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Not Being Evil (Google and Japan)rationalpi

Fri, 11 Mar 2011 20:51:09 +0000

This post isn’t about Java, or food or an interesting quote. It’s about Google honoring its corporate motto of Don’t Be Evil. Not only are they not being evil, but they’ve done a good thing today. Within hours of the recent earthquake in Japan they’ve set up a Google Crisis Response for the 2011 Japanese […]

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Definition: Programmerrationalpi

Tue, 04 Jan 2011 03:32:40 +0000

“Programmer – def: an organic machine which converts caffeine into source code” (on a shirt at CafePress)

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Smitty’s Sangriarationalpi

Fri, 15 Oct 2010 15:56:54 +0000

I spent some time living in Spain and tried a bunch of sangrias. Once I returned stateside I missed the sangria on hot afternoons. After trying dozens of recipes I took elements of each and ended up with my own recipe that my friends and family seem to really like. Enjoy! Ingredients Approximately 1/2 gallon […]

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Extracting Integers from Stringsrationalpi

Tue, 07 Oct 2008 23:42:59 +0000

The following snippet of source code extracts a single digit from a String and converts it to an int. The String.charAt() method takes a zero-based index of the position of the character to be extracted from the String and the Character.digit() method takes the String from which to extract the digit and the radix. In […]

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Adding a Java Platform to NetBeans Under Mac OS XrationalpiJava Platform ManagerAdd Java PlatformAdd Java Platform 2Project Properties Library

Sat, 13 Oct 2007 14:53:27 +0000

This article describes how to add a Java Platform to NetBeans under Mac OS X. This enables you to compile and run your applications under different virtual machines and also to associate Javadocs and source code with a Java platform so that they can be used by NetBeans for code generation and in-context tips and […]

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Application Monitoring with JConsolerationalpiJconsole StartJconsole SummaryJconsole ThreadsJconsole MemoryJconsole Classes

Thu, 01 Feb 2007 04:15:18 +0000

Hidden in the bin directory of the JDK distribution are some little known, but useful tools. In this article we'll look at the basics of using jconsole to monitor threads, memory usage and object creation.

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Using F-Keys in Mac OS XrationalpiKeyboard And Mouse-1

Wed, 31 Jan 2007 06:38:50 +0000

F-Keys are used for special operating system wide functionality in Mac OS X. In this article we'll discover how to take control of the Mac OS X F-Keys and use them in applications that map keyboard shortcuts to F-Keys.

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Not All Assignments are Created Equalrationalpi

Tue, 30 Jan 2007 06:26:00 +0000

In this article we'll see that the difference between compound operators and their supposed expanded versions can be the difference between running and failing to compile.

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main() Methods in Javarationalpi

Mon, 29 Jan 2007 06:21:51 +0000

An exploration of valid and invalid main() methods in Java.

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Varargs and Behavior of Method Argumentsrationalpi

Sat, 27 Jan 2007 20:41:21 +0000

Java 5 brings a convenient new construct to Java that lets a method take zero or more arguments of a given primitive or type. It's call variable arguments or varargs. In this article we'll deal with some questions that the introduction of varargs brings up regarding the behavior of method arguments.

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