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Preview: Project News: Jase: a simple editor

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Last Build Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 19:40:11 -0000


The vista release: Jase 0.93 available

Tue, 01 Apr 2008 19:40:11 -0000

Jase is an open source multi purpose editor running on all flavors of windows.

The editor was designed in the tradition of puristic text-based HTML editors - no wysiwyg, no nonsense.

Nevertheless jase will give you efficient assists in writing your HTML code, especially by taking over boring tasks like generating tables and lists, calculating relative links and much more.

I never expected making jase run smoothly on vista would be such a pain. But at last everything should work fine - you may get the 0.93 release at

And of course there is more than vista compatibility in 0.93:

* Jase has got a brandnew program icon of his own. Thanks a lot to Arno for this!
* Fixed a small bug concerning direct preview of unsaved HTML files
* Migrated everything to Robert Lees latest SPTBX version
* More minor fixes
* Introduced text sorting feature
* Introduced insertion of dummy text
* Improved preview: Jase shows link-urls on mouseovers now (based on a nice code example done by Zarko Gajic)

Have fun!

Bugfix release: Jase 0.92

Fri, 14 Mar 2008 12:43:51 -0000

Jase is an open source multi purpose
text based webeditor running on all flavors of windows. It is aimed to offer suitable and quick support for webwriters - without a waste of overboarding nonsense features.

There were some evil typos introduced with 0.91.
Some constants' names were misspelled and as a result numerous error messages were thrown out (especially things like "const_no_selction not found").

Sorry for that, should be fixed now. Additionally there are some more fixes and changes, for more information visit projects website

Have fun.

Jase 0.91: English and Afrikaans added

Sat, 08 Mar 2008 14:09:23 -0000

Jase is an open source multi purpose text based editor running on all flavors of windows. It is aimed to offer suitable and quick assist for webwriters - without slowing down it's user productivity with an overboarding waste of nonsense features.
Jase will support you in writing your HTML code, especially by doing boring tasks like generating tables and lists, calculating relative links and much more - but it also includes (more or less) support for other formats and languages like php, css, xml or sql.

New in 0.91:

English translation is completed now and, thanks to Kobus Myburgh, from 0.91 the editor is completely available in afrikaans!
Some mor fixes and changes:

* Documents always get focus on startup
* Corrected commandline behavior
* No more Broken help calls
* Different clean ups
* Introduced latest fixes from synedit cvs
* New credits & thanks box
* New "Insert dummy text" feature

Have fun!

Major release: Jase 0.9

Fri, 25 Jan 2008 18:20:34 -0000

New years first release is out: Jase 0.9 is available!

This is a major release which introduces a few new features and bugfixes. Maybe most important: Probably you have noticed virtually disappearing lines when pasting text to the end of longer documents. This is a bug in jase underlying editor component. In version 0.9 a workaround for this is introduced and everything works fine again!

More changes and fixes in 0.9:

- fixed broken colorpicker dialog

- fixed misbehavior with confirm replace dialog

- translated some more items

- fixed broken list generator "lines to unordered list"

- added "lines to ordered list" option

- cleaned up some code and dialogs

Have fun!

Jase 0.8 ready for download

Sat, 22 Dec 2007 18:44:34 -0000

Long time no see ;-). At last jase 0.8 ist out. New version with tbx themes and lots of bugfixes.
Merry chrismas!

Jase 0.7 uploaded

Fri, 20 May 2005 08:33:35 -0000

A new version of jase is out - look at Upgrading is highly recommended. Beneath tons of bugfixes there are important improvements implemented with this release:

Folders (not only files) are shown in Form "Details"

Added drag and drop between details view and filetree - much more possibilties with copying/dragging files & folders now

bug with firefox preview (didn't work when firefoxpath contained blanks) fixed

improved quick backup/quickzip (added dialog to make custom backup names possible)

woohoo: external tools integration is much better now. Added a standard parameter possbility [[jasedoc]]. If you enter this (including the brackets!) into the parameter settings for an external program, jase will start this application (for example NVU) and automatically open the current document in it.

changed code for loading libtidy.dll

internal preview will show additional informations in statusbar now (like IE does)

Thanks to all the people supporting this project with bugreports and motivation. Okay, I swear: next step are working helpfiles ;-)

Major update: jase 0.6 uploaded

Fri, 08 Apr 2005 16:55:52 -0000

Hi out there,

only a short time since last release - but there was a critical bug in live-css-box, which made a fast hotfix necessary.

Independend of that there are several important improvements in 0.6:

- CSS Box: Colorpickers added to Popupmenu
- Colorpickers: much better font contrast
- Mainmenu: small fixes concerning radio items
- jase.ini is now written to applications path
- disabling popupmenus in the filetree if necessary
- minor bugfixes, added more errorhandling

Latest version as usual at

Have fun

Jase 0.5 rolled out

Tue, 05 Apr 2005 07:24:00 -0000

A new release of jase: a simple editor is available under

New features: Live css box (edit your stylesheets and watch the results in realtime preview).

"HTML wheel" for easy managing/applying your own custom snips and tags.

Lots of bugfixes.

Have fun.

Another webwriter: jase 0.4 is out

Thu, 10 Feb 2005 21:48:48 -0000

Not much more to say: Jase stands for "Jase: a simple editor" and that's what it is. But indeed it's a simple but powerfull tool - maybe worth a closer look. Though only 0.4 and beta at the time jase is stable, cool loking and gives you lots of features under a simple gui. Servermapping, internal preview, tidy integration (libtidy.dll) and much more. Little inconvenience: at the moment there's no english version available. Working on translations...

Have fun!