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Items selected on general interest and abelard's long-term purpose to develop a more rational and thoughtful society; not driven by current affairs as first priority. Updated as items of interest are found. News topic classification is flexible - the worl


pollution discs required from 2017, starting in paris | driving in France news at
A way of making money out of drivers, or a means to clean up air-polluted cities? I suppose it depends whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, or a resident.

socialism, a religion that hopes for the end of times (as did castro) | socialism and sociology news at
An extreme example of the Socialist justification for killing - the end justifies the means.

economism - the belief that economics is more important than people | economics / ethics news at
Idealists, such as socialists, become so caught up in making their ideal pure, and so 'better', that the forget the real world and, in this case, the people.

'Dyspraxia' | short briefing documents at
Clumsy children are now 'special', rather than having less capability. This is not helpful to providing appropriate education and re-education.

Sexual differences in childhood behaviour | short briefing documents at
Socialist science: the result first, the study after, especially in early years social engineering.

fundamental confusion between nationalism and nation state | politics / ethics news at
The chase after mamon and a drive for national supremacy are ideals that are damaging to real society that is made of real people.

special words for natural human variation | behaviour and intelligence news at
Giving technical and jargonised labels to behaviour not seen in those of average IQ may help the parents and the medical/social sectors, but not society in general.

democracy lost in britain (and the usa)? | politics / socialism and sociology / behaviour and intelligence news at
What happened to precipitate the Brexit and the US presidential election results - abelard's analysis is not how many people look at society.

The philosophers: Their lives and the nature of their thought by Ben-Ami Scharfstein | book and other reviews at
Well, angels on the point of a pin has nothing compared to twentieth-century 'philosophy'. Why were these 'philosophers' like this? Scharfstein attempts an answer.

socialist mindset versus moderate mindset | socialism and sociology news at
There is a cast of mind that differs between those of the Left and of the Right. I am releasing this early in an unfinished state due to current societal pressures. Beta release.

pillars, columns, piers - what's what? | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
Cathedrals are supported by vertical 'heaps' of stone. Why are there different names, is it significant? Part of abelard's illustrated glossary for cathedrals and churches.

key to the keystone | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
The invention of the gothic arch led to the development of the soaring great cathedrals of France. Crucial to all arches is the keystone. Or is it?

on classifying people - race, ethnicity, nationality or humans | behaviour and intelligence / socialism and sociology news at
Teasing apart hatred, bigotry, and the bitterness of ex-followers to understand why some groups are targeted.

governments controlling behaviours - a hierarchy of legitimacy | behaviour and intelligence news at
Having a government managing your country is a balance between ethics and coercion, with socialist-driven regimes using higher and more arbitrary levels of force.

socialist persecution of religion, Mexico | behaviour and intelligence / socialism and sociology news at
Documenting the attrition of catholic priests in Mexico last century by Socialist zealots. Note the similarities to Clinton's and Obama's behaviour in the USA.

socialism in france - between the wars | socialism and sociology news at
Like the old Foyle's bookshop on administrative steroids, or how to ensure full employment.

writing down stats : using the standard normal distribution table | sums will set you free at
All sections are now completed. Learners now can follow the nitty-gritty of this area of (often) higher mathematics.

solving scotland's whining | politics uk / economics news at
abelard offers an original solution (is it tongue-in-cheek?) to several problems in Britain and Europe.

miguel unamuno said .... | fun news at
Deja vu, or not reinventing the wheel, or even literary wit!

current fuel prices in france | French motorways and motorway aires at
Post-Brexit and post-sterling crash, UK visitors to France will do better to have a full tank of UK *petrol* aboard.