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Thread: Papà Paolo:: Rules:: Gaining experience

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 10:05:54 +0000

by Robbo

Our favourite game from Spiel 2016.

One query.... experience is gained if a all houses on a tile receive a pizza that round. Does that mean experience is gained only if all houses on tile get a pizza that particular round, or if the remaining houses on that tile get a pizza that round?

Meaning, if a tile has three houses for example, and one of them gets a pizza in say round one, but the other two dong get a pizza until a later round, experience is gained in that later round or to get experience must all houses on a tile get a pizza in the same round?


Thread: Soccer City: The Beautiful Game:: News:: New Soccer City Expansion and exclusive Playing Cards. Soon on Kickstarter!

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 10:01:18 +0000

by SoccerCity

Hi guys!

We have a great announcement! On November 3 we are going to launch a new Kickstarter campaign. This time, we will ask for your support in order to be able to produce the new Expansion and the exclusive Soccer City Playing Cards decks.

This is the link for the campaign (non active):

Check it out!

All the best,
Lisandro and Gonzalo

Thread: Incorporated:: Rules:: 2 Player support added in files section

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:59:55 +0000

by adatopoulos

Hello everyone. This is the designer speaking (image)

Up until now, I categorically rejected to include a 2 player variant of Incorporated, as I felt auction games are generally not fun to play in 2 player mode. So I didn't even bother testing it.

But after so many requests during Essen, I decided to give it a shot, created an experimental set of rules and tested it extensively. Initial playtest showed much potential.

I daresay the game is surprisingly good in 2 player mode for an auction game (because the game somehow transforms into more of a wargame feeling than an auction game feeling). I don't know why I didn't bother to test it before.

I now feel confident enough to publish the 2 player variant rules of Incorporated. It requires some little more components to play (like, 4 meeples for each player and some more cubes) and only one minor rule tweak (Market Leadership bonus is halved), so it is the same game with same rules.

The components and rules for 2 player will be included integrally in the 2nd print (also as promised, I will give away the updated components to 1st edition buyers for free except for shipping).

For now, you can play 2 player game by borrowing meeples & cubes from blue & yellow players (as they are not used in 2 player game).

You can check the rule changes and player setup for that variant in files section.

Thank you everyone!

Thread: Tiny Epic Western:: Rules:: 2 Player setup - same amount of actions like in 3 & 4 player game?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:55:49 +0000

by AkitaInu


We played only once and in 2 player setup so my experience is very small but I have one concern. Are there too many action spaces in 2 player game?

For example, in 4 player game we have 4 action spaces (immediate or delayed with better bonuses). Also, we have one action at sheriff's office. Thats all what we have, 5 actions

for 2 players, we have two actions from our boards, two actions from buildings which are placed on the porch slots of absent players and one from sheriff's office.

That's the same amount of actions. Which prevents duels, make board less tight etc.

Or I am playing something wrong ? (image)

Thread: Pyramid Arcade:: General:: Pre-order Yanked

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:54:58 +0000

by Orochi_001

Just a heads-up for anyone who pre-ordered this through Miniature Market, and possibly other online outlets in the States: Looney Labs has cancelled all existing pre-orders without warning or reason. I see that Canada's Board Game Bliss still has a product page up, but I'm not sure how long that will be the case. If anyone has info on this matter, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (image)

Thread: Dresden 20:: Rules:: Tranchenburg card text

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:52:21 +0000

by marktb1961

Just picked up this game, but it is the French re-print. Mostly coping but one card I am unsure of... please can some-one supply the original english text for the Trachenberg Plan card ?

Review: Firefly: The Game:: Review from a 3 year Firefly veteran

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:46:14 +0000

by Soleia (Is 3 years long enough to be considered a veteran? Aw, who cares.) I realize there is no shortage of reviews for this game, but I hope my opinion is still appreciated. Some notes before we begin:-I have played this game at nearly all player counts from solo to 9 players.-I have played the base game and I have played every available expansion. -I have played every official scenario available for this game (as far as I recall).-No, I'm not saying all that to brag, I just want people to know where I'm coming from before we break atmo and set course for the far reaches of the 'verse. So here we go! LUCK VERSUS STRATEGY: One of this game's best features, for me, is that you have two routes: luck or strategy. In each game you play through a scenario card. Usually, after some prerequisites are met, these will require players to fly to a specific location and roll a die. You add the number rolled to your stats on equipment and crew cards to determine whether you pass each test and get a goal token. Tests will be in one of three categories: fighting, negotiation or tech. So, if a card says you need a fighting check of 10, you can run down to Silverhold and beef up your crew with lots of firearms and explosives until you're fairly certain you will pass the test, or you can pick up a couple decent items for low cost and try your luck. The advantage to the former option is the peace of mind that you won't fail the test (which often means killing crew members or getting a warrant). However, the benefit in taking the "luck" route is that, while everyone else is taking their time doing jobs to earn money to buy items, you might be able to get an edge by lucking your way through the test (my only advice is, no matter what, buy a vehicle before attempting to draw any "Misbehave" cards, which are often a part of completing a goal and always a part of completing illegal jobs). The risk, of course, is getting a bad roll and failing. Either way, it's always a good idea to gear up at least a little before attempting a goal.THEME (will people who haven't seen Firefly enjoy this game?):This game is rich on theme. For fans of the TV series and movie this is one of the pleasures of the game, but it is by no means necessary to enjoy the experience. We got nearly everyone in my extensive family into this game and not one of them had even seen an episode. It didn't rob any of the joy from the game for them, and several ended up getting their own copy without even watching the series. REPLAYABLITY:I'm not gonna lie, I played this game pretty much every day, multiple times a day, for about one and a half years before it wore out its welcome. And even then, the main reason it lost some of its glow was due to the fact that the majority of my plays were with my husband and we both become so familiar with the game there were few surprises left. I still enjoy a play from time to time and would certainly play more if I had others to play with (though I have an extensive family, we don't always get the chance to play longer games). Note that we did acquire all of the expansions during this time. The base game itself is replayable, but if it hits your table as often as it hit ours you will probably want at least the Breakin' Atmo expansion and one of the board expansions (Blue Sun or Kalidasa). Of course, the game comes with multiple story cards, some being better than others. These days we usually play the same story card every time due to the fact that it always changes, and that one is "Where the Wind Takes Us" which is included in the Jetwash ship expansion.DOMINANT STRATEGIES (are some captains better than others?):When my gamer nephew discovered Firefly it didn't take him long to come up with a pretty powerful strategy (which I won't give away here, because you should discover the game for yourself), but it didn't "break" the game, it just meant we had to work hard to find a goo[...]

Thread: Martians: A Story of Civilization:: General:: RTG building miniature

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:40:35 +0000

by Thanee

Any idea, why there is no RTG building miniature.

All the other buildings on the main board and the excavation site (stretch goal) have a miniature (if you got the buildings add-on), just not the RTG.

Is there a reason for this? (image)


Thread: Guards of Atlantis: Tabletop MOBA:: Rules:: Rules Requests

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:38:52 +0000

by Necroblade

We have played our third game yesterday and now we have some questions, that are not mentioned or answered in the rulebook.

1. When a hero is on an empty spot of a Minion on a lane where the minions now will be pushed to, what happens to the Minion or the Hero? We have put the Minion beside the Hero - chosen by the player of the same color as the Minion. But it is not mentioned anywhere!?

2. When you use the Special Attack ability of the Hero (dont remember the name) that can do a meele attack and hit the 2 squares right behind that enemy as well (It´s a red Level 3 attack card) everything is clear. On the Picture it looks like he is pushing a Water Wall against his enemies. So the questions is - can i do a melee attack against an EMPTY field to hit the other 2 fields right behind that? So i could attack an Enemy that is 3 square away. (image)

Thread: Undercover:: General:: Umdrehen oder nicht? Eine Spielübersicht

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:23:31 +0000

by duchamp Als Mitautor des Spiels werde ich das Spiel natürlich nicht „rezensieren“, aber eine grobe Einführung ins Spiel kann ich hier anbieten. Das Spiel „frisch aus der Schachtel“In Undercover geht es um Geheimagenten und passende Farben. Wir sind Chefs jeweils eines Geheimdienstes zur Zeit des Kalten Krieges, wobei jedes Land/jeder Geheimdienst durch eine der sechs Farben des Regenbogens und ein Symbol repräsentiert wird, damit auch Farbenblinde das Spiel spielen können. Die sechs Hauptquartiere im Spiel und das Material, dass jeder Spieler bei Spielbeginn erhält.SpielaufbauAls erstes wird der Wertungsplan ausgelegt und die Spalten am weitesten rechts mit zufälligen Punktemarken der jeweiligen Farbe belegt. Die 12 Agenten werden gemischt und in zwei Zugstapel à 6 aufgeteilt. Die beiden Zufallselemente im Spiel (Punktemarken von 4 bis 8 und die Zugstapel) sowie der komplette Aufbau vor Spielbeginn.Die sechs Hauptquartiere werden in die Tischmitte gelegt, mit einigem Platz drumrum. Sie bilden sowohl wiederum einen „Regenbogen-Farbkreis“ als auch einen einzigen großen Raum, der allerdings in sechs Abteilungen rund um den Globus eingeteilt ist. Bei 2 oder 4 Spielern werden 2 Hauptquartiere umgedreht und als Joker benutzt, bei 3 Spielern 3.Jeder Spieler erhält die Mitarbeiter (= Wertungsmarker) einer Farbe, den Farbkreis für dieselbe Farbe (erkennbar an der Mitte des Farbkreises) und einen der Joker. Nun kann es losgehen.Die Punktemarken werden verdecktauf dem Farbkreis gesammelt.SpielzielBist du am Zug, arrangierst du ein Treffen zwischen Agenten, um Informationen zu erhalten – wobei du dich grundsätzlich Agenten aller Länder bedienst. Danach ziehst du deine Mitarbeiter, die für die jeweiligen Länder/Farben zuständig sind, auf der Wertungstafel vorwärts, manchmal 3, 4 oder sogar 5 Schritte auf einmal. Landet ein Mitarbeiter auf einem besetzten Feld, zieht er weiter zum nächsten freien Feld. Am Ende der Wertungstafel warten Punktemarken auf uns, so dass hier im Grunde sechs simultane Wettrennen auf farbigen Spuren stattfinden. Jeder Spieler wertet jede Farbe nur einmal – landest du auf einer Punktemarke, nimmst du sie und bewegst dich in dieser Farbe nicht mehr.SpielablaufWIE du nun deine Mitarbeiter veranlasst, vorwärts zu ziehen, das ist das eigentliche Spiel:Um ein Treffen zu arrangieren, nimmst du zu Beginn deines Zuges einen freien Agenten – von einem der Zugstapel oder einen bereits ausliegenden. Dann gibst du ihm Anweisungen in Form einer Mappe (somit ist er bis nach deinem nächsten Zug nicht mehr „frei“), legst ihn seitlich an farblich passende Agenten an und wertest dieses Treffen. So einfach ist das. Allerdings unterliegen diese geheimen Treffen gewissen Regeln ...:Neben jedem Agenten sind drei farbige Symbole abgebildet: Ein großes Symbol (die Farbe des Teils selbst) und je ein Symbol darüber und darunter. Diese beiden Farben sind stets die beiden Nachbarfarben auf dem Regenbogen-Farbkreis, was in zweierlei Hinsicht eine wichtige Rolle spielt:1. Anlegen:Du darfst einen aufgenommenen Agenten nur dort anlegen, wo er andere Agenten seiner eigenen Farbe oder der beiden Nachbarfarben trifft (siehe linke Bildspalte: Der orangefarbene Agent kann nur an Rot, Orange und Gelb angelegt werden, wie auf dem Teil abgebildet).2. Geheime Identitäten und Umdrehen:Es gibt jeweils zwei gleich aussehende helle, „offizielle“ Agenten und zwei nächtliche „Undercover“-Agenten pro Land/Farbe. Jeder Agent hat eine offizielle und eine Undercover-Seite, wobei die Farben der beiden Seiten ebenfalls immer im Regenbogen-Farbkreis benachbarte sind.Der gelbe offizielle Agent ist undercoverentweder orange oder grün ...Wenn du einen Agenten aufnimmst, DARFST du ihn umdrehen, bevor du ihn anlegst (rechte Bildspalte), und musst ihn nun mit dieser [...]

Thread: Hands in the Sea:: General:: Battle round markers missing

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:19:50 +0000

by FD22

Hello, after buying the game at Essen I found out that my copy, as everybody else's (, contained a double copy of the Utica card and a late addition of the Temesa card (which was also damaged).
I'm opening this thread because yesterday I played the game for the first time and found out that the battle round markers are also missing from the box! Fortunately some numbered discs were provided (which apparently are part of some expansion) and we used those to keep track of the battles.
It is not clear to me how to request the missing parts or in fact a substitution of the defect ones. I have contacted the publishing company but received no reply.

Thread: Rhodes:: Rules:: FAQ list Rhodes - Dutch (for now)

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:19:30 +0000

by Brainmaster

For all players who understand Dutch and have bought a copy of Rhodes recently we have good news. The Dutch FAQ list for Rhodes is ONLINE.

You can find it on the following page:

The FAQ gives you hints and attention points how to play. Plus a series of 30 frequently asked questions with their answers.

If you still have a question, do not hesitate to post it here on BGG or - in case of an urgent matter - you can also send a direct mail to The Game Master:

We hope that this FAQ helps you with any flaws in the rules, which might not be perfectly clear. Words are never enough....:what:

- a video of the game will come
- we have some expert variants for you; after further testing we will be posting them for those who enjoy Rhodes very much, but just hate it when the game ends too soon:).
- we are working on an expansion already, in the drafting phase though; possibly this will have a higher appeal to the "die hard" expert players.

The Game Master

We just love to create fun!

Thread: Patchwork:: Play By Forum:: BGG Patchwork Quilting Premier League - Season 1

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:17:02 +0000

by GThreepwood

Hey Quilters, Welcome to the BGG Patchwork Quilting Premier League!
This thread is for Season 1.
The league rules can be found in the first post of the Main Announcement Thread (which you should be subscribed to).

Here are some basic reminders:

(image) every league match consists of 2 Patchwork games: you can choose to play them simultaneously (recommended) or one by one.

(image) after your match is completed, please post your results in this thread with the following format (or something similar, it doesn't matter):
1st HALF: PLAYER A b. PLAYER B 30-17
2nd HALF: PLAYER B b. PLAYER A 27-15

(image) please endeavor to play at a good pace: it'd be great if a Matchday were completed in a 5-day time lapse.

(image) please check in in this thread by thumbing this post or posting something; you know, just to be sure all of you guys are aware that the season has begun.

(image) If you anticipate being unavailable or on vacation in the next month, please notify me as soon as possible, and we'll try to arrange matches in some way

That's all mates, raise your needles high and be ready to fight!

Thread: Martians: A Story of Civilization:: Rules:: Clarification about Builder expert

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:06:30 +0000

by Drugo81

When you use the ability of the Builder expert, do you have to spend the 1 time unit as well in addition to the energy/regolith/supply required by the facility construction action?

Thread: Mechs vs. Minions:: Rules:: Rocket Jump and Oil Slick

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 09:00:54 +0000

by Lochi


My friends and I played Scenario 2 yesterday and when using Tristana's Rocket Jump a doubt arose.

What happens when the landing spot for Tristana is an oil slick? There were mixed opinions about the situation, according to the rules it seems Tristana keeps moving until leaving the Oil Slick but I imagined the situation as Tristana landing vertically so she may be able to keep in the same position.

In case the Oil Slick rule of keeping moving stays, does Tristana gets to keep Rocket Jump card if she stomps a minion the moment she leaves the Oil Slick?


Thread: Ortus Regni:: General:: Solo play?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 08:45:51 +0000

by sandwichman

This looks like an incredibly beautiful game. I will have a good chance to play with two players, but I am also very interested to know how it is played solo.


Thread: A Feast for Odin:: Rules:: Tile placement

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 08:29:23 +0000

by Palmerex

When you receive tile you must place it immediately on board or you can hold it and place later ?

Thread: Star Wars: Armada:: Rules:: Projection Experts rule

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 08:22:29 +0000

by VonDodo

I have this doubt...

These type of cards have a command symbol on it....what does it mean?

1) I have to spend a token without getting token effect and then resolve it
2) I have to spend a Token but i still get the engineering points
3) i have to use a command and i get the command engeenering points.
4) i can use both command or token. do i get the points?

Also can i use it to rotate 2 shields on the same ship using the card?

Thank you.

Thread: Panzer (second edition):: Rules:: Two questions: BU Smoke and Bridge hexes.

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 08:04:27 +0000

by mzen

Just a quick couple of clarifications needed as we couldn't decide on these when we were playing yesterday.

1) When a tank is Brewed Up does the Smoke Modifier take effect immediately or at the end of the phase in which it was destroyed?

2) Can a unit be in the stream (ie at level -1) in a Bridge hex?

Many thanks.

Thread: The War of the Worlds:: News:: Now available as PDF

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:50:23 +0000

by Stile86

ADB has released this game in PDF format.

See this Press Release Vintage Game The War of the Worlds Now Available and this geeklist Old Task Force Games now available as PDF.

Thread: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game:: Rules:: Couple of newbee questions

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:49:08 +0000

by cwb1977

Hi every,

I'm fairly new to this game; owned it for a while, but just recently started playing again. Having a great time, even tough I was completely shattered by Dol Guldur and probably made a few (many???) mistakes.

I play twohanded solo, trying out the different sphere decks (not mixed together) from the core set. (But I also own complete Mirkwood and KhazadDum as well as a couple of GenCon expansions).

Anyhow, I have a couple of questions about cards, which I can't find the answers to on this great forum (or I'm looking in the wrong place).

1. Dúnhere. His ability is targeting enemies in the staging area. I played him before questing (is that allowed?) to make enemies with high engagement cost weaker before battle. And then I played him again during other phases (is that allowed after the first 'action'?). Because his card text does not say something like 'action', 'response' or something like that, I assumed this was possible. Furthermore, it does not specifically say 'Exhaust'.

2. Power in the Earth. Attach to location, attached locations gets -1 threat. If I travel to the attached location, what happens with the attachment; is it discarded, or does it return to your hand (I assume the first).

Thanks for all your kind answers!


Thread: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game:: General:: Gamesmanship at tournaments

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:48:02 +0000

by RayGuns

For the most part, players seem to have fun at tournaments, and I have even seen matches were both players cooperatively work together when things get messy. However, sometimes I see things that I would definitely call bad gamesmanship. Just recently I was watching a tournament game and one of the players seemed a bit rude in general. To bad referees don't just give penalties for bad gamesmanship. Even being rude to fellow gamers should get you a yellow card for bad gamesmanship. Also, this should includes deliberately fudging your move template (cheating) to change the final position of your ship - I see a lot of the this and still wonder why tournament judges do not crack down on this behavior.

A second bad gamesmanship offense (red card) and the player forfeits the match to his opponent.

In non-tournament games this is not a problem because if you have bad gamesmanship habits, people will not play any game with you.

Thread: Magnifico:: General:: Real time

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:42:19 +0000


How much time costs play a "Magnifico" game? I supose it depends on the player number, with 5 players? Real time, not the indicated in the box...

Thread: Britannia:: Rules:: Order of combat after Overrun

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:41:22 +0000

by michaelwest777

Is there an order of combat after an overrun? Say you move into one space and leave 2 units there to cover and fight 2 enemy units and move an additional two into the adjacent space to fight 2 others. Is there an order in which this combat needs to be conducted? It would seem logical that the first space should be completed first as this might affect retreat for the second combat.

I do not see any reference to this, so assume the player just chooses to his advantage.

Thread: Battlestar Galactica: Exodus Expansion:: Rules:: exodus CFB activation and placement ships

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:41:18 +0000

by fistashk0

Hi !
I can't understand, how it's really works.
I hope you can help me with this situations.

Examlpe : We have all basestars in main game board and all raiders on a CFB

1. Basestar was activated by crisis card(did it different for another variant?) and launches three raiders each => we need place 6 raiders by cylon ship activation
2. we should place 3 raiders in a front of galactica
3. cylon activate 'basestar bridge' to place 3 raiders

and because "out of ships"- triggers Possible Solutions for each situation:
1 - we should activate raiders (6/3) time and teleport (6/3) or less areas from SFB to MB and when all raiders teleported on MB should continue it's activation if no all activations were used.
1 - we should teleport only one area
1 - "out of ships" activated by "placement" ships and nothing happens. ( like FAQ 2.1 cylon fleet question about basestar placement)


Sorry for bad english and thank you for your help (:

Thread: Mea Culpa:: General:: Different die ?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:40:46 +0000

by manucube

Hello, in my box there are 2 black dices and no white pope dice ?

It's strange ?

Many thanks

Thread: SeaFall:: General:: Just finished a 2 player campaign, my thoughts.

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:38:24 +0000

by Tcwleblanc

So, being incredibly observant as I am I didn't actually realize that this was meant to be 3+ players. When I played the prologue it was with three players, but one wasn't feeling the theme and dropped out so my friend and I continued as a 2 player game. Now I didn't actually notice this until the last box was opened and we double checked the back of the box, so in some ways this shows that it can be played 2 player with not a huge problem. Now, we both took different approaches, my friend raided and I explored early game, we both ignored treasures and both did a little building/upgrading and trading. He ended up with a pretty commanding lead for a couple of games 30+ points, but the catch up mechanism implemented a few games in worked even for two people, I had enough extra resources at the start of each game to slowly close the lead I trailed all the way up to our final game and ended up winning 274-258. After we finished we noticed that we also played a set of the event cards wrong (at least we think), but it worked out in the end. There wasn't too much interaction as far as raiding each other, but there were times when it would happen and swing the entire course of the game snatching away victories at the last moment.

Anyways, after mistakingly playing this as a two player game we both rather enjoyed everything about it and it surprisingly worked quite well. In the end though I do think 3-5 would have been more enjoyable.

Thread: Islebound: Deep Fog:: General:: Has anyone played with this? Seems kind of crap...

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:31:59 +0000

by doctoryes0

Your choices of destination, other than other players' home ports, are reduced to two. One of the two requires a die roll. Roll low and you lose your turn.

I'm not 100% sure I have that right, and to be honest I hope I don't, because it sounds just awful.

Granted, you can't judge a bit without playing it, but maybe in this case my completist nature gets trumped by my dislike of game design cribbed from Snakes and Ladders...

Thread: The Resistance: Avalon:: Variants:: Avalon New Role Idea.

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:20:59 +0000

by c0des

Court Jester - A neutral card not on good or bad. The only way he wins is if the assassin kills him at the end of the game. (So the character pretends to be Merlin)

Thread: A Feast for Odin:: Variants:: More Player interaction- 2 player variant.

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:19:25 +0000

by Lazurits

I am thinking how to increase player interaction in two player game.
Does any have bright ideas of 2 player game variants?

I have two variants for example:

1) When you put viking figure in action space, then you block all actions in this row for other player.
2) Each player has 7 more vikings in different colour on home board. Players can spend those extra vikings to block action spaces for other player. They have only 7 dummy viking figures for all game. To block space you use only one viking and pay 1 silver.

Please :
-comment these variants /
-give your variant.

Thread: Catan:: General:: Catan Explorers anf pirates dimensions

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 07:16:46 +0000

by Meblin

I have 3D printed a Catan board that works for all expansions. Have tested it with 5/6 player explorers and pirates and it worked really well.

I do not own this set and need the dimensions of the mission cards. Can anyone help?

Here are some pictures of the 97 hex holders, 32 side pieces and 6 corners.


Thread: Blood Rage:: Rules:: Does rage pillage bonus gets you an additional rage right away ?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:56:41 +0000

by WilliamB

Or only for the next age ?
Wondering as helmet and horn bonus work right away.

Thread: Thunder Alley: Crew Chief Expansion:: General:: Where to buy?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:51:24 +0000

by Slotracer

Isn't there some kind of webshop where this can be bought since I missed it on the kickstarter?

Thread: Terraforming Mars:: Strategy:: Cards with non-production actions/effects

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:47:36 +0000

by LorryMoller

Companion to my other post listing the resource/production counts on cards.
The main suprise to me here was that with corporate era, there are 4 cards that give discounts on space cards.
Also, here are 9 cards that burn Energy to do something useful.
Again, probably made some errors in here, but you get a general sense.

Cards with Reduction Effects
Basic game Corp era
one time Global requirements +-2
Global requirements +-2
-1ME To Play Card -2ME To Play Card(x2)
-2ME To Play Space Card -2Me To Play Space Card(x3)
-3Me To Play Earth Card
+1Me for each steel and Ti spent
-8Me To Next Card

Cards with Bonus after play
Basic game Corp era
+1Animal(pet) after every city
+1Animal(herbivore)after you play greenery
+1MEproduction per new city
+2ME per new city
+2plants per new ocean
you play plant/microbe/animal-> add one microbe(3/1vp) to this card
you play plant/animal-> add one animal(2/1vp) to this card
you play space event->+3ME, +3heat
you play science tag -> discard and draw
you play science tag -> science resource or eat science resource to draw a card
you play plant/microbe/animal-> add one plant, microbe or animal
standard projects -> +3
event ->+3

Cards to Convert resources or generate cards/animals/microbes
Basic game Corp era
1energy -> +1Me for each city on mars
3energy -> 1oxygen
4energy -> Ti,Oxygen
4energy -> Steel,Oxygen
4energy -> 2Steel,Oxygen
1energy production -> TR
1energy->Draw Card
6energy->2vp Science Resource

8Me->ocean (can be paid w steel)
12Me->ocean (can be paid w Ti)
10Me->2 heat production
7Me->+1energy production
7Me->Steel production

plant or steel->7Me

Look at top4, keep 2
Look at top3, keep 1

Thread: Snowdonia:: General:: Withdrawal

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:36:46 +0000

by AernoutMJC

In the Lake District on holiday. I checked in advance: table too small to accommodatie a board game. I was midway my Oz campaign and having symptomatisch of withdrawal. These were enhanced when we passed a "Wales" sign on the Motorway...

Probably one of the very first things I'll do when I get home from work this Monday. I need my fix of cubes.

Thread: Terraforming Mars:: Strategy:: List of Attack and Production symbols on cards

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:33:36 +0000

by LorryMoller It seemed like the red-bordered attacks on Steel and Titanium production could be pretty crippling/swingy, since it seemed like there weren't many ways of getting them. Also, as a new player, it is not obvious how easy it is to get, say, a plant production, so it's hard to value the card then. So I decided to look through the cards to get a sense of how common the various production symbols were (especially relative to the attacks).Doubtless I've made some errors, but it gives you a general sense. A couple of things I noted in the data:- none of the corp edition cards give plant production- only 5 steel production cards and one of them is the 'Escarpment' card that 'attacks' another steel production... (although there is also the mining guild's starting steel prod and the industrial centre that can buy steel prod each turn) - only 9 oceans in the game but 17 ocean symbols on cards (plus the 2 blue cards that can generate oceans repeatedly), so in a 5-player game that you go through the whole deck, be sure to use your ocean cards early! probably less important at lower player counts...I'll do another post with the other effects (generally blue ones) that don't fit here.Resource AttackMESteelTiPlantEnergyHeatMicrobesAnimalsTotal ##16 119Basic Game-4-8 -6 -4 -3(x2) -2 -1/turn-1/turn#221117CE-7 -3-4 -2-3-5-2Production AttackMESteelTiPlantEnergyHeatTotal#4 26Basic Game-1(x3) -2 -1 -2#11125CE-2-1-1-1(x2)Bonus ResourcesMESteelTiPlantEnergyHeatMicrobesAnimalsOxygenTempOceanForestCards#-/+0/30/32/181/10/30/50/30/90/140/30/2Basic Game+2 +4 +5+2(x2) +4-2 -1 +1(x5) +2(x6) +3(X4) +4(x2) +5 -5 +3+2 +3(x2)+1 +2(x3) +4+1(x2) +2+1(x4) +2(x4) +3+1(x11) +2(x3)+1(x3)+1 +2#-/+0/20/3CE+10 +1/per all played events+1 +2(x2)Bonus ProductionMESteelTiPlantEnergyHeatTRSpecial# -/+7/190/30/10/13/2417/220/1161Basic Game-2(x4) -1(x3)+1(x2) +2(x8) +3(x3) +4(x3) +5(x2) +1perCityOnMars+1 +2(x2)+1+1 steel or titanium-1(x3) +1(x11) +2(x8) +3(x2) +1perPlantTag +1or+3if4PlantTags +1per2microbeTags-4 -2(x4) -1(x12) +1(x10) +2(x6) +3(x4) +1perEnergyTag +1perCityInPlay+1 +2(x3) +3(x4) +4(x2) +7+1(x2) +2(x3) +3-XHeat+XME# -/+2/160/20/80/16/51/021CE-1(x2) +1(x3)+2(x4) +3(x4) +1per2SteelTags +1perSpaceTag +1perOpponentSpaceTag +1perEarthTag(x2)+1 +2+1(x5) +2(x2) +1(-1attack)+1 steel or titanium-1(x6) +1 +4 +6+1(-1 attack)(x2)-2+2 +1perJovianCopy One card's production [...]

Thread: Into The Echoside:: General:: International shiping costs from hatchetgear

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:31:43 +0000

by interbreeding

Hey there,

first of all - i love ICP and the whole universe.
so i looked up where to buy this game online and so far i only found the direct distribuion through hatchetgear.

so i put a copy in my basket and checked the delivery costs to germany - and well - i must say this seems ridiculous.

The cheapeast option ist almost 70(!) bucks.

Does someone know if this game is available elsewhere - as much as i would love to have - these shipping costs are insane.

Did someone outside the US import it themselves via international shipping?

thanks and regards


Thread: The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches:: Rules:: The Greatest Day Exclusive Rule Book

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:24:51 +0000

by Proff3RTR

Hi all,

I just picked up a copy of this amazing game from a car boot sale last week, I have one small problem though, No 'The Greatest Day Exclusive Rule Book' inside, has anyone got a spare or such I could grab off of them.

Cheers in advance


Thread: A Feast for Odin:: General:: Counter Trays

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:18:58 +0000

by bertmat

Yesterday evening I played Odin and during setup I destroyed one of the counter trays. Don't ask how that happened. Really stupid.

Who knows where I can buy one of these trays. Can't find a seller. Are these trays especially produced for Feuerland/Z-Man?

Thread: 7 Wonders: Duel – Pantheon:: Rules:: Question about Grand Temple

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:06:01 +0000

by Teiwaz

Unfortunatelly I don't have the english rules, so I can't explain my question with the right names of the game components. I hope you understand me anyway.

The grand temples have a symbol on them, which allows me to build them for free.
There is a new green token, which allows me to build buildings with the symbol for free build, for just 1 Coin.
If I have this green token, can I build grand temples for 1 coin?

Thank you
Kind Regards

Thread: Mechs vs. Minions:: Rules:: Victory Timing

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:05:34 +0000

by Hmmm ok

Do you win the moment that the victory conditions are met or do you finish out the round? Is this game like Eldritch Horror where defeat can be snatched from the jaws of victory?

Thread: Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: Rules:: Leveling up question

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:53:25 +0000

by iLLumines

Can someone explain to me how leveling up works on this game? Thanks.

Thread: Behind the Throne:: General:: card size?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:47:12 +0000

by PorchyG

Does anyone know the card size I would like to sleeve them

Thread: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition):: General:: Can the Base Sets Containing Heirs of Blood be Identified by the Box?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:47:06 +0000

by kronovan

A few of my FLGS's have the box sets, but the owners weren't aware there's an update that includes the Heirs of Blood Act campaign. The staff at one store couldn't get access to the receiving records, but believes there 2 copies on hand were received within the past 6 months.

So my question is: is there anyway to tell by the box if it includes the HoB Act I & II booklets?

Thread: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game:: General:: Is this game for me?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:45:15 +0000

by holmezzz

I recently bought LotR:TCG with the intention of getting The Hobbit Saga expansions soon after I got the hang of playing with the core set. But- I just don't really enjoy this game very much, and I'm wondering if it's a case of this not being the right game for me. Also, it was my intention to play the Hobbit expansions with my sons (8 and 10 years old) but I suspect that this game is way to hard for them to enjoy. What do you fans of the game think? Should I give it more time? If I don't like the core set solo, will the Saga be any different? (I've played it about 5 times now).

Thanks in advance

Review: Conquest of Paradise:: [Roger's Reviews] A New Paradise

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:40:00 +0000

by leroy43 Conquest of Paradise (Deluxe Second Edition)A game for 1-4 players by Kevin McPartland"And they called it paradise, the place to be,They watched the hazy sun sinking in the sea"- The Eagles (The Last Resort)IntroductionBack in 2007, a great little game was released by GMT in a lovely linen finish box.The original linen finish box sitting on top of the shiny new blue one.I first tried out Conquest of Paradise back in 2009, and I loved it right away. I recommended it to other people, and introduced to several times to folks, usually to positive comments. Imagine my delight then when GMT said they were going to release a second edition, complete with improved graphics, wooden pieces, and a mounted board. In addition, an unexpected bonus is the inclusion of solitaire playing rules.This review is about the new deluxe edition. If you want to learn about the game play, please see my 2012 review, which also covers the expansion from C3i magazine.Let's have a look inside the new box.ComponentsFirst off, let's see what you get inside the box.ContentsThe new edition comes in the 3" deeper box that GMT has been using for a lot of its games lately. If you're the owner of the previous version, the differences are posted by the designer here, but the key highlights are:- a mounted mapboard- improved colours for the player pieces so they're easier to distinguish in low light- formal inclusion of the random event cards that were previously only included in C3i magazine PLUS markers for these included in the counter sheet- wooden pieces in all four player colours- full colour rules and play aids- rules for playing the game solitaire Rules & Game PlayIf you're unfamiliar with how the game plays, I refer you to my 2012 review. The game play remains unchanged, save that there are a few minor alterations such as the addition of one Arts & Culture card to make a full deck of 55. The only other potentially major change is the addition of one row of hexes to the bottom of the map. I don't believe that should have a major impact to the experience, and I haven't yet played it enough to show me otherwise. SolitaireThe one really exciting new addition are the solitaire rules.I was part of the play test crew for the solitaire expansion (listed in the credits no less), and it makes Conquest of Paradise a challenging little puzzle for the solitaire gamer. While it won't replace the multiplayer experience for me, it does give a satisfying experience in about the same amount of time that a normal game takes. The solitaire game uses a set of chits drawn from a cup, and the objective is to attain 30 victory points before you use more than 13 of the 15 chits in the cup. You are playing Tonga and your "opponent" gets Samoa, and the chits have two sides - one [...]

Thread: Operation Dauntless: The Battles for Fontenay and Rauray, France, June 1944:: Rules:: Column shifts

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:36:38 +0000

by RBoyens

If the combat odds are greater than 5:1, do the column shifts start from there or do they start at 5:1? There were times when the Brits had an 8:1 combat, so with 1L for attacking from fields, 1L for dug-in defender, 1L for defender in close terrain, it ends up being 2:1 when starting from 5:1, but would be 5:1 if starting from 8:1.

Thread: Mechs vs. Minions:: General:: Anyone else have a backwards ax wielding big baddie?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:34:27 +0000

by citizen77

My sealed box came with the figure turned around. Kinda funny, but also lost the impact of not being able to see the ax ripping through the box.

Thread: The Republic of Rome:: Rules:: Wars that are inactive until specific province created

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:33:30 +0000

by goshublue

I have a question about two series of wars in the Valley Games edition which are inactive or active depending on the existence of their associated provinces.....specifically the two Sicilian Slave Revolts (province = Sicilia) and the three Spanish Revolts (provinces = Hispania Citerior and Hispania Ulterior).

All six of these wars have the text:

If "X" is not yet a Province / are not yet Provinces, treat as Inactive until the Revolution Phase they are.

Each also has a faded out armaments icon with a ""?" on it. There are several options that I could read into how these are activated, and I'm not sure which one is right.

a). If the appropriate province(s) is in play when the war is drawn in the forum phase, it is treated as if it has an armament icon and is activated immediately, like any other war with an armament icon.

b). If the appropriate province(s) is in play when the war is drawn in the forum phase, the war is treated as if it has an armament icon but, unlike any other war, is not activated until the Revolution Phase.

c). Either (a) or (b) plus if the appropriate province(s) is not in play when the war is drawn in the forum phase but subsequently becomes created (through defeat of the First or Second Punic War in a Combat Phase), then the war is activated in that turn's Revolution Phase (this last case would be rare and only in end of deck cases in the Early Republic scenario or in extended scenarios).

I also assume that the war being treated as Inactive in the absence of the province doesn't circumvent other rules about war activation......i.e. I assume the war would still be activated if attacked by Rome, or a matching leader appears (Spartacus or Viriathus) or a matching war is drawn.



Thread: Dixit Odyssey:: General:: Quick questions

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:13:47 +0000

by NowOrNever88

Is this the only Dixit that goes to 12p?

Rabbit needles x12 included? What are the colors?

How many main expansions and games do I need to have all the main Dixit games after this?

Does it all fit in Odyssey?

The rules and everything are the same right? Is the board helpful with printed instructions on it?

Any reason not to get this/any reasons base or other Dixit are better?

How much does this sell for and what are the best sites to get this for nonscalped prices?

Are there any future Dixit planned?


Thread: Mystic Vale: Vale of Magic:: General:: No video reviews?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:02:58 +0000

by thom1977

I'm just commenting in surprise that NO ONE has posted a video preview or review of this expansion on YouTube. Considering that the base game was generally well-received, I'm really kind of shocked by this. I have considered buying it, but I wanted to see what it had to offer.

Sure the different reviewers have been busy, and Essen recently wrapped up...but's like it doesn't even exist, except for the fact that I can pick it up over at my FLGS. This is just a bit odd in my opinion, and I would love some insight.

Thread: Dungeon Twister: The Card Game:: General:: need to know if this game is reccomended for someone like me that loves DT and feels if the card game version is convoluted

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:00:28 +0000

by Boardgamefreak2geek

I have the base game of Dungeon Twister along with 2 expansions (the first is the paladins & dragons - good add-on, and the other forces of darkness - which I didn't like and found confusing). I have a video game console version of the based game that I downloaded from the PSN store

I happen to like card games (not the ones that require complex contents)and for that I don't have that many games that are basically cards except for games that have card components. As a DT fan and frequent play through session whenever I have the chance I thought why not getting an abridged version of the game in card form. Now I Stop myself and think "do I really need this if it's pretty much the same game and the bigger version is better". You see this makes me feel convoluted because of all the card placements side by side (apart from the formation of the board), you put by the side the characters and object cards and use the symbol in the dungeon room to determine where that character and object will be in by matching the symbol next to the boards. So doesn't that make the whole game cluttered?

I like to know what you all think who ever has played this game can tell me what they think of it

Thread: Dominion:: General:: I recall reading somewhere that there would be Second Editions of the other expansions beyond Base and Intrigue - is that correct or did I mistake it?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:58:06 +0000

by NowOrNever88

If so, is there any information of release dates or times? Or a source?

Also is there going to be a re release of things like promos or Big Boxes? Just curious of all this. Thanks.

Thread: Mechs vs. Minions:: General:: PSA: You are not missing any cards (Most likely). The rest of the cards are in the envelope.

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:50:01 +0000

by Dbriner31

PSA for everyone worrying about this. If you are missing all the schematics, some of the wounds, and some of the command cards, they will most likely show up in a future mission.

Riot Kades wrote:

I'll confirm it here.

The game begins with 72 command cards and 38 damage cards. And that empty slot is where your 40 schematic cards will go as you unlock them - 4 per mission (1 per yordle).

There is a typo in mission 1. You should not have any new damage cards in the mission 1 envelope.

Thread: Catan Scenarios: Helpers of Catan:: Rules:: Nassir (Forced Trade Question)

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:42:29 +0000

by yujinishuge

What if you use Nassir and call a resource that nobody has? Does that mean you've used him or since no trade was forced you can try for another resource on the same turn?

Thread: Mechs vs. Minions:: General:: I seem to be missing cards OR the remaining cards are in the envelopes?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:40:56 +0000

by alandric

I freaked out for a minute after counting the cards and it looks like I'm missing all the schematic cards and a good bit of damage cards. I was afraid to break open the envelopes to look as I didn't want to spoil any of the missions.

Is it right to assume the remaining cards are inside the envelopes? Did you guys open them all up to inventory everything?


Thread: FUSE:: Rules:: Need help in understanding the dice rules from solo play to a match up to four players

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:39:24 +0000

by Boardgamefreak2geek

1. It takes three dice to play when playing solo mode but when you have a match up to four players, I wasn't sure how many dice can you play and I looked up in the rule book many times. They talk about when you have a game up to two players, you take four dices (two dices for both players) but it doesn't say how many dices are played with 4-players

2. There is something that I read about; if you draw a fuse card from the center to your playing field, whether if it's a # or a color, then that number or color is removed from the defusing bombs, but then does it go back in the bag?....and the other thing I looked up (here on BGG under the rules forum) is that there are dices that are not used. Some say that;

. They must be re-rolled
. They must go back in the bag
. They must be rolled to determine which die should be taking out from completing a bomb.

So which is it?

I also wanted to add that I downloaded the 10-minute timer app from Renegade and I feel that it adds tension to the gameplay but I want to know is that does it keep score for points and if so, where in the app is the score section? there isn't anywhere where you can mark down how many points you get

Thread: Fields of Green:: General:: KS equipment tiles

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:38:33 +0000

by Ilse23

Which equipment tiles are the KS-exclusive ones?

Thanks (image)

Thread: Fields of Green:: Rules:: Alternating start player?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:37:47 +0000

by Ilse23


yesterday I played my first two-player game, we alternated the start player each round because that felt like the right thing to do, yet I could not find it anywhere in the rules?

Do you need to alternate start-player in a 3-4 player game? And why?
It's not that it matters right? Maybe if you have to draw cards in turn order?

Thanks (image)

Thread: Shadowrift:: General:: Expansion

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:31:59 +0000

by chang_1910

Hi all,
I just got second edition as KS. We LOVE it. I didn't bought any of the expansion, hence I`m looking into them. Couple of questions:

1. The moon expansion was release after 2ed so I assume art and such is compatible. what about archfield?
2. By reviewing BGG and MM, it seems that no much villagers have being added; they mostly add Monster deck. Also no new skills/action/attacks, is that correct? No expansion adds these?

from BGG
Archfiends expands the cooperative deckbuilding game Shadowrift. The Archfiend will have its own special deck that allows it to wade into the middle of the heroes and wreck all their plans for saving the town. There are six Archfiend decks - one keyed to each of the six monster factions from the Shadowrift base game. Will you emerge from the battle victorious? Or will the Archfiend see you bloody, battered and beaten?

so this expansion is 6 monster deck? that`s it? thanks. I know it adds replay, but 40us... hmmmmmmm. I was hoping the "big" expansion would have some walls, villagers or skills/actions/attacks...

From BGG, even of the sickle moon expansion

This expansion adds two new monster factions:

• The Lycanthrope faction consists of were-animals in many shapes and sizes. They all bear the common theme that they're able to bite villagers and spread their curse, and that when the full moon rises they become more powerful.

• The Harrowood faction is a forest that has been twisted into a violent hatred of humanity by the opening of the Shadowrifts. They can create Overgrowths, which empower their faction and speed the town's destruction.

To fight back against these foes, the heroes have four new hero cards with druidic power and four new hero cards with Elementalist powers. Three new villagers and a Wall are also included.

sound nice.

3. do you rec one over the other? archfiends sound like a nice mechanic to add, worth the price tag?

4. should I wait for the expansion coming in 2017? do we know anything about that one? KS? when?


Thread: Star Wars: Destiny:: General:: The Chance Cube: Episode 7 - Playing a game

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:24:05 +0000

by JediGeekGirl

Our latest episode has dropped. This episode has an important announcement in it, check it out (image)

Thread: A Feast for Odin:: Rules:: Bosporus Traveller and cattle becoming pregnant

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:21:40 +0000

by GAFBlizzard

The Bosporus Traveller "EACH TIME CARD" occupation says this:

"With each new (pregnant or non-pregnant) cattle you place in your cattle stable, you can buy 1 spices for 4 silver. Alternatively, you can buy 1 silk for 3 silver."

I thought this only triggered for buying (non-pregnant) cattle or breeding to produce (non-pregnant) cattle.

However, why is the "pregnant or non-pregnant" text there? As far as I know, it is impossible to ever gain a pregnant cattle tile. Instead, you turn an existing cattle tile to the pregnant side.

Does this mean Bosporus Traveller triggers when you buy a cattle, when a new cattle is born, AND when a cattle becomes pregnant?

Thread: Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 – ?:: Rules:: Training camps question

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:18:17 +0000

by saslett

Assume Training Camps is in effect and funding is at 5. Jihadist player has all cells on the board except 5 training camp cells to right of track. Jihadist plays Foreign Fighters. Can Jihadist place those 5 cells on the board even though funding is not at 9 and they would not otherwise be available? I know they could for normal cells in the ample funding space, but are the training camp extra cells considered to be on the track (and thus playable) if funding is not at 9?

Thread: Whacky Wit:: General:: Wacky Wit Mini

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:18:07 +0000

by Jion

Does anyone know where i can get a copy of the mini version?
Or is anyone willing to part with theirs?

Thread: Star Trek: Attack Wing:: Organized Play:: South Charlotte, NC - Tournament: 11/15/16

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:14:45 +0000


Your Local Game Store in Matthews, NC is hosting a tournament.

If you're in the area, we hope you can come and participate.

Date: Tuesday, 11/15/16
Time: 6:30PM
Location: 300 E John Street, Ste 110, Matthews, NC 28105

Squadron Size: 120 points preconstructed
Entry Fee: $5 (no blinds)
Prize Support:
Participation Prizes: (10) Fleet Commander Cards
Competitive Prizes: (3) I.K.S. Bortas/Vor’cha Class Starship Prize Card Pack
1 Maneuver Dial
9 Cards (2 Ship, 1 Maneuver, 2 Captain, and 4 Upgrade Cards)
3 Token Sheets (4 Captain IDs, 1 Ship and 2 Effect Tokens)

Thread: Not Alone:: Rules:: Pursuit

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 04:09:54 +0000

by zerothefool

Someone put up the Spanish version of the game on Tabletop Simulator. I don't speak Spanish, so I used Google to make an English version I can enjoy until I see this game on a real shelf (at which point I will buy it immediately!) For the most part, it went well, and I even learned some Spanish.

But the card "Pursuit" (Persecucion) translates to nonsense, from what I can tell.

Spanish: Cada Presa solo puede recoger una carta por el poder de una carta de Lugar.
Google: Each [Hunted] can only pick a card by the power of a [Place card].

I'd love some insight into what that actually means (image)

Thread: Random Encounters:: Rules:: Couple rule questions

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:58:41 +0000

by thrtyto

So we had a couple things that we weren't able to easily answer:

1: Can you only buy the loot of the level you're on? Ex: after defeating the 1st boss, can we ONLY buy silver loot, or can we buy bronze loot if we'd like?

2: If a hero is KO'd, can they be healed mid encounter?

3: Just to clarify, when you get new loot mid-encounter (IE: Tumble), can she immediately equip it? Can she give it to someone else?

4: Can a player change their equipment mid-encounter (IE: equip a 2 str mallet instead of a 2 magic/dex staff?) assuming that they had both pieces of equipment at the start of the encounter.

That's all I can remember for now... I'll come back with more as I think of them or they come up!

Thread: War of the Ring (second edition):: Variants:: Less RNG variants

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:55:39 +0000

by Umaru

Hello guys im from Brazil and my english is not good so, pls be patient, and thanks for any participations in advance.

I played the game 6 times until now and i wanted to reduce the impact of range/random/luck in a match so i tried somethings . I would like to know your opinions about them (good or not and why).

1)When use the event dice to draw cards, draw 2 and choose 1 to keep and other to send to the bottom of the deck. In my mind at least draw card is usually a too desperate (bad and random?) move so i tried to make it better a little.

2)When the corruptions token 1;2&reveal;3 are picked on the hunt they dont come back to the pool after the free people enter the trail of mordor (i know this make the eye better and is because of that that i remove more of the good tokens for the shadow than for fp)

3)In combats and hunts we are making 3 complete rolls (including everything) and using the average of the 3 results rounding up when x.66 and down when x.33. in the case of hunts im thinking in rounding down always because is hurting a little ( sugestions?)

4) This i didnt use yet but im thinking about this: half of the action dices you got from an automatic order and the other half you roll. The order would be for fp 1-character;2-enlistment;3-event;4-character;5-army/enlist;6-west. So for example in turn 1 fp would get 1 character and 1 enlistment and roll 2. On turn 2 event, character and roll 2 (or 3 if 5 dices) and so on.

As i said im not veteran at the game, i dont even play it well, but im just HARD HARD unlucky and all this range make me hard angry lol. Sorry again for the english and thanks for the attention

Thread: Cobras:: Rules:: last trick of a round

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:48:11 +0000

by Putzmanrudy1

The cards are played out on the last trick. There are enough high value cards in play to end the round. The winner of the trick sells the cobras in the basket and scores the points. Do the losers of the trick gain cobras for their basket (that will score negative points) or does just the winner take an action?

Thread: Bomb Squad #9:: Rules:: Pistol = wildcard ?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:46:00 +0000

by AndyMo

Our family likes your game and also some of the expansion cards.

Question though: we had a case where one of us found the pistol. They bluffed and said it was the wire cutters. Someone called their bluff but as per the rules of the card they had to go along with it. The pistol holder then went and "diffused" the bomb with a gun(because nobody could call him out).

So essentially the pistol can be whatever they want, especially the wire cutters once the bomb location is known.

Are we reading this correctly ?



Thread: The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game:: Rules:: How many workers can I have?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:37:17 +0000

by gmbf

The rules at one point say you can only replenish up to 2 workers. Does that mean that 2 is the cap for the restock action or in this game generally? The Round A and B rewards both say you can take 3 workers. Thanks.

Thread: Mechs vs. Minions:: General:: So I was kind of Irked at Riot at first

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:19:08 +0000

by SomewhatDamaged

They were on here quoting $5 US shipping in another thread, what a deal! So I spent something like 7 hours ordering a copy only to find that wait, no, as an Alaskan it will be $20. I'm used to paying more in shipping, thems the breaks after all. Whats irksome is that there is never any mention of this ahead of time. If you want to charge more to AK is an entry for AK/HI/Guam/Whoever to much to ask? We are part of the US you know. At least that's what they tell me when they ask for my sweet sweet tax monies.

But today I got my copy, and great googly moogly is $20 to ship this beast a good deal. Heres a picture of the box next to my gigantic child:

So yeah, I was a little less irked after that. Then the icing on the cake was this:

A little thank you post card? Ahhh, your welcome Riot! If the game lives up to the hype I'm a pretty happy customer. Just wanted to share that (image)

Thread: The Resistance:: Organized Play:: South Charlotte, NC - Casual Play and Demo: 11/7/16

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:14:27 +0000


Your Local Game Store in Matthews, NC is hosting a Casual Play and Demo night with Queen City Game Club for this great game. All experience levels are welcome. We'll have a teacher and demo game on hand. Experienced players are welcome to bring their game to share with others.

If you're in the area, we hope to see you in and playing with us.

Date: Monday, 11/7/2016
Time: 7PM
Location: 300 E John Street, Ste 110, Matthews, NC 28105

If you buy Resistance and a second game, you'll get 30% off the lower priced game.

Thread: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game:: General:: More Hutt Cartel options: the Dunelizard

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:06:46 +0000

by callidusx3

I have been working on putting together an addition to Scum faction that pulls in more of the Hutt Cartel background. A gentleman on the FFG forums started this work and I have continued it.

The idea was to make it quite similar to the M3-A Scyk, but heavier (less agile and nimble at low speeds). The ship is probably overcosted by a point or two. But here are the images:

The next non-unique Dunelizard pilot is the Cartel Ace at PS 6 plus an EPT slot for +3 points.

Here's the maneuver dial:

And here's the title:


Thread: Cobras:: Rules:: 2 player start

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:00:08 +0000

by Putzmanrudy1

In a 2 player game after starting the players baskets they will have one less card in their deck than the dummy player. What happens to the extra card the dummy player has in their deck due to the dummy player not starting a basket? Does the dummy player burn a card at the beginning just like the players do?

Thread: A Feast for Odin:: Rules:: Punchcutter

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:57:42 +0000


I'm a little confused as to how this occupation card works. It seems to provide silver income to the player when ore or silver is removed from a mountain strip during step 11.

In practice, this just seemed far to powerful in the one game I've seen it played. It provided a player with at least 11 silver over the course of the game.

The card itself is worth a VP at the end of the game, making this the single most powerful occupation I've seen so far.

My instincts tell me the card can't work this way. Has anyone encountered this card yet?

Thread: Terraforming Mars:: General:: Any chance of a French version?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:57:41 +0000

by schpli

Has anyone heard of the availability of a French version anytime soon (or later)?

Thread: Xenofera:: News:: Xenofera – KickStarter Campaign Day 22

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:56:45 +0000

by taelasky Thanks again to all the backers. I couldn't do this without you. And thanks to many of you for you kind words of encouragement. It is great to see, how much you are looking forward to this game. The excitement many of you exhibit is overwhelming. I've covered a number of things in this week's update, but be sure to check out the Xenofera Naming Challenge and put your mark on the game.Progress Wow, another great week! Xenofera exceeded $10,000 in funding, leaving less than $5000 to reach it's goal. It is tracking well against project trends; and with only 2 weeks left, it remains on track to fund. Stretch Goals Granted the Early Funding Goals have eluded us, but I couldn’t give up on our new creatures. So, I’ve decided to start off the Stretch goals with a few micro goals. $15,000 – We’ve done it! Xenofera will become reality$15,500 – Harvey and Xoxxar from the Early Funding Goals will be included in the game $16,000 – Kitanaton and The Slu, also from the Early Funding Goals, will be added $16,500 – Ulamarth and QwardlQay, the last of the 6 creatures from the Early Funding Goals, will be included$17,500 – The Xenofera cards will be upgraded to linen, 300 gsm black core card stock $20,000 – I’ll wait to surprise you with this one. Backer Involvement I truly enjoy giving backers every opportunity to be part of the Xenofera experience and put their mark on the game. 5 backers have already chosen to “Join the Crew”, 4 more will be representing Royal Families in the “Royal Society”, leaving just 1 family to represent and 17 crew members. Xenofera Naming Challenge Last week’s backer challenge to name a creature was a great success. Thanks to all the backers who submitted names and voted. This week, I am again giving backers the opportunity to name a creature. Backers can submit suggested names. Jeff and I w[...]

Thread: Napoleon's Triumph:: Rules:: Attacking pieces moving by road may continue their move (and make additional attacks)

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:52:43 +0000

by boardgeekagain

Ok try as I might (i've checked posts here) I still don't understand the rule 'Attacking pieces moving by road may continue their move (and make additional attacks) if the defender retreated' p7.c2

Corps-X is composed entirely of Allied cavalry
Corps-Y is French
Locale-A is adjacent to Locale-B
Locale-B is adjacent to Locale-C
Locale-C is adjacent to Locale-D
A main road runs through all Locales.

Corps-X is positioned in the reserve of Locale-A.
Corps-Y is positioned in the reserve of Locale-C.
The Allies issue an attack threat across the B-C approach where the main road runs through.
Corps-Y retreats to the reserve of Locale D.
The Allies declare a feint with Corps-X using a Corp Move attack command.

1. I assume all of the above is legal and that Locale-B is the attack locale?
2. If correct, then according to the feint rules, Corps-X moves into Locale-B (the attack locale)?
3. However, does 'attacking pieces moving by road may continue their move' mean that Corps-X can now continue into Locale-C (it would have enough movement to reach Locale D, but Locale D is occupied by Corps-Y)?
4. What does 'and make additional attacks mean'? Corps-X has been issued with a Corp Move command already and a unit can't be moved by two commands in a turn. The Corp Move command was executed as a feint and declaring a feint ends the attack.


Thread: SeaFall:: General:: Stickers on the crease?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:52:21 +0000

by JuggaloNinja

We played tonight and had new stuff show up on the row where the board folds, including a full size island sticker. Then it dawned on us that when we fold the board back up, it will cause the stickers to come back off the board. How are you all dealing with this issue?

Thread: Crimson Creek:: Rules:: Please help clarify

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:47:07 +0000

by soldiermedic1331

A few questions....

After each Act, do you take all the location cards from the sleeves as well as the lair and change things up with a shuffle? This adds a much more difficult edge to the game.

With a full game of 6 players, what is the max number of people who can survive if they figure out which other player is Klein?

Lastly, where do you place the player tokens in Act 2 when you remove the Highway? Do you place those characters before the new supporting characters? What about when you remove the bark cards at the end of Act 2?

Thread: Napoleon at Waterloo:: Rules:: Help - Combat Ratios

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:39:06 +0000

by mossytangle

My 8YO is finally old enough to play decent games, and we're trying to figure out if wargaming is a direction we want to go. Strike Zone One and Napoleon at Waterloo are nice and free, so we crafted them this weekend. My wargame experience is minimal, so most of these rules are new to me, and I'm not great at math.

We're completely baffled by the combat ratios. I know I somehow have to reduce the attacking total of 9 and defending total of 7 to one of the ratios on the combat resolution chart, but I can't figure out how to do it?

Thread: Lobotomy:: Rules:: Lobotomy (FAQS and rules) v 2.0

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:37:57 +0000

by chang_1910

Hi all,
Some of us have our game and have being making really nice questions on the other thread. I figured I collect the Q/A on one post for those that would get the game in a few month from now; for easy access / review.

Please continue asking in here (would be ideal if mod close the other, so I don't have to review 2 threads for this)

Original game designer post:

Lopezzz wrote:

If you have any questions about the rules or scenarios, please add them here. I will try to answer them as soon as possible.


Please, only ask questions about the rules (rulebook and cards).

If you have any questions about production (components, replacements, other languages, retail, addons etc) I suggest to write a pm on a kickstarter or directly to Titan Forge Games.

Thread: Sentinels of the Multiverse:: Variants:: Hero to Villain Conversion - Ra

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:24:02 +0000

by Viken Xetred Some background: I have been a member here for a long time, but I haven't really been an active member. I never felt I could contribute much since I don't get many chances to play this game. I have certainly played with a number of other members creations, but never desired to put my own ideas up to public scrutiny. I love many of the Villain turned Hero variants people have shared, but I have been longing to see some Hero turned Villain ideas and see what kind of mechanic people use for that. After hoping for a long time, I realized I should just do it myself! So at long last, here is my first (still very) rough draft of Ra. If this starts to take off and look good, I will certainly make them into cards (using art form SotM because I can't pictures) so that people can have better print'n'play or Printer Studio them, and I will continue onto other ideas I have (which are currently AZ, Setback, Fanatic, and Sky-Scraper, but I want to for ALL heroes that haven’t converted already).NOTE: I have playtested him, but he was way too simple, so I juiced him up a ton and haven't playtested him since. Intend to tonight/tomorrow, but I wanted to get him out sooner than later and get opinions from the pros on how I can better balance him.Eye of Ra (75 HP)Bringer of the SunSetup:- Put Eye of Ra into play Bringer of the Sun side up.- Search the Villain Deck for Staff of Ra and Solar Retribution and put them into play.Gameplay:- At the start of the Villain turn, if Eye of Ra currently has a +H modifier to damage, flip him.- Whenever Eye of Ra would be dealt Fire damage, he heals that much damage instead. Increase damage dealt by Eye of Ra by 1.- At the end of the Villain turn, Eye of R[...]

Thread: Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game:: Organized Play:: South Charlotte, NC - Casual Play and Demo: 10/31/16

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:19:21 +0000


Your Local Game Store in Matthews, NC is hosting a Casual Play and Demo night with Queen City Game Club for this great game. All experience levels are welcome. We'll have a teacher and demo game on hand. Experienced players are welcome to bring their game to share with others.

If you're in the area, we hope to see you in and playing with us.

Date: Monday, 10/31/16
Time: 6PM
Location: 300 E John Street, Ste 110, Matthews, NC 28105

If you buy Dead of Winter and a second game, you'll get 30% off the lower priced game.

Thread: Techno Bowl: Arcade Football Unplugged:: Rules:: Do failures chain?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:17:28 +0000

by robkoch2112

I was reading through the rules and was wondering what happens when:

1) Player A fails a block skill check (reversal with auto-success by Player B)
2) Player B activates another player to Block someone else and fails.

Does this cause:

1) Auto reversal of block from Player A, then Player A activates


2) Auto reversal of block from Player A and actions all end?

If the free action was a full move only (no skill check) then the action would obviously end. I'm curious if the Extra free action (with skill check) failing causes another free action of the other player until there are no failures.

My reading of the rules say yes.

Thread: Empire of the Dinosaurs:: General:: More Game Progress?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:06:25 +0000

by Zachary1234

-How is progress on empire of the dinosaurs?

-When will it be possible to purchase a published completed version?
Will that be via the internet?

-Is there a free internet pdf file for the completed rules that people can download yet? If so, where?

Thread: Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Return to Hoth:: Strategy:: Return to Echo Base - Imperial Strategy Suggestions

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 02:01:08 +0000

by brobertson1124

I am a new imperial player, we are playing our first time through the Return to Hoth campaign and we are about to play the intermission, Return to Echo Base. I'm looking for any suggestions, recommendations, help for this mission.

Rebels are Daila, Verena, Murne, Jyn.

Imperial Class Armor Onslaught. I was thinking of taking the AT-ST, Tank, Nexu, Elite Nexu for my open groups. I'm thinking of letting the rebel figures take the terminal by the storm troopers and doing all I can to defend the north terminal.

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

Thread: Empires of the Ancient World:: Rules:: Military Cards-icons, -1, -2...

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:57:54 +0000

by rogeracox

My copy of the rules may not be original. It is black and white with no photos, so understanding what the army cards mean is difficult. I get it--the big number does the talkin' (Elephant is a 7 (and more against Cav, etc. But what about those grey-circles and squares with negative numbers and the letter 'N' in them. What do they mean? Again, my rules appear to be a photocopy, and may just be a translation, which isn't that good. And since acquiring and using cards seems to be a major part of the game, I'd like to know just what they all do. Note: I cannot download and print .doc or .txt files, or anything that doesn't have pdf on the end. Being near illiterate on PC's anyway, I'd prefer to send a SASE to a kind soul who would copy the real rules for me and send them via that nearly forgotten method--the Postal service. But I'll take whatever help I can get, with thanks (image)

Thread: Wargames:: General:: Selling the collection of Darksan

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:50:40 +0000

by okiedokie Last year Skip passed away unexpectedly and this Spring his wife, Linda, asked if I would liquidate his collection for her. I am currently posting games on the BGG VFM geeklist Virtual Flea Market for Delivery to BGG.Con 2016. These are all marked for delivery to BGG con in Dallas but I am also willing to ship or deliver to Kansas City on during the day on Nov 4th. Here is some of what I currently have for sale and I'll be adding items right up until the weekend prior to BGG con. Comment on the items in the geeklist. (Each item is a link to the geeklist item)Holy War: Afghanistan - 15Starship Troopers - 10Stonewall Jackson's Way - 20Shifting Sands - 30Dark December - 20The Game of France, 1940 - 5Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes - 30The Siege of Alesia - 25The Battle of Alma - 5Chancellorsville 2nd ed - 25Guilford - 40Blue vs. Gray - 35Gazala - 70Napoleon at Bay: Defend the Gates of Paris - Unp 70April's Harvest: The Battle of Shiloh - 15Siege at Peking - 30Oil War - 10Frederick the Great S&T 49 - 10Breitenfeld - 10Chad: The Toyota Wars - 10Paratroop - 5Revolt in the East - 10Macarthur: The Road to Bataan - 5Napoleon's Art of War: Eylau and Dresden - 10The Plot to Assassinate Hitler - 20Objective Kiev Unpunched C3i #26 - 40Grenadier & Skirmisher mags - Make offerZone of Control mags - Make offerArt of War mags - Make offerCanadian Wargamers Journal mags - Make offerOperations mags - Make offerPaper Wars mags - 5Kommandeur mags - Make offerBorodino 1812 - NIS 50Statis Pro Baseball - 20Risorgimento 1859 - 15World War [...]

Thread: Clank!:: Rules:: Gold icon

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:38:16 +0000

by voynix

Does the gold icon on companion cards give you that amount of gold. Or is it just worth that amount of gold while in play (like the treasure cards in Dominion?

Thread: Mansions of Madness: Second Edition:: Rules:: Covered Bridge and Horror Check

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:37:01 +0000

by Holy Outlaw

I'm playing a two-player "Escape from Innsmouth" scenario with both investigators currently inside the "Covered Bridge," and a scary Fallen One way out of our line-of-sight (I know there's no such thing in MoM 2.0, but the point is he's deep in the woods pretty far from us). He's technically within three spaces of our investigators though. Reading the rules for horror checks in second edition, I see: "Some effects, such as ranged attacks, horror checks, and monster effects, rely on range. The maximum range of these effects is three spaces. Range cannot be counted through walls or doors unless an effect specifically allows it."

The thing is, the covered bridge has a little yellow line leading at its opening, which is neither a wall nor a door (I think?), so when I count with my finger, I can 1) exit the bridge (south), 2) go east one space, then, 3) go north another space, and I'm in the woods with the monster. How would you play this?

A) No horror check required. If the monster is clearly out of line-of-sight, through a bunch of forest and on the other side of a wall, it's silly to roll a horror check.
B) No horror check because the yellow line opening to the "Covered Bridge" is actually a door.
C) Horror check. Rules is rules.

Thanks in advance!

Thread: Zombicide: Black Plague:: Organized Play:: South Charlotte, NC - Casual Play and Demo: 10/28/16

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:33:19 +0000


Your Local Game Store in Matthews, NC is hosting a Casual Play and Demo night with QCGC for this great game. All experience levels are welcome. We'll have a teacher from QCGC and a demo game on hand. Experienced players are welcome to bring their game to share with others.

If you're in the area, we hope to see you in and playing with us.

Date: Friday, 10/28/16
Time: 7PM
Location: 300 E John Street, Ste 110, Matthews, NC 28105

If you buy Zombicide: Black Plague and a second game, you'll get 30% off the lower priced game.

Thread: Shadowrun: Crossfire:: Variants:: Making a deck of cards from upgrade stickers

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:07:20 +0000

by Dave41fan I've been reading a lot about this game after a few plays this past weekend. It seems that a lot of the game supports dynamic variability and replayability (dry erase character sheets, modular missions) but the upgrades on stickers adds an unnecessary permanence. Worse yet, one of the three base game missions requires 70 karma, which would likely take over 100 plays to level up characters adequately.To me it seems a lot of this is a product of the game's release window. Coming on the heels of Risk Legacy and Pathfinder meant stickers and character progression were hot topics. However, this game seems to suffer from those aspects.Since the only thing that differentiates characters as they progress is karma and upgrade stickers (unlike Pathfinder where your starting deck changes over time), why not allow players to build characters to fit the mission difficulty?To this end, I'm thinking about building a deck of cards for the upgrade stickers. This way they can be easily shuffled (if you want to randomize a 70-karma character, for example) or moved around to build different characters for various missions. It seems like this would give the game much more replayability than running into a limited number of missions until you can "level up".Has anyone else tried this? I'm deciding between transferring the stickers to index cards and just making an Artscow deck, but I'm curious if others have pursued this approach[...]

Thread: Cosmic Encounter:: Variants:: ARCHIVIST -- Regains Discarded Cards

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:06:53 +0000

by SpaghettiToastBook

Regains Discarded Cards

You have the power of History. When you would discard a card, you may use this power to archive it instead. To archive a card, place it faceup on this sheet. Archived cards are not part of your hand.

At the end of an encounter in which you were not a main player or ally, you may use this power to archive a card from your hand.

When you would draw cards from the deck, you may use this power to substitute some or all of those cards with archived cards.

(As Any Player) (Optional) (All Phases)

[BGCOLOR=#FFFFCC]Wild:[/BGCOLOR] You may discard your hand, then choose eight cards from the discard pile to become your new hand. Give this flare to the Archivist after use (or discard it, if the Archivist isn't playing.) (As Any Player) (Any Phase)

[BGCOLOR=#CCFFFF]Super:[/BGCOLOR] When another player discards a card, you may use your power to archive it. (As Any Player) (Any Phase)

Thread: Zombicide: Black Plague:: General:: How did you eventually mix all the expansions/heroes together?

Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:05:15 +0000

by Phan

I just got my kickstarter today. I'm not sure if I should just play it vanilla for now, or if I should put in the new items/vault weapons/heroes/zombies in.

How did you guys ease into things? Because there's alot of stuff here.