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Last Build Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:06:38 -0000


Released Installer for the Interphacer

Sun, 22 Jun 2003 14:06:38 -0000

This is the installer created with NSIS. It copies all neccessary files to your computer to run the Interphacer. Please report any bugs.

Note: This installer should also register a font that the Interphacer uses. However, on my computer, I was unable to do so, because the font was already registered. So, please, test it for me and report if the installer does not register the font called 'LED.ttf'. Thanks.


Released the Interphacer source code

Sat, 21 Jun 2003 23:53:49 -0000

The source code has been made available in the File Release System. The source can be compiled with the GPL Dev-C++.
People.. compile! :)

Released the Interphacer

Sat, 21 Jun 2003 23:37:54 -0000

First public release under GPL license. People, test it and report me the bugs. Thanks a lot!