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Preview: Project News: Zuul - PHP Front-End for mldonkey

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Recent posts to news

Last Build Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:30:21 -0000


State of the Zuul Address, Final (most likely)

Wed, 27 Jul 2005 16:30:21 -0000

Well, it's been some time, and it seems that Zuul development is very unlikely to pick up at any point, for reasons detailed in previous posts. Support for how we want to do things is still lacking in MLDonkey, and it's been so long since any of us have actually used Zuul that there's very little impetus for us to try and push the requisite changes into MLDonkey.

There's word of an XML-based interface to MLDonkey in development, so perhaps when that gets released there could be some renewed interest in resurrecting Net-MLDonkey at least (which was part of the whole Zuul 2.0 plan), but it's much more possible that other projects will carry on for us, instead.

So, right now I'd just recommend checking out mwarning's fork, Web-GMUI, available at

He's actually keeping his fork current with recent MLDonkey releases, and, in general, has a lot more enthusiasm for the project than we've come to have. I'm closing out various bits of the project, so you'll see some things go away (if there's anyone left who's still looking at this). I've already taken the file releases down, though if you still wanted to look at the original, unforked Zuul code, there's always CVS. I'll probably shut down the mailing lists, etc, as well.

Anyway, that's that. Catch you later, perhaps!


State of the Zuul Address mk2

Mon, 14 Mar 2005 18:27:19 -0000

As all of our zero users are no doubt aware, nothing even remotely interesting has happened on the Zuul front in some time. Just to clarify things up for the clamoring hordes, here's the official word: Zuul development cannot continue until we get one of:

A) Enhanced support in the current core MLDonkey GUI protocol (this is unlikely to happen)
B) An XML protocol support in core MLDonkey, which we can use instead (apparently this is being worked on)

So, until one of those things come to pass, consider this project kind of dead-in-the water. Sorry! Check out mwarning's fork, he's got much more patience for the ever-changing telnet protocol than we have. Check for a link over to mwarning's fork, and also for a bunch of really boring information as to why we need to wait for the things we need to wait for.


Multiuser Mod has been forked

Fri, 08 Oct 2004 14:08:16 -0000

gecko-, who's helped us out a lot in the past, has decided to just do an all-out fork of the project in order to better support the multiuser environment he's been building. This is for the best really, as to do the multiuser stuff properly, he's had to make some architectural changes which will start interfering with the basic Zuul development if rizzo and I ever actually manage to get some more work done on it.

So anyway, you can reach the new multiuser fork here:


State of the Zuul Address

Tue, 25 May 2004 22:12:32 -0000

Activity on the Zuul front has picked up again recently, and it seems like a good time to make some kind of announcement as to the general state of Zuul.

Zuul as-is right now doesn't work with the modern MLDonkey releases, which is somewhat unfortunate, as there's no other web-based frontends that do work, either. The reason for this is that the telnet protocol has been changing from version to version in recent MLDonkey development (as opposed to earlier, when it seemed to be basically stable). The telnet protocol was the easiest to interface with at the time, which is why all the web-based frontends used it for communication, but it proved to be quite a hassle to keep up with the changes.

So, instead, work was started to convert Zuul to using the GUI protocol, which was a protocol designed for frontends to use and was guaranteed not to change from release to release. The protocol's not as easy to work with, and we ran into a few snags with functionality that was geared towards long-running graphical clients as opposed to web-based applications which necessarily require a connect/disconnect with every page view. We've been working through those, and after a long period of inactivity we've started back up, and things seem to be progressing pretty well.

In other related news, we've split off the MLDonkey communication section of Zuul into its own package, Net_MLDonkey, which will eventually (by Zuul 2.0.0, the next slated release of Zuul) be usable as a generic PHP interface to MLDonkey (using the GUI protocol). This will provide an easy way for anyone to implement MLDonkey functionality into any PHP app they want. A few people have expressed an interest in having something like this, and it's something I've wanted to do with Zuul for awhile anyway. We're modelling the library after the PEAR standards, and once it's an actual viable product we'll be trying to get it included into PEAR, which would be Way Cool.

If anyone's interested in helping out with any of this stuff, feel free to drop us a line, either by email or by hopping into #zuul at Things are afoot!

Multiuser Mod coming up

Wed, 18 Feb 2004 22:57:52 -0000

Our friend Moritz Warning, who also provides us with a German translation, has been working on a mod for Zuul which adds in a multiuser support. As I understand it, this will let you "lock down" various parts of Zuul based on whoever's been authenticating to the system, so if you're sharing your Zuul install with a bunch of flatmates or something, there's a more well-defined structure for doing so.

This is all Moritz' stuff, so I'll let him let y'all know exactly what's going on with it. You'll probably see some files getting released here from him soon. Note that this isn't an official part of Zuul (at least yet), and that it does have some other dependencies. If you've got questions about usage or installation or anything like that, you'd best direct them over to Moritz instead of me, 'cause I won't have a clue. :)

Just an FYI...


zuul-1.2.0-extra2 released, provides support for mld 2.5.12

Wed, 18 Feb 2004 05:07:43 -0000

Many thanks to Alex Klymov for submitting a patch which adds support for mldonkey 2.5.12 to Zuul. This release has been made similar to the previous -extra1 release, which are intended as sort-of stopgap solutions to the changing mldonkey versions until I can finish up work on converting Zuul over to using the binary protocol. You can read about the patch here if you'd like:

I haven't actually tested this out myself, but a brief glance at it looks right to me, so download away... Tar/gz and zip formats are available in the usual place, and as always thanks for sticking with Zuul.

And, of course, thanks once again to Alex.


Zuul 1.2.0-extra1 available, adds mldonkey 2.5.4+2 support

Fri, 23 Jan 2004 17:04:08 -0000

Hello, Zuulites! It's been awhile since the last release, and this isn't really an "official" release, but I felt we should probably get something out soonish. mldonkey 2.5.4+2 was released a little while ago, which changed the format that "vd" uses to report download information. As a result, the Downloads screen was a bit horked. 1.2.0-extra1 fixes that problem, and it *should* still work with the older mldonkey versions, though I haven't had a chance to test that yet.

This is kind of an unofficial release because Sourceforge CVS is being, er, problematic at the moment, so the only changes from 1.2.0 are:
* 2.5.4+2 support
* Swedish and Polish translations

There may be some updates to the German translation in there too, come to think of it. Anyway, this release only affects you if you're running the +2 version of mldonkey, or don't feel like downloading the Polish or Swedish translations separately. Everyone else can feel free to just stick with 1.2.0 as usual. Once Sourceforge CVS is back up-and-working I can get a more official 1.2.1 release out, which will include the various bugfixes and feature enhancements that we had been working on.


Swedish translation available

Tue, 06 Jan 2004 01:18:49 -0000

Thanks to Anders Norrbring, Zuul's been graced with a Swedish translation, hot on the heels of the Polish translation. Which language will be next? Only time will tell. In related news, we've run out of spots on the Sourceforge Categorization Thingy for languages, so spots on the Language List will now be decided in battles-to-the-death. Contact me to get your place on the ladder.

Until this gets bundled up into the next release, you can grab it here:

Polish is still available here:


Polish translation available

Sun, 14 Dec 2003 23:05:30 -0000

Things have been pretty quiet on the Zuul development front for awhile, largely due to my recent move, but that didn't stop Adam Bednarski from submitting a Polish translation for Zuul. This will get bundled into the next release of Zuul, but until that happens you can grab it from here:


Zuul 1.2.0 "Tupperware" ready for business!

Sun, 02 Nov 2003 17:53:21 -0000

Greetings from beyond!

You know what this message means. There's a new release of Zuul! We here at the academy are pleased to present our final 1.2.0 release, codenamed TUPPERWARE for all you international-intrigue sorts. Clever people with CVS knowledge may notice that we cut 1.2.0-rc5 as well, but we're impatient and decided it was nigh time to get the actual release out the door, so you won't find an rc5 announcement anywhere.

In case there's someone out there who doesn't know what Zuul is, it's a PHP-based frontend for the p2p app MLDonkey. It's got a simple, clean interface and supports all of the features that we find useful for mldonkey. Find out more at

There's been a ton of work put into Zuul since 1.1.2, including a bunch of new features and a lot of general cleanup. Check out what's inside!

* Shares Management
* Friends Management
* Options Grouping (for easier configuration management)
* Automatic page refreshing
* Two new themes to play with, as well as some improvements to the two previous themes.
* Languages!
* Danish
* Dutch
* English
* German
* Spanish
* And, of course, AOL-speak
* And a whole bunch more, of course.

Screenshots of these and more can be found at:

The release is available in tar/gz and zip format here:

Signed md5sums of the release files can be found here:

The key used to sign the release is available at,, in the zuul-announce archives, in the Zuul news archives, and here:

The fingerprint/etc for the key:
pub 1024D/FCD05C02 2003-08-15 CJ Kucera (Software Signing Key)
Key fingerprint = D7B2 4BAF 1056 DE6E 8FDC 93B9 CE68 2F4E FCD0 5C02
sub 1024g/B164A908 2003-08-15 [expires: 2004-08-14]

As always our page is where to go for bug reports, support requests, feature requests, and other fun information:

Enjoy the release, and feel free to drop by #zuul in FreeNode and say hi!