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Items selected on general interest and abelard's long-term purpose to develop a more rational and thoughtful society; not driven by current affairs as first priority. Updated as items of interest are found. News topic classification is flexible - the worl


ways of being german, 1916 | fun news at
Everything in its place, everything in order, carefully recorded, just what a municipal council would wish for.

2017 french presidential posters now on display | politics eu / france news at
Not quite a record number of candidates, here are the contenders from loony left to wobbly right.

poker-faced putin cannot be trusted | politics world / world of fundamentalism news at
Beholden to no schism, sect or party, abelard looks objectively at the Middle East and the West.

updated: current fuel prices in france | motorways and motorway aires in France at
Since our last report, fuel prices went up but have recently fallen to a slightly more acceptable level.

cathedrals, an illustrated glossary | cathedrals and stained glass in France at
More words and definitions to help understand the complex and seemingly archaic world of cathedrals.

not an april fool's: pollution discs required in Paris, Lyon, and Grenoble | motorways and motorway aires in France at
Part of the campaign to reduce severe air pollution in the largest fFrench cities. To be rolled out country-wide later.

the eussr wants repayment from britain, or else! | economics / politics eu news at
The British are pragmatic, Europeans tend to follow one or another set of rules or theories. Which will work better?

socialism and daesh |socialism and sociology / world of fundamentalism news at
Daesh terrorists are ammoral - killers and careless of others. But look at the similarity to communist and 'fascist' mass killings. Where's the difference?

humans like trading and magpies like shiny baubles | behaviour and intelligence news at
As Western society becomes richer, yet without sufficient education to stimulate curiosity, make-play pastimes are being state-sponsored.

the left and the politics of personal destruction - on advertising | politics usa / behaviour and intelligence news at
Sadly, so-called Liberal media and its political and 'civilian' followers have forgotten the truism, " All publicity is good publicity".

rejected by addidas! | fun / behaviour and intelligence news at
Looks like the public knows better what's a good ad than a shoe company does. And you?

2016 us presidential election campaign - personal attacks v. policy | politics usa / behaviour and intelligence news in France at
Pity Democratic voters, mercilessly manipulated by their candidate and party to believe the worst of the opponent, using an inundation of bile and scarce real data.

fortified churches, mostly in Les Landes | France zone at
Fortified to defend against the English, or against the French, fortified churches were as good as a castle for small towns and villages.

obama - is trump a russian spy? | politics usa news at
The media, especially in the USA, are hysterical about President Trump's supposed paranoia and political gaffes. What about what the previous president?

i was only following orders - the mad euro | economics news at
Top German euro-banker describes the euro as an unsustainable construct.

the rickety magical euro delusion | economics news at
Forcing 27 countries with different economic strength and viability to use one currency is starting to break apart. abelard discusses why.

how categorising is bad science | behaviour and intelligence news at
To find out what is happening and understand why, scientists must be flexible in their thinking. Putting objects, events, even ideas, in boxes is not being flexible.

generating state intrusion | short briefing documents at
Find a topic that surely everyone is shocked by - child abuse - and onto it hang vague and ambiguous categories that can easily catch the innocent, while giving more jobs and funds to those with powers.

changing the world - on sloppy logic and slack science | behaviour and intelligence news at
Everyone 'knows' how to think, to solve everyday problems. But what about when things become psychologically or scientifically technical.

abelard's primer on post-brexit 'inflation' | economics news at
Why the pound was gong to fall anyway - Remainers have nothing to be pround about.

on nationalism, then and now | politics / behaviour and intelligence news at
Cardinal Richelieu opposed multinationalism - to keep the integrity of French sovereignty; and Marine Le Pen?