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Last Build Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2016 07:35:32 +0000


Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by MA Rodger

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 07:35:32 +0000

Arctic Sea Ice Extent is certainly having an interesting year. Back in the spring, when the melt begins to make large in-roads into the ice, this year's melt was a counrty-mile ahead of all previous years (on the satellite record). The eventual headline minimum monthly figure was not so dramatic, but that was because the ice began a dramatic re-freeze for the second half of September, a re-freeze that came to a sudden halt in October and since then 2016 has shown the least melty October on record. So much so that in the last few days, 2016 has become the least frozen autumn on record, nosing ahead of (or should that be dropping below) 2007, 2011 & 2012 in both JAXA's (data) and NSIDC's (interactive graph) daily measurements.

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Lawrence Coleman

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 02:50:03 +0000

159: Thomas: "Finally there’;s a group formed in Australia to actually help people deal with and communicate effectively with their friends and family about climate science and it’s implications." I have been involved in a discussion group called Carbon conversations since June in the sunshine coast district. It brought together a small group 5 of us plus our mediator. The entire group incl. me were in their early 50's and all sharing a grave concern about our planet's future. It is based on an British format that's been running for a number of years. I bought the discussion book 'In time for tomorrow?' from Rosemary Randall and Andy Brown in the UK before the group kicked off. I was the guy with the facts and figures and a detailed understanding of the physical processes at work re: climate change and it's implications. Others were more knowledgeable on renewable energies or the social aspect of CC etc. It went for six 3 hour sessions held every other week on Thursday night. We all complemented each other very well. We all were free to speak our minds and discuss our fears. I've come to realise that the ol' adage "knowledge conquers fear" does not relate to Climate change. The more I understand about it the more despair I hold for the planet. It's a perfect storm that we are not going to sail out the other side of...for probably hundreds of thousands of years. Which lifeforms will survive is anyone's guess?. Hopefully not humans. The members of the group were all extremely relieved to discuss the matter with other like minded people, in most cases they couldn't talk about it to friends or family. I'm also in that category. My wife is quite dismissive about the whole thing but at least I've educated my son. Anyway thought you'd be interested Thomas. Cheers!

Comment on Q & A about the Gulf Stream System slowdown and the Atlantic ‘cold blob’ by Hank Roberts

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:48:33 +0000

Maas always takes the outlier position, has for year after year, and turns consistently in the same direction.

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Thomas

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 10:46:01 +0000

I had to LOL today when I heard Biden's comments about “a threat to our democratic process.” and “the legitimacy of our democracy,” and the most profound example of delusional disconnection from reality was his comment "attacking the very essence of the notion whether we have a democratic system” coupled with “No democratic process can be sustained without a sense of trust” Now that's quite ironic and the funniest saddest thing I have heard for years. What trust? what democracy? It's not that hard to work out why there has been so very little progress in confronting agw/cc for decades and such a gigantic system of denial operating in the US ground zero. An odd coincidence this 2015 doco popped up on netflix today. Pretty much nails why the agw/cc problems are currently unsolvable with only very slow marginal actions being taken. Highly recommended for the clear thinking, sane, well informed viewer cheers :-)

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Thomas

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 03:01:02 +0000

Jim Hansen goes in hard: " I will not mince words, Mrs. Solberg. Your government’s actions are utterly at odds with the scientific consensus that underpins the Paris Agreement. Norway appears hell-bent on sabotaging the treaty before it has even come into effect. Fortunately, there may be a way to block the actions of what many are beginning to consider a climate rogue state. " Norway - Keep Calm and Drill On - Foreign Correspondent - ABC (video/text) Sep 27, 2016 - Oil-rich Norway has adopted the radical goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. But as Eric Campbell reports, there's a catch

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Thomas

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 02:50:29 +0000

151 Russell, what is the "disturbing" thing about that to you Kevin? 152 mike, I do not know about those ch4 clouds, I was short of time, couldn't find anything easy online, so posting it here was to get me something better to go on. 157 MA Rodger This is an interesting little grouping here 1st to 8th greatest monthly analomies - SEPT 2015 thru APRIL 2016 2015 9 0.93C .. 8th 2015 .. 10 0.99C .. 6th 2015 .. 11 0.97C .. 7th 2015 .. 12 1.12C .. 3rd 2016 1 1.05C .. 5th 2016 2 1.19C .. 2nd 2016 3 1.23C .. 1st 2016 4 1.08C .. 4th 158 Brian Blagden regarding "...there are a myriad of causes in the apparent decline of insects and other invertebrates, chief among which will be urbanisation, poor agricultural practice, and (de-)forestation… What a coincidence, those are also a few of the well known drivers for AGW/CC too. :-) regarding "However, despite the many reports and articles pointing to a ‘crisis’ I have not seen any such decline in number or variety of species visiting my garden over the last 18 years." Which is precisely the reason why the scientific method was developed, in order to side-step "personal confirmation bias" by objectively doing the research, collecting the data, and then following that data no matter what one might have expected to be "true". One garden does not a scientific study make. Nor one pair of eyes, or even a thousand pairs of eyes. Woodward and Bernstein were told to follow the money, but science follows the data. :-) When there is no data, then they need to go out and collect it - and keep following their own instincts as to what data needs collecting. Despite the positives and all the good studies coming out each and every week now, things are still very grim in my view. I willing to be surprised though ... like all these protests suddenly erupting in paternalistic south america out of the blue (it seems). Best to all.

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Thomas

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 01:44:13 +0000

156 Kevin, thanks no probs. "Human nature hasn’t changed. Heroic feet always have had some admixture of clay. Yet they do manage to ‘get there’, often enough." Yep. here's hoping. OT side humour, regarding "it’s hard to escape the feeling that Eleanor deserved much better than she received from Franklin." I heard Eleanor was a bit of a womaniser herself. ;-)

Comment on Can a blanket violate the second law of thermodynamics? by Thomas

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:44:42 +0000

UPDATE - HE'S STILL AT IT (of course) One Nation's Malcolm Roberts asks chief scientist for proof humans cause climate change [ with Video from the Senate ] One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts is yet to be convinced that climate change is real and is caused by humans. He has asked chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel to spell out his logic in asserting that human-induced carbon emissions have been rising since the start of the Industrial Age, that this causes global warming and that warming produces climate change. Senator Roberts requested the chief scientist to provide him with a summary of the logic and evidence at each stage. "It doesn't have to be long. I just want to check the logic and the data," he said.

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Thomas

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 23:25:59 +0000

We are also aware of the ongoing stress borne by those who are active in advocating for action on climate change. They carry a burden on behalf of a community that is struggling to engage. We have devised workshops to support these people and their groups and organisations. Our hope is to continue to respond creatively to developing needs within our community. I hope the climate scientists are aware of these issues and how they can negatively impact them and their families personally. I encourage them to seek appropriate psychological support such as regular counselling to handle the stress. No man or woman is an island - even a climate scientist.

Comment on Unforced Variations: Oct 2016 by Thomas

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 22:56:34 +0000

Leading the Public into Emergency Mode: A New Strategy for the Climate Movement. Written by psychologist Margaret Salamon, founder of the Climate Mobilization in the USA. Melbourne-based Psychology for a Safe Climate group to facilitate workshops on climate change conversations Our purpose is to contribute psychological understanding and support within the community, helping people face the difficult climate reality.