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Last Build Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 01:31:57 -0000


The Status of This Project

Thu, 02 Oct 2003 01:31:57 -0000

Hello, finally. Now it is almost 3 months after my last post. I have been back from that vacation for some time now. I have started school, so I have not worked on this project for some time. Sorry. I have not ditched this project, but I will not have any time to work on it at all, and I won't have much time for at least six more months. That does not mean that others can't help me with this project.
Please, if you are a scriptOE user, you can send me a message and I would be more than glad to add you to the project contributor list!!! I hope everyone is well, and do not hesitate to contact me. Note that Trofer is also in school so he won't have much time to help either, so even web designers would be welcome here!!


arschlesinger going on vacation, again

Sun, 03 Aug 2003 16:57:42 -0000

Hello again!

This is arschlesinger. I have been working as hard as I can on scriptOE-Core('s name.) And I have made good advances in making it totally independant, not to mention shorter. After I complete this functionality, everything else(including script runners, and misc functions) will be a module. All this will do is accept a script and parse it for script type(maybe.)

Well, this stuff all sounds good, but unfortunately(or fortunately for me) I am taking a family vacation to Spain. I found an old Hyperdata laptop, so I might bring that and install Peanut Linux on it so that I can maybe work on it and test it while I'm gone!!! That would be awesome, yes, but there is a low chance that everything will work out. bummer.....

More good news...I probably will be picking this project up as an independant study at school, when it starts. So I will be able to work on it every day for about 50 uninterrupted minutes. So instead of the scriptOE slowing down(slower than it is now!!) I anticipate it speeding up! Awesome!

I hope those interested will read the scriptOE information page: And if anyone has questions or messages for us at the scriptOE, please contact us. I think that this page works: otherwise, you can contact us through the scriptOE project page at
(Please note that you will be sending a message to me, and it will not be answered until I get back if you use this link. Otherwise you will be sending to trofer and he may not be able to answer your question immediately because he is very busy.)

Hope everyone is having a great summer(here in the northern hemisphere) and a great winter(in the southern hemisphere.)


arschlesinger is back

Fri, 25 Jul 2003 22:26:39 -0000

Hello Again!

I, arschlesinger, am back from my 16-day trip to Washington State, USA. It was a lot of fun for me, as I saw some of the famous peaks that many people around the world may have heard of, like Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Hood.

After less than a day back, I am beginning to remember how much fun this project was before I left, and I am still enjoying myself. I hope to have a new release out before I leave in 9 days for Spain!

Great to be back-

Website ready!

Thu, 10 Jul 2003 02:41:17 -0000

Seems 100% functional. I may add more things in the future, but all basic aims have been achieved. Hope you like it!

ScriptOE Administrator arschlesinger going on vacation

Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:42:34 -0000

That's right...arschlesinger, an administrator and developer for the scriptOE is going on vacation for 16 days. I won't be around to answer e-mail or develop the scriptOE from July 9th to the 24th. While I'm gone, hopefully inkedmn (
will be able to take over, but he is very busy and may not be able to do so.

Please check the new website (,) which is now administered by the ScriptOE's new web designer, trofer( He will be updating it frequently for the next week, but after the week is over, he is starting school again and will not be updating nearly as frequently. Soon after arschlesinger returns on July 24th, the first working version of the ScriptOE will be released. It will probably be called ScriptOE working environment v0.01. After this release, a new naming and versioning scheme will be released.

First Release: Version 0.01 ALPHA

Tue, 01 Jul 2003 01:11:26 -0000

I released this for developers to look at and change at their will. I encourage anyone who reads this to go to the file download page (
and download this script(called
You have to paste this text into a text editor and save it as Notepad and wordpad for Windows do not allow you to save with this extension, so I would encourage you to use your favorite text editor. If you don't have one, you can use text pad (
Also, you will obviously need Python to use this program. You can download Python at (this is the latest stable Python version.) This program was tested with Python version 2.2, and should work on 2.2.3. Please send me a message if it doesn't.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE SCRIPTOE'S IDEA, WHY NOT BECOME A DEVELOPER?? I still need help with developing this program (in Python of course!) or designing its website, which is
Go to: to see the scriptOE's help wanted page.
This will be posted on soon, but while I'm here, I'd like to mention that the scriptOE has been listed on Google's search engine!!! It is here for those who may be interested:

Primary release

Wed, 25 Jun 2003 04:59:58 -0000

I'd like to follow the "release early and often" saying by releasing a (working?) version of the scriptOE. I hope that I can have ScriptOE in working condition, with Python support. Initially, I will be using Python's builtin execfile() or exec() functions to execute Python scripts, because this is fastest on the development side. Later, I will use os.system() to execute a new python interpreter instance for each script, but this will probably be after I can get support for other languages. More to come on Start looking there for more up-to-date news. I will put up a 'lazyCMS' similar to the 'lazyBlog' that I have there now in order to manage future plans for the ScriptOE, as well as news.
I have made many updates to if anyone would like to see them. It also has a news section, with news on the development of the website ONLY at this time. Later, I will begin posting more up-to-date news there instead of here. When that is in working order, I will make a (last?)post here. For now, I will link you back to the SF news site for news on the ScriptOE itself.

I would love to have a working ScriptOE out before July rolls around, but that may not happen. Something will defininitely be out before July 9th, as I am going away then, but it may not be working. I will probably go back on my decision not to look for other developers until fall, and put out a request for other developers as soon as I can, so if anyone's interested...for now you can just send me a message, or you can wait until I post on the 'project help wanted' list.

Keep checking the website for updates. It will probably be active for some time.

Base Shell and Filesystem

Mon, 23 Jun 2003 21:42:20 -0000

Although still in the planning stage, I, arschlesinger, have begun developing a base filesystem and shell environment for ScriptOE. The filesystem will probably consist of one zip file, with only a global properties XML file and the initialization program outside of it. This way, program clutter will be minimal, and the zip file can be in a separate directory than the initialization and global properties script. This Zip file will hopefully provide similar functionality as Java JAR Files. Programming is fairly slow as of now because I have a busy schedule. I am probably not going to look for other developers until the fall.