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Last Build Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 03:02:38 -0000


November 2007 SDK now available

Wed, 14 Nov 2007 03:02:38 -0000

Here is what's new: Legend: [!] Bug Fix [*] Change [+] Add [-] Remove [+] New GISample to show how to use the GIXML [+] Small utility class GI::LOCK to use with an already initialised critical section to protect multi threaded access with a lock object on the stack GIFILE \[+\] Addition of an IRESOURCEMANAGER to have a common interface to get resources, whether it's from the hard drive or from a pak file \[+\] Added possibility to enumerate resources in a PAK file with void EnumerateResources\(IPAKENUMERTION \*enumerate\) \[+\] Added possibility to get an ISTREAMWRITE from HD with static ISTREAMWRITE \*\_\_cdecl CreateFromHardDrive\(IMEMORY \*allocator, IREPORT \*reporter, const char \*filename\); \[\*\] Changed void \* into const void \* for unsigned int Write\(const void \*source, unsigned int size\) in ISTREAMWRITE \[\*\] For resource allocation, display name of the file \(for easier leak detection\) GIXML \[+\] Need to provide an IRESOURCEMANAGER at creation \(see GIFile\) -> this allows for PAK and files to be used transparently \[\!\] Fix errors that kept poping up despite the user clicking on ignore in the GIReport box \[\*\] Enumerate functions in XMLSECTION now returns bool \(return false if the user callback returns false, if enumeration completed without interruption, then returns true\) GICallStack \[\!\] Stop EnumMemoryBlock when overloaded function returned false \[\*\] Rename callback EnumFunctions GIFramework \[+\] GIScreenSizeX and GIScreenSizeY can now have value of 0, the GI will then use the desktop size instead \[+\] You can retrieve the command line argument now through GIApplication \(SetCommandLine/GetCommandLine\), the GIFramework set the command line at start \[+\] Possibility to boostrap \(make a copy of the executable in the temp directory before running it, allow you to replace the original executbale while running, usually to update it\) \[+\] Added a global IRESOURCEMANAGER to add paths and pak for the application: GIResourceManager GINetwork \[\!\] Now disconnects from server when TCP client returns false in OnReceive \[\!\] Fixed a wrong OnConnected event when reconnecting \(the state should be onconnecting\) \[\!\] Fixed a OnConnected then an OnDiconnected being called one after another if no server was contacted \[+\] Added the OnFailToConnect event for client that doesn't connect properly instead of OnDisconnect that is now reserved for when OnConnected event previsouly occured \[+\] Added capability to subscribe to Multicast feed \[+\] Report an error if a client tries to connect to a NULL address \[+\] Possibility for clients to disconnect a connection by calling Disconnect on the INETWORK object \[\*\] CheckForEvents function changed into Process and return code changed to return a bool \(returns false when connection is invalid and usually needs a Reconnect call for TCP sockets\) GIDisplay \[\!\] Fix AlphaTest that was broken after the move to HLSL \[\!\] GIFont, fixed right align when using multi line texts \(e.g. "Line 1\nLine2"\) \[\!\] GIFont, fixed blurred on letters that sometimes happens depending of position on screen \[\!\] GIFont, fixed multiline right aligned \[+\] GIFont, new function: GetNumberOfLines allows you to know how many lines will be displayed \[+\] Added Video sprites, use it the same way as sprite, just mention a .avi or .mpg filename At the moment work only from file \(no GIFILE supported\) and only with certain compression \[+\] GIFont, Added param 'bool usesplit' to function DrawInside to allow sentences to be split properly on spaces and - \[+\] Need to provide an IRESOURCEMANAGER at creation \(see GIFile\) \[\*\] Rename GetTextureName into GetResourceName for SPRITE \(and now return a const char \*\) \[\*\] Load on Texture now takes a const char \* instead of a char \* \[\*\] Changed the way sprite hold a resource \(can now be a texture or a video\) \[\*\] SetTime and GetTime on sprite set and get the time in ms for a video sprite \[-\] Remove GetTexture function on sprite as it's now a resource that can either be a te[...]

December 2006 SDK now available

Sat, 25 Nov 2006 12:14:34 -0000

(Some modifications comes from Christophe Kohler (CK) - Thanks to him) Allow programs using the GIFramework.lib to be compiled with __fastcall * New lib: GIRandom that allow you to have a predictable random number. * Tree structure changed, now all the GI are under a common directory called Sources (at last!) * GIReport: coloured icon are back on the report box (green for warning, yellow for errors and red for fatal errors) * GIDisplay possibility to set display as wireframe on or off virtual void SetWireframe(bool wireframe = true) = 0; Fixed the report error that didn't listen for the ignore option Fixed a bug with region sprite, when a region was used on the fly instead of predefined regions CK: possibility to set filtering on sprites \(to give a blurred effect\) CK: create a \#define for right hand systems \(e.g. Maya\) CK: possibility to run without pixel shaders for older video cards CK: possibility to set a different texture on 3d objects \(careful as SCENE destroy textures it used, so don't do it too\!\) CK: possibility to set clamp or tiled mode on texture class for 3d objects CK: reenabled simple mipmapping for 3d texture models Can now call GetName\(\) on Object3D BOUNDINGBOX can be constructed from SubMesh SetHide available on Object3D now Octree: GetAltitude allows you to retrieve the altitude of a position \(y\) in space \(x,z\) * GINetwork now contains an ICOMMUNICATION interface that allow you to handle packets and ease commmunication between server and client. fix small bug on reconnect of TCP clients (OnConnection was not called) * GIMemory added 2 functions to help debugging virtual unsigned int GetFreeMemorySize() = 0; virtual unsigned int GetAllocatedSize() = 0; remove the need to specify the type of the objet in the unalloc macro * GITList Fixed AddBefore function * GIXML Allow enumeration of sections and key via an enumerate interface[...]

April 2006 SDK now available

Mon, 17 Apr 2006 08:30:48 -0000

* GIDebugMenu refactor in progress.

* Addition of a 3D base sample

* GIReport now provides some macros to allow "..." usage. E.g: GIREPORT_ERRORF(GIReport, true, ("error number %d, errnumber));


fixed a crash bug at loading and bad memory allocation
fixed addref/decref problem
fixed new/delete allocation to be properly using the allocator provided

* GIDisplay

fixed IsLoaded function on Sprite

provided a callback interface for knowing textures used by a scene object

added a GetState to SCENE to help with multithreaded background loading of SCENE

October 2005 SDK now available

Sun, 09 Oct 2005 15:50:44 -0000

Global: All GI objects are now under the namespace GI.

* New UnitTests: GICallStackUnitTest, GIReportUnitTest and GISoundUnitTest

* GIDisplay

Fix rotation center on region sprites

* GITemplateList is declared deprecated, GI::TLIST replaces it

* GICallStack

This is a new lib to help you querying the callstack at any moment. This will be used in GIMemory to give
you full report of where leaks are coming from and for GIReport to give you full information when poping up
error reports.

* GIReport

Complete rewrite of the GIReport so that it's now an interface like GI::IMEMORY.
That now decouples the GIReport from the other GI libs. All GI were impacted by this change.

Added a AddRef/DecRef mechanism so that it isn't deleted while other still use it.
(only relevant for people not using the framework, those that want just to use a few GI libs)

Resources are included in the lib, so it's no more a DLL!!!

* GIMemory

Added a AddRef/DecRef mechanism so that it isn't deleted while other still use it.
(only relevant for people not using the framework, those that want just to use a few GI libs)

Possibility to list all the allocations
virtual void Dump(IMEMORYNOTIFICATION *notification) {};

* GITList

Remplacant de GITemplateList. It's requesting an allocateur (IMemory) and a reporter (IReport)

* GINetwork

API changed slightly (Notification is now inside the parameter object sent for init).

* GIDebugMenu

Complete rewrite of the GIDebugMenu so that it's now an interface like GI::IMEMORY. (in progress)
This enables more flexibility on the design evolution.

* GIPath

No more extern, it now uses an interface for display function. Proper Create/Destroy API

* GISound

Sounds are now created via the SoundManager object. The Framework provides you with one already if you are using it.

Set3DHear becomes Set3DListener

Flag and control becomes enums instead of defines

* GIApplication

IsFullScreen and IsPseudoFullScreen disappear and are replaced by one function:

SetPseudoFullScreen & IsPseudoFullScreen disappeared as well and are done through WindowType in init function

extern bool GIFullscreen; is no more used and is replaced by

Application will have to declare this line:

August 2005 SDK now available

Sun, 07 Aug 2005 15:08:54 -0000

* GIDisplay

GISprite now accepts rotation in radian (0-2PI = 0.0f up to 3.14*2)

void Draw(float screenx, float screeny, float rotation);
void DrawRegion(unsigned long index, float screenx, float screeny, float rotation);
void DrawRegion(const GIREGION2D ®ion, float screenx, float screeny, float rotation);

Multithreaded load of GIScene3D (first version, will be improved later)

* GIMemory

Module that provides an allocator, now needed to initialised most mudules as all allocation are now controlled via it.
(Stl allocator not done yet)

* Due to GIMemory, most of the GI's Destructor now are protected, you will need to call Destroy() on the objects
intead of delete.

For example, you may meet this error if you don't:

error C2248: 'GISPRITE::~GISPRITE' : cannot access protected member declared in class 'GISPRITE'

use this instead: mysprite->Destroy();

June 2005 SDK now available

Mon, 30 May 2005 22:01:48 -0000

* GIFramework: added possibility to receive drag n dropped files, with a callback on it


Enables you to connect to an IRC channel and send/receive text messages

* GISound uses const char * instead of char * for string inputs

* GINetwork uses const char * instead of char * for string inputs

Now has OnConnected callback when a connection has been established

IsConnected also returns true when the client is in a connecting mode (so you can check properly IsConnected for doing a ReConnect)

Uses of a class for Notification instead of crap callbacks

new function on GIConnection:

virtual bool Send(void *data, int len) = 0;
virtual bool SendText(const char *text) = 0; // do NOT add any carriage return (rn)
virtual bool SendTextFormatted(const char *text, ...) = 0; // do NOT add any carriage return (rn)
virtual GINETWORK *GetNetwork() = 0; // receive the network that holds this connection

* GIDisplay:

New function to specify uv coordinates when drawing textures 3D lines:

void Draw3DLine(GITEXTURE *texture, GIPOINT3D start_position, float u, float v, GIPOINT3D end_position, float u, float v) = 0;


Optimized constructors

February 2005 SDK now available

Sun, 30 Jan 2005 17:53:39 -0000

- No more support for Vc6.

.NET 2005 is used as primary IDE (.NET 2003 can also be used)

- Minor release:

Tidy up solution
Refactoring of GILog (still in progress)
ResetRegions added to GISprite
Minor fixes

August SDK now available

Mon, 09 Aug 2004 00:52:43 -0000

Next SDKs go bi-monthly instead of monthly.

Projects now are for .NET 2005

* GINetwork

Fix a bug on server socket that didn't close the connection with a client when returning false on receive function

virtual unsigned short GetPort() = 0; // get the port you specified at the Init of a GINETWORK

Small speed optimisation on closing sockets

Remove the annoying WSAECONNRESET error message that simply stands the fact that the network link broke

Added a timer (5 seconds default) as a timeout to connection with a server

virtual bool Reconnect() = 0; // only for client, servers always return false

* GIDisplay

Stop changing values of passed 3d points in Draw3DLine functions

Fix a bug with display of Region (in X), thanks to Dark-Nemo

* GIReport

Open and close the GIReport.log file every time an error is displayed, so if you kill the game, the file is not empty anymore

* GITemplateList

AddIfNotInList now returns a boolean (true: node added; false: node not added as it was in the list already)

June SDK now available

Sun, 30 May 2004 11:04:09 -0000

The June sdk is now available.

What's new:

* PlugIns

The plug ins are now compiled for 3DStudio Max 6

* GIDisplay

Fix color problem in Draw3DLine that happen in some 3d scenes

Possibility to retrieve the default shaders you set with SetDefaultVertexShader & SetDefaultPixelShader

virtual GISHADER *GetDefaultVertexShader() = 0;
virtual GISHADER *GetDefaultPixelShader() = 0;

virtual void SetMediaPath(const char *relativepath); // e.g: "Data", "Data/Textures", ...

* GISprite

Better support to SetSize/GetSize for region sprite:

virtual float GetCurrentSizeX(unsigned long regionindex) = 0;
virtual float GetCurrentSizeY(unsigned long regionindex) = 0;
virtual void SetCurrentSizeX(unsigned long regionindex, float sizex) = 0;
virtual void SetCurrentSizeY(unsigned long regionindex, float sizey) = 0;
virtual void SetCurrentSizeXY(unsigned long regionindex, float sizex, float sizey) = 0;

virtual void ResetCurrentSize() = 0; // Set back the size X and Y to match the real size

* GIScene

virtual const char *GetFilename() = 0; // retrieve the complete filename
virtual void Merge(GISCENE *scene) = 0;
virtual GIOBJECT3D *AddObject3D(GIOBJECT3D *obj3d, bool includingsubobj = true) = 0; // return the new GIOBJECT3D created in this GISCENE
virtual void SetAlphaTest(bool test) = 0;
virtual void SetAlphaTestValue(unsigned char value) = 0;
virtual void UseTransparency(bool use) = 0;

* GIObject3D

Enables you to choose the matrix to render for this frame
void SetMatrixToUseThisFrame(const GIMATRIX &matrix);

virtual GISUBOBJECT3D *AddSubObject3D(GISUBOBJECT3D *subobj3d) = 0; // return the new GISUBOBJECT3D created in this GIOBJECT3D

* GISubObject3D

virtual void SetHide(bool hide = true) = 0;
virtual bool IsHidden() = 0;
virtual const char *GetName() = 0;

* GIVolume

virtual GIFACE *GetFaceArray() = 0; // retrieve a pointer on an array of face for this volume

* GITexture

virtual const char *GetFilename() = 0;
virtual GISPRITE *CreateSpriteFromThis() = 0; // user is responsible for deleting the object retrieved

* GIShader

// on pixel shader, set it to false if you want to disable to use a blank texture (mainly for debugging purpose)
virtual void SetUseTexture(bool usenormaltexture) = 0;

* GIScript

Fix bug with .NET 2003 for registering functions via GISCRIPT_REGISTER_FUNCTION

May SDK now available

Sat, 24 Apr 2004 00:59:00 -0000

The May sdk is now available, you can see what is new here: