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Last Build Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 17:08:45 -0000


Click Web Framework 1.5.3 now available

Sat, 18 Jul 2009 17:08:45 -0000

Click 1.5.3 is the latest maintenance release in the 1.5 series.

* Fixed DateField calendar popup which blocked keyboard input events after popup was destroyed
* Fixed maven pom to refer to the correct Velocity groupId
* Updated Velocity documentation to version 1.6.2

Click Web Framework 1.5.2 now available

Sat, 23 May 2009 22:43:07 -0000

* Update Velocity library to version 1.6.2.
* Added plug-able security access controller to Menu class. This plub-able interface enable use of security frameworks such as ACEGI or JSecurity to control user access to Menu items.
* Improved PerformanceFilter to implement exclude-paths filtering.
* Improved Spring integration with SpringClickServlet.
* Improved CompressionServletResponseWrapper and CompressionResponseStream classes to have public visibility to enable use in custom servlet Filters.
* Added FormTable sort methods setSortedColumn, setSortedAscending, setPageNumber for programmatic sorting.
* Fixed Column sorting to recognize numbers inside strings.
* Fixed a bug where FieldSet was not set as the parent of its child controls.
* Fixed DateField setup to destroy the DHTML calendar instance when the popup is closed.

Click Web Framework 1.5.1 now available

Fri, 23 Jan 2009 21:58:26 -0000

* Added Turkish language support. This issue was raised and fixed by Ali Ok.
* Improved exception handling when a Control name is not defined.
* Added new constructors to extra controls which accepts the size attribute. This issue was raised by Christophe Foiret.
* Added MessageFormat support to Format. This issue was raised by Yu Kobayashi.
* Added new methods to CheckboxTree to improve customization.
* Added csv mime type. This issue was raised by Alvin Townsend.
* Fixed URL rendering to encode ampersand characeters.
* Fixed HiddenField to work with Timestamp, Time and Date.
* Fixed WebappLoader to reload Velocity global macro's.
* Fixed Page.setRedirect to check if redirect path starts with context path. This issue was raised by Christophe Foiret.
* Fixed a regression when manually setting the Page path to a JSP.
* Fixed DateField's French translation. This issue was raised by Alvin Townsend.

Click Web Framework 1.5 released and production ready

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 15:44:59 -0000

* Added Dutch language support, contributed by Christopher Highway.
* Improved Form to process controls even if their names is not defined.
* Fixed ContainerUtils.copyTo where the wrong getter method could be used when a domain object contains multiple overloaded getter methods. This issue was raised by Alvin Townsend.
* Fixed Column internal Comparator which does not take sort order into consideration for non Comparable instances.
* Fixed Panel.getId() to return null if name is not defined.
* Fixed VelocityTemplateService to cater for custom defined Velocity loggers. This issue was raised by Vikram Natarajan.

Click Web Framework 1.5-RC3 is now available

Sun, 19 Oct 2008 13:57:38 -0000

* New example: Wizard demo shows how to leverage a stateful page and Panels to create a process flow.
* New example: Populate on select shows how items in one combo box is populated based on the selected item in another using JavaScript.
* New example: FormTable demo shows how a FormTable can be used together with an existing Form.
* Page link tree provides a demonstration of using the Tree component to link to different pages.
* Add containing a new property formtable-error.
* Renamed ContainerUtils method getFields to getInputFields which better reflect its behavior.
* Fix TabbedForm and TabbedCayenneForm to import JavaScript and CSS from their superclass. This issue was raised by Christophe Foiret.
* Fix CayenneForm performing multiple inserts.
* Fix FormTable duplicate HTML imports.
* Fix XmlConfigService not deploying JAR resources.
* Fix Page.setRedirect to guard against duplicate context paths. This issue was raised and fixed by Ricardo Lecheta.
* Fix CountrySelect to exclude duplicate countries. This issue was raised and fixed by Christopher Highway.

Click Web Framework 1.5-RC2 is now available

Mon, 29 Sep 2008 20:27:10 -0000

* Click throws FileNotFoundException when deploying click-extras.jar
* Click should automatically remove a Control from its parent when adding it to another Container.
* Added utility methods ClickUtils.encodeURL and ClickUtils.decodeURL for encoding and decoding URL's using the "UTF-8" encoding scheme.

Click Web Framework 1.5-RC1 is now available

Sun, 28 Sep 2008 12:10:23 -0000

* Refactored Paginator into a more generic interface called Renderable which is independent of any specific Control.
* Add new LinkDecorator methods renderActionLink and renderActionButton. This allows more fine grained control over the rendered links, for example manipulating request parameters.
* Add Table Row attribute support through new method Table.addRowAttributes
* Field error messages can now be specified per instance
* Added new utility methods copyContainerToObject and copyObjectToContainer to selectively exclude or include form fields when populating domain objects
* Encapsulate conversion logic of template extensions inside Page.setRedirect which allows one to override or overload the default behavior
* Improved Table so that subclasses can specify a different controlLink implementation by overriding getControlLink()
* Improved DateField to return a cached Date representation on subsequent retrievals
* Fixed RegexField validation to ignore empty values
* Fixed TabbedPanel to trigger the registered tab listener
* Improved redirect and forward to JSP templates

Click Web Framework 1.5 Milestone 3 is now available.

Sun, 17 Aug 2008 19:30:17 -0000

* Added configurable table Paginator support and two implementations: DefaultPaginator and InlinePaginator.
* Added support for multiple page package definitions in click.xml configuration.
* Improved backward compatibility by removing BasicForm and introducing HtmlForm and HtmlFieldSet.
* Added readonly and disabled support to FieldSet.
* Added Table footer rendering support, so that column totals can be rendered in a table
* Improved Table rendering performance in the order of 25-45%.
* Improved Page and PageImports to allow a Pages to optimize their HTML imports.
* Fixed issue where Select validation can throw ClassCastException when option list contains an OptionGroup.
* Fixed issue where Container can be added to itself.
* Fixed Page serialization issues with non serializable Format and PageImport objects.
* Fixed issue where CayenneForm clearValues() was hidden data object classname.
* Fixed issue where TabbedPanel was invoking the activePanel's onInit() method twice.

Click Web Framework 1.5 Milestone 2 is now available.

Sun, 20 Jul 2008 20:51:47 -0000

* ActionListener - new listener interface provides compile and supports code refactoring tools.
* Introduces a new two phase listener dispatch mechanism which allows Controls to bind request parameters before listeners are fired.
* Added button support to FieldSet, so that buttons can be rendered inside FieldSets
* Added a new PageButton control
* Introduced a new resource deployment strategy for Jars containing Page and Control resources.
* New property added to CheckboxTree that enables selection of child nodes when a parent nodes is selected.
* Added Romanian property files.
* Add width support to TabbedPanel control.
* Add ClickUtils autoPostRedirect() method to support SAML integration.
* Renamed Container.add(int, Control) to Container.insert(Control, int)
* Update Form to use control message bundles for label required prefix/suffix
* Update HtmlStringBuffer to support method chaining.
* Updated Menu to only be cached in production or profile modes.
* AbstractContainerField control was moved to Click Extras
* Fixed TabbedPanel bug whereby inactive panel HTML imports are included in page
* Fixed bug when manually invalidating HttpSession
* Fixed message properties to resolve all parent messages
* Fixed Labels not rendering in a FieldSet
* Fixed bug where Format is not available in template of stateful pages

Click Web Framework 1.5 Milestone 1 is now available.

Mon, 19 May 2008 15:46:55 -0000

* Container - new interface for building arbitrary complex, hierarchical Controls.
* Services - Click core has been refactored into pluggable services.
* Freemarker - Added Freemarker as alternative template engine to Velocity.
* Mock Test Support - introduces an easy to use package to write Unit and Functional Testing.
* Improved performance by rendering from a single non-blocking buffer.
* Added a Country Select control based on the JDK's own built in Country/Locale support.
* Added a Virtual Keyboard control using GreyWyvern JavaScript library.
* Added support for setting Form action URL attribute. This issue was raised by Erdem Gunay.
* Added support for Page HTML imports with a new getHtmlImports() method. This enables Pages to programatically define HTML imports which will be included in a border template using the PageImports object. This issue was raised by David Frizelle.
* Add Page setTemplate(String) method to enable dynamic changing of a page border template. This issue was raised by Huy Do.
* Updated Page.setPath to handle JSP resources. This issue was raised and fixed by Huy Do.
* Added support for Hibernate AnnocationConfiguration. This issue was fixed by Jean-Francois.
* Improved FileUpload support. This issue was raised by Ricardo Lecheta.
* Improve File Upload support with new FileUploadService class.
* Fixed PropertySelect which is not reset to original value. This is was raised by Tore Halset.
* Fixed Cayenne 3.0M3 DataObjectUtils issue in CayenneForm when using JDK 1.5. Added CayenneUtils helper class.
* More examples and documentation added