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Last Build Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 10:17:29 -0000


qingy 0.9.9

Mon, 11 May 2009 10:17:29 -0000

Reverted change in stdin management that interfered with DBus.

qingy 0.9.8

Mon, 27 Apr 2009 13:57:37 -0000

- Fixed bug introduced in 0.9.7 and triggered when searching for X sessions
outside /etc/X11/Sessions and detected session path is a full path.
Thanks to Riccardo Stagni for the patch.
- Fixed bug, found by 'Tom',
that made qingy sometimes improperly set focus to both session
and username (or password) fields.
- Prevent qingy from crashing in case of error when parsing
settings files: revert to text mode instead.
- Removed need of password to autologin feature.
Patch proposed by Florent Bondoux
- Improved qingy main process and GUI communication. Now login times
in case of correct authentication are reduced...
Patch proposed by Florent Bondoux
- Added feature, disabled by default, to check current runlevel
to prevent qingy from showing its GUI or starting a session
during a system shutdown or restart.
- Made GUI messages user definable in theme file.
- Made several message timeouts user configurable in theme file.
- Other small enhancements and fixes, some contributed by Florent Bondoux

qingy 0.9.7

Tue, 08 Jul 2008 15:37:22 -0000

- Added '-br' to default X args.
- No longer try to create /etc/X11/Sessions if it was not found

qingy 0.9.6

Thu, 26 Apr 2007 05:11:03 -0000

- Detached qingy from its controlling tty when starting sessions.
- qingy no longer tries to kill its GUI as it should not hang any more.
- Fixed bug that made shells other that zsh be invoked with a double '-';
that is --bash instead of -bash, which is the correct form for login
shell invocation.
- Added proper escaping for session names, removed quoting around them.
- Added support for selecting whether to start the X server in the same
tty qingy is running in (default for qingy), or in an unused one (default for startx).

qingy 0.9.5

Wed, 17 Jan 2007 16:05:59 -0000

- Changed again the way qingy fires up the shell: now it
is started as a login shell regardless of the session type,
text or graphic, pure shell of program...
- Made textbox mouse clicks position the text cursor according
to where in the text the user clicked.
- Wiped out matrix screensaver as it used a font with
licensing issues.
- Other small fixes and enhancements.

qingy 0.9.4

Thu, 21 Dec 2006 10:33:15 -0000

- Fixed zsh not being invocated as a login shell.
- Rationalized when to start a shell as a login
shell or not.
- Fixed an issue with dbus.
- Updated qingy PAM file for Gentoo.
- Added capability to change (or disable) mouse
cursors in themes: now it is possible to set up
a global theme cursor, as well as different
cursors when the mouse passes specific elements.

qingy 0.9.3

Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:38:19 -0000

Fixed compilation issues against OpenSSL.

qingy 0.9.2

Tue, 24 Oct 2006 06:50:59 -0000

- Since shutting DirectFB mode down sometimes fails, due to the fact that
DirectFB itself may hang somewhere in its bowels when closing graphic mode,
I wrote some code that performs a low-level reset of the console,
thus effectively restoring it into an usable state. Now, when qingy has to
shut down its GUI (and it hangs), it will kill it, reset the console, and go on
as if nothing had happened :-)
- Fixed shift-tabbing from username to session.
- Removed 'retries' entry from settings file.
- Removed --screensaver command line arg, moved it to settings file.
- Added support for screen power management, now the screen(s) will be
powered off after a given timeout.
- Fixed a bug that made screen saver pop up immediately when user chose
to disable it by setting a timeout of 0.
- Small logger improvements; log more events in debug mode.
- Fixed bug that made qingy respawn indefinitely if one chooses syslog
as the only logging facility.
- Fixed bug that made qingy GUI crash if console was not chosen
as a logging capability.
- Fixed corrupt matrix screensaver font file.
- Made last session files in user home dirs owned by the
respective users, and no longer by root...
- Added some code to get available X sessions for those
distros that do not save them.
- Other fixes and clean-ups.
- DirectFB version 0.9.24 (or higher) is now required to run qingy.

qinqy 0.9.1

Thu, 24 Aug 2006 07:11:11 -0000

- Argh, all graphics in default there were currupt! This probably was caused by the switch to svn... Fixed it by recovering the files from an older qingy tarball.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes made qingy GUI hang on exit.
- Made DirectFB support optional. This means that you can compile and run
qingy on systems that do not have DirectFB installed. You will not get
a graphic login, but will be presented a choice of sessions and will
have access to qingy advanced features like session locking or timeout.

qingy 0.9.0

Thu, 03 Aug 2006 12:30:30 -0000

- Because of the following, removed '--verbose' command line argument.
- Added extensive logging capabilities. Now you have the option of having
qingy log its messages to one (or more) of console, log file, syslog.
Default is console only. Also, you can specify the log verbosity, it being
one of ERROR (default, only log errors) or DEBUG (all messages will be logged).
This should help out those people on which qingy dies with a black screen
and an unresponsive machine (other than ssh), so that they should now be able
to see why it is failing on them.
- Allow user (in graphic mode) to select a session by typing the first char
of its name. Subsequent presses of the same key will bring up any other
session names that start with the same char, if any exists.
Code kindly provided by Brian Carter .
- Added support for selecting desired session during text mode login.
It will also remember latest session just like graphic login.
- Made ./configure option 'enable-x-support' actually work. Thus disabling
it will make qingy actually compile and work without X installed.
It will also make X sessions unavailable (even if X is installed)...
- Other small bug fixes.