking lead singer? Already it seems that black and white are the colours/shades for the evening, though this song did leave me in a bit of a blue mood. The old ghost-like figure was a nice touch. Diverted the eyes away from the singer for a touch. Pity he didn't seem all that strong with the vocals - he'll need a bit of practice if he gets through.Quatre pointsBelgiumThank christ for a made-up language. And thank christ for a boiled lolly dress! You can always trust Belgium to bring us the crazy ESC entries. Nothing says fucking fantastic more than the use of the clarinet in a song. I'm enjoying this one immensely. And obviously the crowd is too. Joyous! And those tiny bowler hats are simply wonderful. A nice touch. Ooh Julissi...Douze pointsAzerbaijanHuh? What? Angels? A male? That's a male? Now I'm confused. Not even 6 year old boys can get that high. Well, there's certainly a bulge there, so we can rule that option out. Bit of a crazy song, angels against the darkness. Impressive though and possibly quite a popular one. Has that Arabic feel but not completely overdone like some Soviet countries have done in the past. I quite liked it and the pyrotechnics helped the cause.Huit pointsSloveniaI'm always a fan of bondage. I'm already hooked. And finally - true Eurovision! Costume changes, music one can dance to, wind machine ... it's all there as it should be. And hot men in black... on roller skates. Being lead on leashes. What more can you ask for? This could [...]

Countdown to Eurovision: 14 days to go

Sun, 11 May 2008 06:00:53 GMT

The Germans haven't had a good run with Eurovision. But in 1994 they had a red hot go with three girls who couldn't dance and a song that was a frollicking good time. They wanted to party. They wanted to win. But in German tradition, they didn't.

MeKaDo tried hard with Wir Geben 'Ne Party and most people enjoyed it. It was danceable. It was bright. The knitted cap on one of the girls' heads was good for winter weather. The song just couldn't get it. They were outshone by the Irish winner, for the third time in a row, and the interval act - the premiere of Riverdance.

How unfortunate. 1994 really wasn't a good year at all.

This is MeKaDo with their 3rd-spot song. And for this week, a new song everyday, culminating in a highlights reel of all the winners thus far next Sunday.

And in two weeks, the final - ESC08 from Belgrade, 'live' on SBS TV.


Countdown to Eurovision: 21 days to go

Sun, 04 May 2008 09:05:15 GMT

Eurovision brings with it a multitude of people, faces, songs and stories. But never in its history did it have the broo-ha-ha that it had in 2002.

Enter Slovenia and their entry for the year. From a country that's pretty religious and was under the power of Communism, the act that got the chance to represent the country was quite a novel and new one, and one that caused outrage from parliament to the streets. What was it? A group of three drag performers - Sestre. And even more, they were wearing the flight attendant uniforms of Slovenia's national airline.

For the first time ever, drag had embraced the Eurovision stage. Of course there was the transsexual, Dana International, in 1998 but at least she somewhat looked feminine. And some might argue that other acts over he ESC's life had been dragesque, but it was a big leap for Eurovision.

The bad thing is that the song was actually quite good... and actually sung by the men. Imagine Lucy Loosebox and good ol' Tabby actually singing while performing. Ears, bleeding.

So judge for yourself - Slovenia's very own drag troupe, Sestre, with Samo ljubezen. Three weeks to go!


Countdown to Eurovision: 35 days to go

Sat, 19 Apr 2008 09:56:36 GMT

One of the funniest things to come out of the UK was the hit TV series Absolutely Fabulous. One of Eddie's very famous clients in the later series was Lulu. Lulu is quite a famous artist in England. Why? Thanks to Eurovision.

Back in 1969, she decided to enter with an entry called Boom Bang-a-Bang. Heck, it was the 1960s - booming and banging was all the rage. And it was 1969... and she was singing about being naughty... but still. An appropriate song for the period. A boppy song for the period. A well-liked song for the period.

Her fashion sense could've been worked on though. She practically blends in with the flowers on stage with what she's wearing, but it is the 1960s and people were high most of the time, so it's excusable.

So, to get you in a boom bang-a-bang mood, here's Lulu with the winning song she sang in Madrid in 1969: Boom Bang-a-Bang. And with the 2008 ESC just a month away, watch out for 15 more Eurovision classics and a preview of this year's songs.


Countdown to Eurovision: 68 days to go

Sun, 16 Mar 2008 09:07:44 GMT

Seven years ago, a woman in a yellow leather bodysuit took over the Eurovision stage in Copenhagen to perform her song Energy. She entered the contest as a favourite - the song highly-powered and very Eurovision. But in the end she came 7th. And to this day, people are still arguing that the song should've come in the top 3, if not been the winner.

Why did she come 7th? It would have to have been what she was wearing. Not only did Nuša Derenda have quite a considerable nose on her, but the yellow body suit wasn't really all that appropriate. It's Eurovision, not 'Nuša does Europe'. All she needed was a whip and a gimp mask and she could've had her own show on SBS. However, even though the suit wasn't all that appropriate, it still was quite an effort to wear. There would be homos galore jealously wishing that they could look as good in such a piece of clothing.

And then there was the hair. So flat. So lifeless. She obviously hadn't been using Sunsilk's latest offering. Perhaps some over-paid hairdresser could use her in a new ad for some Sunsilk product. But I wouldn't want her to be wearing the bodysuit.

For your viewing pleasure - Nuša Derenda with Slovenia's 2001 entry that should've won but came 7th: Energy.


Honesty or stupidity?

Sun, 16 Mar 2008 03:59:17 GMT

There are times when I question the intellect of some people. In fact, I'm often questioning the intellect of some people and today was no exception.

Today I got a message on one of the pick-up websites for poofters. Nothing new there. Can't complain that I got a message. However, the message contained the line

u r not the best looking person around but u r just hillarious
Oh shucks. That's lovely. You're telling me I'm not the best looking person around but because I'm just hilarious you want to chat with me. Fuck off! I do believe that when you're trying to have someone chat to you or do anything else for that matter, you have to be nice to them and flatter them. I'm not saying lie about what you see, but not be so flat out honest. That's supposed to come later.

And then when I tell this person that their comment has blown any chance of anything, I get told I'm being defensive.

People's intelligence... no wonder I'm often questioning it.

Countdown to Eurovision: 76 days to go

Sun, 09 Mar 2008 05:36:54 GMT

There is not much to be happy about in the Middle East at the moment. Israel wants to keep their land, the Palestinians want their own country. It's all war, war, war... but through all that Israel keeps sending entries to the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1978, Israel's entry was the best they could come up with. Apparently, all the other contenders were so absolutely awful that this song, A-ba-ni-bi, was the best of the lot. For years, people thought the Israelis were singing about a polar bear... "I wanna be a polar bear, I wanna see a-la-la-la" ... but no. No polar bears. It's about love. How beautiful. And for Izhar Cohen and his Alphabetas to sing about it was truly beautiful.

The song won. And still is in the history books for the most number of 12-points in a row. This song gathered 5 douze-points one after another, catapulting it to first place... first place everywhere except for Jordan.

As soon as the results were practically done and dusted, Jordanian TV pulled the plug and came back the next day with the Belgian song as the winner. The Belgian song had actually come 2nd. Bless the Middle East. Even then they didn't really like Israel. However, if Israelis wore the clothes that these singers wore, I wouldn't want any part of it. In fact, if I was a Palestinian man, I'd happily walk away. There'd be no reason to be connected with people who dressed like disco freaks.

And here it is. "I Wanna Be a Polar Bear" AKA A-ba-ni-bi by Israel's Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta: 1st place (except for in Jordan) in 1978


Countdown to Eurovision: 88 days to go

Mon, 25 Feb 2008 07:52:39 GMT

I've never been a fan of seeing women's pyjamas. I think there's just something about seeing a woman in her lingerie, ready to slip into bed and do god-knows-what. The reason why pyjamas are so comfy is because they're designed to be easily removed and make wiggling in them that much easier. And all those frills and lacey things aren't my favourite type of material. Seeing a pair of frilly lace knickers isn't one of my fetishes. I'd rather wear my Bonds thanks.

But the Finns, in 1994, obviously thought that women in their lingerie was the way to go. It was so well-liked by all that their entry to '94's Eurovision Song Contest, CatCat, decided to wear costumes that looked like lingerie. I don't want corsetry on stage! I don't want to see thigh! I don't want to see boob! I want to see no skin from neck to toe. It's so distressing that I'd sing their song back to them as I walked away: Bye Bye Baby has much to answer for.

It just barely outdoes the backup dancers who were avid watchers of Paula Abdul and that bloody cat. The early '90s are a write-off. They are truly forgettable.

Don't let me put you off though. The entry that came 22nd in 1994: Finland's CatCat with Bye Bye Baby...


Countdown to Eurovision: 93 days to go

Wed, 20 Feb 2008 11:49:00 GMT

1988 was a big year. Australia was apparently 200 years old. The world continued to turn. And the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Ireland.

It was a big year in ESCland. The winner of the contest won by 1 point, decided only by the last country to present their votes. A nailbiter, in the true sense of the word. But guess who won? Bloody Celine Dion. I'm happy that ABBA had Eurovision as their break. But Celine could've stayed home. I would've been happy with that. In fact, she should've fallen down a hole in the stage. That would've been much better. However, in the spirit of ESC-goodness, I've decided to share that fateful performance with you all today.

And since I am full of ESC-goodness, I thought I'd share another song from 1988. The one that should've won. The song that, I feel, was the best song performed in 1988. OK, it may have come 19th in the end, but I think it was robbed. Iceland's Beathoven performed Sokrates which should've got douze points for formality. The lead singer is, well, special. So is the la-la-la-ing near the end of the song. Nothing says Eurovision more than a crowd la-la-la-ing to a song, while clapping in the air. This video is also another piece of evidence to show why the 1980s should never come back into fashion. But judge for yourself. The double whammy in 1988.

This is Sokrates by Iceland's Beathoven:

And the winner: Celine Dion performing for Switzerland with Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi...


Countdown to Eurovision: 96 days to go

Sun, 17 Feb 2008 11:31:40 GMT

The Eurovision Song Contest is over half a century old. It's seen much in its time. And early on in its history, the Contest made quite a few career successes.

One of these successes was for France Gall, who in 1965 entered ESC with her song Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son. One would think this song was an entry for France. But no. Luxembourg was the lucky country with this one.

I would've thought the French would've been outraged with this - a woman with a very French mole under her eye, a very French haircut and very French lyrics - singing for a foreign country. Who would've thought!

But everyone knows that she won because everyone though she was singing about her bowel habits. Poopy this, poopy that... it's Eurotastic. The whole cute thing might've worked in her favour too but anyone with a blonde bob like that would've got stared at in the 1960s.

However, without any more waffle, sit back and enjoy France Gall's 1965 winning song: Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son!


Countdown to Eurovision: 100 days to go

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 13:02:47 GMT

The Dutch were very lucky in the early days of Eurovision. They got to host the event quite a few times... but now they have taken a back seat to everyone else. In 1976, the Contest was held once again in the Netherlands, this time at the Hague.

As usual, for the '70s, things were boppy and fun. Flower power and hippy-ness was all around and the Europeans were going crazy for it.

They were also going crazy for quality choreography. And that's where 1976's winner Save Your Kisses For Me won its points. The UK's Brotherhood of Man performed this song, complete with synchronised choreography and HOT AS lead singer. Nothing says sexy more than bobbling heads in time and a low, low, low open cut shirt complete with red flower in the lapel. It is style at its best.

I have been trying to get the 'giddy up horsey' moves from the chorus down pat, but they're really quite hard. Maybe a bit more practice and I'll be right.

However, without further ado - Save Your Kisses For Me - the UK winner of the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest.

Countdown to Eurovision: 104 days to go

Sun, 10 Feb 2008 11:30:50 GMT

2003 wasn't all that long ago. However, the word 'gay' to mean happy went out of fashion long before that. Thanks to Eurovision, the use of 'gay' as happy was re-introduced by the German song Let's Get Happy by Lou. I'm pretty sure the singer is a lesbian - who else has short firey hair like that? She also wore a pant suit which really did nothing for her, and I'm sure I could hear motorbikes roaring in the background.

Riga was quite a city to hold this ESC. Unfortunately the quality of entries was not all that high. This one came 11th out of 26, so the Germans shouldn't complain too much. I would complain a lot of I was one of the back up singers though. Those clothes. So hideous. And ultra camp. If only they were men... would've fitted in quite well here...

Enjoy: Let's Get Happy, 11th place in Latvia's ESC, 2003.

Countdown to Eurovision: 108 days to go

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 11:05:46 GMT

It's 1972 and the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place in Edinburgh. It's a happy time in the world and the velvet suits and frilly dresses have just made their way into 'fashion'. Enter the UK's entry for ESC. The New Seekers decided to continue the theme of love and joy with a pretty song titled Beg, Steal or Borrow. The other new thing for the Contest was a video wall - never before had one been used on stage to introduce the oncoming performance. Bless the BBC. Always the leaders.

It's time to go back... and rejoin the '70s. Grow your hair, boof it up, find those old velvet flares and enjoy... Beg, Steal or Borrow, the 2nd placed song for 1972.

Countdown to Eurovision: 111 days to go

Sun, 03 Feb 2008 02:18:56 GMT

25 years ago, the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Munich. The host had to present everything tri-lingually with the show taking over three hours to complete even though there were only 20 countries competing.

A standout song was from Yugoslavia. Danijel's song, Džuli, was quite a bouncy affair. The song itself wasn't the standout as such. Watch the backup singers - they obviously popped one too many pills that morning. Plus they must've had their sunglasses on when they were choosing their dresses. However, the whole Croatian marine look really does set the whole thing off.

Miss Ballerina, this is for you... enjoy!



Countdown to Eurovision: 115 days to go

Wed, 30 Jan 2008 10:13:33 GMT

As the journey towards ESC08 continues, here's another blast from the past. The Contest from 1986 was pure 80s. The hair was big, the clothing was the height of fashion... and the music was boppy and poppy.

The Dutch entry for the year, Alles heeft ritme, was one entry that was a perfect example of all things Eurotrash in the 80s. Frizzle Sizzle performed this one and the choreography would have to be the best bit of the performance.

Not many Europeans liked it though - it came 13th. Lucky for some apparently.


Thoughts, memories. Lost.

Mon, 28 Jan 2008 01:50:05 GMT

I've been reminiscing, reading through some of my old posts about being me... and I'm a bit scared.

I can hardly remember some of them happening!

Granted most of them are gay club memories, where I did all sorts of very bad things while out, but still - I can't remember going to someone's place and not getting home until the next day, or having someone pressing themselves up against me. I know I wasn't on anything other than alcohol at the times so I don't know what's happened.

Maybe I've blocked the memories. Maybe I've lost brain cells since.

I don't know. But it's scary. Hypnotherapy anyone?

Countdown to Eurovision 2008... 117 Days to go

Sun, 27 Jan 2008 12:41:45 GMT

Countdown to


Finally the time has come to start the countdown. With just over 100 days to go, it's time to countdown to the extravaganza that is Eurovision. This year the final takes place on May 24 in Belgrade. Of course, Australian viewers will see the final on May 25 on SBS, with the semi-finals shown on May 24. Whether both semi-finals will be shown or not is still to be seen.

To celebrate, I'll be sharing some Eurovision memories through GO>live and my facebook.

The first is a favourite from the 2001 Contest. Here is Spain's very own David Civera with Dile Que la Quiero.

The world is complete

Mon, 06 Aug 2007 11:01:59 GMT

I've been waiting for this day for years upon years. Every night I go to sleep thinking Whenever will the Xchange put videos on the internet? and therefore dream of drag queens walking up and down a stage, pretending that the flab they've packed into the silky dresses isn't visible by the masses. Cue the 17-but-I'm-18-of-course year olds prancing around, squealing in support and the 70-but-I-like-it-here year olds hiding in the dark, dark corners and my dream's complete.

But finally I, and the rest of the world, have a chance to have a bit of the Xchange in my own living room. What more can I ask for? It's basically the best day a poofter could ever imagine (expect for Kylie night at the X, which really does go off).

God bless YouTube. I knew it'd be good for something. At least the Xchange is using it wisely. Now come on, more drag shows. Don't leave it just for the 17... I mean 18 year olds to enjoy!

Finally. She's unwrapped.

Thu, 12 Jul 2007 12:58:35 GMT

There is much excitement around the place just at the moment. Well there is here anyway.

After much waiting, the nipped and tucked is finally unwrapped.

Now there isn't a HUGE change so you don't recognise her anymore. It's just a bit here and there to help her with the laugh lines and that extra bit of flesh she's been carrying.

There are some new things. GO>scam will be launched soon - what would happen if someone decided to reply to one of those scam emails? You'll find out here.

Plus of course GO>everyday is back, promising new pictures practically everyday. Newly updated is GO>shoot with some pics from around the place.

And don't forget GO>win>What's in MY Box? and its triumphant return in August. To get an extra clue to the Box and for other fun, exclusive info make sure you join Friends@ GO>blog or GO>list.

Check it out. Finally... Because the path's never straight.

To the editor

Sat, 09 Jun 2007 07:54:54 GMT

I don't usually cut and paste things that I've read, but here's an exception.

I MUST say I am thoroughly enjoying having the Liberals around these days. It seems that every week they are coming up with another zany scheme. Getting all migrants to do a values test, as if Aussie-haters will have difficulty answering the questions. Making "practical" solutions for combating climate change that don't actually involve anything. Teaching teachers about "real life" by getting them to do work experience.

I don't know what all the lefties are complaining about, we have one of the funniest governments in power we could ever hope for.

Hugh Mcgregor, East Ivanhoe

[The Age online,]

God bless The Age. Thank god for letter writers. And bring on this damn election.

Stop the bloody whinging about the Peel

Tue, 29 May 2007 14:39:17 GMT

So there's a kerfuffle about the Peel 'discriminating against' breeders.

All you stupid poofters, fag hags and other breeders who read one sentence in an article in the Herald-Sun without actually thinking about it really need to find out more about the situation before you go off spouting rubbish about it.

You're still allowed in for god's sake. The Peel just wants to have the right to enable it ... to refuse or restrict entry to those who do not identify as homosexual males to the Peel Hotel where, if that entry occurred or were not restricted, this would in the opinion of the company or its agent, adversely affect the safety or comfort of the venue’s patrons, or the nature of the venue as primarily a venue for gay males. [2]

You just can't go making the poofters feel uncomfortable:

The Peel does not wish to have an all-male or all-gay male environment. It simply wishes to preserve its primarily gay male environment and its non-threatening atmosphere in which gay males can feel comfortable to express affection, physical intimacy or sexuality in a way that will not make them a target of derision, hostility or criticism and where that behaviour might, if expressed in a mixed sex venue, lead to that hostility, derision or criticism. [16]

Last time I checked, all that didn't mean that straight men and women and lesbians weren't allowed in. I really am not a fan of the gaggles of women who come in on their hen's nights to oggle and goggle at the men around. I don't really appreciate having straight people come in and take the place over. Really, it's for the safety and wellbeing of the patrons.

I have no problem with straight people getting it on at the Peel or any other gay establishment. It doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that I can't do the same at a mixed venue without fearing for my life. Until I can kiss a man in a mixed venue, the Peel should be allowed to remove patrons who are causing havoc because of their sexuality and making me feel uncomfortable. It's only fair.