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Recent posts to news

Last Build Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 22:06:42 -0000


New Feature: Walls and Victims as Weapon

Wed, 11 Jun 2003 22:06:42 -0000

Although still not complete, the current version of Virtual Synergy includes a better, more intuitive way to place walls and victims. "All you have to do is select the one you want, the click the mouse," says Eric. "The only thing we have left to do is the cursor so you can see where it will be placed."

Virtual Synergy Project page launched

Thu, 05 Jun 2003 19:58:54 -0000

The Virtual Synergy Project page grand opening took off with a bang today as members of the robotics team at the University of New Orleans uploaded code to the CVS server and celebrated with mild cheering and numerous high-fives. "We've really been anticipating this," said Eric, a member of the team. "I've lost so much code and consequently time from mismanaged files. Now that we have a SourceForge page, those kinds of mistakes are a thing of the past."
As members continue to register as admins on the site by clicking on the name of one of the admins and sending them a message describing who they are, the page becomes more of a home to the team. "Everything that happens to the team starts at the project page," enthuses Andy, another member of the team. "We can create mailing lists and bug reports, all from a centralized location. This truly is a project management site."
In fact, the robot team, whose theme is based on the hit blockbuster movie "The Matrix" is now creating several mailing lists to ease communication between members. "Before SourceForge we were a disparate motley crew trying to piece together snippets of code and creativity with only grunts and hand signals to communicate. But now, with all of the project management features available, we are one step closer to merging our consciousness into one large overmind," said Eric with a zealous grin. "Once the fusion is complete, there should be nothing stopping us from completely dominating the competition."