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Items selected on general interest and abelard's long-term purpose to develop a more rational and thoughtful society; not driven by current affairs as first priority. Updated as items of interest are found. News topic classification is flexible - the worl


the rickety magical euro delusion | economics news at
Forcing 27 countries with different economic strength and viability to use one currency is starting to break apart. abelard discusses why.

how categorising is bad science | behaviour and intelligence news at
To find out what is happening and understand why, scientists must be flexible in their thinking. Putting objects, events, even ideas, in boxes is not being flexible.

generating state intrusion | short briefing documents at
Find a topic that surely everyone is shocked by - child abuse - and onto it hang vague and ambiguous categories that can easily catch the innocent, while giving more jobs and funds to those with powers.

changing the world - on sloppy logic and slack science | behaviour and intelligence news at
Everyone 'knows' how to think, to solve everyday problems. But what about when things become psychologically or scientifically technical.

abelard's primer on post-brexit 'inflation' | economics news at
Why the pound was gong to fall anyway - Remainers have nothing to be pround about.

on nationalism, then and now | politics / behaviour and intelligence news at
Cardinal Richelieu opposed multinationalism - to keep the integrity of French sovereignty; and Marine Le Pen?

maths and religion - fundamentalist or realist | behaviour and intelligence / socialism and sociology news at
"Maths just works", "religion is flummery". Why maths is frequently flummery and religion mostly works.

on "brexit - the movie" | politics uk / socialism and sociology news at
The 'glory' of the European Union - so this is why Britons have had enough.

is trump's victory just part of a worldwide wave of nationalism? | politics usa / civil liberties news at
As a UK sitcom would say, "Never mind the quality, feel the width". Sexism, racism etc are all trivia beside the real-politik of international politics.

america's new day of freedom | politics usa / civil liberties news at
Donald Trump is now President of the USA. Why this IS important.

watch this: there is no global warming | ecology news at
Very pretty, and very scary, animations of our changing climate.

the history of the naked monkey - churchill said... | fun / politics eu news at
abelard continues to be amused at the absurdities of humans, especially power strivers.

leftist appeasement policy is in tatters ... | socialism and sociology news at
... as honourable and sane politics returns in the USA, Britain and, probably, in France. The implosion of Socialism in the West is opening political doors and liberating economic progress.

globalised trade damages the lower classes in advanced economies | economics / politics usa news at
Concentrating on the dogmatic ideals of globalisation ignores that its trickle-down happens extremely slowly, and penalises those with little financial independence (the poor).

irrational actions - analysis of behaviour | socialism and sociology news at
How mental tricks are mistaken for intelligence, with examples from public life including Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Why intelligence can be a penalty in society at large.

current fuel prices in france | motorways and driving in France at
Despite generally falling crude prices, fuel prices in France continue to drift upward. However, the pound has also strengthened.

lead in cathedrals | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
Medieval masons may not have had modern grouts or iron oxide paints, but they had another fixing element.

is citizen's wage becoming a reality? canada's turn | civil liberties news at
Providing a basic citizen's wage offers dignity to the poor, encourages work rather than scrounging, and diminishes financial jealousies. A win-win-win situation.

pollution discs required from 2017, starting in paris | driving in France news at
A way of making money out of drivers, or a means to clean up air-polluted cities? I suppose it depends whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, or a resident.

socialism, a religion that hopes for the end of times (as did castro) | socialism and sociology news at
An extreme example of the Socialist justification for killing - the end justifies the means.