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Recent posts to news

Last Build Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 10:09:08 -0000


TimetrackPlugin 2.0.1 Released

Sat, 23 Jul 2005 10:09:08 -0000

Hi everyone,

release timetrackplugin 2.0.1

has some minor bugfixes.
Did some rearangement of the view so it fits better with long comments.
Includet help ( how to use the plugin )
fixed a problem with switching the xml file used by this plugin. Now you can use the preference page to switch
the used xml files.

TimetrackPlugin 2.0 Released

Wed, 06 Jul 2005 18:04:50 -0000

Hi everyone,

I finaly released the new Plugin

have fun.

Upcomming Release

Wed, 06 Jul 2005 07:25:02 -0000

Hi everyone,

I will release a new Version of the eclipse TimeTrackPlugin
within the comming week. It will be Version 2.0

Here is a list of what has changed since the last version:

First of all I did a complete redesign of the internal structure and the xml file format. Since the XML serialisation is now done through JAXB, there is also
a schema for the xml. This makes the format incompatible with the previous version.

I also did a little redesign of the layout, which helped a lot with working on Linux, so hopefully the Problems on MacOS are also gone.

Features I have planed for the Future are a little "view" for displaying the data wich is collected. Also I plan on creating an extension for this plugin so anyone can create his own "views" for displaying the data.

Have fun.

Latest info for Timetrack Plugin

Thu, 05 May 2005 06:46:46 -0000

Hi all,

just for your information, this plugin is not dead :-)
I'm doing a redesign right now and will be hopefully
done with it around the release of the new eclipse 3.1

The redesign is basically based on the way the data is written to the xml. I'm going to use JAXB to write the
data to an xml file. The main view will still be the same
just some changes to field declaration etc..

But still it's a complete rewrite so there is no stuff from
the original timetrackplugin and no original stuff from
the TimeTrack program on which this plugin was based.

Have fun.

News from timetrackplugin 1.2.0

Wed, 10 Mar 2004 21:13:13 -0000

Hi all,

now timetrackplugin works with eclipse 3.0 M7. I decided against another plugin for 2.1.2 since I personaly work only with eclipse 3.0 M7 and I don't have the time to maintain two versions here. Sorry for the inconvenience for all the people that still use (have to use) 2.1.2 or wsad. Besides fixing the bugs 905937 and 908152 I added some new features to the plugin. When editing an entry you now have drop down lists for activity, project, and task.

There is one "known" Bug, when eclipse "crashes" the history list is gone. Because of this bug I'm thinking of a complete redesign. But this will take a while.

Have fun :-)

Plugin updatet to 1.1.0

Tue, 04 Nov 2003 21:53:28 -0000

Hi all,

Basically there are three news:
1. It works with eclipse 3.0.M4
2. added a new feature
3. fixed a bug

1. I did some developing with eclipse 3.0 M4 and it seems to run fine with this plugin. Hope there are no complains about 3.0 not working with this plugin ;-)

2. added a new feature. Now you also can change the Task by changing the editor.

3. fixed a bug where I mixed up three lines of code. Did the right Ordering. Now when you change the editor or change the selected file in the Package Explorer creates a new Task and the new File and Project name are set in project and Task.

First Release and Update

Thu, 05 Jun 2003 16:40:08 -0000


I just released the very first TimeTrackPlugin for eclipse.
And just after releasing I found out it was outdated already. So that's why I just released the 1.0.1 of it.
Have Fun