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Session: Statis Pro Baseball:: 1955 World Series Replay

Sat, 22 Oct 2016 03:01:13 +0000

by Bitomurder The Brooklyn Dodgers come into the 1955 World Series with a chip on their shoulder having lost to the Yankees in 4 of the last 9 fall classics, but determined to achieve a different outcome this season. They arrive into game 1 at Yankee Stadium following a relaxing September where they cruised to a 13.5 game lead over the Milwaukee Braves in the National League behind an MLB best 98 wins and Duke Snider with his MLB leading 136 RBI’s.Perennial champion New York Yankees return to the championship after missing it the previous season despite winning 103 games. The Yanks rode 96 wins and a 3 game lead over last year’s AL Champion Cleveland Indians into the World Series hoping to add another title to their record 15 championships. Riding on the arm of 18 game winner Whitey Ford and on the bat of AL home run leader Mickey Mantle, New York looks to take down Brooklyn once again and sit atop the MLB throne.Game 1-Sept 28 1955The Brooklyn Dodgers came by subway to Yankee Stadium to take on the mighty Yanks in front of a crowd of 63,869. On the mound for the Yankees was all-star Whitey Ford facing the 20 game winner Don Newcombe. Ford was to be the better pitcher this day, holding the Dodgers to just 1 run on 8 hits and never found himself in trouble. His opposite, Newcombe, was perfect for the first 3 innings before giving up a 3-run homer in the 4th and another run in the 7th and was then replaced by Bessent. On offense Yogi Berra proved to be the game’s hero going 2 for 4 with 4 Rbi’s and the game winning home run in the 4th. The Dodgers scored 1 run on 8 hits with no errors while the Yanks scored 6 on 11 hits with 1 error.Game 2-Sept 29 1955Hoping to watch the Bronx bombers take a 2-0 lead, the series largest crowd came out to see game 2 at Yankee Stadium with 64,707 in attendance, but the Yankee faithful were to be disappointed as the Dodger offense came alive for a 5 run victory. Despite outhitting the Dodgers 15 to 10 and getting a hit every inning they were unable to string them together to get enough runs on the board. The Dodgers were able to string ‘em together for 3 runs in the 4th and 7th innings and sandwiched their 3 run 4th with 1 in the 3rd and 5th on their way to an 8-3 victory. The Dodgers had to go through 4 pitchers to get their victory, but get it they did behind a 3 for 3 showing by Duke Snider which included 2 doubles and a run. The Dodgers scored 8 runs on 10 hits with 1 error. The Yankees scored 3 run on 15 hits with 1 error.Game 3-Sept 30 1955For the last ever World Series game to be played in September the smallest crowd of the series showed up to unenthusiastically celebrate the feat. 34,209 Brooklyn faithful showed up to watch their boys take a 2-1 series lead after a hard fought pitchers duel with both teams hurling over 10 strikeouts a piece and playing complete games. Again the Dodgers were outhit, but they strung together a big 6th inning scoring 3 runs which would have been enough, but they added an insurance run in the 8th to win by 2. Brooklyn’s pitcher Johnny Podres was the games star tossing 12 strikeouts and only surrendering 1 earned run. The Yanks scored 2 runs on 8 hits with 1 error. The Dodgers scored 4 on 6 hits with no errors.Game 4-Oct 1 1955For a series that has not seen a home run since game 1 four days earlier, game 4 saw the ball go deep four times. “The Mick” saw a 2 run shot for the Yankees only runs of the game while the Dodgers got back to back bombs from Snider and Hodges in the 7th and a solo shot from Campenella to lead off the 8th while coasting to a 10-2 victory. For the first time this series the Yankees had to go deep into their bullpen while watching the Dodgers’ starter Clem Labine go the full 9 innings for the win, but it was Brooklyn’s offense that were the heroes behind 5 for 3 showings and homers from Campenella and Hodges. 34,242 came out to watch their beloved Dodgers get within 1 game of the championship. The Yankees scored 2 runs on 9 hits with 2 errors while Brooklyn put up 10 on 12 hits with 1 erro[...]

Session: International Checkers:: Position Puzzle 16

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 20:06:27 +0000

by anemaat

Two excerpts of games I've played today and which shows the depth of the game of International Checkers. The second problem is a clever endgame situation. And then there is a bonus Position Puzzle (III), which happened during the writing process of this article and was too beautiful not to show here.

Problem Ia
Black is thinking about moving into the gate/loop with

On the black move
white want to respond with
. Wise or not?

Solution Ia

1. ... 28-33
2. 30-24 33x31
3. 24x4 13-18
4. 4x22 27x18


Black will obtain his king way before white can do. So not a wise move to make![/o]

Problem Ib
Black is thinking about moving into the gate/loop with

On the black move
white want to respond with
. Wise or not?

Solution Ib

1. ... 28-33
2. 29-23 33x31
3. 23-19 13x24
4. 30x19 14x23
5. 25x5 31-36
6. 5x21 16x27


This is what actually happened in the game and not wise either! I should have thought things deeper. I should have moved
2. 37-32
. All options are then open.[/o]

Problem II
White moved
followed by a black

White to move and win

Solution II

1. 36-31 26x37
2. 33-28


2. ... 14x32
3. 16x38 37-41
4. 38-32 41-46
5. 32-5 3-9
6. 29-23 46x19
7. 5x23

- or -

4. ... 41-47
5. 29-24 47x20
6. 15x24

Problem III

Black is one piece behind. He wants to enforce a breakthrough. Is a black

Solution III

1. ... 23-29
2. 27-21 29x27
Majority capture applies.

3. 21x25


Black had to move
or it will be thrown back. White will respond with
. Thus one of the black pieces at
will be lost. And with 6 against and considering the strong position in the lower right corner, white will win the game.

Session: Bios: Genesis:: First Run After Reading

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:53:42 +0000

by imars

I tried a test run of this game with my adult daughter. We played Yellow and Green. We ignored any kind of parasite AI, we did not even create any parasites ourselves. I have to say, that it all seemed rather random. I never managed to create any kind of life myself. I spent some time on the clay mound and then the Eutectic Brine. I would organize one or two cubes, then the manna would be disorganized by the same roll. Sure I would gain an enzyme or two, but these would only be replacements for those that I would lose in the next smite event. The entropy limits prevented me from trying to start life anywhere else. A series of smite events, especially at the end of the game began to wipe out the refugia by removing all the mana. At the end there were only two refugia left. One of them was the hydrothermal vent, given that you need a one to organize manna, makes it difficult to do much with a single biont.

My daughter was luckier. She managed to create a pah pigment space bacteria out of interplanetary dust. She even managed to gain a mutation and promote it. Afterwards events wiped out all her progress. Since she played Green, as soon as she got her life form, she was able to use another biont. That gave her some flexibility to try elsewhere in parallel.

I do not think I have fully understood the rules yet, but my first impression is that the game is pretty random. You do not have a lot of control. Dice rolls result in you organizing and disorganizing manna. You try and reduce disorganization by using enzymes, but the pressure of the event cards means you are contstantly losing enzymes and disorganized mana, too. I wonder if I am missing something.

Session: Fury of Dracula (third edition):: Tour of Europe

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 19:45:45 +0000

by urdinaran

The hunters were somewhat spread out (Lord G in Cologne, Seward in Madrid, VH in Genoa, Mina in Vienna), so I decided to setup in Belgrade. My initial strategy was to go through the Balkans as slowly as possible.

Hunters spent the 1st 2 turns gearing up; I traveled to Klausenburg then Galatz. The next day, Seward plays Hired Scouts and reveals my start location. The game is afoot! I move to Bucharest and then so does Mina; combat ensues (I placed a New Vampire here expecting her move). I get Mina down to 1 Health left before she escapes! The Lord G and VH are on their way, so I opt to run instead of finishing off Mina. I Wolf Form to Salonica and then spend my next turn playing Feed, in order to recover some damage from the tussle with Mina.

I then go Ionian-Tyrrhenian-Cagliari, place a Reckless Vampire, then follow up with Hide, in order to further confuse the Hunters. By this point Lord G, VH, and Mina have cleaned out the Balkans (they finished off my New Vampire in Bucharest) and Seward is in northern Italy waiting for traces of me. The hunters then begin moving into Italy looking for me, except for Lord G who has moved to Munich.

I then move to sea again and land in Alicante, frustrating the hunters once again. They move towards France-Spain as I move to Madrid and then Santander. The noose is tightening, so I move to Bordeaux and place Unnatural Fog just before VH enters the city. I opt to avoid combat and flee to Nantes then Le Havre, placing an Aristocratic Vampire with a Rumor token. At this point, with 3 Hunters in southern France and Lord G in Frankfurt I make a bold play!

I play Unearthly Swiftness, first move to Paris, then Wolf Form to Nuremburg via Strausbourg behind Lord G! The Hunters don’t catch on at first, and by the time they do it’s too late. I travel towards Castle Dracula, leaving various delaying encounters. My Aristocratic Vampire in Le Havre matures on Monday night of the 4th week and then the game ended with me at Galatz with 13 points.

Some of the hunter players were a little frustrated in the end, but all in all, a good game. After the 1st week, the hunters were reluctant to shop at night so I never really got that many event cards. Honestly, I think this hurt them more than it did me. There were times that they had me down to 2-3 cities and some events could have royally screwed my plans.

Session: Mechs vs. Minions:: Session Report: Mission 2: Attempt:1

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 16:48:34 +0000

by doclj86

This is a second session report featuring mission 2 of MvM. Tutorial and mission 1 are available in a different thread.

As prev. reported; SPOILER ALERT: The following contains info about the story around mission 2 of the campaign and strategies that we used! However as the name of the thread implies: we didn’t win this one: So perhaps the only strategy you can discover from this is what not to do!!!

Date: 19/10/16
Venue: kitchen table, my house, Devon, England, UK
Players: Me: Heimerdinger, Wife: Tristana

Mission 2: Atemp: 1

Cocky is how I would describe ourselves as we set out on mission 2. Having breezed the tutorial in about 3 rounds and walked (literally) the first mission our confidence was high.

It turns out that the explosion in the lab which started this whole minion mess has started a fire in the school. On top of that it has blown the bits of the crystal - required to keep the shields up around the school - all over the place. As the shields are down, minions are spawning left right and centre. Our task is to stop these spawning minions from entering the school and pick up the 3 shards of crystal, returning them to the school so rumble can put the shields back up… easy!

Unfortunately for us the ease with which we completed the first mission actually counted against us: we still did not have a complete grasp of what all the command cards did or how they interacted. As a result I veered off to the right of the school taking out a couple of minions while my wife went to the left. However we had both not quite thought enough about how we were going to get back. As a result My wife, in an effort to stop her mech running miles away from the school, was using the bottom edge of the map to limit her movement… however this just resulted in about 3 rounds of her spinning around on the spot firing ripsaws into the bottom of the board… killing none while the minions calmly walked past her towards the school. This whole event was very comical and had us laughing quite a lot.

I on the other hand had decided to head for the nearest crystal, and while I had managed to get it… had proceeded to cont. in the wrong direction getting further away from the school. All the while we didn’t roll a single red and instead rolled a lot of (I think yellow?) which had a heavy column of unopposed minions marching down from the top of the board. I finally managed to turn around and attempted to speed back to save the school. I arrived in the nick of time and ploughed through the first wave of minions in a blaze of fire and lightening smashing the front of the column, before realising I’d been a bit overzealous on the speed and continued past the school away from the danger zone leaving the school once again undefended, (however I did manage to drop of the crystal on the way past.) At this point my wife had regained some semblance of control over her mech and managed to pick up where I left off… the minions were held for another couple of turns, however the fact that we never rolled a single red, combined with the early escalation from the premature crystal collection eventually led to our demise, as a cheeky minion snuck in the right side, back door with an unpredicted double movement (we were ignoring him thinking we had another turn to deal with him… forgetting the possibility he could move twice!!)
Inexperience, a poor early decision and some bad rolling cost us our first game! But we had had such a great time playing we didn’t mind! And immediately set-up for round 2!!!

Session: Advanced Squad Leader:: Operation Veritable Campaign - "The Milk Factory" - Date 1

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 10:55:06 +0000

by WuWei "Milk Factory" AARThe "Milk Factory" is the Riley's Road campaign from the Operation Veritable Historical Study. A strong force of Canadian troops has to assault a German position and has to hold it against counter attacks. This is our first try at a campaign game, and chance had it that it is this rather "non-traditional" one (compared to the Stalingrad street fighting that seems to be very popular for campaign games). I play the Canadians in this one, against my regular face-to-face opponent.Therefore, there will mostly be photographs of rather low quality instead of the clean VASL pictures I normally use.Campaign Date 1:Goch-Kalkar-Road, Germany, 19 February 1945, AMThis is the setup the German player sent me, and my battle plan:Most simply put:- Rush the tanks and APCs from the turn 1 forces along the flanks and take as much terrain as possible. Move the tanks into position so that they can give smoke cover the next round. Ignore the milk factory.- Use the foot troops from turn 2 to take the milk factory. They are slow, so they should take the nearest objective.- See how that goes and adjust forces as needed.Canadian Turn 1:That's the theory. In practice, it begins like this:(Note how clean and tidy all this looks!)Turn 1 was great: My first tank rushes over the lonely wire defense on the street and, with a 1 on the colored die roll, removes it. My wasp on the western flank drives right up to the AT gun in the building and breaks the crew, so the rest of my forces can follow. There is very little German resistance.German Turn 1:Fortune leaves me at the start of the first German turn: It starts to rain! Not only does that slow me down, it removes two of my great advantages: Smoke and WP. That's a bad start, but it gets worse: The German crew with the AT gun rallies and starts shooting! And it hits everything, even my very small, in-motion wasp. The gun only stops shooting when there are no more targets in LOS. It still has ROF! And the western flank is littered with burning Canadian wrecks!Canadian Turn 2:(You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned my three creeping barrages yet. That's not going to change: They have no effect whatsoever on the battle.)My tanks in the West that didn't take the road continue to drive in the mud when they encounter another problem: Mines! Those too cost me a few tanks, others are “merely” immobilized – in a position where they have no effect. Still, I might recover them for future campaign dates.A few more German AT guns decloak, but this time my opponent mostly rolls average, so I only loose a few AFVs. The infantry on foot slowly moves forward.German Turn 2:This is the situation:The Germans prep fire and skulk.Canadian Turn 3:I drive on the Kangaroos on my Eastern flank, and manage to drive up the hill and onto the paved road.Also, I make my biggest mistake on this date: I drive by the building in HH10 and forget to take it! This will cause much headache in the afternoon.In the West, the battle rages on, and in the middle, my assault engineers prepare the assault on the milk faktory.German Turn 3:My progress:Canadian Turn 4:In the East, I sacrifice a Kangaroo to get smoke cover for my approach on the building in LL21 and manage to get a squad into CC. The rest of the Kangaroos drive by, take the Schwanenhof, and what remains of my Eastern force continues to drive on West to take the last victory crossroad and a few additional victory locations.In the West, I finally take the building E22. It doesn't even is a victory building.My remaining tanks drive cross-country West to assist my infantry there.German Turn 4: I lose my CC in LL21! That's bad!Turn 5-7:To make it short: I don't make any further gains in the West, but barely manage to take LL21. Also, I make a few gains in the South. The campaign date ends after turn 7.A few pictures:And, as a contrast to the tidy first picture:This is the result of the first campaign date:C is un[...]

Session: Washington's War:: A War Won Too Quickly, A Poorly Played Solo Game Session

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 10:39:04 +0000

by srd5090 In this thread I will be narrating the saga of a game of Washington's War using StukaJoe's fantastic Solo CDG Method. I have played one of these once before and it worked pretty well and was a lot of fun so I figured I would do another only this time record it and post it after all the action has been completed. So if you are reading this, it should be complete (though perhaps separated into multiple comments in the same thread). I fear taking many low quality camera pictures would ruin the narrative, so I will do my best to describe the actual card play in addition to the narrative the game will take.Each turn and impulse will include a a listing of card positions on the Solo CDG Display, as well as the nominated cards and the actual played cards based on the dice rolls. Afterwards, in italics, I will describe in a pseudo-documentary/book-style.February to July, 1775 Massachusetts is in a state of rebellion. After a “shot heard round the world” colonial militia find themselves engaged in a battle with British Army regulars. Lieutenant General Thomas Gage, commander of British forces, is soon bottled up in the city of Boston with Revolutionaries controlling the surrounding countryside. In June, British General Howe arrives in Boston with 4,500 men, taking control of the situation from Gage. By July, newly appointed General George Washington arrives outside of Boston, taking command of the newly organized Continental Army. Nathaniel Greene is made Brigadier General of the Continental Army in Rhode Island and forms another threat to the British in Boston. The Continental Congress, principally operating in Philadelphia, soon find themselves seeking independence for the colonies. Prime Minister Frederick North hopes to crush the rebellion and restore peace to the British colonies. The American Revolutionary War of Independence has begun.Set Up: Committees of CorrespondencePCs placed in: Savannah, GA; Cheraw, SC; Wake (Raleigh), NC; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD; Wilmington, DE; Pittsburgh, PA; New Brunswick, NJ; New York, NY; New Haven, CT; Barnstable, MA; Norwich, NH.My choices were centered around slowing the creep of British PC markers from the coast. I am no expert so this could have maybe been better.Leading up to the outbreak of armed conflict, committees of correspondence acted as shadow governments within the colonies. These committees sought to replace royal officials and were a source of support for the growing Patriot cause. In each colony, a hub of activity formed and gave rise to organized militias. Savannah, Cheraw, Raleigh, and Richmond formed the core of Patriot support in the South. Baltimore, Wimington, Pittsburgh, and New Brunswick were the centers in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Finally, in New England the Patriot cause found a home in New York, New Haven, Newport, Barnstable, and Norwich.Set Up: For the KingPCs placed in: Ticonderoga, NY; Petersburg, VA; Camden, SC.While Patriot colonists began to organize, British loyalists in Peterburg and Camden declared for the King. The ephemeral battle for the 'hearts and minds' of America was growing. In New York state, British loyalists insured control of Fort Ticonderoga remained with the British, giving Governor General Guy Carleton a safe and supplied avenue to advance from the North if desired.Turn 1 – Remainder of 1775 The British pull a Minor Campaign in their opening hand (Position C), and would like to play it. I roll a die to see if they can seize the initiative, which succeeds on a roll of 3 (needed 1-5).British Impulse 1A: 1 ops; B: Nathaniel Hale American Martyr; C: Minor Campaign; D: 3 ops; E: 3 ops;Nominated card: CPlayed card: CMinor Campaign card played, Carleton and Howe activated, as they are the only generals available. Howe moves first, attacking Washington in Lexington/Concord. Greene attempts to intercept, rolling a 5 (failure). Washington at[...]

Session: Loop Inc.:: Loop, Inc Session Report from Tri-Con Fall in Sioux City NE

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:28:48 +0000

by radagast14 Loop, Inc session report - Tri-Con, Sioux City NE, September 3rdTime travel has been a popular theme for board games the last couple of years. While I was disappointed Temporum didn't really feel like time traveling, I loved the mechanics of Steam Time. Of all the time travel games, however, perhaps the most thematic mechanic is the hand-management aspect of Loop, Inc in which players must repeat past actions in the same order while reliving the same day three times and adding new actions to the queue each time. So clever.Anyway, Loop Inc has become something of an obscure game since its release, so I thought it would be fun to run a session at Tri-Con. I was joined by Josh and Kenneth for a three-player game. I decided to use all of the Kickstarter extras for the game. Some of those, like the future trip cards, are indispensable and probably should have been included with the base game anyway. Others, like the Butterfly Effect tiles, are easy additions and add a nice thematic flair to the game.All three of us started out the game in Day 1 by drafting actions to get us components for our time machines. We also all drafted Ad actions to promote our trips. We all made an easy trip Day 1 with an Ad. But Day 1 is always easy. All three of us were within a point of each other. Things would get a lot more chaotic later.(Josh tries to decide what to do next. Loop, Inc is a real brain-burning puzzle sometimes.)It quickly became apparent to me during Day 2 that I had selected the wrong pair of components during Day 1 to outfit my first time machine with. While the pair was present on other trips, those trips didn't require duplicates of the components I had. I was faced with the prospect of either drafting an action card to Exchange the components I had or outfit my second time machine in a similar manner as my first, which might be okay during Day 2 but would not be very useful at all during Day 3. Still, I didn't want to expend the action or time to Exchange, so started outfitting my second time machine in a similar manner as my first. This would prove to be the wrong decision for me. Meanwhile, my opponents were both being more efficient than I was. They were launching their time machines sooner, visiting more valuable trips or visiting trips first, and moving the Butterfly Effect tiles to locations that were advantageous for them. I wound up having to take two tears (in the space-time continuum) during Day 2, one for being the second player to visit a trip and one for failing to be able to execute an action fully. After Day 2, I was starting to fall behind. My opponents were neck and neck, but I was five points back. Still, I figured if I could have a good Day 3 and fulfill my Performance Goal, I would have a chance to make a comeback.(Time machines all over the place towards the end of the game!)That proved to be a pipe dream. I drafted an Office early so I could score its points at the end of the game, which I figured I would need. But that hope was short lived as I accumulated two more tears, both for being unable to fully execute actions, and eliminated myself from the game as I disappeared from existence. I actually forgot about this rule during the game and continued to play, not that it made any difference. It was interesting to see just horribly wrong a game could go if allowed to spiral out of control fully, though. As for my opponents, they were both continuing to manage their hands much more effectively. They were within a couple of points of each other at the end of the game, but Josh edged Kenneth out during the end of game scoring thanks to having taken no tears at all and having maneuvered the best Butterfly Effect onto one of his trips.(My poor board at the end of the game. Five tears because I forgot I was supposed to be eliminated at four!)Final Score:Josh - 41Kenneth - 38Bry[...]

Session: Wyatt Earp:: Wyatt Earp Session Report from Spielbound Board Game Cafe in Omaha, NE

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:28:39 +0000

by radagast14 Wyatt Earp session report - Spielbound Board Game Cafe, Omaha NE, August 13th 2016(Geoff studies his opening hand)Wyatt Earp is a cool game I don't play nearly often enough. So, to encourage more frequent play, I decided to schedule a demo of it at Spielbound Board Game in Omaha, NE. I had a full table show up for the demo, Geoff, Rob, and Warren and his sister, Cecily, and we were soon under way.(Warren considers his first play. What's up with that shirt?)Sometimes this game starts a little slow if players have difficulty finding three-of-a-kinds to start laying down cards right away. But that wasn't the case in any of our hands throughout the game. In the first hand, it only took a few turns before everyone had at least one set of outlaw cards down in front of them. This game starts to swing one way or another when more than one player start battling for the same outlaw in the same hand. But this didn't happen in our game in the first hand. Each player played it pretty safe, piling up large stacks of outlaws unique to themselves and discouraging other players from even trying to get in on a share of the bounty. (Geoff prepares an attack - that's what he does)There were only a couple of sheriffs played the first round. Both of these things were pretty unusual from my experience, but resulted in a fairly even distribution of bounty funds when the hand ended. Everyone had between $6-$10 thousand dollars and there was only one outlaw, Billy the Kid, carrying an interesting amount of money over to the next round.(Rob defends himself from Geoff's inevitable attack)There was more conflict in the second hand. Geoff and Warren were struggling for the Billy the Kid's increasing bounty while Cecily and Rob exchanged hideouts. More Sheriff cards were played this hand and started a trend of consecutive successful shots that would last until the end of the game. (Cecily - a very friendly person in normal interactions, but won't hesitate to unleash doom on others around the board game table)Geoff wound up winning the majority of Billy the Kid's bounty, diversify his outlaw cards in play to get in on other bounties, and win an exclusive modest share of another outlaw's bounty - all of which resulted in him opening up a lead on the other players and get within striking range of the goal amount. But with several outlaws carrying over fair-sized bounties, the players recognized it was anyone's game if things broke right. Still, it seemed a safe bet the third hand would be the last one. The score after the second hand: Geoff - $23 thousand, Rob - $17 thousand, Warren - $15 thousand, Cecily - $12 thousand.(Geoff had an impressive display of cards in front of himself partway through the second hand)Unsurprisingly, Geoff became a target in the third hand. Other players challenged him for the outlaws he laid down and played multiple hideouts on him. But Geoff had an answer for them. A steady supply of Wyatt Earp cards enabled him to nullify the hideouts and get some choice cards in play. Unfortunately for Warren and Cecily, they were unable to make up much ground by failing to find any Sheriffs that added additional bounty money to the outlaws they were pursuing. (The circle of outlaws a little into the third hand)Rob, however, had a strong round and emptied his hand first. He won a majority of the funds of a couple of outlaws who carried money over to the third hand. Unfortunately, Geoff was in on both of those to cut down on the amount of ground Rob was endeavoring to gain. When the dust cleared and final bullets had ceased to fly, Geoff had done enough to hang onto the lead and emerge victorious.(Geoff looking confident)Final Score:Geoff - $35 thousandRob - $31 thousandWarren - $22 thousandCecily - 16 thousand [...]

Session: Conan:: First 2 games

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 07:18:49 +0000

by Schmaus

played 2 nights in a row with different group , both times saving the girl from the picts

decided to let them take 3 random heros and choose 1

had conan , yogah of yag, savage belit and big pict dude first time
didnt notice yogah had spellcaster so he had no spells .

They found the princess in the third hut , where the snake was.

I could have killed conan in round 5 but went for another hero because i just couldnt kill Conan because of a some weird moral twist , for the first game atleast (image)

had the heroes surrounded next turn with 7 minions surrounding 2 heroes carrying the Princess and pict chieftains head.

Yogah came charging in and sacrificed himself, dropping an explosive orb which was picked up by belith and thrown in the same area, Boom, 5 axes and all the minions dead , conan aswell , then she ran slowly to the exit of the map.
Heroes won, epic game . We all had a blast.

Second game , Yogah of Yag was picked random again, this time with spells. also had mercenary conan en Vanir Valkyirie .

They found the princess in the last hut , in the 7 th turn, The vanir valkyrie, NOT red Sonja (image) , ran away with the head from the chieftain with her escape skill. And Yogah just teleported away to safety in the last turn . With his concentration that prevents hindering, and his magic abilites still active till 8 encumberance it was easy as hell.

Still a very tight game. But for that scenario i wouldnt recommend giving Yogah of Yag teleport :-)


tonight we play again with another group, lets see how they fare.

Session: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: The Tales of U.S. Marshall Bill Derrick

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 05:18:34 +0000

by Yatsuo Written here are the histories of one Marshall Bill Derrick, as written by me, Vern Hicks. I have lived in the town of Brimstone for all my life, and have watched it go from a booming town in the west to what it is now...a horror-filled town fighting for it's very survival. Where once it was a bustling town full of miners and those who trade with them, now you only find bandits, hunters, and mutants. But I've come here to hear the stories of Bill, not the ramblings of an old man. U.S. Marshall William Derrick arrived in Tombstone shortly after all the chaos started. He appeared out of one of the many sandstorms that scour this part of the Southwest, riding in alone and stopping at the local saloon, which is where he and I first met. He was a grim man, with little in the way of social graces, and he wanted nothing to do with small talk; until, that is, you get a couple drinks into him-then, he is an open book. As the local musician, I often found myself alone in the bar, playing music only to myself, the young barmaid Alice, and the barkeep/owner Rolf. So it was with great surprise that we found Marshall Derrick back in our bar for four days straight, seemingly only there to drown whatever sorrows tore at him. Having seen him dismiss others when they approached him to talk, I knew I would have a hard time getting him to open up, but I also had this gnawing need to write down his story. With that need growing, I finally approached him and asked him if he would mind me writing his story. Looking up from his glass, bloodshot eyes burned into me as though searching for some truth I did not comprehend, the man stared at me for what felt like hours. Finally satisfied that he had found what it was he was looking for, he agreed to speak to me about his past, and what had drawn him to Brimstone.As it turned out, the Marshall had been living not 30 miles from Brimstone, and had raised his small family there for years. He had never been through Brimstone, as it was under another Marshall's territory, but knew of it's existence. He had also heard of the rumours of supernatural troubles assaulting the town. He was away from home two weeks ago, settling a land dispute down along the border, when he was called back home by his superiors. Upon arriving home, he found his house burned to the ground, his wife and two childern taken and presumably dead, with no true indication of what had happened. Although many wanted to blame the local natives, Marshall Derrick knew them and had an excellent relationship with them. He travelled to the closest tribe and sat down with the elders, hoping they could point him in the right direction. The Elder said that those who had taken his family had come from the east, from beneath the ground.Marshall Derrick immediately set of east, arriving in Brimstone on the trail of his family's abductor. With no true direction other than coming to town, he began searching the town for clues, but came up empty at every corner. It was on the fourth day that he met me, and the rest will be written as history.Marshall Derrick wandered through town, asking everyone he met if they had seen his family, or had heard rumours of what had happened. On the sixth day of his search he ran into a young widower named Elaine Dornell, who lived on and ran a ranch not far out of town, close to the hills. When she heard his tale, she immediately offered to help him, as long as he would help her at the same time. With an agreement in place, the two set off towards the hills.Once in the hills, Elaine told Bill about the strange group of creatures that had come through more than a week ago...described as small gangly creatures with tentacles sprouting from where their mouths were, the group of approximately 15 exited fro[...]

Session: Small World Underground:: Stop! There should've been hammer time...

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 02:47:59 +0000

by Older Nick ...Not to mention, more thieving, and genocide, and...Anyway, Emi brought over two buddies of his for an evening of gaming, and since my brother had recently gotten Small World Underground for his birthday, the choice of game was obvious.It turned out both of the new players were intelligent (and friendly) people, so the rules were quickly explained and we got underway.Arv started out with the Flocking Gnomes before Emi’s Immortal Will-O-Wisps set up shop across the river. My brother came in with some Thieving Lizardmen, who got slightly hampered by the Gnomes being un-thievable. (I just noticed that we played the Gnomes wrong...)Me, I started with some Frightened Drows, and this turned out better than expected. For the first turn, I was able to hide in a corner to grab some coins with Frightened, and since I was left alone the Drow ability kicked in on the following turn.The Kraken had been the first race available, but everyone had skipped them since they were paired with Adventurous. Kal didn’t mind though. He took the four coins we had left for him, and then claimed the entire river for himself.Unfortunately for Kal, the first four monsters carried Relics, so Adventurous turned out to be a dud.I was able to spread out immensely on the third turn, thus gaining a pile of coins from my Drows. Retaliations was as swift as it was expected. Emi had gone into decline the previous turn, and now came at me with a combination of Stone Embers and some really nasty Relics.The Sword of the Killer Rabbit, The Flying Doormat, The Shiny Orb, and The Stinky Troll’s Socks were all in play, setting up a very interesting situation. And the immediate Decline of my Drows.Meanwhile, the Gnomes had been left unchecked, raking in piles of coins. But they were now spread thin and open to attack. I reentered the game with Fisher Iron Dwarves, removing any Gnome that was in the vicinity of water. With some timely assistance from my brother’s Vampire Liches and Kal’s Royal Shadowmimes, the Gnomes were finally forced into Decline on the fifth turn.At this point, the Embers had carelessly left the Flying Doormat lying around. This became the bridge for a combined assault of Liches and Dwarves.Oddly enough, the retaliation missed me, and I was able to spread out along the river for another turn, grabbing lots and lots of coins.During all this, I forgot to use two Silver Hammers on one turn, wasting 1 point. As I noticed this (too late) I pointed out that “if I lose by 1 point, this is where it happened”.By now, Arv was back with Reborn Cultists. Reborn obviously did nothing this late in the game, but the presence of the Great Ancient and the newly discovered Crypt of the Tomb-raider made him virtually untouchable. Again.Emi hit the table with Shield Ogres, while my brother made a last attempt with the Vengeful Shrooms. Both of them stole some of my favourite fishing spots.As my Iron Dwarves were now running out of tokens, I went into decline one last time. My final assault would come in the shape of the Mystic Spiderines. Being able to jump all over the board to secure Mystic Crystal regions sure was a nice way to end the game.But it wasn’t enough. I ended up with 77 points. Which turned out to be, you guessed it, 1 less than Arv. Damn those forgotten Silver Hammers… That being said, the real reason Arv won was because we didn’t attack him just because the Gnomes canceled our abilities conquering abilities.I should know better than that...The final tally had Em at 68, Ka at 64, and my brother at 63. The latter had a few duds, perhaps keeping his Liches a turn longer than he should, and not having a chance to use the Vengeful ability so late in the game.While Kal’s initial grab of the river seemed nice, it also tur[...]

Session: The Daedalus Sentence:: Two plays and one win: it's time for some difficulty enhancers!

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 20:40:36 +0000

by mvettemagred

After receiving the game last weekend, I've managed to squeeze in two plays. Both were solo affairs with me playing two characters: Baxter and Audrey. Baxter has a +2 hand size, while Audrey can move 2 rooms for 1 action.

I used the first game to cement the rules. I was able to find the gates very quickly, and moved to the outer ring without having to explore very much on the blue, red and yellow rings. However, I found out the hard way that being on a minotaur spawning location at the end of your turn is a bad thing. I hadn't paid close attention to where the spawning location was on the green ring, and sure enough, right after I got to the green ring, a minotaur spawned in Audrey's room and captured her!

Baxter now had a very difficult job: get back to the prison cells and free Audrey. Since most of the station hadn't been explored yet, it was very difficult to reach the gates. Also, I didn't have immediate access to rooms that would allow me to swap cards with the Theseus board, so lots of enemies spawned. I was able to survive quite a few turns, but it became clear I wasn't going to be able to kill/avoid enough enemies and reach Audrey. The Loctae Scientists were very adept at getting out to the green ring, so I kept having to hide in a hatchery. I eventually gave up and called it a loss.

I reset the board and kept the same characters. I made a point of exploring more rooms on the inner rings, just in case I needed to come back to them. I got lucky by having two gates located adjacent to a wall, which made it a lot harder for the Scientists to reach those gates and move out to the next ring (they could only reach the gate when moving in one direction). I also got lucky by finding the "broken" gate on the yellow ring, so I didn't have to waste cards breaking the code. This session was a cakewalk until I got to the green ring. I started spawning minotaurs left and right while exploring the ring. I even spawned a Scientist in a room! Also, the very first room I explored on the green ring had a wall on one side, so I had to explore only in one direction.

I finally found the escape pod room in the second to last room on the ring. When obtaining the gate code I found out it had 5 enemy cards in it! That was going to be challenging, as I only had 2 enemy cards between the characters. Audrey ran back to a control room and swapped two enemy cards from the Theseus board. Meanwhile, Baxter explored the final room on the green ring, hoping to find a control room, comm relay, or research lab. Instead, he found a minotaur, causing him to have to use a card to defeat him. That left me 2 enemy cards short. Next turn Audrey was able to grab another card from Theseus, but didn't have any more non-enemy cards to swap. I took a chance and had Baxter spend 2 actions to draw a random card -- it was an enemy card! Now that I had the 5 enemy cards, I had Audrey run back to the escape pod and had both characters spend an action to jointly decode the gate. They escaped into the cold vacuum of space!

After playing just these two solo games, I can see how using some of the Difficulty Enhancers will be necessary to keep the game challenging. Obviously, having more players or characters would also increase the challenge. I will try to get the wife to play it with me this weekend; we'll see how it goes!

Session: Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged:: My First Game - 10/16/16 - Pit Bulls vs Bighorns

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 19:59:57 +0000

by jt4jc Game Recap - My Son (Pit Bulls) vs Me (Bighorns):Pit Bulls win the coin toss and elect to start on offense.First Half:-Pit Bulls throws an errant pass that is just off target and the Bighorns intercept the ball but is tracked down before he could take it back to the house.-Bighorns score quickly off of a QB sneak into the end zone that was preceded by a monster block by the TEBighorns 7, Pit Bulls 0-Sven Worthlessburger drops back to pass and is brutally tackled by the Defensive End on a blitz coughing up the ball. Somehow Sven is able to recover the ball. The safety is out of position trying to get the fumble leaving the receiver wide open down the sideline for an 80 yard TD.Pit Bulls 7, Bighorns 7- Bighorns, running out of time, call for a quick route. The nose tackle busts through the line with a partial success. Phil Manly takes advantage of the partial success and moves toward the left to the quick routing receiver. The next moment Manly throws it on target to the receiver. Running down the sideline the Safety catches up with him and epically fails to bring him down and falls down in front of the receiver. The receiver moves around the fallen defender and heads toward the end zone where the last defender catches him on the goal line as the time runs out for the half.HALFTIME: Pit Bulls 7, Bighorns 7-Bighorns start with the ball for the second half.-After getting barely moving the ball up the field for three downs the Bighorns find themselves with 4th down and 75 yards to score.-Terry David takes the hike. There is a failed attempt at block on the line allowing Roy Gonnamaulu to get through and lay the heavy hit on Davis who immediately coughs up the ball!-The receiver runs back to pick up the ball and moves backwards to keep the play alive. While Roy pursues the receiver and brings additional defensive pressure his teammate attempts to shove an Offensive lineman to utter fail. This gives Terry the opportunity to get up a make his way down the field. The receiver sees Terry streaking down the field and hits him in stride around the 50. It's a mad dash to the end zone as two defenders catch up with Terry at the goal line but run out of gas as Terry crosses the goal line.Game Note: My son had put so much pressure on me that I ran out of cards on the bench while he had 5 cards left. Fortunately he used up all of his defenders that were sitting on top of my player and could only move guys way far away from me. Because Terry was #7 I had first move before his defenders close to me could do anything and I scored once we reset our 5 programmed cards.Bighorns 14, Pit Bulls 7 with time for just a couple of plays left in the game.-Pit Bulls drop back to pass and with a blitz the defense is able to make a quick sack on the goal line. Pit Bulls call a timeout.-Pit Bulls put Roy Gonnamaulu as the QB. Drops back with yet another blitz from the defense. Multiple attempts and failures result in Terry Davis getting knocked down multiple times and others on the Pit Bulls failed in reaction causing chaos in the end zone and bodies fly all over the place knocking multiple players to the ground while time on the clock runs out.-Among the chaos, Kerry Keen is able to make his way to the QB in the end zone just destroying him; this makes the ball pop out about 15 yards away. One of the defensive linemen picks it up and hands the ball off to another def lineman who then is able to barely push his way into the end zone leaving the coach of the Pit Bulls dumbfounded.FINAL SCORE Bighorns 21, Pit Bulls 7.[Cross posted on Facebook Group Page] [...]

Session: Mage Knight Board Game:: First game thoughts

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 19:59:41 +0000

by rakehell

First off: What a wonderful resource BGG is. I've recently become interested in solo gaming and the ability to explore, read reviews, get links to videos, and eventually even pick up a game from the marketplace is invaluable. My thanks to everyone who posts videos, rules clarifications, enthusiastic reviews, and the like.

With that said... what a beast, this game!

It will probably get on my nerves eventually, but I liked the long set up time; ritualistic, like something epic was going to happen. A montage in a movie of the hero sharpening his sword and polishing his armour before entering the field of battle.

As for the session itself, I was following the walkthrough and so probably encountered only half of what the game has on offer. One thing that was hard for an old role-player to get used to is the way wounds are assigned, since a little voice in the back of my head kept saying "surely armour should stop ALL the damage", so I had to stay aware of that.

I did really like the highs and lows between having a hand with which I could do nothing I wanted and having a hand in which I spent all my cards and accomplished what felt like everything and more. I'm sure it runs smoother eventually, but I had quite a few "A-HA!" moments where I'd realise that I can turn a card sideways to accomplish something after all or pondering my turn for ages only to eventually realise that mana die sitting in the source allowed me to do something different than what I planned, but which ultimately turned out more beneficial.

I'm really looking forward to exploring this game further and getting into some deeper waters. I'm keen to play with the other characters and see how that changes the game, and there are always the expansions.

As a solo experience all I can say is that it's quite different from "Friday". (image)

Session: Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged:: My first game...

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 19:47:13 +0000

by moonrally Highlights from Psychedelia field! (My printer ran out of green half way through and so the rest of the pitch looks a bit tie dyed! I'll try and post a pic soon).Lumberjacks vs BullsThis was my first game, I played solo (wanted to get the rules down to show others/couldn't wait to play) and I'd said over on the Kickstarter that my first game would be reigniting the early 90s rivalry of the Lumberjacks and Bulls... it was great fun!First HalfThe first half was a TD-fest with both Defences looking like they hadn't got up to play. I guess this was expected with 2 high powered offences on the field. Nothing too much of note here other than 4 passing TDs where scored:Dakota to Richard(#63) 80 yardsCakeman to Sandman 80 yardsDakota to Nice 80 yardsCakeman to Sandman to end the half, think it was a 25 yarder.14-14 HTSecond half.Here's where the real fun began (and the scoring stopped!). Maybe the cards had been on my side (I was playing on offence vs random cards on D) or maybe I wasn't quite getting D in the first half but it all changed in the 2nd. I'll go into detail on 2 plays that were a lot of fun in the second half:Play #1: Bulls #68 is streaking to the endzone! He's at the 15, the 10, the 5, TOUCH-wait! Out of nowhere Richard #63 tackles him from behind at the 1... And the ball is LOOSE, picked up by Richard! He streaks down the other way all the way to the 10yard line before being taken down! This play was a lot of fun as I went through the whole deck for the first time and then had to go back to the drawing board whilst the play was live.Play #2: After a couple of tackles for a loss it's 3rd down on the 30, Dakota takes the snap. Blitz by the Bulls - Emmitt breaks lose in the back field. Next card flips over, it's Emmitt again. Dakota sensing pressure uses QB read to get out of there rolling out to the left. Next cards bring more pressure on Dakota but Nice has shaken off #34 and created a free play. Dakota is within 6 squares but Nice is covered by Sandman and #46, Dakota uses his Route Passing ability and puts it in space, but it's a failure! Sandman pounces, the ball is his, doubles on the sports check, he tips it up in the air towards... Bulls #45 INTERCEPTION! #45 is clogged up in the middle of the field and tries to make a run for it... BAM!, #46 for the Lumberjacks, Moonrally with the big hit and THE BALL IS KNOCKED LOOSE, FUMBLE! Straight into the arms of Sandman, he tries to break loose himself, only one person can stop him from getting a hand off to Emmitt in the open field... It's Moonrally AGAIN with the tackle. (FInally) end of play. That one play late in the 2nd half was so much fun! 3 times the ball was juggled about and the Bulls nearly got away with it.The clock wound down with a couple more downs from the Bulls getting them to around the Lumberjacks 30, but with no time outs left the game ended tied 14-14. 14-14 FTProbably a fair result between the 2 old rivals.MVP - Sandman, he's quick but he can make you feel like you're running through treacle if he's close by.Other thoughts. I wasn't sure what to make of Dakota before the game, he has 3 passing skills but I wondered ow well they'd go together. Brilliantly as it turns out. QB read and Route Passing are great together for getting out of trouble. And Route Passing goes well with Shake, I think if Nice didn't have Sandman shadowing him all game he'd have a few more TDs.In conclusion, the game is great... I might have another go tonight!TLR - just read 'Play #2' to get the highlight of the game! [...]

Session: Mechs vs. Minions:: Session report of first couple of missions.

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 17:09:10 +0000

by doclj86 As someone lucky enough to have received the game 19/10/16, and have a wife kind enough to have already played through the first 2 missions with me I thought I finally stop lurking and give something back to the BGG community!I apologise if this isn’t any good- it’s my first time!!- Also I’m not a person who can invent a good story around a game so it won’t be as brill as some of other amazing session reports other do, but here goes!FIRSTLY: SPOILER ALERT: This report will contain details of the story and first 2 missions in the campaign: including strategies we used to WIN!! I don’t imagine there is anything ground breaking below and most will have seen the ideas of these 2 missions on reviews: But just thought I better warn people!Date: 19/10/16Venue: Kitchen table, My House, Devon, England, UKPlayers: Me: Heimerdinger, Wife: TristanaWe were using the soundtrack and radio play supplied on the mechs vs minions’ website. TutorialWe initially watched the short video giving the overview of how to program your mech found on the MvM page, this gave my wife (who knew nothing about the game beforehand pretty much all the info she needed to get started!)We then listened to the radio play, it gives a nice little bit of extra scenery to the game and despite my sense of humour not usually appreciative of slapstick, obvious jokes, I actually found myself smiling more than once! The best thing about the radio play is the way it introduces the next mission without you having to open up anything: for example we stopped at the end of the second mission: but without opening the next dossier we have a pretty good idea what we are going to be up against in mission 3, and can look forward to it!The tutorial was as easy as you’d expect. In the first draft we both picked up a ripsaw I think and all crystals were smashed by the end of 2 rounds of executing our command lines. Then the fun starts a bit… suddenly minions spawned over the map and we had to take them out. Again easily done but felt like we getting in the spirit.Mission 1With the discovery that Rumble has been powering his lab with a bomb: and what looks like a WW2 naval mine. We were tasked with dragging the ticking explosive out of the school to a nearby repair pad. Our plan was simple: my wife would long range sniper the marauding minions from long range with rip-saws and I would push/tow the bomb up the field to the pad. All started well… the initial draft got me an omnistomp and speed allowing me to land in the spot right next to the bomb ready to tow it up the field… and my wife got her rip-saw and another movement card and dutifully started “covering” me. Smug was I in our assured victory as all I had to do now was continue in a straight line to the repair pad and victory was ours… However it was then that I realised that my speed would allow me to tow the bomb (having 2 movement)… but omnistomp would then force me to not only not move the bomb… but also move away from it where towing was impossible! Our only hope for a quick assured victory was if another omnistomp came up in the draft, allowing me to increase movement from 1 to 2 thereby being able to use it as a towing move… completely to our surprise and luck… it did! I carried on my slow drudge up the field pulling the unstable large explosive device behind me! My wife meanwhile had become significantly more deadly and had my left flank almost completely clear of minions!! The next turn I improved my firepower a bit as I approached a pack of minions… the only option was to go straight through them… this we knew would allow the bomb to take[...]

Session: Mea Culpa:: First Home Play - 4 players

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 14:42:26 +0000

by droogiefret

We got this to the table unexpectedly last night, two of us having played one game to completion at Essen with a demonstrator. So we needed to do a bit of punching, we could remember the game pretty well without the rulebook - we did need to check a few things.

After rules, we took maybe 2 hours ... but we were questioning a few things and deliberately extending the game by progressing all three cathedrals - I don't think the game should normally take above 90mins.

I love the theme and mechanics and two of us really enjoyed the game. One of our four was a little disappointed that the scores were so close at the end, considering that some seemed to be playing more successfully than others. Does that mean there is too much random?

Certainly there is random. I spent most of the game closest to hell but came through narrowly at the end having one more set than the others. And that in part due to good fortune with which Cathedral finished first and matched well with my fairly meagre donations. One of us donated over 50 money to the second cathedral for no concomitant reward.

But - I'll get this game out again in a heartbeat as soon as my friends want to play it. Some strategy, some luck with the cards, a measure of take that, and lots of potential for laughter (like every time the Pope announces he has an 'urgent appointment' and we all discuss which room in the house of pleasure he's sidled off to!).

My tip: Don't forget to lay out initial bonuses during setup (we did). Remember the rule of thumb that all decisions, ties and moves rule in favour of the poor soul closest to hell (that will save some rulebook checking).

Session: Under the Southern Cross:: Battle of Islay

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 14:02:07 +0000

by raynovich

Hey all,
First post for this new exciting addition to the Flying Colors series.

Chris Valk and I played an introductory "chase" scenario where the Chilean's (me) tried to chase down the Peruvian/Confederate smaller force.

The historical results is considered a stalemate, but both sides claimed victory as the Confederates escaped under darkness with no losses.

In our playtest, I was a bit sloppy, learning better through the tactics played by Chris (Boy, chase guns are important!). I need to use chase guns better. Still got a few rules wrong, but am closer to playing the game near to 100% correctly.

Anyway, we had few volleys of broadsides with the rigging of my Chilean 6th rate ships, Libertad and Aquiles, damaged (6 Riggings a piece) My G rated ships were generally intact with minimal damaged.

The Valk's Confederate ships made excellent use of the chase guns. He tagged my ships, but the Chilean ships went for broadsides with raking and successfully sunk a G rated ship (Forget which one, Junin or Fundador).

After the ship became Vulnerable, Valk decided to flee with his two mostly intact ships. The problem. . . his third ship sunk. The VP total became 1vp Chile vs. 0vp Confederates. A chase ensued for three or four turns only to have the Confederates Break Off.

Now with the Chilean 6th rated ships not being able to be at Full Sail with the commanders on them, it would have only been a matter of time for the two remaining ships to flea the battlefield, but given the rules, they broke off and the final VP totals would have been 1VP Chile vs. 0VP Confederates and a win for my Chileans.

This scenario is an excellent introductory scenario to teach the system to players. There are only two special scenario rules that are to used. There are no shoals or other special rules. The scenario works well.

Looking forward to trying another scenario soon!

Session: Road to Washington:: August 29 - Full day scenario

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 09:38:27 +0000

by jmcurley This is a revised version of Road to Washington’s Scenario 8, “August 29.” It is played on my new map, not the map accompanying the game. The opening has historical deployments, and the morning period roughly follows historical orders and activities. The afternoon period is different. An ‘orders’ sub-system is used, as well as a number of house rules.Morning Phase6:00 am - Morning opens with the forces far apart. Mj. Gen Sigel (1v Corps commander) is the senior Union Commander of the field.Jackson’s forces are nowhere in the sight of the Union, but are presumed to be in the hills and woods towards Sudley.Pope’s order to Sigel, received around midnight, is to "attack the enemy vigorously the next morning."Sigel’s two divisions are on Henry Hill and Bald Hill, with Milroy’s independent brigade on Chinn ridge overlooking the Warrenton Turnpike.Reynolds’ division, which arrived on the field the prior evening as the Brawner’s Farm battle was progressing, is arrayed in fields near Wheeler’s Farm.Jackson’s forces are, left to right: AP Hill’s Light division, Ewell’s division (commanded by Brig. General Lawton) and then Jackson’s division (commanded by Brig. General Starke) – along the line mostly defined by the unfinished railroad. Early heads up two brigades, his own and Hays’ brigade (commanded by Col. Forno) along Pageland Lane, with a single battery (Johnson). Robinson’s cavalry brigade rests near the crossing of Pageland lane and the railroad, to Early’s left.9:00 am - Sigel, not knowing precisely the location of Jackson’s forces, spreads his commands out in exploratory attacks.Schurz’s division proceeds on the Union right near Sudley. Milroy’s brigade is in the middle in Groveton Woods. Schenk’s division is on the left in the woods near the Cundiff house; his skirmishers facing off with confederate skirmishers deployed by Early.Reynolds deploys around the W. Lewis House on Schenk’s left.Col. Krzyzanowski finds the Confederate line first. It is along the unfinished railroad, Gregg’s brigade, and Col. Krzyz begins the morning attack – but without success.A brief foray by Milroy in the Groveton Woods against Lawton’s troopers is also repelled.10:30 am – Kearny’s division has arrived and is now deploying on and north of Matthews to assist Schurz. Hooker’s long line is marching across the BullRun on the Warrenton Turnpike. Reynolds has deployed a forward battery (Cooper’s) near Brawner’s farm to test the confederate line; briefly and unsuccessfully.The van of Longstreet’s Wing, Hood’s division, with General R.E. Lee, is just arriving on the field (far side of map) after its morning tramp from Thoroughfare Gap and through Gainesville.11:00 am – Hooker’s division has deployed in the Union center.Hood’s division, his own brigade and Col Law’s, has deployed in line arrayed across the Warrenton Turnpike. Kemper’s division is to Hood’s right near the Hampton Cole residence. More Confederates are arriving.Krzyzanowski and Schimmelfennig, aided now by Birney of Kearny’s division, attack Thomas’ and Gregg’s brigades. Again, it is ultimately unsuccessful.Meanwhile, Poe’s brigade (Kearny’s division) crosses Bull Run and poses a problem for the Confederate’s far left.11:15 am – Poe initially challenges the 1st Virginia cavalry, but enfilading artillery fire from across Sudley ford, coordinated by Captain Pelham, breaks up the lone Union brigade.A late-morning message for Longstreet arrives from Stuart, who with Robertso[...]

Session: Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA:: My first game

Thu, 20 Oct 2016 07:57:49 +0000

by Ganner So, back from Essen and I finally got the time to try this so awaited game.My first thought, and maybe kind of a disappointment, is that it's longer than I thought. The first game took two hours. Well, as it was the first time, every player took time to read the cards and reread them because there's so much to think of while playing. For the same reason, the leveling took a bit of time too. Maybe it'll become faster later.Also, there was a player who asked his teammates about every action he should take. For another game, I'll insist that though communication is necessary, each player should play their own character and keep at it.This first game gathered six players. Out of the six, two were clearly disappointed while the other four (including myself) felt a great potential and wanted to play more.As we didn't really know the characters, we decided to attribute them randomly. We knew it could cause unbalance, but in the end, it seems to me both team was quite balanced. We had: the Barbarian, the Spellsword and the Sniper against the Aspiring Witch, the Envoy of the Queen and the Alchemist. Myself playing the Barbarian. Your thoughts on the balance are welcome.It began pretty well with both team rushing against the minions. Then on turn 2 or 3 (probably 3), I killed the last ennemy minion just under the nose of the Aspiring Witch. Immediately, her player (which I'll call the Aspiring Witch for obvious reasons)decided she didn't like how a single initiative point could make such a difference.I think she just believed she'll get our last minion first and was very displeased that she didn't predict someone could prevent it. It actually didn't have such a negative impact on them. On the contrary, they got to slaughter our newly placed minions without us being able to advance enough and they took a bit of advance in the leveling.But the deed was done and the Aspiring Witch stayed in a bad mood. The dragging game didn't help.The enemy killed our Sniper and continued to take some advance, but a stupid mistake of the Alchemist let our Sniper get her vengeance not long after while both Barbarian and Spellsword focused on Wasp and finally defeated her leaving only the Aspiring Witch surrounded by three of her minions against all of our team and our last remaining minion.I think the Aspiring Witch was tired. We had tested all kinds of Essen games before during the day and it probably had its toll. Anyway, surrounded by three ennemies including the Barbarian in close range, she decided to kill the remaining minion. Next card was my attack (and it was already revealed). Let's just say she didn't enjoy her newly earned coins very long.From here on, we obtained a huge boost in coin and the ennemy team stopped playing correctly. They attacked one by one, focused too much on the minions and basically fed us more coins while we slowly moved the line towards their base. The bad mood of the Aspiring Witch got to the Alchemist. He felt useless, saying the teams weren't balanced and globally waiting for their iminent defeat.Sadly, what with players still taking their time, it didn't come as fast as he hoped for. We stopped the game maybe two turns before our obvious victory.For their sake, they really tried to continue playing until the end. But it became painful even for the winning team as it was obvious they didn't take any pleasure in playing anymore. I think for next games, I'll also insist that a team has the right to surrender. This will avoid any unnecessary pain when it becomes obviou[...]

Session: Thornwatch:: Session Report: Lessons from minimal party size

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 20:09:29 +0000

by culix I ran a two-player Thornwatch session and it brought up some interesting differences with a small party.Setup2 players, Guard and Blade. Neither player had played Thornwatch before, but both were quite familiar with other board games and card games.I placed 4 terrain cards out of 6 allowed. Something to make the map interesting, but not enough to overwhelm new players.Scene: The Singer In The Dark. Players must defeat all of the monsters before monsters kill all of the villager NPCs.20 minutes to set up and explain the rules.30 minutes to play.No Hero Dice for an easier learning curveAs I was explaining the rules the players seemed a bit distracted by other life events. I wasn't getting the vibe that adding another rule for roleplaying and Hero Dice would be well received, so I skipped it. I left out the mechanic of trait cards and Hero Dice entirely. At first I felt bad for denying the players the ability to earn better dice. However, after the session I brought up the rules and showed them the trait cards and how they worked. Both players commented that they thought the mechanic seemed neat, but they were glad to not have one extra thing to learn during their first session. They felt like there was enough to learn as-is, and they'd be happy to add it in the future.Previously I ran a session with five (different) players and they really enjoyed the trait cards, so perhaps it's just something that depends on the group. It's good that Thornwatch can still work when customized.Players won easily, but I have no complaintsThis was an extremely easy scene for the players. With only two Thornwatch present only two Glider enemies spawn onto the map. The Thornwatch killed one of them fairly quickly, after which it was very difficult to kill any villagers.Villagers use the same enemy mechanics for death, needing two hits to become "on the edge" and then killed. This makes it difficult to kill any Villagers with a single Glider and one attack; the Villagers must be randomly dealt last on the Momentum track when the round begins.In this case I was running the game for the first time with two new players, so I had no problem with the scene being easy and them winning. Perhaps this scene is intended as the new player intro? But I'm still curious about future sessions.How should Thornwatch work with few enemies?What should the Judge do if there is only one monster left in the scene and the goal is to kill NPCs? Is all hope lost and the players have basically won at that point? For the Singer In The Dark scene with two players it feels easy for the players to win - they only need to kill a single Glider to have one enemy left on the board. I changed my tactics to have the monster deal maximum damage to the players, which was nice because they had to experience the wound system. But it's a bit unsatisfying to be denied victory so easily.Perhaps it's possible to add a rule for the last enemy to 'go berzerk' and gain an extra attack. This feels a bit inelegant, but I'd like to playtest it and see. Perhaps it would be useful to have more Gliders in the scene and weaken their stat block. e.g. the scene could start with Gliders = (# of players + 1).For the Swamp Choir boss scene and other battles I'm not concerned about games ending in this way, since the main goal may be to deal so many wounds to the party that they are overwhelmed and fail. The Swamp Choir has powerful attacks and three Momentum cards, allowing them to dish out wounds nicely.Momentum cards - an ele[...]

Session: 1809: Napoleon's Danube Campaign:: A Bohemian ending…

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 14:07:19 +0000

by Aussie550 Well, as the saying goes…'All good things must come to an end’, and so my continuing game of 1809, which has graced the table for a few months now reached a point where it was determined that further play would not provide any greater enjoyment than that which had already been provided by the game.This final AAR covers two gaming sessions spread over a few weeks.Previous AAR - “In this position of affairs, I greatly desire the arrival of your Majesty” GT12-1st/2nd May- Weather –FairWith the approach of the main French army under Napoleon towards Regensburg, Bellegarde and Kollowrat are issued commands to fall back across the Danube at Regensburg and burn the crossing in an attempt to hold up the French advance into Bohemia.GT13- 3rd/4th May-Weather- FairWith the continuing spate of good weather the French catch up and throw a pontoon across the Danube and commence crossing in strength…the Austrians had not anticipated the ability of the French to cross at such short notice and are suddenly feeling vulnerable. Vienna morale drops from +2 to +1 when Regensburg is retaken.GT14-5th/6th May- Weather –MudThe Austrians attempt to retreat into Bohemia towards Cham and both Bellegarde and Kollowrat combine their forces and seek advantageous terrain, but Napoleon, Lannes and others arrive and prepare for battle. Bernadotte arrives with the Saxons from the Northern edge and heads towards Cham…the Austrians are starting to become uneasy.A split battle is commenced with 41,000 men under Lannes attacking 19,000 men under Bellegarde as the first phase of battle, both sides lose 4,000 men but the Austrians retreat. An anomaly in the type of battle became apparent from this point on, with the Austrians choosing mainly ‘Pursuit’ type battles and the French ‘Pitched’. However even if the Austrians won the first round, which they did on a number of occasions, they were forced to counterattack at a disadvantage and generally lost the second round….I think that next time I would use the amended rules in the Consolidated 1x rules by Dick Vohlers allowing an override result – see clause 400 of this rules set –“ In a pursuit override’ the winning side takes it losses as a retreat and the loser may attempt to pursue, taking his combat result as SP losses…”The next attack by Napoleon with 25,000 men was against Kollowrat with 20,000 men…once again the Austrians are defeated but retreat a fair distance…a full pursuit is undertaken and this results in 8,000 Austrian losses to 4,000 French…as this is a critical battle the French roll and are successful so Vienna Morale falls from +1 to 0.Napoleon pursues further into Bohemia, but this is almost at the end of French Despatch distance.GT15-7th/8th May- Weather-RainSeeking to take advantage of French pre occupation north of the Danube, Charles and the main army attempt to cause trouble for the French in the Southern sector. Rosenberg with 18,000 is ordered to cross the Isar at Landshut and drive away the French in front of him. Lefebvre has only 8,000 men and while both sides lose 4,000men, the French are driven back, although the Austrians are in no state to pursue… GT16-9th/10th May –Weather-FairSeeking to further exploit his limited success, Charles orders his forces to combine. Louis and Jellacic, who have been resting near Munich are given an Admin March order and directed to march on Moosburg. The French rapidly reinforce Lefebvre and 33,000 Fr[...]

Session: Pirates of the Spanish Main:: VASSAL Campaign Game 2 (continued)

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 11:13:23 +0000

by a7xfanben I'm not sure if anyone looks at the Sessions threads after they've been posted, but for campaign games I always keep posting in the original thread rather than starting a new thread for each report. Either way, CG2 has gotten more exciting lately, so here are some of the reports from the original thread.6/30/2016We have begun using the new version of the Pirates module to play CG2.Exciting things are finally happening!My English launched the [card="94688"]Baochuan[/card] with [card="94689"]Admiral Zheng He[/card] and [card="95537"]Katsura-chan[/card]!The [card="117179"]Zeus[/card] is loose! Xerecs' Pirates respond with a 10 master of their own!However, the English have attacked! They're not going to be nice like they were in CG1! Whirlpool sub squadron ATTACK!The Terror came through a whirlpool first, using El Cazador's custom Nobunaga marine crew to shoot a mast off the Pride, a Pirate schooner. Then the Slipstream followed suit, using Major Peter Sharpe to blast off another mast. To complete the attack, HMS Oxford sailed through the whirlpool and was given an AA (Admiral's Action - the crew you must roll a 6 with) to knock three masts off the nearby Darkhawk II and steal a coin!9/26/2016CG2 has finally continued!The English press their attack! (southwest of the center) The Pirates managed a nice counterstrike, dismasting the Oxford! However, more submarines were on the way! The Terror and Slipstream were followed through the whirlpool by the Mobilis and Hephaestus, as well as HMS Bolingbroke! The Bolingbroke splintered masts on the Darkhawk II and the Thirty Tyrants, while the Terror surfaced to shoot at the Windjammer! The Pride has been dismasted, but the Pirates have the Broken Key and Ranger nearby to help recover from the raid.After another turn, the English and Pirates have unloaded quite a lot of gold, while the French appear to be heading east, despite the flat earth rules. Up close in the action! The Bolingbroke was dismasted, and is due to be scuttled. The Terror was sunk! The other English-controlled subs were ineffective, but they had a final ship join them: HMS Success. She was given an AA (admiral's action) after coming through the whirlpool, inflicting minor damage on the Ranger. This burst of combat has spiced up the game, and we hope to continue soon!In terms of launches, El Cazador launched a custom 5 master, while I launched HMS Durham with Lord Cutler Beckett, giving the English 4 total AA (admiral action) crew.10/3/2016Two more turns have been played. HMS Success and HMS Oxford were captured by the Pirates, who launched the Prussian Crown, presumably to deal with the Mercenary subs hired by the English. Those three subs were ineffectively ramming the various Pirate gunships in the area, while Major Peter Sharpe missed sinking the Oxford (to deny the Pirates from using her).The French nearly sailed off Ocean's Edge, but had second thoughts and eventually turned their ships around. Introducing El Cazador's custom Hyrule faction to the game, the French launched the RHS Nayru and built Hyrule Castle on their home island!At the end of my turn, the English launched the Shui Xian and hired crew for the Baochuan!10/7/2016More turns have been played with very interesting developments.The English did something I believe to be unprecedented. After launching the Shui Xian, they proceeded to launch the Zhanfu on their next turn! The Zhanfu is one of the 10 [...]

Session: DungeonQuest Revised Edition:: A Tale of Lost Time

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 09:50:42 +0000

by Yatsuo *Solo play with 4 heroes*It was a fine summer's day when four friends gathered outside the dragon's lair. Challara, Lindel, Krutzbeck, and Brother Gherrin had decided to brace the dungeon and acquire as much tresure as they could.Challara would enter the dungeon first, and taking her first step in, the room instantly rotated on its axis with a loud grinding noise. Undaunted. challara continued deeper into the dungeon. Unfortunately, luck would forever be against her; even with her careful steps and cautious approach, she managed to set off no fewer than 4 traps-2 explosions reducing her health by 8. Then, after delving deeper, she encountered two locked doors which, when forced open, triggered spike traps to cause further damage. Eventually Challara would find her way to the dragon's lair, but far behind her other friends.Lindel would enter second, and all of the bad luck that followed Challara would translate into great luck for Lindel. With the occasional search, Lindel quickly amassed a small fortune in gold. Almost effortEssay, he made his way to the dragon's lair, triggering only one poison gas trap which briefly delayed him. On top of that, a brief struggle with s skeleton caused no damage to him, and gave Lindel yet another chance to gain some loot. With the utmost ease, Lindel was the second hero into the dragon's lair, following Krutzbeck into the lair only one turn behind.Krutzbeck also entered the dungeon and had a fairly easy time of it. Much to his disappointment, he found no enemies to battle. Only once did he come close to injury, although it likely would have spelled his doom had it connected. With a loud swoosh, Krutzbeck was just able to avoid the swinging blade trap set to behead him. As the first person to enter the dragon's lair, he would have his choice of treasures found within.And then, there was Brother Gherrin. Where Lindel and Krutzbeck seemed to have an easy time of it, almost casually strolling into the dragon's den, and Challara who struggled every step, but would eventually find her way there, Brother Gherrin never got close. After entering the dungeon, he quickly found himself in a set of rooms that doubled back on themselves. Forced to go back to the entrance he had chosen, the monk wasted precious time backtracking to find a new path. A few stair cases led down in to the catacombs, but rumours from other adventurers kept him from journeying down. And then, the while trying to find a path, a golem stepped out of an alcove, forcing The monk to face it in combat. Suffering three wounds himself, Brother Gherrin did enough damage to destroy the man-made monstrousity. At this point, all of the others had entered the dragons lair and were busy looting. And then, the pivotal moment of the whole adventure-stepping into s room, Brother Gherrin unknowlingly triggered another trap-this one caused every room in the dungeon to rotate, blocking off any further forward momentum for the monk. After considering his position, he realized he should just cut his losses and exit the dungeon...after all the walking he had done, he was no further than 4 rooms away from the exit.As Brothee Gherrin was finishing off the golem, Challara had just entered the dragon's lair, and had searched once. Krutzbeck had searched four times, Lindel twice. As Challara picked up her small treasure, a loud rumble could be heard throughout the dungeo[...]

Session: HOP!:: Impressions from a game at Essen

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 08:16:38 +0000

by Clive_Bixby

This is a short session report from a game I played in Essen.

We had just arrived at the fair and coincidentally stood at a table where two people wanted to start a game and asked us to join. We didn't have the smallest inkling what the game was about but it looked nice, so we sat down and a nice girl with a unicorn bow explained the rules to us.

The rules are straight-forward and quite easy. You throw the rainbow-ring and a player chosen by you has to catch it. Sometimes a third person tries to make it harder for the both them. Obviously, you have to throw the ring doing silly stuff like lying flat on a chair or throwing it over the back of your shoulder and so on...

Other players (if any) will bet on the outcome of the throw. If they guess right, they get a reward, if they guess wrong they get a small penalty.

The game is fun, very silly fun as you probably can imagine. The kid in the group I played with seemed to really, really enjoy the game. I imagine many kids will agree.

The production quality is quite high, almost too high in my opinion. You get really nice minis that you do not really use. You just place them on different parts of the cloud in the middle, that functions as some kind of a victory point tracker, although it is just used to break ties.

This leads to the hefty price tag (45 Euros at the fair), which in my opinion is just a bit too high for the game. I would play it again though, maybe at a party or with children.

Session: Silent Victory: U.S. Submarines in the Pacific, 1941-45:: USS Dolphin and USS Darter (Capt Dunster)

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 00:57:36 +0000

by wazdaka This is my first session report, and first outing on Silent victory.Start the war with USS Dolphin, a Narwhal class boat.Captain DunsterDecember 1941. Set sail for the empire, on a revenge mission after the attack at Pearl harbor.Drop off my passenger with no problem.Konri (F) 3100T SunkDaishin (T) 5900T SunkInazuma (DD) 2000T SunkBronze Star 11000T sunkGood start with little damage so only one month refit.-------------------------------------------------------------------------March 1942 - MarshallsPassenger dropped off Unkai (F) 3300T EscapedEscort (DD) 1200T SunkShinyo (F) 2000T SunkNichinan (F) 2800T SunkHakonesan (F) 6700T EscapedKachidoki (P) 10500T Sunk 73 survivors rescued. Thank goodness I have a Narwhal.Silver star - 16500T sunkLooking good. Little damage.-------------------------------------------------------------------------June 42 - MidwayPassenger dropped offTAIHO (CV) 31000T Sunk! YehaTeihoku (P) 5800T EscapedNichsun (F) 2700T SunkShiritaka (ML) 1300T EscapedNavy Cross - 33700T sunk Exec promoted to expertDue to large amount of damage taken I succesfuly upgrade my ship to The Darter, a new Gato class boat. -------------------------------------------------------------------------September 42 - MarshallsGinyo (F) 8600T SunkHayasui (T) 6500T SunkKanko (F) 900T EscapedEscort (DD) 1200T Missed Oops take a pounding from angry escort.Got Rabbit footSan Clemente(T) 7400T SunkKurumasan (F) 2000T SunkTamon (F) 2700T EscapedFollowed convoyMissed three further ships due to dudsSilver star - 23500T sunk3 extra months refitting. That escort was really narked at me. Promoted December 42 to Commander-------------------------------------------------------------------------March 43 - EmpireKansai (P) 8600T SunkSydney (P) 5400T SunkMayachi (F) 2200T SunkEscort (DD) 1200T SunkI-18 (SS) 2200T SunkNavy cross star - Purple heart for LW captainMy Expert XO was seriously wounded, and even though I had an extra month of refit he had to be replaced. Unfortunately by a non expert. Switched to Australia by a special event. -------------------------------------------------------------------------July 43 - China seaSappora (F) 2900T SunkSana (F) 3400T SunkToten (F) 3800T EscapedManko (P) 4500T SunkAisakasan (F) 6900T SunkSilver star (Star) - 17700T sunkXO becomes expert again, must be my guiding hand.-------------------------------------------------------------------------October 43 - Phillipines (P)While taking the passenger in we were depth charged by a Kawanishi H6K. Extensive damage caused, including ruptured fuel tanks. Due to the risk of being spotted and the reduced fuel situation we were forced to return to Freemantle with our passenger still on board. General Macarthur not impressed. Damn land lubber.-------------------------------------------------------------------------January 44 - Java SeaGetsuyo (F) 6400T SunkEncountered a convoy during day. Attempted to switch to a night turkey shoot, but failed and lost the convoy!Shogen (F) 3400T LostKanko (F) 900T LostHino (P) 4400T LostYaku (FF) 900T SunkEscort (DD) 1200T Missed 7100T sunk-------------------------------------------------------------------------Java Sea (Lifeguard)[...]

Session: World in Flames:: The Great Spanish Deception 5: Who says you cannot fight a two front war?

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 20:49:09 +0000

by Stevenrd Hi everyone,The continuation of the 1942 May/June turn. Weather is a 7:CW tries to ground strike on the western front and loose a decent bomber while their brand new Typhoon is aborted. The Luftwaffe rules the sky. Despite this the french attack south of the failed CW airstrikes. 2-1 blitz attack +2 scores a !/B taking back the hex from Germany. In the East the USSR reforms its line into a zoc line and flips back some essential units which had been ground striked. Axis: The Germans assault in the West against the French 2-1 +2 assault 1-2 which inflicts heavy losses on the French, but does not take the hex. During the air battle prior to this battle one of the best Stuka's in the west is shot down.In the east the Germans have better odds and two 3-1 +1 blitzes score a 1/R and */1B. Allowing for some small advances but nothing decisive. The Russian center is rapidly collapsing though, however there is nothing to gain on that front besides lots of space.Italy fails ground strikes near Suez.Japan advances in India, setting up for an attack on Delhi next impulse if the weather is good enough.Allies: Weather 9USSR retreats their forces from the center, leaving Timoshenko, a corps and a division behind in Voronezh. Timoshenko had given support to an attacked stack earlier and is now unable to retreat together with the other troops. CW bomb Hamburg scoring 1 point. Another attempt at a ground strike sees a fighter killed and the Typhoon aborted once more. The CW have so many HQ's in France that they can flip back fighters and bombers every impulse. They also reinforce Delhi with a rail move.Axis: The surrounded city of Voronezh sees the annihilation of Timoshenko and his men. 4-1 +2 assault !/2S as a result. In the Northern section of the front there is a massive partisan hunt going on. The Partisans had killed an SS inf division which must be revenged. Zoya K is attacked with a 5-1 +1 blitz, a 1 would result in a armored corps lost however the 9 makes this fear or hope depending on your side disappear. A discussion arises whether this partisan HQ counts for a bp gained during production. Rules seems to say it does, since it counts as a Russian unit for all purposes (unlike other partisans). Anyone wants to shed their light on this? Italy passes, no fleet no useful units at an active front so saving oil is the best they can do.Japan assaults Delhi 3-1 +2 assault !/2S takes the city. I took a risk here since I could have lost my HQ and an mechanized corps, which would have doomed the conquest of India. However if I didn't take Delhi this turn it would only get harder and become to time consuming. Fortune favors the brave seems to be appropriate here.India at this point:Allis: Weather becomes a 5.USSR is in full retreat on the central front their army disappearing into the Tundra. CW, an Indian mechanizd corps moves to Bombay. Despite a few cities in the North only Bombay and Calcutta remain as strongholds in CW hands. However Mountbatten arrives next turn together with a territorial. The Cw also shoot down a German fighter and despite German anti-air they flip a corps on the french border. Finally the CW air force is successful in the west. The French see a 3 stack of Germans with 2 flipped units and decide to attack once more. A 2,5 assault becomes an 2-1 +2 they role a 1 and loose a u[...]

Session: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: Journal of Clyde Burroughs, Part X

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 20:13:40 +0000

by Solan Dec. 17thThat bandit knew what he was talking about, curse his soul! He must have been a new member of the Scafford Gang, one who hadn't been with them long enough to mutate. Eric and I were ready as soon as the sun rose; Eric even hired a local Rancher to help us fight off whatever was coming. He got on the roof while Eric and I waited down on the streets. I wish now one of us had been with him. It probably wouldn't have made any difference, not the way that Void Spider was biting him, but at least he would have had someone with him when he died. I got more than one bite from those blasted Spiders myself, and they made me shiver with cold even though it was eighty degrees out. That shivering affected my aim and I wasn't near as accurate as usual.Still, we woulda fought off these creatures with only a few townsfolk lost if four Scafford gang members hadn't ridden into town at that moment! How they knew the monsters was coming I couldn't tell you, but they were sure planning to take advantage of it. Eric took cover in a building, shooting out the window and he used his device to isolate one of the outlaws for a spell. Unfortunately another bandit took cover in the doorway of Eric's building and shot him. I wanted to help, but I was needed in the Saloon even as Tentacles were coming in from the north. I killed two Void Spiders and a Strangler in there, but the screams coming from outside let me know that the townsfolk who were up and around early were falling back asleep forever, or at least until our Lord comes again. There was also a big explosion, and I found out later that was Eric putting paid to two of the three Tentacles that had come after him. Then one of those big reptile men in the silver armor showed up and I had to go after him with everything I had, even as a I got the saloonkeeper out the back door ahead of me. In the end that saloon owner, Angus O'Neil, was the only one we saved. I'd thought people would be safe if they got inside, but the monsters went right after them anyway, and they was so blasted fast! Eric and I could each only be in one place at a time!One life saved seemed awful small compared to the number which had been lost, and Eric and I didn't waste any time leaving for Masthead. Maybe I'll be able to actually do my job if I can get a Dark Stone grip on my new shotgun. Dec. 19thI did the wrong thing. When we got here, the town was in an uproar. I didn't know what it was about then, but I found out later that some of the troublemakers were blaming the monster problem on the Indians and Mutants. When I saw that mob with the torches, though, my first thought was to protect the Blacksmith's so I could get my gun fixed up right; Eric protected the Doctor's Office.And the mob burned down the Indian Trading Post and the Mutant Quarter. By the time I got there it was too late to save any of the buildings; all I could do was pull a few people to safety while Xotec cried. Enos wasn't one of them; he'd gone down trying to protect his fellow mutants from these lawbreaking murderers!I'm remembering what he told me, and I guess I'm finally starting to see how mutants could think that their only future might lie with Scafford's scalawags. I talked a bit with Xotec about it, later in the night. Tomorrow we're heading down[...]

Session: Snooker Solitaire:: A thrilling exchange of snookers in the Second Round

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 13:55:39 +0000

by NoDDs

I'll start with a quiz question. You are 34-17 in front and need to pot a color before potting the final red. Which color do you choose?

It is not black. Now let me tell you how I found out.

I was playing Tony Thompson in the 2nd round of my 4th tournament. A (image) (image) on my second pot gave Tony a chance to put up an early lead of 1-17. Despite this early setback, a break of 33 put me in prime position to win the match and reach the quarter finals. At 34-17 I was presented with the situation shown above. I potted black for a break of 40 but now the last red ball was boxed in by brown, pink and black. With one chalck remaining, I went for the pot on the final red... and missed.

The table then looked like this:

Tony escaped the snooker, leaving the balls in place. Then I faced the snooker... with no chalck remaining. I had no choice but to call a foul on myself and hand Tony 4 points... and another snooker.

What happened next, was a thrilling exchange of shots by Tony and me each trying to escape from the snooker we faced in sequence. Each time I handed Tony 4 points until finally Tony did not escape and allowed me to place the cue ball as I pleased. Tony had fought his way back into the match to 45-37, but surely I would clear the table from here.

I potted the final red, followed by the blue b...

In my best John Virgo voice: "Where is that cue ball going?"

I fouled the pot on the blue ball. Tony made short works of the final colors, winning the match 46-68.

This was a thrilling match in which I fouled no less than 7 shots (two of which where actual (image) (image) , giving away 28 points. I need to wait for the next tournament to have a chance of reaching the quarter finals in Solitaire Snooker.

Session: Flamme Rouge:: The Christensen Game Night(s)

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 13:55:13 +0000

by Slotracer I bought the game after reading a lot about the game. At first I wasn't sure if this was a game for me with only two riders in each team since I'm used to Leader 1: Hell of the North and World Cycling Game where there are more riders in each team. But the price for the game seemed very reasonable , so I jumped in.The rules were quickly read and explained to my opponents (my two daugthers Tine (Green) and Mie (Red) and my son-in-law Henrik (Black)) and we started with a test stage on the flat Avenue Corso Paseo to make sure everybody understood the basic rules.A picture from mid-race where Mie is about to move one of her Red riders.Even though Henrik's Black team was behind must of the test stage, he outsprinted us all and took 1st and 2nd places!Now time to get serious about the race!!!We didn't wanted to spent to much time to make a new stage, so we went for the flat Avenue Corso Paseo again.Ready, set, GO!Same colors as before: Tine (Green), Mie (Red), Henrik (Black) and me (Blue)Round 1: Team Green and Blue starts in a high tempo and only one of the Black riders can follow. Red is caught out by the side winds!Round 2: One of the Red riders manage to catch up with the breakaway.Round 3: The pack is all together again and the Black rouleur is leading the way.Round 4: Going around the first bend the Blue Rouleur is taking charge of the speed.Round 5: This time the Blue Sprinter is setting the pace and the pack is strecthed out.Round 6: The pace is still high and Red is falling to the back of the pack.Round 7: Red is moving forward and leaving the last places to Black.Round 8: Blue Sprinter is breaking away from the pack. What a pace!!!Round 9: Red is the first team to respond on the Blue Sprinter's breakaway. The Black Sprinter has gone cold!Round 10: Red catches the Blue Sprinter and Black Sprinter comes back up to the pack. Everybody is in for the finish!Round 11: Wouw, look at Black Sprinter! He has found his second breath (or he most be doped?)! He has taken the front and is going for the win!!!Round 12: Everybody is going for the kill. Who will take the win?Round 13: The Black Rouleur sets in a massive sprint and wins by three lengths. Red Rouleur is 2nd and Green Rouleur is 3rd. What ever happend to my team - the Blue???An exciting stage with every rider being there for the finish!Are you ready for our 2nd stage? [...]

Session: Wings of Glory: WW1 Rules and Accessories Pack:: Experimental War of the Worlds

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 06:42:25 +0000

by leroy43 My friend Allan wanted to try out a variant Wings of Glory scenario positing that in the last years of the war the martians of HG Wells' imagination arrived and attacked the earth. The rules were experimental, and required the use of altitude. The tripods (Allan created four kinds but we only used two) can fire heat rays or sent a burst of poison gas that have an area effect and drop down one height level per turn until it dissipates on the ground.In addition to our planes, the human players had tanks. Allan made liberal use of his 3D printer to make the tripods as well as the tanks. We started on a single mat, with two players as the tripods, and three as the humans. The winning condition was for the humans to disable both tripods. The tripods had vulnerable spots on their legs or on their tops and relative range was measured from the actual plane or gun and we had enough mounts to have an actual height (also 3D printed).The humans started with two fighters and one Zeppelin Staaken bomber. The objective of the play test was to see how the tripods would be able to fare against fighters in the air and tanks on the ground. The game unfurled rather as one might expect with the aircraft rushing in and the tanks moving very slowly on the ground. The tanks could move the width of the standard Wings of Glory rangefinder. The planes ended up being more of a distraction than a help as they were often too high to hit the tripods we were fighting (noting here that there is a really BIG tripod that would easily been in range at height 3, but not in our practice scenario), and also were only able to target the vulnerable areas of the tripods.However, the poison gas clouds did harm several pilots and almost killed one. The bomber overshot his target and the bomb missed, but with some severely wounded crew (poison gas) flew off the board and I respawned with a rocket armed Drachen. The tanks managed to destroy the heat ray on the scout unit, and it marched onwards with intent to stomp tanks into the dirt. The Drachen missed with his first rocket salvo, although did get a shot in with his machine guns. The larger tripod managed to set the Drachen on fire with a heat ray with his M damage (custom damage cards).Two tanks however converged on the larger tripod and were able to take out the rear leg causing it to collapse.Humanity was saved!The scenario was entertaining, and the single mat worked very well with the 5 players around the table. In the post test session we remarked that it was good to start so close to one another in order to get straight into the action. We also noted that it felt right (an entirely subjective opinion on our parts) that the planes were essentially flammable kites and that the tanks ended up being the heroes of the piece. The tripods were not as effective as the pair running had hoped, but felt that it was because they focused too much on the planes and not enough on the tanks.All in all, the combined arms of the land based tanks + bi-planes vs. the very tough tripods was a lot of fun. We're looking forward to seeing more of this in action at BottosCon 2016 the weekend of November 4-6. [...]

Session: Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk:: Scenario 93 playthrough and question

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 04:35:10 +0000

by maul42

*Spoiler, Obv*

First playthrough with the Widow's Walk expansion was a fun and yet bizarre one. With four floors on the house, the haunt was finally revealed as "Owl's Moving Castle" with me as the betrayer. Thusly, I was turned into an owl,and lots of bird and hooting puns followed.

The heroes all did their thing. They flew around me, turned back into humans, and tried to attack me with knowledge. However, my knowledge was quite a bit higher than theirs, and their attacks initially had no effect. So, with my remarkable double speed I flew away from them, and into the nearby Mystical elevator.

End of my turn, the house moves two spaces towards the nearest cliff, and the group sees that they are suddenly one space from a dangerous place.

They give chase, all of the group following me into the Mystical Elevator. This is exactly what I want, as I plan, on my next turn, to use the elevator, and relocate it to a space adjacent to the cliffside, then roll it off the cliff, turning everyone into owls with only 1 Sanity.

Again I am attacked with knowledge by 2 players, again, no result. So instead the last player decides to attack me physically to reduce my flight speed. We check the rules. It says that if they make a speed check, they can do so. She does. And she swings at me with the spear. And rolls a total of 12. I defend with my 3 might. I roll a 2. I take 10 damage. I die.

And then everything halted. In-world, the crew are now standing over the body of their friend, who they were trying to save, having been accidentally been bludgeoned to death with a spear. My character weakly reached up from a pool of blood to say his final words... "So, we'll call it a draw." And then he expired.

Really, can either side be said to win this? Our win scenarios were both to convert the other team, not kill them. And now that I don't have any more turns, the house can't even keep moving over the cliffside. Either way, no win condition can be met.

So, I like to think that the group was later arrested for homicide, their excuse of "But your honor, he had turned into an owl and was pushing the mansion over the cliff!" falling on deaf ears.

Session: Rhodes:: Dutch Impressions

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 04:34:04 +0000

by ozymanidias

Rhodes … een verrassend snel Grieks getint bordspel.
Alhoewel ik Kolossus toch graag ook op het spelbord had zien verschijnen.
Maar dat derft niet echt de pret, want het speelt heel vlotjes weg. Iedere ronde heb je keuze uit 6 acties.
1) Productie-actie: produceren van geitekaas, olijven, wijn of graan. Waar je als medespeler ook kan van mee profiteren indien je ook plantage hebt in het geproduceerde product.
2) Boerderij-actie: waar je, hoe raar het ook moge klinken, een boot met producten de rivier moet opsturen.
3) Haven-actie: waar je producten kan kopen en/of daarna kan leveren voor geld en prestige.
4) Stadhuis-actie: laat je toe om een plantage of ontwikkelingsgebouw te kopen.
5) Markt-actie laat je toe max. 2 producten te verkopen voor geld.
6) Tempel-actie biedt je prestige aan in ruil voor een bepaalde som geld.

Nadat je om beurten 2 acties hebt gedaan is een ronde gespeeld en wordt alles klaar gemaakt voor een volgende ronde.

Het spel eindigt wanneer de prestige tegels niet meer kunnen aangevuld worden.

Je waant je een beetje in Griekenland door de producten, maar verder komt het grieks niet echt naar voren op het bord. Dat overigens mooi en kleurrijk oogt. Bovenal oog het heel praktisch en is het mooi opgedeeld met de rivier als centraal gegeven.
Verder is de interactie aanwezig … maar toch redelijk beperkt tot het haven gebeuren.

Mijns inziens heeft het de kwaliteiten om beginnende spelers en kinderen zeker de bekoren.
Voor de veelspeler is het een ideaal spel om afwisseling te hebben tussen de zwaardere experts.

+ Snel (+/- 1 uur)
+ Overzichtelijk kleurrijk bord
+ Overzichtelijke regels met voorbeelden
+ speelt even vlot met 2 als met 4.
+ voldoende tactische keuzes.

– de vouw van het bord us nadelig voor het doorschuiven van de boten op de rivier.
– grote doos naargelang de inhoud.

Session: Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942:: Haway the Lads!

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 03:09:58 +0000

by Brengun

Just finished solo playing a Wing Leader scenario V05: Haway the Lads: interceptors: 2 X Spitfire squadrons and 1 X Hurricane squadron vs the raiders: 2 X ME110 squadrons and 3 X Heinkel 111 squadrons. I gave the fighter ace pilot to one of the Spitfire squadrons and made the Spitfire squadrons veterans (as allowed by scenario).

The escort ME110s each failed two tally attempts (means spotting enemy squadrons) on the approaching interceptors. Meanwhile the two Spitfire squadrons tallied on their first attempts, gained height and were able to dive out of the sun to bounce both escort squadrons!

Only one Heinkel squadron managed to hold onto its bomb load by game end, though it was by then disrupted. The veteran spitfire squadrons kept their formations for most of what turned out to be a 10 turn game. One of the ME110 squadrons broke formation after the first combat. The British suffered no losses while downing 2 ME110s and 18 bombers! C'mon the Lads!


Background note:

There are four reasons for this unusual result.

1) The scenario represents an actual bombing raid by the Luftwaffe from Norway to strike northern Britain, hoping to take the air defences by surprise. But it meant their highly capable ME 109 fighters could not fly the distance across the North Sea to escort their bombers. So the less capable ME110 fighters were sent as escorts instead.

2) Unusually, the escorting ME110 squadrons failed to tally (spot) the incoming interceptors and were taken by surprise and 'bounced'.

3) The ME110 squadrons lost their formations soon after the intercepting fighters attacked, broke away and ran for their homes bases, leaving the three bomber squadrons without escorts.

4) Also unusually, the three intercepting British squadrons did well on several cohesion checks and held their formations for most of the 10 turn game. This and the fact that two were veteran squadrons, one with an ace pilot, helped them greatly to inflict many hits on the German bombers.

Session: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: 6-Player, Twilight Imperium - Murfreesboro TN

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 02:58:50 +0000

by Scoutdad Twilight Imperium: AARPlayed at Roll the Dice, Murfreesboro TNOctober 15th, 2016Six player game:Player 1: Alex Porter: Sardakk N’orr – never played beforePlayer 2: Mark Thomas: Emirates of Hacan – fourth or fifth gamePlayer 3: Justin Ray: Barony of Letnev – fourth or fifth gamePlayer 4: David Houk: L1Z1X Mindnet – Third gamePlayer 5: Tony L. Thomas: Universities of Jol-Nar – several gamesPlayer 6: Aaron Hall: Mentak Coalition – third gameBase game only… no expansions… base Strategy CardsStarting empires were determined by random draw, based on order of arrival.It’s my game and I showed up early to set-up; and I had the most experience – so I chose last.As players arrives, they selected two random races and selected the one they wanted. Unselected races were returned to the mix and the tiles were re-shuffled before the next arrival drew.Once a player had chosen a race, he then drew 5 random hex tiles and selected a unit color and a secret objective.I had the choice between the Naalu Collective or Universities of Jol-Nar. Both are races that I like to play, so it was a hard choice. I like the option to go first each turn… but ultimately decided that with the player mix at the table today, a scientific victory might be easier to obtain than a military one.Once I saw my initial tile draw… I knew I had made the correct choice.Supernova, blank, blank, single planet, blank… ARGH!!!And my secret objective was “I controlled at least 6 planets with technology discounts.” Great! I’m never getting that one. At least I was able to write off the secret objective early and focus on the public objectives.The political game started early. Player #4 placed an Asteroid field adjacent to Mecatol Rex and in front of me… I whined and complained and groaned… but it was all for show. Without a Mecatol Rex based objective and only a single planet of my own… I never intended to go for it anyway. David consoled me by offering to place a planet adjacent to my home world as compensation. I ‘grudgingly’ agreed.As player 5, I placed two in relatively rapid succession. A blank was in front of player 6. Player six then completed the inner ring and started the middle ring. I then offered the allow the high bidder to determine where I placed the Supernova tile.Player 3 (Hacan) offered future trade goods to determine placement location, which I accepted conditionally… I retained right of refusal, since I didn’t want it near me. Player 4 offered to make it a double planet adjacent to my home if I wouldn’t place it in his ‘slice of the galactic pie’. Player 1 made the same offer… So between Hacan and myself, it went in front of the Mentak home world, and I actually did get two double planet systems adjacent to my home world… one of which had two technology resources and one that had one. Adding that to the one from my single planet and I’m 2/3 of the way to my secret objective after all.Turn one saw everyone move into the galaxy staking claims for territory. Player 6 and I each moved towards one another and agreed to establish a Galactic equivalen[...]

Session: SeaFall:: SPOILERS Prologue and first game impressions

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 02:44:31 +0000

by Wenadin01 I know I've been hungry for anything SeaFall related, so I figure I will write up my impressions here. This is a cross post from r/boardgames. I apologize in advance for any improperly formatted spoiler tags as I am posting from mobile.Summary before spoilers: we played with a group of 5 players, each one focusing on a different aspect of the game. The prologue lasted 2 hours and the first game lasted 2.5 hours. I think the first game ended early due to me earning a ton of glory from milestones and getting 11 glory by turn 6 (before the first winter).Overall, we really enjoyed the two games we played and are looking forward to playing again this Saturday.Now for a full description including minor spoilers (I will only give information about the two milestones I completed to win).During the prologue, we all explored island sites (since buying and selling isn't really viable with only 4 resource production sites). I got an early advantage by getting an event that awarded an upgrade for one of my ships, so I jumped ahead to 2 glory. Unfortunately, I got ambitious and tried to explore a site with defense 5 and sank the ship that I put the upgrade on, losing the upgrade and the glory. Eventually, 4 of us got to 3 glory and named our 4 islands, ending the game.I asked my group if they wanted to immediately jump into the first real game and got a resounding "Yes!"So, we reset and started the first game. I was tied for first, so I got the second most prominent rank, which means I got to act second to last.I wanted to open the first box, so I mentally targeted the [o]raid a site with defense 6 milestone. Unfortunately, none of us had explored the defence 6 sites on any islands, so I set out to explore first.[/o] My competitors all went to the most explored islands and started buying and raiding all the goods off that island. I purchased an exploration advisor and proceeded to play it safe and explore a defense 5 site on the nearest island first. Out of the 5 dice I got, I rolled 5 successes, meaning my explore endeavor would have been successful on the 6 site if I hadn't decided to play it safe. Oh, well. On the plus side, I got 2 goods from the island for my endeavor: 1 spice, 1 iron. I sailed back to my province and put the goods into my warehouse and used the spice to buy a +2 explore upgrade. I went back to the first island and explored the defense 6 site, rolling 7 dice and getting 5 successes. I took 1 damage, exhausting the upgrade I just bought, but claiming the [o]Explore the highest numbered site on an island[/o] milestone, putting me at 6 glory. [o]I took my ships back to my province and watched as the player who specialized in raiding take a chance at raiding the 6 defense site I had just explored. Unfortunately, she failed and sunk one of her ships. Examining the board, I realized I could have decent chances of raiding the site and claiming the milestone before anyone else can. With the iron I had stockpiled earlier, I purchased a +1 raid upgrade (scoring my 7th glory) and ended my turn with both ships at home. The next turn, I realized[...]

Session: War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-earth:: First play of expansions

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 02:44:14 +0000

by Marty S

Played War of the Ring w/ new Warriors of Middle Earth expansion. We didn't use Lords so as to keep the game more manageable. Some brief thoughts:

More cards to manage. Whereas Lords swapped out cards from the base game or added a couple to each deck, here each player has a third Faction Deck. So you have up to 10 cards in your hand at once. You're drawing 3 per turn normally, one from each deck. Can get some getting used to having to manage that many cards. Faction cards esp tend to build up, esp early. As discussed in other threads, more so than the base game, you'll play the Factions based on the cards you get, not necessarily which ones you want to bring in.

As the Free People, I eventually got all three into play. First the Dead Men via an event that allowed them in play if Aragorn was in Rohan. Between that and Dark Door ( the Army of the Dead can move through the mountains to Rohan ) it allowed me to bypass the already conquered Minas Tirith and crown Aragorn in Dol Amroth. The downside is that once he's with the Dead, they dissolve if he leaves. So he basically camped outside Dol Amroth and harassed the Shadow player.

Eagles came in next, didn't do a ton, but did allow Strider and Gimi to separate and travel south quicker.

Ents came in last. Didn't actually activate, but I had an event that gave them a free recruit if Saruman used his special Muster ability. Wary about all the Ents, he only mustered normally - but this was enough, as the Dunlendings came in shortly after and were used as cannon fodder to help take Helms Deep.

Meanwhile the Fellowship had both good and bad luck. Bad luck - the first three tiles drawn were 3, 3, 2. Gandalf died early, followed by Legolas and Boromir . Good news is an event card removed an Eye tile, but even better - I got to the 10 space on the Fellowship track and never got revealed. So he wasn't able to do much Corruption ( I had 3 ) before I got to Mordor.

As soon as I did, be brought the Spiders into play as well as the Shelob tile ( now part of the Faction Deck ) . His next two Hunt draws were 3 Stop, and Shelob - for which he rolled a 6 ! 11 Corruption with two spaces still to go. I tried fishing for a healing card, but he got some hot dice and took Dol Amroth for his 10th VP ( along with Helms Deep, Minas Tirith, Lorien, Pelargir, Dale ) .

Great game, we're playing again next weekend.

Session: Five Tribes:: Surprisingly Interesting with Unique End Game Twists

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 18:27:24 +0000

by GoingTopShelf So, I bought Five Tribes about six months ago but for whatever reason I couldn't get it to the table. Mainly it was because I am trying to get through my backlog, not anything to do with the game itself, but recently that changed. My wife and I played a session of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and she really struggled with AP towards the end of that game. It was the first time I had seen that trait in her, so I was worried about this one as Five Tribes has a reputation for bringing out AP in people. However, we had another couple over this weekend and they wanted to play it, so out it came.In the beginning, it was a bit overwhelming for everyone because it's not that clear what the optimal moves are and without knowing the scoring system intimately, its tough to determine what color meeple you should try for or what kind of tile you want to end up on. There is a guy in this group who usually grasps new games quickly (in fact, earlier in the night he kicked all of our asses at Stone Age on his first ever play of the game). But with Five Tribes, man, he struggled. He couldn't grasp the concept and in some of the earlier turns, even tried to end up on a tile that had already been cleared. He ended up with like 8 white meeples at one point (when really you don't need more than a couple at any one point to use as currency for Djinns) and finished the game with 119 points, well behind myself, my wife, and his wife.At the end of the game, my wife and I both had 5 yellow Viziers. However, she made an assassination move that eliminated one of my stash and gave her the max 30 point bonus. I still had my 20 points for having more than the other two players at the table, but not knowing exactly what the scoring was going to be (I had 8 different market goods, my wife wasn't playing a market strategy, but she had more claimed tiles than I did), I figured things were going to be tight. In the last round of the game, I bid eight (which got me second turn in the turn order) that allowed me to combine two blue meeples, get the adjacent tile scoring associated with that, AND allowed me to claim a tile that gave me some additional points. In the end, I won 164-154-140-119. I don't think I win the game if I bid third or fourth in that final round.What amazed me about the game was that my wife did not suffer from AP. If anything, the guy who was confused about the mechanics of the game was the only one that held us up significantly. Also, I was blown away that before I knew it, there weren't that many moves left on the board. When you first set the game up, you think it will take forever to finish. We finished with only 3 meeples left unused and everyone had at least 4 camels left in their stash, yet the game only took 75 minutes. Given this length, the various choices each player has to victory and the fact that you really can't ignore any of the various paths if you want to win the game, makes this a challenging and satisfying experience. This has vaulted into one of my top games (although take that w[...]

Session: Star Trek: Ascendancy:: First game, a few observations...

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 16:33:56 +0000

by DaveSumm Finally got this to the table on Saturday, I played as the Federation and lost to the Romulans. As always with first games we forgot a bunch of rules, but not so much that it affected the outcome I don't think. - It was looong, but I don't think ours was a fair test. We played at Bar Scenario in London, so there was hectic other tables going on around us, people getting rounds, we got a pizza, my buddy's wife and her friends showed up.....ended up around 6 hours without the rules explanation but I think we could have trimmed it to 4 if it'd had been at someone's house.- I found it very hard to convince the two others why making contact was a good thing. The production gained from Trade Agreements doesn't seem all that great if you have a good first few rounds and are already scooping up half a dozen each round, and they both (Klingons and Romulans) carefully avoided connecting space lanes and as a result we had a very odd shaped board I think. There was only two systems left in the stack by the end, and some very crammed in planets. The result was that there was basically one main bottle necked channel between each home area which made for a less interesting later game, where we just sent fleets down these channels and ended up fighting a lot over the same planets over and over. The poor people of Risa changed allegiance between the Feds and Klingons about 5 times I think. We did all agree that we should have connected up more afterward so the second game should be better.- I didn't realise how restraining it would be to have one fleet and one Starbase early on. This by itself is reason enough to get to three Ascendancy quickly, even you're planning a military victory.- It was really, really close. The last round, the Klingons successfully took both Earth and Romulus but had to hold it till the end of turn. Romulans and Feds both Ascended to 5 that same turn but needed to regain their homes, AND try to take some systems to win the tie. We both took back our home planets (thinking about it, Klingons should probably have bidded on the third turn as I think they would have won then), but Romulans took more systems so won on the tie.- It's amazing how much you can get done on a turn. When I needed to regain Earth, I had plenty of Production so built a battle fleet at a Starbase, put it to warp, added enough to get to Earth, and invaded, and then re-hegemonied Earth (I did wonder if this worked the same way, is there any advantage to me as it's my home planet? Wouldn't Earthlings want to rejoin the Federation?). So the game can change very quickly, if there's a threat that needs addressing and you have the resources. And of course the important thing, it was loads of fun. I bought coloured dice for each faction and there were huge battles between Klingon and Romulan fleets, with 13 dice being thrown at 9 and watching the luck fall as it would. Can't wait for the second game. [...]

Session: The Others: 7 Sins:: Campaign ALPHA (Game 3)

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 15:57:17 +0000

by Genestealer1969

First corruption story. We will be alternating who plays the FAITH side for each new mission as well. This is so that the other player can learn from the first play.

9 October 2016

Battleground of Souls
Map A

Sins (Trevis): Sloth and Ganster

FAITH (Ray): Freder, Tyr, Polly, River(starting)
Kurt, Brad, Karl(reserves)

Tyr - Kurt
Kurt - Karl
Polly - Brad

Objectives Completed:
1. Rescue the Innocents
2. Keep them Safe!
3. Save Their Souls
.....No innocents saved!

Victory: Sin

Time: 1:51

I thought this game was going to be tough on the FAITH player since the Sin player gets to dictate much of the board and where I have to go.

After two games of winning the dice battle, they left me this game. I continued to fail miserably at any cleanse actions and that bogged me down somewhat. Pretty much feel like I need to be skipping any objective that has me needing to do so. (image)

The big thing I noticed, and did not take into account, was the lack of repent city actions, only one on the board. I really got hurt once my corruption track pushing the 5-6 range. I also didn't think about the heroes killing the innocents with them when it is maxed. River found one innocent early and kept herself and it safe till it didn't really matter. Freder had two innocents and moved out of a space with two corruption symbols and Trevis got two successful corruption results which pushed him to his max and he killed them both. That pretty much was the game at that point because I had to go through heavily defended districts to find the other innocents.

Next week we will switch sides and try again.

Session: Neuroshima Hex!:: Lonely League Round 4: Uranopolis Runs the Gauntlet

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 13:40:11 +0000

by Blowncover Previously on..Round 3 filled out a grid of ten armies. Every army fought the rest, leaving Doomsday on top and Neojungle at the bottom of the heap. Now my self-imposed mission of playing through NH comprehensively amounts to each new army facing off against all the armies I already have in turn.The first of these gauntlets is Uranopolis, the uranium miners with heavy-duty equipment that will mess you up … as long as it’s plugged in.**rant and musical interlude begins**But before we begin, I’d like to say a word about the box cover. It’s cool that they have women miners after the apocalypse, but the pilates regime, mascara and implants suggested by the image were a bit embarrassing. The wrench she’s toting is more of a symbolic ‘huge tool’ than a practical working implement. The tied up shirt made me think that perhaps it might get hot when working at The Nuke Mine… [To the tune of Car Wash by Rose Royce]Ooooh...You might not ever beat HegeBut let me tell you it's better than netting a VegThere ain't no telling who you might meetA mutant car or maybe even a Doomsday Machine.Working at the nuke mineWorking at the nuke mine, yeahCome on and sing it with me, nuke mineSing it with feeling now, nuke mine yeahSeriously though, why not have a ‘female mechanic’ rather than a ‘sexy mechanic’, and help to widen the audience? Compare the image with Kate from the Netrunner core set.** end of rant and musical interlude**MOLOCH Wins: 2 Losses: 6Draws:1 Aggregate: -13 New rank: 10 Previous rank: 8 Uranopolis result: 14 – 7 (Uranopolis victory)Moloch failed to win against the newcomers, mainly because turtling behind armour didn’t work against the Drill (hits on initative 3,2 and 1) and Ravager (the wrecking ball that takes out a triangle of hexes). They have fallen two places to become the least successful of the ten armies. The post-apocalyptic slump really hasn’t been kind to the machine race.NEOJUNGLE Wins: 3 Losses: 6 Draws: 0 Aggregate: -32 New rank: 9 Previous rank: 9 Uranopolis result: 6 – 4 (Uranoplis loss)Neojungle was able to grow and reach full strength between battles, but the Uranopolis Ray and a late rush of offensive units brought this match down to the wire. The last round saw a full board and a line up of charged weapons pointing at the Neojungle HQ. If an extra battle had been triggered before the final battle, Uranopolis would have won. The tendrils creep up the ranks, or at least Neojungle isn’t at the bottom any more.URANOPOLISWins: 3 Losses: 6 Draws: 0 Aggregate: -4 Rank: 8In the first four matches, the miners alternated between wins and losses, and I imagined that they would turn out to be a perfectly balanced mid-ranked army. As the gauntlet wore on, they kept losing, and have ended up near the bottom of the heap. Their drawback of unplugged units came into play less often than expected, as did the sexy mechanics. It’s probably because the HQ became the sour[...]

Session: Conan:: First game!

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 12:10:02 +0000

by DaveClarke So tonight two friends and I ran through the first scenario. I've been following the game since the Kickstarter, and am reasonably conversant with the rules & subsequent clarifications that have appeared since the game landed. My friends came to it completely cold. After setup I spent maybe 15 minutes explaining the rules before we started playing. Everything made sense & after about 3 turns I didn't need to refer to the rules again, other than to check how reinforcement works.Each of my buddies played two characters each, with me as Overlord. The game took about 2 hours including rules explanation. I won't give a turn by turn breakdown, but the ending is worth recounting.At the start of the final turn, all four characters were in the central space of the village, surrounded by the corpses of hyenas, Picts, and the snake, with Zogar Sag's head on the ground. Two Pictish hunters and two warriors were the sole survivors of the enemy forces, with the kidnapped girl discovered but unconscious in an adjacent wooden hut.With most of their gems used, the heroes needed to figure out a way to get the girl from inside the hut & out of the village to safety. Hadrathus couldn't teleport while carrying her, and Conan couldn't leave the space because the warriors were blocking his exit. Shevatas could evade the warriors & get into the hut to pick up the girl, but he didnn't have enough gems left to negotiate the hut doors and move all the way out of the village. Nobody had enough gems left to do all this AND confidently take out the blocking warriors.The players' solution was creative & highly entertaining: Hadrathus happened to have on his person an explosive orb, which he took upon himself to detonate in his (and everyone else's) space, doing 4 damage to everyone! The heroes took it on the chin, but the Picts were not so fortunate and perished in the blast. This allowed Conan to use his two free movement points and last two gems to smash openings in two hut walls so Shevatas could rush in, grab the girl, and leave the village with Hadrathus bringing up the rear - Zogar Sag's grisly head safely in hand.It was a great ending to a fast paced swashbuckling adventure. Every character got to do important stuff and all contributed to the win in their own ways. As Overlord I was maybe a little conservative with my gems for the first half of the game, but was glad of the extras by the end so I could give the snake and Zogar Sag plenty of defence. In the end the game was won with literally the last action point the players had available, and I was 100% empty. Both players enjoyed it & would definitely play again - they both asked about campaign play but would be totally happy to play more one-off scenarios.After a very long wait it was a great session & I can't wait for the next. [...]

Session: Pirates of the Spanish Main:: Tournament #2 continued

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 11:33:02 +0000

by a7xfanben Two more series have been played! We decided to go in seed order - the second matchup would feature the #2 seed, and so on.UPS 5 (#2 seed) (commanded by xerecs)vs.RtSS English (#15 seed) (commanded by a7xfanben)This was my first time playing my RtSS fleet challenge entry, and my first time using the English native canoes. Of course, my fleet was in for a rude awakening, facing a UPS variant.The canoes were designed to deny the Zeus from an island, but the Zeus sacced to explore first. The canoes scattered, while the Halcyon ducked into fog in anticipation of battle. The Halcyon attacked but only scored one hit! This left the RtSS fleet in grave danger.The Zeus sacs to sink the Halcyon! The Elthelfleda returns home with gold as canoes load gold.The Elthelfleda gets home before the Zeus can strike, but things aren't looking good for the English.The Zeus then went after the canoes, eliminating one and being pestered by another. The Zeus had lost some masts when the Elthelfleda redocked at her home island, firing at the Zeus in the process.The Zeus eliminated the gold-laden canoes but this left the Elthelfleda to sail east for more gold. The Zeus docked home, but was still a huge threat.The Zeus sacced to cut off the Elthelfleda before she could return home!The Elthelfleda was captured and UPS 5 won the game 11-8!The second game featured different home islands. I made the mistake of putting the canoes near the Zeus again, but it didn't seem to matter much.Similar to the last game, but the Halcyon stays docked.The Halcyon comes out and hits 2/3, trying to buy time for the gold runners.The Zeus simply crushes the opposition. The Halcyon lies derelict while the Elthelfleda is close to being dismasted.Now it was a chase for the canoes! I decided to spread them out, simply hoping that the Zeus would only be able to catch 2. The English were just trying to avoid being shut out at this point.A canoe did manage to slip by, but UPS 5 still won the game easily, 9-2. UPS 5 advances to the second round!The next matchup!UPS 4 (#3 seed) (commanded by xerecs)vs.Quick wins the game (#14 seed) (commanded by a7xfanben)It's important to note that the "Quick" fleet had the Coeur swapped out for Hidden Cove. The Coeur's explorer was moved to the Courageux, while Cissey was moved to the Vengeance.The sea was set for Game 1!It quickly (no pun intended heh) became apparent that this series would be considerably more interesting than the last two. The first was a mismatch with HMS GT emerging victorious, with the second matchup also ending in a predictable fashion. Here, both fleets possessed gold bonus abilities (3 for UPS 4, and 1 for Quick), and both fleets were generally focused on gold, though each also had a purpose-built gunship. Here, the French gold runners have abandoned their explorers in favor of more gold, while Captain Jack Sparrow (CJS) gets busy abo[...]

Session: Tiny Epic Western:: One of the worst games I've played in a while.

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 09:21:58 +0000

by maercsrats I've posted this in my review for the game but I'm posting here for a signal boost.There are way too many mechanics that makes this game feel extremely random. You have a bunch of choices to make during your turn and throughout the game but, because you have so many, you don't really feel in control of what's going on.For example, at the beginning of your turn you choose between 2 playing cards. As a side note, another annoyance is none of the suits are not what they should be. Anyway, you have to decide if one of those cards will be good in 6 different poker hands and if it'll be good as a high card for dueling your opponents. If you are playing 3 opponents and the dealer then there are 4 hidden cards. Not only that, but your card's number and suit can be changed from a building's ability. This "choice" might as well be random. You are not going to figure out the optimal probability from all those variables especially given that the card can "change" during a round of play.Then, as the game progresses, the abilities from the porches changes from round to round as people buy more buildings. Which makes trying to plan from round to round useless. And if you do get on a useful spot, you can be removed through a duel.Winning duels is based on a die roll, more randomness, and your poker card. Of course, if you loose the die roll then you can use some of your resources to re-roll. That will probably negate any reason to take that spot in the first place so I don't know why you would ever do this.Then there is the points modifier at the town hall. Whoever wins their poker hand against the other opponents will be able to modify the scores on their buildings. The tiles move in a weird stacking order based on their position. So, if you win the poker hand, and the tile is in the right position, and it's a tile that matches a majority of symbols on your buildings, then you can boost the modifier.Lastly, if you can't do anything on your turn then you can get another dude for the next turn. Honestly it feels like the designers admitting that you can easily get screwed over and maybe this extra worker will even it out. In reality it's more like throwing another working into the meat grinder. If you got screwed over the last round with having a bad hand and losing some duels adding another worker just adds another chance to be screwed.So a game goes: at the beginning of your turn you choose a card to be used for dueling, building order, and resource gathering on buildings. A value that can change for you or your opponents. Good luck. Then, you start placing workers trying to get some resources to buy buildings which is affected by that same card. Good luck. And, if someone else wants that spot then hope you can roll high and/or have a high card to win to get resources. Good luck. Then hope that your card is good enough to beat the dealer so[...]

Session: Thunderbolt Apache Leader:: Long war in Israel: Day Five - Even cautious moves backfire

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 08:32:30 +0000

by jgatkinsn Day 5: IsraelSince I only had one assault battalion in transit past the front lines, I decided to take a more conservative approach by taking on one mission. I wanted my pilots to rest up and conserve resources before the enemy made any big pushes. The battalion that broke through the lines was a mechanized battalion with some AAA, a couple of tanks, and lot of infantry and APC's. I figured this should be a relatively easy mission.I called in Shadow and Genius, since they were well rested. Shadow is decent at close range and is pretty evasive. Genius has performed really well and was developing nicely. They got the low down that morning as we looked over the satellite maps. I informed them that there was more enemy air cover in the area, so bring a sidewinder in case you meet some enemy choppers. We loaded out some hellfires, LAU-61's, and mavericks (for the two tanks), and I sent them on their way with two scouts.As they approached the target zone, we found out about some more enemy support in the area, but it turned out it was a storage facility. No worries. I was more worried about the helicopters and AAA right now, and I wanted this battalion destroyed to make the enemy think twice about breaking past the front lines again. Shadow and Genius came in from the north center area, and the plan was to weave through the canyon on low approach going southeast, northeast, and south, then pop up over the ridge and hit the chopper to the southeast and the AAA in the south. Shadow took out the APC with his LAU and evaded it's fire. The infantry put some stress on Genius, but he took out with LAU rockets. They proceed in sync as plan, and popped around the corner. The storage facility was missed and harrassed Genius as he hovered over the area. I had him push on through while Shadow blew past the facility to join him and draw its fire. It wasn't necessary, but I wanted Genius to not take any more flak.They both came over the ridge. Genius dropped an Mk 20 on the targets and shot his sidewinder into the chopper. They went down fairly easy. Shadow put two hellfires into the AAA over the ridge, to keep Genius safe. Things were going smoothly until Genius was approaching the cluster of targets in the northwest. Shadow was still at high altitude and a SAM showed up in the western section of the target zone. Somehow our scouts missed that our it rolled into the area after they left. Shadow was able to evade some of the attacks and got a little stressed and a hit on his controls, before he could eliminate it from long range. Genius got over the AAA in time to drop his Mk 20 again and eliminated the problem. Unfortunately, he took some damage to his cannons and structure on the way out. At least all required targets were a destroyed, so this battalion wouldn't be bothering us. I hated that w[...]

Session: Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower:: Chamon Trial (Spoilers)

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 07:25:36 +0000

by Ardos Champions of Chaos and Order who have met by chance in the Silver Tower continue their endeavours and face the Trial of ChamonI’ve wanted to write this session report for a while. This is my run through the Chamon trial with the Knight-Questor (KQ) and Darkoath Chieftan (DC). Important context to be aware of:*I played both heroes for this session, i.e. solo game.*I had previously played through the first trial with the same heroes (Knight-Questor gained an amulet fragment and Living Fortress). The stormcast tank was the clear winner in the previous trial.*I was not exclusively focused on either roleplaying (acting as separate characters) nor powergaming (calculating best choices). *I took loose notes while playing. I tried this to help me keep track of status/story effects; not so much to detail every roll.The heroes roll into the first chamber and mop up adversaries with ease. Rules of the first chamber trigger a special respite demonstrating one of the game’s mini-games. It was an interesting interlude, but perhaps presented too early in the trial to be a break from the dungeon crawl. Outcome of the special respite was inconsequential. So apart from some storytelling, it was mostly “meh.”Slicey-dicey into the second chamber and I trigger an unexpected event (can’t have two respites in a row). Event roll is a trap that ends up stunning the lesser champion, aka Darkoath Chieftan. I suppose I could have left that one last Brimstone Horror alone, but I wanted him dead. Perhaps the chaos of the tower is having an effect on me.Third chamber reveals grots. Most of them get ace’d but the last remaining one takes advantage of the stuns on the DC. Sidenote: I was playing stuns wrong and hadn’t taken them off at the end of his turn - was waiting for the end of the round. That little grot ended up bring the DC to 1 wound away from a grievous wounding. On the next turn it is an easy mop-up and with the respite every hero is healed up to full strength.Fourth chamber provides weak resistance and rather than cheeseball or face and unexpected event, I push the DC forward to explore the next chamber with his last move and find… the final chamber. [o]So this chamber is filled with Karaic Acolytes and they're ready to fight. [/o]Definitely an unexpected turn. All the adversaries get their turn to wail on the DC as the KQ is neither nor in view. A very close call for him with several save rolls making the difference between life and death.Th KQ comes up the DC’s rescue. On the adversary phase the behavior role suits the heroes best and seems interestingly thematic: “fall back, run away from the stormcast eternal, but wait, we’re not outnumbered. Errr, so let’s stand our ground and fight”.Only one shot gets through and hits the KQ for double-damage.On the next turn the d[...]

Session: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition):: Something stirs in the dark corners of the earth...

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 06:33:00 +0000

by Gorfinger

*Taken from my Solo geeklist and spoiler free from abilities*

After having successfully completed the intro tutorial, with only Krutzbeck falling down a hole, the heroes returned to town to shop and drink their success away.

A time for side quests was at hand.

A grim quest indeed, while resting in Talimar a call out for help from the Deephall militia was announced. The Wildlanders, being the heroes they are jumped to support the militia. Upon arrival, an overly confident commander announced that cultists were cornered by the troops in a small chamber near the outskirts of town and ballista were prepped on the cliff face to wipe out anything that stirred. The heroes, swiftly converged on a gruesome scene, militiamen and cultists fallen everywhere but nobody in sight. Swiftly checking the chamber nothing but ashpots in the corners were to be found and a guttural cry was heard from behind. Fording back to the northern banks of the river Krutzbeck smelled the enemy before they lept from the cliffs.
"They mean to retake the chamber!" He shouted, unfurling his two handed mace.

Many rounds later... *as not to spoil anything*

"Stop that Ynfernael host!" Krutzbeck sputtered, trying to ignore his grievous wounds.

The possessed soul leaping from ground, to cliff-face into the river.
Rakash lept at the wild enemy and Okaluk met its face with a blow from his staff, ruining its left face. Arvel took a shot, but it's momentum was too much to follow and only grazed the thing, her attention drawn to the ghastly crypt dragon that descended next to her and the river with a thunderous clap.

The possessed woman stopped at the entryway, letting the crow hag guardians part. She turned to the heroes, as the flesh began to flake away from her bones. The being inside, smiled a wicked smile as the woman vanished into flaming hot ash. With the ritual complete the beasts retreated leaving the heavily wounded heroes at the riverside.

Thanks for reading! Find more fun and mayhem here---> Gorfinger's 2016 Solo n' Such

Session: SeaFall:: [Spoilers] The Province of Mainframe (Prologue and Game 1)

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 06:32:15 +0000

by lactamaeon TLDR: This game is awesome, and getting everyone a journal was a fantastic idea. Also, choose your advisors wisely.So I finally got to start my Seafall game with a group of friends this weekend. We've been looking forward to it for a while. I know a lot of reviews seem to suggest that playing with 5 players was maybe not the best, but we were determined to give it a go.Before we started, I got each player a journal. They proved to be a hit, as we were now using some of the downtime between turns to take notes, draw pictures, or (in my case at least) record our actions, instead of getting bored or frustrated. Also, I asked everyone earlier in the week to watch the How to Play video so that we could avoid most of the rules explanation during game 1.Four of us arrived on time, but one player was running late. We went ahead and dealt out the title cards and I ended up as the prince, but we decided that the late player would end up with last pick of provinces just so that we could get set up and be ready, so I got to choose the green faction ("The future is filled with answers from the past") The only name I had planned going in was that one of my ships would be the "Saucy Mare", but I ended up just going full ReBoot. The Province was Mainframe, the other ship was named the SS Doyle, and my leader named Phong.Note that from here on out I will NOT BE HIDING SPOILERS. So if the thread title wasn't enough warning, there it is.After the final player arrived, we read our province boards aloud and then began the prologue with an entry from the Captain's Booke (no effect, just flavor text and a few reminders). By the time my turn came around, all the reachable goods had been bought and the easiest explorations already made, so I hired the CRIMSON BINOME (Renowned Soldier) and raided an island site for wood (and a bonus glory).When my turn came back around, I hired and activated Megabyte (the convict), before realizing that I couldn't actually afford a wood-based building, so I sailed home with the SS Doyle and upgraded her with the Enduring upgrade to bring myself to 3 glory, and became the second player to name an island. Megabyte kidnapped the Crimson Binome and escape to the farthest Island, which I named Tor.On my third (and final) turn, I didn't bother hiring an advisor and sailed off to explore Treasure Island, discovering some spice.Before I could go again, the final Island was named and we were informed that our leaders became lost at sea (and told to destroy the cards), which caused quite a stir at the table. How would Mainframe fare without Phong?We immediately agreed to set up for Game 1 (after swapping title cards and rearranging two players), but this time with no Fortune or Reputation. Of course another Captain's Boo[...]

Session: Tide of Iron:: WINTER WAR II: The Finns defend again in the face of a two-pronged Soviet attack

Mon, 17 Oct 2016 05:58:27 +0000

by JDarlington Last week, Tom and I played Tide of Iron's fan-made scenario Winter War. For a full description of the scenario, and our complete battle report, see HERE. During our previous game, things went badly very quickly for the Soviets. But we liked the scenario, and wanted to try it again to see if there could be a different result. So we sat down yesterday and gave it a second shot. Once more, the Finns gripped their weapons tightly and peered through binoculars as a group of Soviet infantry and two massive KV-1 tanks entered view. Four heavily-laden supply trucks split from the main Soviet body and turned south to creep along the road, accompanied by two grim Soviet squads. Short scenario description: the Soviets have two paths to victory: either take the fortified building in the top left, or exit trucks out the bottom left. They have seven Rounds to accomplish either victory condition. The Soviets have many disadvantages, but they do have two KV-1 tanks which the Finns can only challenge with relatively weak AT squads. The Finns must set up their defenses first, and the Soviet player goes first. But the Finnish troop are of better quality than the Soviets, and there are more of them, and they can adopt a defensive posture (including three Concealed squads) right from the start.Last time, Tom tried to focus exclusively on the “exit trucks” victory path, but it didn’t work out. With the building unthreatened, the Finns were able to strip those defenses and focus everything on stopping the trucks. The trucks were forced by circumstances and the scenario clock to keep moving forward even when it exposed them to attack; and they soon fell to mortar fire and an assault, ending the Soviet chances.Yesterday we tried the scenario a second time to see what the Soviets could do with the benefit of experience. Can this new Soviet leader avoid his predecessor's sudden recall to HQ for "questioning"?DEPLOYMENTAs the Finns, my deployment resembled the first game. Once again I guarded the road with two machine guns (one forward, and one waaay back at the western edge of the road where it could start on the victory point to claim it during deployment). I also placed an AT squad near the forward MG, but safely out of sight.I was careful this time to position a squad where it could see the full Soviet deployment zone and spot for my mortars; this was the concealed AT squad at the bottom tip of the main woods, near the middle of the map.Tom split the Soviet deployment in two. The trucks with accompanying infantry started on the road; and the bulk of his infantry with both tanks in support were deployed at the western edge of his deployment zone, so they could start advancing right away on[...]

Session: Above and Below:: 4 workers, 6 beds, and a $10 explore for the win

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 12:50:02 +0000

by Norbert Chan We had three players, and the player order was myself, Trevor and Craig. I decided to buy the $5 card where a recruited worker comes in not exhausted, and you get a re-roll. I liked the re-roll, but I didn’t want to follow a path where I constantly recruited. This is the wrong approach, as you have to use the strengths of your card as much as possible. Trevor bought the $3 card which gives $1 per round. Craig bought a bed, I think. I didn’t recruit much workers with my card. I was trying to get many goods along the advancement track. Trevor built up to 6 beds and even defensively spent a $1 to clear the cards in the above row to deny some of the beds to us. Trevor then sent 3 workers to go exploring to try and get the maximum, and one time even had to injure a couple of workers. This was working well, and he only had 4 workers the whole time. He had spent $5 to recruit the girl that gives 1 explore on a roll of 1, 2 explore on a roll of 2. On the other hand, I was unfocused, and Craig bought the card that gives 2 VP per worker. I had no bonus card, $7 leftover, and an un-built cave. Trevor was able to win over Craig by 5 pts.Scores:Trevor 58 (11 advancement, 9 building, 3 reputation, 31 card bonus), Craig 53 (11 advancement, 8 building, 2 reputation, 32 card bonus), Norbert 45 (19 advancement, 8 building, 8 reputation, 10 card bonus).Trevor did all this with 4 workers. Trevor wanted to play again using a different strategy. Player order was Craig, myself and Trevor. Craig bought a bed as there was no card that allowed hired workers to come into play ready for use. I bought the $2 card that gives a reroll and $1 per amethyst/ore. Trevor bought a card that gave $1 per round, I believe, but it wasn’t the $3 one. After a few rounds, it became clear that Trevor wanted to play an above ground strategy, focusing only on those. After exploring, I got a below ground bed, and to make use of my first card, I spend $11 to get some amethyst. This got my income up to $8 after I got both of them onto my advancement track. After I got up to $10 income, the game was starting to wind down. Craig bought the $17 building, the one that gave 2 VP per paper and amethyst, which I wanted. So on the 6th round, I had to settle for the $16 building that gave 7 VP and 2 VP per underground building. Trevor pointed out that the 2 VP per villager would be a good buy, but we left it. Trevor had bought the 2 VP per above ground building now, and he had 10 or 11 above ground buildings. On the 7th round, I bought the $12, 2VP per ore and potion. I had one more explore action, with 3 characters and getting the 7 explore maximum value, I scored a fish and an ore, worth 7 VP to me s[...]

Session: No Trumpets No Drums:: No Trumpets No Drums AAR Scenario 5 - The American Buildup 1965 - 68 Part Two, 1966

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 11:04:31 +0000

by Manuel Aguilar Part two - 1966Turn 6 Jan/Feb, 1966Communist Aid from China/USSR efforts failed.The Communists spent a couple of cadres influencing the hearts and minds campaign in their favor in II Corps. They managed to slip a couple of supply units and an NVA division from the northern map edge area but the vast majority of their forces moved back into the Plain of Jars box. This kept them from violating Laos’ neutrality.The NVA and VC took another crack at the heavily fortified Green Beret base in hex 2504. This was a huge attack which consisted of three divisions and three cadres. Allied air power hit the attackers hard and the attackers failed again losing a cadre.The Allies finally managed to occupy all the cities/towns in a corps zone, I Corps, for a small boost to their political score.Unfortunately, these gains were offset by the loss of three units. Two were lost in an effort to retake Gia Nghia in II Corps. The NVA had moved an inverted division, the 305th, on top of a face up cadre. This was so they could ambush any single allied unit moving in to attack. Somebody had to go in and it was the ANZAC unit which was eliminated. Six other U.S. and SEATO units moved in with cover from the air and a fire base. The Allies lost and the 1/1 Air Cav Brigade was eliminated. The other battle was at Long Xuyen in IV Corps. In that affair, the 173rd was lost in an even fight.The only combat success was the destruction of the 5th NVA Division which was bombed in North Vietnam.Random Events = NonePolitical Point Score = 72Turn 7 Mar/Apr, 1966 (Monsoon Turn)[Oops! This was not a supposed to be a monsoon turn. I didn’t notice this till I had completed the next turn. I went ahead and moved up the two turn monsoon season up a turn. I still played two consecutive monsoon seasons though not exactly in the order listed on the turn track. In effect I swapped the monsoon effects from Jul/Aug over to Mar/Apr. I just pretended the monsoon season came early in 1966.]The Communists finally destroyed the Green Berets in hex 2504. The attack was not quite as large but the allies had no air support due to the monsoon. Some of the survivors retreated to Khe Sanh, others towards Quang Tri.In II Corps, the NVA 305th Division flipped over to ready itself for another ambush at Gia Nghia. In III Corps, a cadre occupied Xuan Loc.The Allies played it a bit safer. They moved a fire base to Khe Sanh and withdrew the two Royal Laotian divisions a further south.The Allies did manage to retake Xuan Loc and Di Linh. They left Gia Nghia alone for the time being.The bombing campaign suffered more reverses as no enemy units were destroyed but two air units were!R[...]

Session: Next War: India-Pakistan:: Border War - Turn 12

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 11:01:58 +0000

by wheelsboy The 6 week war appears to be heading toward a limping finish, with what little forces are left on each side trying to grab a little more territory before the cease fire.Turn 12WeatherStorms. What else?InitiativeVP last turn were 16 India / 15 Pakistan, so both well short of an initiative turn. That results in a contested turn, with Pakistan as the first player.The UN continues to just talk.Electronic DetectHigh rolls, so nobody finds HQs.Air PhaseIndians put in 4 squadrons, the Pakistanis just one. The 4:1 ratio after combat is ineffective keeps the Indians at Air Superiority. AWACS to India +0.2nd SOFIndians try to raid the Pakistani AH-1 unit that has amazingly survived the war to this point, but the mission fails.1st StrikeNo nukes or missile left and the storms make air strikes almost impossible. So, only some artillery exchanges that see the Indian rocket brigades get strike 1s on two Pakistani defenders near Lahore. Pakistani artillery hits an Indian armored division in the same area in return.1st SupplyThe Indian XII corps on the far left flank in Punjab is finally back in supply thanks to an MSU that links its HQ up.Basic Movement/CombatIn the Punjab front what little is left of the Pakistani army pulls back to try to hold on to Amritsar and Lahore.In Kashmir Pakistan launches its final attack of the war, which is a desperate 3 column attack on Srinagar by 3 brigades of the FCNA corps. Both sides put in air that gets through. A good roll isn't quite good enough and a 1/1 result means Srinagar will remain in Indian hands.In the Indian basic movement/combat phase, another division is airlifted into Kashmir and the Indian move up armor and mech units that are very close to Lahore. They launch an attack on the city of Kasur (2116) with strong artillery and air support. They manage a solid 12 column attack that results in a -/1R result, but the Pakistanis amazingly hold on a "0" roll to void the retreat result (needing a 2 or less).ReorgThe Indians clear the city of Okara for 2VP, which also cuts the major highway leading from Lahore to the south. The Pakistan X Corps finally marches into what little is left of the Jammu highland town of Sunderbani, which has been fought over for a month, including a nuke strike.Victory PhaseIndia 163VP + 2VP = 165VPPakistan 132VP + 2VP = 134VPIndia, with the net of +31VP, wins a "Substantive Victory".Final Positions and AnalysisHere is where things ended up on and off map:Pakistan Viewpoint:Overall, I got way to aggressive with the Pakistan Army, especially on the Indian left flank in Punjab where I was able to eventually break through and grab several cities, but [...]

Session: Next War: India-Pakistan:: Border War - Turn 11

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 11:01:46 +0000

by wheelsboy The war went nuclear in Turn 10, which led both the Chinese and Russians to pack up and head home. Can Pakistan break the deadlock with what little they have left?Turn 11WeatherStorms continue for the 7th out of 11 Turns...InitiativeLast turn, mostly thanks to the 6 nuke strikes, Pakistan racked up 33VP to India's 16VP. That will give them an initiative turn.The UN security council remains deadlocked and unable to respond to the nuclear exchange. No resolution passes (rolled a 2).Electronic DetectIndians find one Pakistani Corps HQ near Lahore.1st SOFNone. All Pakistan teams eliminated.Air PhaseBoth sides lose good squadrons due to airbase eliminations last turn, so they end up with very little in the air. One Pakistan JF-17 takes on 4 squadrons of Indian fighters (1 SU-30, 1 Raf, 2 Tejas). The storm and high rolls lead to little actual damage being done, although in dogfight the Pakistanis do shoot down the damaged SU-30 for 2VP. Still, 3:1 ratio at the end, so India finally claims air superiority. AWACS to +1 Pakistan.2nd SOFJust one Indian team left, which fails on its interdiction mission in the mountains of Kashmir, but the luck team makes it home.1st StrikeBoth sides down to just 2 nuke points. The Paks hit first, targeting hex 4510 in Kashmir where the last two Indian mountain brigades are trying to hold them back. One brigade is elim on the strike. The Indians hit back with a successful attack on a Pakistani nuke site, which is destroyed. The last Pakistani nuke returns the favor against an off-map Indian nuke storage site. The final Indian nuke hits another off-map Pakistan nuke site.The last two missile points are also fired off. The Indians destroy an airfield for 1VP and the Pakistanis destroy an off-map Indian airbase for 2VP. The collateral for the hit on the Indian airbase takes out the last Indian airmobile points.1st SupplyNo major changes. Indians generate an MSU on a board-edge supply hex in the hopes of moving it to restore supply to XII corps on the far left flank, which had its supply cut off by a nuke strike.Initiative Moves/CombatThe Pakistanis continue to edge back toward Lahore on the left flank, where they face overwhelming numbers. They do, however, blow two key bridges on the border in an effort to slow down the Indian advance:They hold around Sialkot after stoping the likely Indian attack last turn with a nuke strike. In the Jammu highlands they continue their assault on what little is left of the town of Sunderbani. Without the Chinese, they scrape together an 8 column attack on the nuked town but roll high and end up with a 1/1 result.[...]

Session: Memoir '44:: Operation Pagliacci: Creepy Clowns vs. the National Guard

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 09:06:20 +0000

by pete belli Operation Pagliacci: Creepy Clowns vs. the National GuardThe bizarre "creepy clown" phenomenon has swept across the globe in 2016. These incidents have ranged from mildly amusing to extremely dangerous. One college "clown hunt" in the United States led to a gathering of hundreds of people. Who knows what might happen next...Operation Pagliacci depicts civil unrest following a riot by a mob of drug-crazed creepy clowns. The military codename Operation Pagliacci was based on the famous opera about an evil clown. For those BGG users who missed the Seinfeld episode and are unfamiliar with the opera here is the legendary Mario Lanza performing a famous scene: Youtube VideoThis is a solitaire design. The player controls the National Guard while the game system moves the clowns across the board. While not intended to be an accurate simulation of urban disorder Operation Pagliacci does include many elements found in these clashes.WARNING! People suffering from coulrophobia (fear of clowns) should exercise caution while reading this Session Report.The board portrays a portion of the Harvard University campus. The map is not exactly to scale but each hex represents several hundred yards of actual landscape. Terrain types include university facilities, metropolitan areas, parks, and the Charles River. The barricades halt all movement but have no other function. Using the Memoir '44 system (or any Commands & Colors game) to realistically depict a location is always a challenge. This map detail shows the JFK Center on the north side of the river and the Harvard Business School on the southern bank. The famous John W. Weeks footbridge is shown on the right side of this image. Obviously, armored vehicles may not cross the river here. Other university facilities shown on the board include the Harvard Law School and the Widener Library. If the creepy clowns occupy any of these hexes at the end of the game the player loses victory points. National Guard formations essentially move like infantry and armored units in the original Richard Borg design. The creepy clowns maneuver and battle using a system I developed for my The Great Emu War of 1932 prototype.Every creepy clown group draws a random token to determine the direction and distance this mob will move. Movement tokens contain instructions like SE-3 or SW-1 and require the group to move that number of hexes on the indicated compass heading. In the example shown here the clown group drew a SE-2 token and would advance along the pathway shown by the arrows. Rioting creepy clown movement is highly unpredictable. There are [...]

Session: Plan Orange: Pacific War 1930 - 1935:: First Play Report

Sun, 16 Oct 2016 08:46:15 +0000

by jboy3294


I just finished playing through this one for the first time. Granted this was a solo effort, but I planned the US offensives (where possible with the cards) before looking at the Japanese hand.

Turn 1 and 2 saw the taking of the PI and Guam for the Japanese. Losses were minimal, but several step losses. Starting in turn 2, the US sent forces into Oahu and then pushed Westwards and took Kwajalein and Eniwetok. Due to the limited range of air units and ports, you do need to take Truk as bypassing it as in the real WWII campaign doesn't seem to be viable if you are pushing from the South.

I decided just to throw anything the US had into as many battles as possible to learn the game mechanics. I was slowly and systematically step reduced with little results. The Japanese never had to try to take Midway or Wake as it was quickly apparent that only the massive sea battle with the BBs could save the US as it was now turn three with very little to show for it.

I threw everything I had left into one last battle for Truk. The Japanese were able to counter my offensive with an Intercept die roll and send all of their fleet to Truk to intercept. Decent die rolling by the Japanese eliminated a lot of the already step reduced US naval units. It was apparent that the US would lose quite easily on the Capital Ship ratio and so they resigned.

Another play is coming with more thought put into it, but I do think this is a fairly easy game to learn mechanically but will be tougher than one would think to win. The limited air unit range and lack of carrier numbers not only hurts the Air ZOI, but also makes it harder to support the amphibious operations across the long distances.

I am enjoying this very much and looking forward to finally cracking my copy of EotS. I am sure my tactics are poor and my observations may be way off but it is a fun game with very good components for the price.


Session: War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-earth – Tidings Not Burdens Mini-Expansion:: Fly you Fools - The Good Arguments

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 17:20:13 +0000

by Rafael Ramus

Played my first game with the expansion added. My girlfriend was completely unaware of the content of this mini-expansion. Then it went something like this:

Me: take that (plays the card);
Julia: wow, what?
Me: (laughs) you either provide a good argument against it or you concede the game.
Julia: Ok... (smiles as she realizes it's a troll card). Well, the Eye would certainly see it coming. Eagles coming in the direction of Mordor? No, it would totally blow their cover.
Me: So what? Eagles can fly really high, no arrow would get near them.
Julia: the Eagles would have to come down so that Frodo would reach the Crack of Doom and throw the Ring, I think arrows would be able to hit the Eagles then.
Me: Maybe they would parachute near the Mountain!
Julia: With a parachute and what else, machineguns?
Me: No, with the help of Gandalf's magic.
Julia: Then they would shoot at the Fellowship.
Me: Well, you know, Legolas, and Gimli, and Gandalf, and Legolas again...
Julia: What about the Fellbeasts (yes, she knows the name!), they would come for the Eagles.
Me: the Eagles can hold their own against the Fellbeasts!
Julia: Yes, but can they protect the Ringbearer while they fight all the way to Mordor? Sauron doesn't need to kill all the Eagles, just get the ring out of the hands of the ringbearer. Fellbeasts and the Nazgul should be able to do at least that! And bats, we all know Sauron control the bats. And he would send guards to close the Crack of Doom and shoot arrows at the parachuting Fellowshippers.
Me: (laughs incontrolably at parachuting fellowshippers)
Julia: One does not simply fly into Mordor (mimics Boromir hands)!

We laughed and, as you can see, I had to concede. We definitely had a good time with it!



Session: Defense Three Kingdoms:: The Fall of Shu (Very Picture Heavy)

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 12:48:50 +0000

by Infyra Taking the position of the legendary Shu strategist, Zhuge Liang we move back in time to the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China, in order to save the kingdom (actually Empire) of Shu.The traitor Cao Cao of Wei and the noble but misguided Sun Quan of Wu have allied to destroy Shu for once and for all. Zhuge Liang takes a look at the resources that the kingdom has at its disposal:Turn 0 Setup HandPresent are the three sworn brothers Emperor Liu Bei, Lord Guan Yu and Zhang Fei (who are always in your starting hand), besides that Zhuge Liang has some ideas for a formation and a stratagem agains the enemy.Sadly, he realises that he does not have any cannon fodder to help fight with the emperor, so combat this turn would surely lead to the death of one of the great heroes.Turn 1 Enemy PhaseZhuge Liang looks to the borders of Shu, and notices 3 enemy armies approaching from the East! Zhou Yu, Xiahou Dun and Xu Chu are approaching!Turn 1 Placement PhaseSince combat seems unavoidable now, and since Zhuge Liang cannot spare to lose one of the main forces, he decides to tap into the resources of Shu and hopes to find a solution. Losing 1 National power and discarding the formation, Zhuge Liang manages to come in contact with the veteran warrior Huang Zhong (sorry for the blurry picture!)Zhuge Liang sends the 4 heroes to the besieged Mai Castle which is under siege by Xiahou Dun and tricks his rival Zhou Yu with a decatenation stratagem.Turn 1 Movement Phase is SkippedTurn 1 Combat PhaseAfter a fierce and bloody fight, both Xiahou Dun and Huang Zhong (whose time it was anyway) lie dead on the battlefield. (28 vs 20: Shu Victory)Zhou Yu rages at the superior intellect of Zhuge Liang and sadly Xu Chu is free to raid and pillage the countryside around Wudu Castle.Turn 1 End Phase Just as things begin to look dark, reinforcements arrive for Shu in the form of Guan Yu and Liu Bei's sons, Xu Shu, a training soldier and the mighty Lu Bu.Turn 2 Enemy PhaseBut there is no time to breathe, the enemy does not give up easily, Xun Yu appears and he brings extra reinforcements (the reinforce keyword says that in addition to the 3 normal enemies, you draw another).I have actually forgotten to add the 4th enemy this round!One army was defeated, one tricked, but 4 new armies arrive on the borders of Shu: Lu Xun begins his siege of Lou Castle, while Xun Yu and Taishi Ci also begin their assaults. The rampages of Xu Chu have reduced the national power to 17!Turn 2 Placement PhaseXu Shu bring Liu Bei's attent[...]

Session: World in Flames:: The Great Spanish Deception: Athens, let's never mention that city again.

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 11:44:14 +0000

by Stevenrd Hi everyone,We continued our game this Friday evening after a busy week with less sessions than usual. Mar/April 1942;Weather 10:Axis Impulse 1 (we had played the Allied Impulse last session):Italians take a combined and send a fleet with a navel bomber to the eastern med. Ready to fight the Cw who have a navel bomber in the 4 box and a carrier, conv, the queens (who brought those dammed Canadians to Athens) and a lot more in the 0 box. First split is 2/6 Italians find allies do not, (Italians didn't have a convoy). Surface and a target, the queens must pay is Il Duce's order. We play with the optional rule that transports and amphs sink based on their speed so only a 1-4 instead of automatic. A three seas the queens on the bottom of the sea. 2 Cw cruisers are damaged VS 1 Italian cruiser sunk and 1 damaged. Good start of the turn for the Axis, and this is only the start of what would turn out to be a very hectic turn. The second search sees a 2/6 split again. Same result and the carrier (Illustrious if I recall correctly) and it's plane pay the Queens a visit. The damaged Italian cruiser takes a sunk and follows the CW, it is getting busy at the Ocean floor. Next round 10/5 British navel bomber is useful for the first time this round. It scores a sunk sinking a cruiser and aborts the Roma (the abort of the Roma may have been in an earlier round). The next search sees the convoy sunk and some CW ships aborted cutting supply to the Canadians in Athens. After that the searches finally fail. Massive german and Italian air commitment (4,3,2) see the canadian (os) and militia flipped. The assault by von Leeb and a Bulgarian + shore bombardment and even more air support take the city at a 5-1 +3 assault. The allies did try to get a long range bomber to support the defenders but an Italian fighter prevented that. Athens is captured by the Bulgarians with a flipped von Leeb staying in the Mountains to keep supply to the Bulgarian (there is still a Greek mountain corps in the mountains). The Germans attack in the west, a 2-1 +1 blitz rolls a 10 and drives the last french back across the river. The fatherland is secure once more with all of Germany in Axis hands.Japans inspired by this success sail some ships and fail a port attack on Aden where they loose a cp vs 2 oilers. India is reinforced by the Tokyo Militia, a mech corps and the special bike division.Weather 3:Cw take a navel and sail ships everywhere besides the Pacific. Italy has committed most of her f[...]

Session: Thunderbolt Apache Leader:: Long war in Israel: Day Four - Newbie needs glasses

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:01:15 +0000

by jgatkinsn Day 4 - Israel DefenseI spent the morning of this fourth day of the campaign staring at the latest satellite photos of a tank spearhead and a tank force that has busted through the front lines last night. To keep the base safe, I wanted to see these two battalions eliminated for greatly reduced to slow them down or force them to retreat. These two battalions are full of heavily armored tanks and plenty of anti-aircraft threats from enemy choppers to SAM's. Both were equally powerful, but the spearhead was moving faster leading me to take it out first. I called in Divot again even after his last mission run. I really wanted his sharpshooting kills on this one with those deadly tanks. He would call the shots with Dart in his F-16 and Judge in his Apache. This would be Judge's first mission, and I had high hopes he would do well. They all got the low down for the mission, and I sent them off their way while I got Flash and Genius ready to take on the tank force battalion.As Divot's strike team approached the target zone, I got a call that we had some F-15's in the area. I went ahead and requested cover for my team, so the choppers wouldn't bother them and they could focus on the SAM's and AAA first. Had I known that the F-15's would have been around, I probably wouldn't have equipped them with sidewinders. The scouts did their job well along with the recent satellite data that came in that day. The team approached low in the canyon to the far east of the zone to hide from the SAM's and AAA. Judge popped up over the ridge first. He had a little trouble with the tanks spent extra hellfires to bring them down. The nearby SAM was eliminated which paved the way for Divot and Dart. Divot proceeded up and took out the northern group of AAA and tank. Dart zipped by and handled the last SAM, but whiffed on the tank next to it. Thankfully, no other enemy targets appeared with their high level maneuvering. Judge turned north to take on the three tanks to the northeast and completely wasted his remaining hellfires missing left and right. I probably had a dumbfounded look on my face listening to the comms during the mission. Dart circled back and used his mavericks and hellfires to finish up what Judge couldn't finish. Divot circled south to squash the remaining AAA in the southwest corner with relative ease. Divot sent Judge and Dart home, since their pylons were empty of ordinance even though Dart finished up a tank[...]