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Items selected on general interest and abelard's long-term purpose to develop a more rational and thoughtful society; not driven by current affairs as first priority. Updated as items of interest are found. News topic classification is flexible - the worl


socialist persecution of religion, Mexico | behaviour and intelligence / socialism and sociology news at
Documenting the attrition of catholic priests in Mexico last century by Socialist zealots. Note the similarities to Clinton's and Obama's behaviour in the USA.

socialism in france - between the wars | socialism and sociology news at
Like the old Foyle's bookshop on administrative steroids, or how to ensure full employment.

writing down stats : using the standard normal distribution table | sums will set you free at
All sections are now completed. Learners now can follow the nitty-gritty of this area of (often) higher mathematics.

solving scotland's whining | politics uk / economics news at
abelard offers an original solution (is it tongue-in-cheek?) to several problems in Britain and Europe.

miguel unamuno said .... | fun news at
Deja vu, or not reinventing the wheel, or even literary wit!

current fuel prices in france | French motorways and motorway aires at
Post-Brexit and post-sterling crash, UK visitors to France will do better to have a full tank of UK *petrol* aboard.

the tory government is now in huge surplus | economics / politics uk news at
Because reporters, pundits and politicians are innumerate they spread doom and gloom, whereas the UK is in pretty good economic health. Here's proof (and simple sums).

on theresa may's conference speech: from a fool or a liar?| politics uk news at
Behind the noble rhetoric, appears to be either someone who understands neither economics nor education, or is blathering to create diverting flak.

1890 and freemasons, nowadays it's 'secular progressives' | behaviour and intelligence news at
Religion may be clumsy in its social advice, but it has kept people having some sort of 'moral compass'.

economic advantages of escaping from the eussr | economics / politics uk news at
The arguments of Patrick Minford are well based and factual.

a socialist parable | politics uk / socialism news at
Whether it's household or national economics, socialists care not about the bottom line.

grammar schools are not for the less advantaged | behaviour and intelligence / politics uk news at
It is a great mistake to believe reinstalling grammar schools will help any on other than the well-heeled.

writing down stats - distribution of a random variable : using the standard normal distribution table | sums will set you free at
Step by step explanations, in clear language, for calculations using the normal distribution graph or bell curve, as well as discussion on aspects of standard distribution and statistics in general. Beta release.

us/russia cooperation on syrian mess | behaviour and intelligence / politics news at
Sometimes it is worth supping with the devil. Donald Trump understands that, 'lliary does not.

on theresa may's complete education makeover | politics uk / behaviour and intelligence news at
Mrs May is starting to show her emotional insecurities, with sending education back to the 1970s and before.

Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are by Sebastian Seung | book and other reviews at
Interesting, but abelard would contend that it is education and environment that are relevant.

intelligence and madness | behaviour and intelligence / sociology news at
Why being more than usually intelligent can be a penalty in society at large - continuing on from Logicians, 'logic' and madness. Beta release.

logicians, 'logic' and madness | behaviour and intelligence / sociology news at
Several famous logicians, mathematicians and philosophers are said to become mad. Here, abelard looks at what is madness, and how it relates to academic logic.

la Vuelta a Espana, 2016 - let's climb! | Spain/ cycling zone news at
Uphill and summit finishes galore will make this Vuelta a climber's feast through spectacular regions of Spain and France. Essental information all on one page.

who is theresa may, part 2 - is she just an opportunist? | politics uk news at
A new Prime Minister, but does she have the integrity of the first woman PM, or is she making her own Game of Thrones?

us establishment desperate to stop trump | politics usa news at
Is panic starting to show in the Democrat establishment, and even amongst Republican grandees too?

trump, hillary and the 'bereaved' parent | behaviour and intelligence news at
Exposing the emotional weapon being used against Donald Trump, as well as the unwary public and media.