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abelard news and comment zone

Items selected on general interest and abelard's long-term purpose to develop a more rational and thoughtful society; not driven by current affairs as first priority. Updated as items of interest are found. News topic classification is flexible - the worl


stone in church and cathedral construction | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
Stone is the major component of a cathedral's construction. Here abelard investigates some of the different stones used.

theresa may - obviously competent but no high-flyer | politics uk news at
Well-brought up, well-educated and very disciplined, but lacking the spark of originality.

how to handle a new caligula? | socialism and sociology news at
What happens paranoia meets too much power. abelard discusses how to deal with it.

robert e. lee works poorly as the left's confederate villain | politics usa / behaviour and intelligence news at
The hysterical responses of the American Left concerning their Civil War history is leading to daft attacks on good men in history.

political correctness is stunning free speech | behaviour and intelligence news at
Is free expression to be censored because a person, or group, does not approve of what is being said? And it is not reserved for just one 'tribe'.

exploding snowflake heads | behaviour and intelligence news at
Dogma and prejudice wins over fact and reality - google employee sacked for honesty and fact-founded analysis.

the problem of moderation | socialism and sociology news at
abelard dissects the differences between the real world, a person's perception of that reality, other people's descriptions of reality. Then ab looks at how people respond to others' descriptions and how they often end in contention.

has socialism *ever* produced any good for the poor anywhere at any time? | socialism and sociology news at
abelard asks a new question that is not so easy to answer as many might think.

the gard child and ethics - who owns the child? attitude contrasts in uk and usa | ethics / politics uk news at
Authority figures know best, know what's best for someonelse's child. Or do they?

the energy economics of electric cars - no pressure | economics / alternative energies at
Are electric cars an ecological answer to reducing our carbon footprint and global warming?

another eussr attack on the motor car | motoring in France at
France will be submitting to yet another EUSSR directive that more than doubles the checks during a M.O.T., with more potential fines. Still want to stay within the EU?

ile de re : braking the summer traffic jams from 2017 | motorways and motorway aires in France at
Such a popular holiday spot (and no wonder) that traffic is now being controlled, to a degree.

recovering from labour's economic disaster | economics / politics uk news at
Succinctly described how Labour spending almost bankrupted the UK, and how Tory policies turn the tide.

lantern towers of Normandy and elsewhere | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
Where the nave and transepts cross, that crossing can be surmounted by a dome or a tower, often a spectacular piece of engineering - descriptions and examples. Illustrated.

this year's top ten seeded riders, the tour de france 2017 | the cycling zone at
Some of the older riders may do well, given their experience, but a new crop is snapping at their rear tyres.

updated: current fuel prices in france | motorways nd motorway aires in France at
Crude prices yo-yo, street prices follow, attenuated by environmental politics.

cycling tactics and glossary - the hairpin mountain | the cycling zone at
With or without hairpins, mountains can make or break the Tour de France yellow jersey contenders.

a flurry of h.g.wells books - he wrote more than sci-fi | book and other reviews at
More realistic than his Socialist compatriots, observant of his political and social circle, H.G. Wells wrote several sharp, if prolix, novels.

co-operation and being nice - suckers, grudgers and cheats | socialism and sociology at
New page: Why being considerate while repaying emotional, as well as physical/monetary debts is a successful policy.

the tour de france 2017, russian mountains on steroids! | the cycling zone at
Les montagnes russes is the French for a roller coaster. This year's Tour de France is so extreme in the climbs and endurance required, that in the French mountains are rolling on steroids!