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abelard news and comment zone

Items selected on general interest and abelard's long-term purpose to develop a more rational and thoughtful society; not driven by current affairs as first priority. Updated as items of interest are found. News topic classification is flexible - the worl


classifying stained glass windows | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
For first-time visitors and 'stamp-collectors' of the amazing spectacle of French cathedral stained glass, a way to organise mentally these glories!

five sensible rules for investing - warren buffett | economics news at
Buffett may be politically stricken by the socialism disease, but he really does know how to make money.

stained glass - development and techniques, and rose windows | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
Much updated and expanded with more photos and details about France's glorious rose windows.

stained glass and cathedrals in Normandy | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
This north-western French region has idiosyncratic cathedrals. Heavily photo-illustrated, with a fancy map and many floor plans. Featuring Coutances, Evreux, Lisieux, Bayeux, Sees and Rouen.

French cathedral plans, and facts | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
The floor plans of selected French cathedrals, together with essential facts, including dimensions. And from there, explore many detailed pages on most cathedrals.

2018 fuel prices on the road in france | motorways and its aires in France at
The belly blow for drivers in France stuck with 'unecological' diesel.

on trump - incompetent or capable? | politics usa/behaviour and intelligence news at
While the Leftist media has the vapours over another scandal rag book, Trump continues being smart.

more taxes, of course (for the environment) - happy new year froggie style | ecology / France news at
2018, and France is greeted by swingeing taxes on near essential goods and services.

a lot of nonsense talked about digital currencies | economics news at
Without backing of gold, fiat (government) money is now printed as much as a government wants. Digital money, based on random numbers of which there is, as yet, only a limited number, makes it more trustworthy.

on the support of the poor | politics uk / socialism and sociology news at
Believing that particular action will help the poor does not make it a viable help. Often, it can be anything but, as is evidenced when trying to put Socialist poverty dogma into action.

why is israel different? | politics world news at
The left-wing media and others with hearts bleeding on the behalf of murdering despots ignore reality - again.

on the dimensional nature of a point of IQ score | behaviour and intelligence news
IQ is not measured like distances or weight. An IQ score is relative to the validity and reliability of the test generating it.

updated: current fuel prices in france | motorways nd motorway aires in France at
Yes, pump prices continue to rise, despite stagnant crude prices. Add in aggressive taxing by the French government, and driving in France is starting to lose some of its joy.

belloc on distributionism - sharing a nation's wealth equitably | economics / socialism and sociology news at
Just taking money and giving it to the poor ends in capitalist or communist/socialist despots in charge. Hilaire Belloc took a more balanccef view.

slow recovery from labour's housing collapse | politics uk news at
Of course, it is to Labour's advantage to keep people downtrodden while making vain promises. Housing is one of those broken promises.

social messaging - medieval style | science and technology news at
It's all been done before - information sharing, and privacy.

why god became man - "I believe in order that I may understand" | behaviour and intelligence news at
Just as a great medieval logician can justify an unsound thesis using logic, so do many people when supporting their favoured dogma, interest or behaviour.

stone in church and cathedral construction | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
Stone is the major component of a cathedral's construction. Here abelard investigates some of the different stones used.

theresa may - obviously competent but no high-flyer | politics uk news at
Well-brought up, well-educated and very disciplined, but lacking the spark of originality.

how to handle a new caligula? | socialism and sociology news at
What happens paranoia meets too much power. abelard discusses how to deal with it.