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Thread: The Walking Dead: All Out War:: General:: Rick on a horse booster

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:38:15 +0000

by Power_Noob

So I received my give the kickstarter a boost today. Slight damage to one corner of the prelude to Woodbury box, no big deal, the contents are all good. But whats funny is that the Rick on a horse booster says 3 miniatures when there are really only two miniatures. One is a zombie while the other is obviously Rick riding the horse. I guess since technically the Rick sculpture is separate from the horse sculpture and only glued together that makes it two lol. Anyways here's a few pics.

Thread: Mega Man: The Board Game:: General:: Bosses protagonist card scans?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:36:30 +0000

by Seruwulf

Anyone have card scans for the playable Robot Master bosses? Would greatly appreciate those....thanks.

Thread: Aeon's End:: General:: Are there enough divider cards?! (Not? I can make some extra)

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:30:24 +0000

by Gemaskerde Muchacho

Are there enough divider cards? I have the game just a day so did not play it yet.. I always like lots of different divider cards to organize my game better (for Lotr LCG i made my own cards)..

Are there more dividers needed? Then i can make custom dividers.

Thread: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game Expansion:: General:: SOLO PLAY VALUE ???

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:30:21 +0000

by jgb7

If you ONLY solo play Legendary Encounters (that's 1 player - 1-3 character hands)

How much of this expansion can be played?

Clearly anything for the Alien Queen play is useless.

Just wondering if (for me) the $50 price is worth it for solo only.


(i imagine somewhere down the road someone will figure out how to AI the Queen too)

Thread: Tramways:: General:: Then Inevitable 'Got Mine"

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:29:52 +0000

by bigandy9255

For those tracking the parcels and who has got theirs. I'm located in Edmonton, AB Canada and received mine yesterday.

Thread: Istanbul: Letters & Seals:: Rules:: What happens if you land on the Auction House, but you don't have 1 Lira to start the Auction?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:27:09 +0000

by hholzgrafe

What happens if you land the Auction House, but you don't have 1 Lira to start the Auction?

Can you even land on this Tile at all with no money?

Can you land on it, but not drop an assistant, thus not triggering the action? Must you drop an assistant anyway even if you can't do the action?

Do you have encounters there even if you can't do the action?

Can you pass for your first bid in order to get money from others?

If everyone else passes also do you get the cards for free or "go bankrupt" somehow?

Thread: Star Wars: Rebellion:: Strategy:: Limited value of Gather Intel

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:25:14 +0000

by Darth Coupon

It's become apparent to me that most Rebel player worth their salt will start the game with a handful of units in the base, usually an airspeeder or two with a token fighter to avoid a fluke Planetary Conquest. The rest of the units are dumped en masse to a system for a Dodonna/Rieekan attack aimed at accomplishing Rebel Assault, Crippling Blow or just blockading a system for a head start on Cut Supply Lines.

In response to this I would argue the Empire should save two leaders in the pool, one for defending an attack (with possible retreat in the case of a vulnerable SD) and the other for making at least one move (often to a Rebel system to increase production edge). The two missions are usually a mix of R&D, Rule by Fear (if Empire starts with no capital ship production), Capture Rebel Operative or one of the good diplomacy missions.

The Rebel player can get away with keeping a small force of up to seven units at the base for several turns, making Gather Intel a one probe mission that will often go unopposed early. Since opportunity cost of leader economy is the crux of the game, many will argue a move is a better option for force projection and increased production in the case of subjugating a populous system. The best value from drawing just one probe could be nabbing a remote system that was not worth a move but you can't control those odds.

If the Rebels are able to amass forces at the base, it is often by mid-game and the end of recruitment. By that point the Rebel player will have a few spare leaders after assignment for possible moves or oppositions, and can send one of many 2+ Intel icon leaders to oppose Gather Intel (like Dodonna). Now if you still succeed and can draw two or more cards, it's a high value mission that also limits possible last-minute relocations. But it's possible for a return-to-hand mission this could only be played once or twice a game, as opposed to all the other starting missions.

These are just my two cents, based on my gameplay experience. This mission's sole purpose is to prevent early turtling of the base, and it's apparent many players received the message.

Thread: Creationary:: General:: Card list?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:24:23 +0000

by gusberman


Since this game is retired (and I want to do a DIY to play with), can anyone post the list of cards by level?


Thread: Star Trek: Attack Wing:: General:: Hows the game doing?-from an old player

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:23:04 +0000

by daniels072000

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone remembers me or knows me. I placed oh gosh its been a long time but I think 3rd or 4th at California regionals and 7th at Nationals with the SUPER EVASIVE SHUTTLENOUGHT TINYPRIZE. With the quality attack dice. Well sadly I got out of the game not long after. Didn't find as much fun in it as I used too.

Well anyways I just wondered how the game is doing? is it the same Wizkids that kills a build or a card they realized they overpowered? Or are they getting better with that? Lastly if you know the Shuttlenought tiny prize build is there any cards that came out that would help it? Or is it completely trashed due to a new rule?

Thread: Wargames:: Historical Context:: What if... Japan had not attacked Pearl Harbor?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:23:02 +0000

by klkitchens

Had never asked myself this question and I certainly don't have the background to give myself a reasonable answer...

But, December 7, 1941 is just another day at Pearl Harbor. For whatever reason the attack is not planned, executed or aborted and Pearl remains intact.

Would Japan and China be allowed to settle their own issues (how would that pan out).

Would America still enter the war in Europe in some capacity?

And if not, then down the line, would America be a Super Power?

What are your thoughts on such an alternate timeline? Have any experts ever explored this in book form?

Stupid question?

Thread: Crowdfunding: Kickstarter:: General:: Iberian Rails Just Went Live on Kickstarter

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:20:08 +0000

by Monsoon Publishing

In Iberian Rails, players invest in railroad companies and expand their network by employing the services of characters, some more reputable than others.

Now live on Kickstarter, from December 7 to January 6.

Thread: Flash Point: Fire Rescue:: General:: Foamcore insert for base game and honour and duty expansion

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:19:00 +0000

by TwistedByDesign82

My wife made a nice insert for the base game and one expansion. Everything fits nicely into the box, including the boards. Just made a low insert basically.

Thread: Evolution: Climate:: General:: What happen with the food left over after Carnivore is fed?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:18:27 +0000

by alexlyf

I understand when a carnivore attack successfully, it receives number of food equal to the prey body size. But what will happen to the excessive food when the number of received food larger than the carnivore's population? Will they be put into the feeding bag or discarded?

Thread: Pocket Sports Baseball:: Rules:: What happens on a FOUL?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:17:11 +0000

by cauldronofevil

I know that on a BALL you wait until you get 4 Balls and then the batter walks to first base.

But what happens with FOULs?


Thread: Bios: Genesis:: Rules:: Solo game - AI question

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:13:08 +0000

by ColintheFlea

Can the solo AI parasites Supplant each other? I assume that they do, but wanted to confirm I had that right. I'm taking the fact that they are hostile means that they will even fight each other to attach.



Thread: Star Wars: Imperial Assault:: General:: Target of Opportunity, general imperial question

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:06:56 +0000

by RabbleRiot

My imperial player is getting his butt kicked on a routine basis and I wanted to clarify some things for them.

In Target of Opportunity, the special set-up says "Increase threat by twice the threat level and resolve an optional deployment"

I have not dived into the Imperial Player rules so I was unsure, our imperial player thought this meant ONLY at the beginning do you get this double threat bonus as it was part of the set-up. I thought that maybe they received double threat every round.

We ended up finishing the mission at the beginning of the 5th round, so it felt a bit unbalanced. Maybe our IP is struggling with strategy? It just seemed a bit too easy to clear the imperial units and then use the Sabs to destroy the door.

Thread: Star Trek: Ascendancy – Ferengi Alliance:: Strategy:: Ferengi Trade Agreements

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:02:40 +0000

by zfairborn

Was discussing this with a friend tonight and it just clicked to me HOW incredible the Ferengi are AT their trade agreements and dealing! Seriously its discovering stuff like this which I like about game designers and finding their visions and how they play out.

Consider their starting Advancement, the "Ferengi Commerce Authority" which allows you to gain +1 Production for each Rival system that at least one Ferengi Ship is orbiting.

Consider this discussion:


Human: "Ok Ferengi. We've made first contact. Shall we discuss Trade Agree-"
Ferengi: "-You Get my 3 Production. We want your 1 Production Trade."
H: "-ments.... wait... you want what?"
F: "We want your 1 Production Trade. You can have our 3 Production."
H: "I... wh... what? Wait what? Why would you MAKE that deal?"
F: "Because you want to do business with us. And you want the best deal out of it. So you should get the 3 Production for it."
H: "... but you only want our 1?"
F: "Yes. Cause we will make a deal with you. We want open borders for one turn to move in 2 of our ships to be over these two systems on our border that you control. They will basically let us have 3 Trade each for the same deal."
H: "... huh... well that... seems completely fair! Ok deal!"
F: "Good doing business with you Huuumahn! We shall ready our ships for Warp immediately."

F: "Huumahn. We want to honor our agreement. Will you open your border to us as per your agreement?"
H: "Of course! We profited nicely from your 3 Production. Made ourselves a nice Colonization Flee-"
F: "Ok ok good good. Send in the ships!"
H: "Yeah it was a.... wait a minute... you said 2 ships? THATS 4 SHIPS!"
F: "Yes. What is the problem with that?"
F: "And we Sent Two. Then we sent Two more!"
H: "But you ASKED for two! You never said 4!"
F: "Rule of Aquistion 52. Never ask when you can take."
H: "But... (does simple maths)... YOU'RE MAKING 5 PRODUCTION OUT OF US FOR THAT!"
F: "Yes so?"
F: "Yes and I couldn't offer a better offer. And this doesn't harm you at all. Our ships will simply sit there and increase our profit. Rule of Aquisition Number 2; the best deal-"
H: "We will NOT stand for this! Your ships will be destroyed and-"
F: "And you would give up your 3 Production by doing so. Not very profitable. And rule number 284 says-"
H: "I thought we were allies. I thought we were friends!"
F: "No see... that's rule number 21."

A fun bit of writing, but the mechanics are actually sound. The Ferengi are definitely profiteers and opportunists. Tread cautiously with them or you may find them swindling you in their favor ;)

Thread: PitchCar:: General:: Extensions or 2nd base game?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:57:27 +0000

by chrisn96

Which extensions should I get first or should I get a 2nd base game first?


Thread: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition): Shattered Empire:: General:: Shattered Empire replacement/extra pieces

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:56:40 +0000

by iamrubocop

Greetings all!

Recently I received a copy of Twilight Imperium 3rd edition as well as the Shattered Empires Expansion. I knew it wasn't fully complete and having done an inventory I know what's not there.

I reached out to Asmodee who does the replacement parts for Fantasy Flight games and they have been less than cooperative and understanding. One of the items missing is the 'Transit Diodes' Technology card from the Orange deck which is normal in some printings. They don't even want to replace that, instead telling me to return it to the retailer.

Also missing are the orange and grey plastic ships which allow you to play up to 8 players, and the trade good tokens.

While the trade good tokens aren't by any means irreplaceable, it would be really nice to have the orange deck's 'transit diodes cards' and the orange and grey miniatures.

Does anyone have these items kicking around they'd be willing to part with, or other suggestions on how to deal with Fantasy Flight Games/Asmodee?

Thanks in advance for any help or feedback!

Thread: Myth:: General:: Multiple Minion Pledges: A Civil Exchange With MCG

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:49:28 +0000

by Marcus the Ready

Apparently I missed it, but I wanted to flag up that we UK people didn't have our double-minion pledges. I'm more concerned for Barry/Skipp, who piggy-backed on my pledge and so didn't get anything.

And in any case I wanted to see how MCG dealt with things post-Nikki. This is my perfectly civil exchange with Brian Shotton:

Hi, I got my KS stuff through today, thanks, but I went double-minion and only got one set.

Also a friend piggy-backed on my pledge and went double-minion too.

Please advise when we will get our extra stuff

Marcus Taylor, UK

Hey Marcus,

We are aware of this issue. It appears the PM didn't give us the names of the people with extra pledges. We are in the process of working this out. Once we receive the download (should be this week) we'll get it taken care of.

We put an update talking about two weeks ago...I think.
Thank you very much!

MegaCon Games


Thank you Brian, I appreciate your help.


So it looks like it's in-hand and we'll just need to wait a bit longer. I'm fine with that. Hopefully they can learn from Nikki's example and going forward things will be smoother between MCG and the fans.

Credit where it's due.


Thread: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: General:: What should my next purchases be at this point?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:45:38 +0000

by Newtruthneomaxim

As i've written in the past, my wife and I are enamoured and have been buying content and painting it at a blistering pace since discovering SoB. I'd love any insights as to what would make the best next purchases?

I'm not sure, but my thinking is Trun Hunters and 1 or 2 Targa Guardians so that it is a complete Otherworld? Is owning 2 Targa Guardians fun/worth it, if we tend to play with four heroes total?

I'm also guessing the Cynder family of purchases should be last since several of its enemies are either unreleased (Succubus) or not coming until Forbidden Fortress fulfills.


- Cities of Ancients: Core Set
- Swamps of Death: Core Set

- Frontier Towns (Expansion)
- Mine Doors set w/Card Supplement

- Cowboy (Hero Class)
- Drifter (Hero Class)
- Frontier Doc (Hero Class)
- Jargono Native (Hero Class)
- Orphan (Hero Class)
- Prospector (Hero Class)

- Serpentmen of Jargono (Deluxe Enemy Expansion)
- Swamp Slugs of Jargono (Enemy Expansion)
- Harvesters (Enemy Expansion)
- Custodians of Targa w/Pylons (Enemy Expansion)
- Masters of the Void (Deluxe Enemy Expansion)

- Ancient Terrors (Card Supplement)
- Blood Money (Card Supplement)
- Murky Confrontations (Card Supplement)
- Badlands Expedition (Card Supplement w/Adventure)
- Targa Artifacts Supplement (Card Supplement)
- Jargono Artifacts Supplement (Card Supplement)
- Edge of the Abyss (Card Supplement)
- Treasures of the Void (Card Supplement)
- Dead Man's Bounty (Card Supplement)

Thread: Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients:: Strategy:: Growing up options (my 2 cents)

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:42:58 +0000

by njep I don't know why I'm so stuck on this, but my Orphan just grew up, and I've been evaluating the best, worst and otherwise of options. I know this may have been posted elsewhere, but this is my take.Gunslinger: I don't think I like this one too much, but you will have the benefit of better defense and won't suffer from the lack of combat expertise. The only thing about the gunslinger is that they are built around their starting upgrades that wouldn't be available until the fourth tier skill for the Orphan.Indian Scout: Just doesn't go anywhere, however, the ability to recover a sanity every turn, might jive very well with the voices of the ancestors 4 sanity damage to recover a grit. I think this choice suffers from a lackluster class inherently. However, given a mix of the Orphans attack bonuses paired with the Scouts exploration bonuses, you could make the class pretty viable.Bandido: By missing out on the starting upgrades you are missing out on some cool abilities, but mixing the melee skills in with the Orphans Rage starting upgrade, might make for some great synergy. Of course you aren't going to be a dual wielder, but you will have the benefit of a better to hit and much better willpower.Outlaw: I actually think I really like this one. You don't have to worry about having either a 5+ in ranged or a 5+ in defense, but you won't be dual wielding. On the other hand you should just use your shotgun and a better pistol. Plus you've got your auto-evade as an Orphan.Prospector: If you are going with a melee route, this could be really cool. However, I'm not sure what you can do to get the heavy mining pick. I kind of figure that you can buy one as Jason stated in some comments where you can buy your starting items in town if you lose them. Especially if you go to an Outlaw Prospector you get access to shotguns which could be really cool. Also this class has a lot of built in ability and doesn't really need the starting upgradesFrontier Doc: I think I'm right that this one is awesome. You can use your 4+ Orphan starting skill for range attacks, you are good at healing yourself, and you'll get that docs bag item. Couple that with some good bonuses to melee and the +3 to healing with bandages and you will be pretty kickass as support and damage dealer. Oh, plus good defense.Saloon girl/Billy Joel: This can be a good combo, but you would be a bit hampered without a hold out pistol, if you are going straight melee you will be really strong though. With auto evade and built in self heal you are pretty much a super ninja. Also, you'll be healing others and yourself every turn which, well is almost unfair.Rancher: This is always my go to, but I almost feel that it's a bit boring, and almost anti-thematic. Still that rapid shot and most of the upgrade trees are really kick-ass so it's a no-brainer. The only anti-thematic part is that, as opposed to a starting Rancher class where you've been a Rancher and now you are going on the road and applying what you know to your new life, you've been on the road and somehow you are remembering your Rancher lifestyle. Just doesn't makes sense that you grow into a domestic class unless you're talking about amnesia or something like that. In which case it could be even more fun. Or maybe you've repressed your former life growing up on the farm, until you find the killers. Ehhh. maybe it does make more sense.Most of the Outlaw, Doc, Prospector classes make sense. You are growing up with guns, min[...]

Thread: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong:: Rules:: Forensic Scientist Tile Placement Rule

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:42:57 +0000

by gusphan

My lady friend likes to play the game where instead of the forensic scientist randomly drawing a clue tile and placing it, the scientist is able to look at all the clue tiles, and place the one that he/she thinks fits best.

I'm thinking the game is best played the way the designer intended, and was wondering why he made it random, versus the way my lady friend likes to play.


Thread: Doctor Who: Time Clash – Starter Set:: Strategy:: Examining the Dalek's deck:

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:40:00 +0000

by Yagami 225

The Daleks are a menace that have no patience for the Doctor's idle banter. Their ability to shut down quips will always loom over the Doctor players head, and make him second guess the value of moving the doctor to a companion that will take full advantage of his quips.

In fact, all six of the Dalek's special cards can be used in some way to either counter or remove quips. That's a full quarter of their deck.

Their other strength is actually their high quantity of low valued cards across both Plans and Threats that gives the Dalek player many opportunities to move the Doctor without worrying too much about what might be a better play. The Daleks will want to make good use of tying the Doctor up with their Enemy ARC.

While I have no other enemy decks to compare against, it feels like the rest of their deck is going to be pretty standard. As many plans as the Doctor, but weighted towards lower values instead of higher. Their threat is decent, again weighted towards the lower value with 4 –100 Threats and only one –400 Threat. It's hard to say how good this is yet, as it's their only way to trigger end-game. I wonder if future enemies will have a different mix of Threat cards.

They have a couple low value Tech Cards, but I don't think those will see much use, possibly best used to pull low value Doctor's Plan cards up to be foiled by the plans you do have. You'll have to be cautious though, because even your best laid plans can be foiled by the Doctor fairly easily.

For special cards, aside from countering Quips, Rebut will allow the Dalek to remove a Tech from the game, which can come in very handy. Negate will counter any Doctor card play, at the cost of reducing your hand size. Very risky move, but at the right time this could be a game changer.

When all is said and done, it feels like the Daleks have a few less tools available to them than the Doctor, you basically want to build your threat as fast as you can, while keeping the doctor from doing some of his better plays when you are able.

Thread: Hundred Days 20:: Rules:: Using Ney event to force a commitment of the Guard?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:38:29 +0000

by oregontrail

If the French player reveals the Michel Ney event, which allows the Anti-French player to force a French unit into combat, can the Anti-French player choose a Guard unit (assuming it's allowed per the requirements on the card), thereby forcing the French player to spend a morale point to commit the guard?

For instance:


If the Anti-French player moves the French Garde unit into 1003, per the Ney card, does the French player lose a morale point for committing the guard [12.3.1]?

Thread: Mi Tierra: New Era:: Rules:: Some questions after three games. Dudas

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:38:07 +0000

by baregard

After three games we still have some doubts. I wrote at jck but no answer yet. I think the game has a lot of potencial and we want to get it Straight.

1-When planting a seed, can I replace a previously planted seed or plant on top of the drawn apple? Or once you put a piece on the board is fixed forever, and the initial apple is immovable ?.

2-If I put a pen in a stable, can I do it if there is a horse and / or water? And if so, what happens to them?

3-In case of a tie at the rodeo, if we tie for first price What sums up? The 1 and the 2 and divide? Or twice the 1 ?. If 1 and 2 are added, what will be the Price for the real second, will he/she go third?

4-If the chickens are finished And someone occupies the chicken spot, does he/she roll the die and take meat? Or can you use other parts as a substitute and carry chickens?

5-Same question for seeds When they are finished, no one can plant anymore?

6- Imagine that I have two cows and I no longer want them, I have to go sell them to the black market? Or I can take them away or turn them into meat and buy sheep or chickens.

7- For the issue of getting double the resources spending water Can I return a water that is in a stable?

Well there goes nothing, we are loving the game, we need to try it a little bit more. I think the rulebook is missing a faq, and being this a reedition with so many playtest rulebook could had been more clarifying but Who am i to tell.
Great game anyway
Thank you guys for reading and helping out.

Pues nada,  después de tres partidas nos siguen quedando algunas dudas a las que no he encontrado respuesta he escrito a los desarrolladores pero aún sin éxito.  Las comparto que me gusta el juego y creo que tiene potencial.

1-al plantar una semilla,  ¿puedo reemplazar una semilla ya plantada anteriormente o plantar encima de la manzana dibujada? o una vez pones una pieza en el tablero es fija para siempre,  y la manzana inicial es inamovible?.

2-En caso de poner un corral en  un establo, ¿ puedo hacerlo si hay un caballo y/o un agua? Y de ser así ¿que pasa con ellos?

3-En el empate del rodeo,  si empatamos en la posición uno ¿Que se suma? La 1 y la 2 y se divide? O dos veces la 1?.  Si se suma la 1  y la 2, ¿el que quedaba en segunda que cobra?, ¿la tercera?

4-Si se acaban los pollos Y alguien ocupa la casilla de compra de pollos  ¿tira el dado y se lleva carne? O se pueden usar otras piezas como sustituto  y se lleva pollos?

5-Misma pregunta para las semillas Cuando se acaban,  ¿ya nadie puede plantar más?.

6- Imaginemos que tengo dos vacas y ya no las quiero,  tengo que ir a venderlas al mercado negro? O puedo quitármelas o convertirlas en carne y comprar ovejas o pollos.

7- Para el tema de sacar el doble de recursos gastando agua ¿Puedo devolver un agua que esté en un establo?

Pues ahí va nada,  la verdad que el juego me gusta a falta de darle unas cuantas partidas más y ver el balanceo real de mecánicas,  el libro de instrucciones me parece un poco incompleto, pero bueno,  es el pan nuestro de cada día.  Os animo a que si van saliendo dudas nos echemos un cable.

Gracias a todos por participar

Thread: Food Chain Magnate:: Variants:: First to $20 Milestone

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:37:25 +0000

by da baum

Over the last year, FCM has become my favorite game. It's pretty much perfect as it is, but I was wondering if anybody had thoughts/comments on this variant.

The first to $20 milestone seems somewhat week to me. Obviously it's good to know whether this will be a long game or a short game, but usually by the time you get $20, you're already quite deep into your strategy. Maybe it's just me, but I rarely intentionally shoot for this milestone. If I happen to get it, great. If I don't, I don't fret. (This is very different from most other milestones, where I really have to grapple early on about whether I can sacrifice the first errand boy milestone in order to lower my prices, etc.). So what do you think about this change: The first person to have $20 can look at the reserve cards, and has the option of replacing his reserve card with one of his other reserve cards. Does that make the milestone too powerful?

Thread: Inis:: General:: Emissaries too strong?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:35:16 +0000

by Rfresh

I've played four games of Inis thus far and I have really loved it, the groups I have played with have loved it, such a terrific game.

However, in all four games the winning strategy has been to wait until everyone has exhausted their cards, or at the very least Geis, and then play emissaries for an uncounterable 6th territory, followed by a Pretender token, followed by a win.

Has anyone else come up against this possibly-dominant strategy? I am aware that only playing four games means the results fall into the "anecdotal evidence" category, but since it happened in all four games I thought it was worth bringing up. (Also, there were always at least a couple new players in every play-through, so they might not have been as watchful for the strategy)... In any case, has anyone else encountered this situation? I do wonder if it's a bit too easy of a win-condition to pull off... And if it's not difficult to counter, what are the easiest counter-strats you can recommend? And if the question is baseless because I am a damned fool, then... Why are you still reading this? Go help someone in need! Quit listening to the ramblings of a balance-nerd!

Thanks in advance!

Thread: Deep Space D-6:: General:: In stock at CSI

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:34:14 +0000

by Bigb0420

there are currently 5 in stock at

Thread: City of the Big Shoulders:: General:: Any details?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:26:36 +0000

by eapeas

I'm intrigued by the premise of the game. Would love to know more details as they are available!

Thread: Labyrinth: The Awakening, 2010 – ?:: General:: new to Labyrinth - start with original or expansion

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:26:03 +0000

by Ragstat

Hi, I was looking for impressions on this but did not find anything.

This game interests me and have discovered that there is an expansion. I am wondering if I should start with only playing the original game or with the expansion added.


Thread: Star Trek: Ascendancy:: Variants:: Split the Exploration Deck

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:23:54 +0000

by zfairborn As some people know I've been somewhat vocal on here regarding my feelings of modding ST:A to become something more interactive and balanced (while still keeping the core mechanics and asymetrical design).In doing, so a fellow BGGeek (aka Guðmundur Skallagrímson - find his profile here if you want to thank him :D ) suggested an interesting thought, which I have since done a few quick tests on to see if it has merit, and the results are... its good!Specifically the purpose of this is with one goal in mind - for more Neutral Civilizations to appear in the game. In doing so a few things happen which i find quite beneficial, not unbroken, and is simple enough it requires no serious modifications at all to implement.This is how it works:1) Divide the Exploration Deck into two decks - one consisting of Virgin Worlds and Civilizations (e.g.: Yellow/ Green) and the other containing the Crisis' and Events (e.g.: Red/ Blue).2) Shuffle both at the start and keep them divided. If possible, sleeve the decks in different colors so you know which is which.3) Whenever a new system is discovered, draw and resolve the Green/Yellow deck first (i.e.: is the system populated or not?) and THEN draw from the Blue/ Red deck (i.e.: what is the bonus/ penalty surounding this world?)Put simply, every system draws 2 cards to its discovery. The base game does allow this as there are only 21 discoverable systems, and with the base-game cards the two decks are 22 red/blue card and 23 green/yellow cards - enough for every system to get their card draw and have 1-2 cards left over.The result of doing this? Lets take a look!1) The Federation Get a BuffThe Federation bonus comes from discovering Civilisations and Phenomena before their opponents. In the way of systems, they had around a 25% chance of drawing a Civ card - a % that was competed with in their rivals (everyone used the same exploration deck afterall).This doesn't decrease the chance of their Rivals finding Civilizations (as everyone is still using the same decks) but it does increase the number of Civilisations that do appear.It also doesn't become an absurd amount of Culture Gain by the Federation either. On the chance they are INCREDIBLY lucky to find every Civ in the deck, they would only gain +12* Culture (+18* Culture if they also find all the Phenomena). And while it may seem a lot, remember it costs themat least -1 Culture to Colonise** or attempt Hegemony on any system (i.e.: they cannot invade systems; and even with Starfleet Diplomatic Corps they still need to spend -1 Culture). And if all parties stick to the average share of systems, thats around 6-7 Culture they need to spend to secure those worlds.*: This can be increased to 24/36 Culture if using one of my other suggestions (i.e.: double the Culture Gain for every factions racial bonus). If that seems like a threat, then explore as quick as possible and even attack/ block their scouts early to reduce their early game surge. **: The exception of this being the Colonization Fleet which lets you avoid the Culture Cost to Colonize a system. But I don't think thats a huge saving 2) The Cardassian's AND Klingons Get a BuffBoth these forces have an Invasion Fleet which can be useful in [...]

Thread: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition):: Rules:: Eternal Agony - Branded

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:21:24 +0000

by foxreinard

Are threat tokens accumulated by hero sheets discarded between quests? (Rulebook: All effects end, but "miscellaneous tokens" are not mentioned as being removed like Damage and Fatigue)

I am inclined to think "yes", but one of Merick's plot cards explicitly instruct removal of tokens so I second-guess this initial thought.

Thread: Wargames:: General:: Counter clipping service?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:20:30 +0000

by coolerking

I very much like the look of clipped counters but because I have the patience of Caligula and the big fat sausage fingers, not to mention the finesse, of a cave troll, it's always been a non-starter for me.

I have 'Last Chance for Victory' on the way and to have a fully clipped set would be dreamland. What do people think about the viability of paying someone to do the clipping for me? I see no real reason why it shouldn't work: send insured counter sheets plus some sort of secure storage for return and Bob's your uncle.

What would be a reasonable fee for this sort of endeavour, and are there any masochists out there who would do it for nothing?

Any thoughts / suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

Thread: Snow Tails:: General:: 1st version vs current version

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:08:12 +0000

by amish_rabbi

Can anyone give me a rundown of the differences between the current version of the game and the first version?

Thread: The Big Time!:: General:: PnP Files?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:06:44 +0000

by raven_snow


I was wondering if there are files to print this game at home? I can't quite seem to find anything other than what is in the images section. Was there no pdf version?

I also saw someone posted a picture of their deck of cards from Printer Studio. Is that an option still?

Thread: Operational Matters: An Operational Combat Series Guide:: General:: Best intro to OCS?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 17:03:26 +0000

by coolerking

This question seems to get asked on most OCS game pages but, because Operation Matters appears to be aimed specifically at introducing new players to the OCS system, I was wondering whether it is in fact the best intro package?

I've read in the past that Burma, or Tunisia or Reluctant Enemies (which I seem to recall was itself intended as an intro to OCS) were the best entry-level games for the system. Have they been superseded NOT in terms of game quality but purely in terms of breaking the tyro in gently?

For the record, I own Tunisia and Reluctant Enemies (and a half share in DAK2, which lurks on the shelf, biding its time); is there much for me to gain by purchasing this Operational Matters set?

Thread: Fields of Fire:: General:: Ever since the dawn of time, man has dreamed of destroying the sun...

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:57:42 +0000

by Nomadicjam

And quite frankly I agree with Montgomery Burns!

I'm approaching the end of my second attempt at the Cloverfield. So far, the enemy have inflicted a good few hits due to a very non-specific pyrotechnic and a hidden mortar battery. (So Long, Third Platoon!)

But if there is one tenacious enemy who has bogged down my advances, decapitated my Command Headquarters and picked off my specialists; It's that big ball of burning smugness!

In the first attempt, two turns on the trot of Friendly HQ events netted me three turns out of six of heat inducing madness. This accounted for nine steps of casualties. One in four, my sunburned backside!

Next attempt: Just as I'd absorbed the NK counter attack (Incoming Artillery... So Long, First Platoon!) and was preparing a final push on Objectives one and two.. who should come rolling back, during twilight, no less! But that Beetle-faced-bastard, Scarab, wielding the American Daisy Cutter. (So Long, XO and First Sergeant!)

So here I am ranting with no good aim in mind, to no good purpose as I flatly refuse to move anyone ever again, in case they get run down by a laughing Apollo and a sniggering Selene.

Disclaimer: I absolutely love the game and this is only my second attempt and the whole process has literally taken me days. I reckon I should have started with ww2 as now my poor cooked and scattered cardboard warriors are in need of some earnest relief.

Thread: Star Wars: Armada:: General:: First game set up with these kits (seeking advice from the experienced)

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:57:38 +0000

by venrondua

Hello all,

I'm hoping you seasoned Armada vets will be able to help me with my question. I also appreciate your patience for what is probably a common theme in the forums.

A good friend of mine lives in another city. For the holidays he will be in town and we plan to get together for an afternoon to hang out and play games. For his birthday he got SW Armada and some expansions and is super excited to play them. So much so that he will be bringing them with him so we can do just that.

I'm totally down with that but aside from the basics, I don't know the game. Historically when we've gotten together like this we haven't had loads of time (he is a father and can't just spend morning to night hanging out with me). As such I'm really keen to make the most of our game time together.

I've already downloaded the rules and I'm going to read them and become familiar with them so that should help alleviate downtown from actual playing. Another area that can slow things down would be selecting your cards and such before starting. I know this from my gaming of Attack Wing and this is what brings me here. I'm hoping you all could suggest some layouts (can't think of the better word for it) so we can just gather those items and go. Because we're inexperienced with the game, I don't know if there is as much value spending time selecting the cards and ships ourselves.

So it will just be the two of us playing on a table that is no bigger than 33" x 71". He owns one of the following and is bringing them all with him.

Star Wars: Armada

Star Wars: Armada – Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack

Star Wars: Armada – Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

Star Wars: Armada – Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack

So which ships, crew, abilities combinations should we use to get started? I don't know what is an appropriate point value to start with so I will defer to whatever you guys think is best. Will allow the most fun with a couple of new players that are just looking to pew pew at each other while catching up.

Thanks so much for your time!

Thread: Tanks: Panther vs Sherman:: General:: List or stats

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:53:33 +0000

by Ropes4u

Does anyone know if there is a list or database of all the stats so I can build platoons while at worknot doing anything useful..

Thread: Blood Bowl (Second Edition):: Rules:: Blocks versus Tackles

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:52:42 +0000

by RVS70

Just to be clear, when it comes to the ball carrier and you want to take him down, do you block him or tackle him?

I'm guessing you normally block the man with the ball unless you're performing a heroic tackle, at which point you roll on the tackle table instead of the block table. Would that be correct?

Thread: Cauldron:: General:: Tile adjacency

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:51:32 +0000

by BestCheckedIn

What is the point of having a beautiful grid of tiles when there are no game mechanics that utilize the random layouts and tile adjacency.

I feel like this game is just short of being a great game but with paying for more components via victory points and single actions per turn, the game runs generally way too long for what it is, which isnt much fun. Sucks because there is a great deal of potential here with some rule changes.

Thread: Kung Fu Fighting:: General:: Desprately searching for a copy!

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:46:25 +0000

by lunetta

I can't find it on ebay or anywhere! Does anyone know where I can locate a copy? Or maybe willing to sell a copy to me?

Thread: Crossroads of Heroes:: General:: Emei Sect - Jing Lian

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:44:50 +0000

by Pat Piper


Jing Lian is a month away from turning sixteen, an age by Emei Sect mandate that her students must put their skills to the test in the “Peach Blossom Trials”, a key factor on whether they will receive the “Maiden’s Five Flowing Methods” manual and be held in consideration to become the future leader of Emei Sect.

Of course, the young and fun loving Jing Lian has no desire for such ambitions. When pushed to work by sister Fan Hua, her appointed guardian and fierce protector, Jing Lian would often brush it off cheekily by declaring her vote to Fan Hua on becoming Emei Sect’s future leader, to which she would receive a light knock on the head from an agitated Fan Hua, amid some blushing. While Jing Lian is elated that Fan Hua could eventually become their sect leader, she shudders at the thought of herself having to take on such a burden. In truth, her real passion is to see the sights of Jianghu, go in search of adventures and experience new thrills.

While neither the strongest nor wisest fighter, Jing Lian makes up for it with her speed and dexterity. When traveling Jianghu, the distance she could cover in a day is unmatched and her ability to leap from rooftop to rooftop and from branch to branch is a sight to behold. When traveling at her full speed, it even seems that she is able to travel on air and water!

Thread: BattleTech: Domination:: General:: BTD v4.1 DIY Print-and-Play and Rules Now Available!

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:38:19 +0000

by HomerJr

The BTD v4 DIY Print-and-Play version is finally ready and available for download! The pdf is sized to print cards on 8.5"x11" paper or cardstock and contains 27 pages (205 cards). Just print one copy of the pdf and you've got everything!

Card backs are included but are optional. My recommendation is to print the cards on regular paper and then using card sleeves and sliding the paper card in with a placeholder card (e.g., old CCG cards) to provide the stiffness and card back.

v4.1 includes some relatively minor changes to the card set. The most significant changes are that as Overrun cards now refund an action when played, and vehicles can be returned to the Supply deck when damaged. Some other cards got minor balance tweaks. I also added a new Mech by request (Warhammer), and would be happy to add more cards by request if anyone has a favorite Mech they'd like to see. (image)

I also added images of all the card pages to the gallery on this game page for those who don't want to download the pdf.

Please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or special requests. Happy hunting!

File Pages:
BTD v4.1 DIY Print-and-Play

BTD v4.1 Rulebook

Thread: Shadowrift:: General:: Any update on the zombie fix?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:29:32 +0000

by asianavatar

Just curious if there is an update on this?


Thread: Battlestar Galactica:: Play By Forum:: BSG 575 - Move As One

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:27:03 +0000

by wcboy18 This is the 575th Play-By-Forum Battlestar Galactica game. It will follow the format established by ColtsFan76. It will be a 5/6-player Base/Pegasus/Exodus/Daybreak game to Kobol.PlayersTBAThe players for this game are selected from the Waiting List. If you want to enter a game, please use this list, which is found at the BSG PBF Wiki.Rule changesInvestigative Committees will not reveal Destiny, even when playing without Pegasus.Playing notesThe regulations of the game are pretty much as in all the other threads. If this is your first BSG PBF game, please read through at least one of the previous games to get a feeling for how it is done.Some particular notes for those taking part (you can find more notes and tips on nbergom's geeklist Tips and Tricks of BSG PBF): Subscribe to this thread. Please, login at least twice a day, preferably more. Note that I have a 24-hour rule in place: when it is your turn to act, I expect you to respond within 24 hours; if not, then I am going to take measures, which may lead to seeking a replacement if your absence was unannounced. If you are going to be offline for longer stretches of time (and that is totally acceptable), please tell us in the thread (or me by geekmail), and we can pause the game if necessary. All players must have their own copies of the game as I am only going to publish card titles (this is an FFG request). Private communication will be by geekmail between me and particular players, all other communication will be by posting in this thread. Please start your geekmail subject line with "BSG 521" and your character name (i.e. "BSG 521: Adama - Draw CO"). To speed up the game, please use Conditional Orders (i.e., geekmail me what you will do if certain circumstances arise). CO's are particularly useful for interrupts, such as Evasive Maneuvers. I am going to assume some standard CO's are in place (see below). Please do not use "public CO's". Please use the following posting conventions:- Normal text for discussions.- Italics for flavor texts.- Bold for in-game moves and actions. I won't process any decisions/actions unless bolded in the thread or I receive them by geekmail. Please, make clear in each post who your character is by posting a banner at the top of your post. Great banners created by DukeOfEarl are available here (use the "medium" option to display them). If you find using a banner is too much of a hassle (or you are on your phone), at least list your character name (preferably in bold) at the top of your post. For flavor, a useful selection of character pictures is hosted on this geeklist by GerryRailBaron, though by all means provide your own if you wish. Easy, quick links to the items on Gerry's geeklist are provided here. If you are a card counter, please consider the knowledge that you gain from that as fa[...]

Thread: Great Western Trail:: Rules:: List of Missed and/or Misinterpreted Rules

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:25:29 +0000

by Legend5555 In no particular order:You draw cards up to your hand size at the end of each of your turns, not only when you deliver to Kansas City.You cannot buy a worker from the job market row that has the circular job market token.You always add new workers to the row with the circular job market token. Do not fill in empty spaces in other rows.You do not place teepees or hazards into the job market.You can upgrade one of your private buildings on the board by paying the difference between its craftsman cost and the new buildings craftsman cost. The replaced building is returned to the box , not your supply.When buying cattle, you can add new cows to the market (via the "spend" 1 cowboy action to add 2 cattle) and buy cows in any order.You can use the add cattle action to cause the cattle market to go over the designated limit for player count. The limit only applies at the beginning of the game and when adding cattle because of the job market token moving past the designated spots in the job market.When removing a hazard or teepee from the board, do not slide the remaining tokens back to fill in gaps.Your train must move at least 1 space into a turnout spot (either forwards or backwards) to be able to place a disk at that station. Taking the station master tile is optional. Each player may place one disc at each station. There is no blocking in this regard.You pay money to players/bank for hands you cross or end your movement on in the order you moved. If you do not have enough money, pay what you can and then you no longer pay for any subsequent hands you encounter during this movement.All actions on buildings are optional, but you must take money if the result of an action gives you money. You can for example choose not to discard a cow to get money if that is that action of a building. But you cannot discard the cow and not take the money.If a building's action grants movement for your cattleman, you may take the actions of the next space you stop on. But you do not draw back to your handsize before you get there. So it's generally not advisable to use this movement to move to Kansas City if you discarded cards that turn.The 3 cattleman movement action on some objective cards works differently. You cannot move to Kansas City with this movement. Using this movement also causes you to skip phase B if you used the card during phase A, and forfeits the rest of phase B if you used the card during phase B. Basically if you use this card, you cannot perform anymore building actions this turn.Taking an objective card due to the connection between cities you have delivered to is mandatory.When performing the double auxiliary action on some buildings, you cannot perform 2 different single auxiliary actions.When scoring station master tiles, you st[...]

Thread: Mage Wars Arena: Lost Grimoire Volume 1:: General:: so.... "whats in the box?"

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:25:03 +0000

by SirCptnAwesome

can anyone give a card list? pictures or descriptions would be nice....

Thread: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: The Board Game:: General:: Egghead Hobbies: The Labyrinth Project - Ep 3 Ludo

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:23:57 +0000

by Egghead Hobbies

Greeting goblins! Welcome to the video for Ludo!

We start off with a quick update/correction for Sir Didymus... specifically Ambrosius' hind quarters. Big thanks to Johnny Fraser Allen, the sculptor himself, for his inside info.

Then we get to work on Ludo... nothing really too complex about this lovable lug. I laid down a nice 3 color brown base for the undercoat, followed by 2 orange dry brushes for the fur highlights. A bit of detailing to his skin & face and Ludo is complete. Hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for Episode 4: Higgle... umm, Hogwart... no, Hedgewart... umm, Hogbrain.. ah, It's Hoggle!

Thread: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition):: General:: Game length

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:13:08 +0000

by TalLavi

Can someone please tell me how long does a campaign can take?
Assuming you play with 2/3/4 heroes, how long does a normal campaign take?
Same question for the App / Delve and when using RedJak's Automated Overlord Variant.

I wanna know because once you start a campaign with someone, you are kinda stuck playing with the same person (or people), of course you can start over with different people but if you keep starting over again and again with different people, it will just suck.

Thread: Brettspiel Adventskalender 2016:: General:: No Day 8?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:11:03 +0000

by cinderbike

My copy did not have a #8 in it. Anyone else have this issue?

Thread: Doctor Who: Time Clash – Starter Set:: Strategy:: Examining the 12th Doctor's deck

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 16:11:02 +0000

by Yagami 225

The 12th Doctor is incredibly intelligent, he has a quip for any situation, and some boss tech.

His primary strengths seem to be in his core cards. Half of his plans are +300, which means that he will be able to foil almost any plans the Daleks are able to come up with. Add to that his high value Techs and he may well have access to those same plans again for his gambit, or easily be able to bury his other plans to keep the Daleks from foiling those.

His lower valued plans are great for baiting the enemy into foiling them with one of their higher absolute value plans, only so you can return the favor with your more numerous high valued plans.

His quips aren't quite as fancy as his plans or tech, but with the amount of them he has, he will usually be able to take advantage of abilities that trigger off them. Just be aware of cards that counter them.

Refocus is a great card for getting the Doctor where you need him to try and trigger the end-game when it's most advantageous to you.

And Regroup is arguably his most powerful card. Watch for a careless Dalek player to lead off his enemy stack with a –400 Threat, and then drop a Refocus and watch him squirm.

Thread: Mythic Battles: Pantheon:: Rules:: Multiple AoW card penalties and tokens

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:58:11 +0000

by Teowulff

1. When using say Aphrodite and the Graeae, do the "pay 1 AoW to attack" penalties stack? Meaning you may have to pay 2 or 3 AoW cards to be able to attack a specific unit?

Or can there ony be one of these active at the same time?

2. Arachne's and Andromeda's skills put 2 and 4 tokens on the same unit.
Can tokens be stacked on a unit? Can there be multiple Petrify tokens on a unit? Or Rapture tokens? Is there a general rule or can you put a limitless amount of any kind of token on a specific unit?

Thread: Mansions of Madness: Second Edition:: Rules:: Monster Damage

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:56:10 +0000

by Krasny

When a monster takes non-combat damage, eg. from moving into a space containing a fire, how does one let the app know that the monster has suffered damage?


Thread: Pyramid Arcade:: General:: Question about availability

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:50:26 +0000

by tonyro19

Will this be available through online retailers or is it just through Looney Labs?

Thread: Imperial Settlers:: Rules:: Can Japan convert gold to food for storage?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:49:37 +0000

by davypi

If Japan has gold leftover at the end of a turn, can they convert it to food a keep it via their storage ability?

Thread: Baptism By Fire: The Battle of Kasserine:: General:: Baptism by Fire scenario overview

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:36:42 +0000

by calvinboy24 To provide some background information on the upcoming game as it nears the pre-order number, I'll look to write some posts about the game as a preview and hopefully to whet appetites for the game.There will be 6 scenarios provided in the game. Since the full game is two maps, less turns, and fewer units than Last Blitzkrieg, the game should be easier to play the whole thing on gaming tables. Smaller scenarios are provided of course, and the battle breaks down well into three distinct start times that were divided into six scenarios:1) Kasserine Campaign - the full battle from 14 Feb 43 to 23 Feb 43. CCA of 1st Armored is defending (more like watching) Faid Pass with two battlaions of the 168th Infantry Regiment (34th "Red Bull" Division). CCC is to the north by Hadjeb el Aioun. Token forces that would make up TF Stark are in the rear. The Germans enter with the 15th Panzer through the Faid Pass and 21st Panzer from the South. The infamous battle begins and ends with the Allies defending the edges of both maps along the west and north.2) Operation Spring Wind - Frühlingswind was the operation name for the German offensive against Faid Pass. The scenario uses only the eastern Map B and lasts from 14 Feb 43 to 17 Feb 43. Decidedly not an Allied friendly scenario, they can still try their hand at preventing the Germans from moving on Sbeitla.3) Mid-Campaign Start - Both maps starting from 19 Feb to 23 Feb. The situation starts with TF Stark holding Kasserine Pass but KG DAK moving up to confront them. Allied reinforcements start to trickle in and form defensive blocks in the north at Sbiba and to the south at Dernaia pass. The German Panzer Kampfgruppen are sidetracked a bit by an outlier attack towards Fondouk where KG Gerhardt is offmap.4) Between a Rock and a Hard Place - The western Map A only starting on 19 Feb to 23 Feb, this scenario highlights the fighting at Kasserine Pass and the subsequent defense of the western passes towards Tebessa and Thala.5) End Campaign Start - Both maps showing the fight after the breakthrough at Kasserine Pass. A short scenario at 3 turns (21 Feb to 23 Feb), this scenario highlights the Allied stand against the Axis. The 21st Panzer Division is stymied against Sbiba and KG DAK and 15th Panzer try to grab additional passes to the west only to face Allied forces in tough positions and a British Armored Group defending Thala. The Italian Centauro division is attempting to take the Dernaia Pass against Welvert's mixed French and Ame[...]

Thread: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game:: Strategy:: 2 handed, to rule them all!

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:31:12 +0000

by gibby290

Hi guys,

Was going to try and play through all the content, progression style. I wanted to go 2-handed.

My twist is I want to maintain the same spheres in each deck throughout my campaign. So, the question for the group is, which 2 sphere combos would you use?

My first thought was Tactics/Leadership and Willpower/ Spirit.


Thread: Star Wars PocketModel TCG:: General:: Ground Forces, Online!

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:30:29 +0000

by Pwnocchio

Dawn, Day of the Table Reclamation Incursion

Here I sit. Contemplating, evaluating and, most of all, atoning. My premiere operation as Fleet Commander left much to be desired. I lost a lot of men that day. Their cries, echoing through the comms, will forever haunt me.

In my, so I thought at the time, thoughtfully selected fleet's first battle, I sent nearly a dozen Jedi to their death. I lost starfighter after starfighter against the Droid Army. Another 4 Tie units were lost as well. I even lost our beloved supporter, the banking clan's frigate. It was a mortifying loss. I thought through sheer numbers we could overwhelm the droid cruisers and battleships. Sadly, I was wrong. We took a few of those blasted clankers with us, but it was futile in the end.

Surprisingly, though, I've been assigned another offensive. A second chance. Redemption.

I am taking no chances this time. I'm keeping my feet firmly planted in the dirt, and "bringing out the big guns", to quote the age-old cliche. Our initial force will consist of two long range artillery cannons, 3 of our AT-ST scout walkers, and two imposing AT-AT's. I'll be keeping the long range cannons loaded and ready in defense of our position. Using the AT-AT's powerful cannons, and their reinforced plating, I am certain their resiliency will greatly aid in our victory.

In the instance that our reserves need deployed, our attacking force has been supplied with two Hailfire Droids, furthering our ranged assaults, as well as heavy fighter tanks to add a little extra punch late in the game.

I sit here, alone in the dark, begging forgiveness of those fallen under my command, as I prepare to, once again, enter the lion's den. I know the odds are stacked against me. I know the Force is not on my side. But I stand ready, and anxious for redemption...

tl : dr , I have a rematch with my friend today. This is my team. I'm a huge nerd.

Thread: BattleLore (Second Edition):: General:: Sale at coolstuffinc at clearance prices

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:29:46 +0000

by DH 0001

Base game 24.99
Expansions 14.99
Neutrals 4.99

Thread: A Fearful Slaughter: The Battle of Shiloh:: General:: Never played. Start with LoB rules?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:23:15 +0000

by tmewborn

I have never played any of the Civil War, Regimental Series. Should I just start with the Line of Battle v.2.0 Rules? I was told that I would need to use some of the counters from a LoB game which I don't own. Are the needed counters available as a pdf somewhere?

Thread: Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne:: General:: How difficult is this to teach/play?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:20:52 +0000

by Nightsbane

Was considering this for something completely different at a family new years eve game night I am heading up. They are all GoT fans, and thought it may be a good time. They were new to the hobby, but have been taught Carcassonne, Smash Up, King of Tokyo, Mysterium, and a bunch of party games.


Thread: Advanced Platoon Leader:: News:: Where we are at with this thing

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:18:53 +0000


Box art is done. A sample box is being shipped and once I approve, the rest of the shipment arrives.
Stat cards are done.
Terrain cards are done.
Rules are finished totaling 24 pages.

Still to do:
Clean up art on the counters and scenario cards.

Much more playtesting is still needed.

Bottom line: this thing may not be ready until March. I would love to have this thing available at Christmas but it would mean rushing things and I want this to be ready not rushed.

Retail pricing for print n play, Ziploc and boxed versions will be revealed shortly.

A new video update is forthcoming: I will test drive the new box and reveal the final stat and terrain cards in addition to running through a few core concepts of play.

I would also like to send a big thanks to the core APL team for all of the work they have already put in and will be required moving foward including:
Brian Winkeler
Robert Lenz
Trevor Henderson

Remember, since I started H&S GAMES I have yet to pay for advertising relying solely on reviews and word of mouth. That said, if you want to help you can by simply spreading the word!

Thread: Arkham Horror: The Card Game:: Rules:: Evading, then fighting.

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:08:48 +0000

by chubber911

Example, Skids and Daisy are fighting a fat ghoul, ghoul is engaged with Skids. Skids evades, so now ghoul is exhausted. Then second action Skids does some burglary to get some money (ghoul ignores because exhausted), third action fights ghoul with a knife. Then Daisy uses all 3 actions to try attacking ghoul with a knife. Ghoul has the Retaliate ability, but is exhausted, so we believed this meant the ghoul didn't get to retaliate when Daisy failed a couple attacks.

Then in Enemy phase, ghoul is still exhausted (and unengaged because of being exhausted), so doesn't get to attack, then it preys on Skids (Prey: highest strength), so re-engages Skids after readying.

Does this all sound right?


Thread: Black Orchestra:: Rules:: Getting ready to play our first game tonight... 2 questions

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:08:24 +0000

by Rocky123

Question 1:

The special space with modifiers under the random "item"... do they trigger if the item is covering the modifier?

ex: A space might say - -2 suspicion under the "item"


When the gestapo raid occurs... and you are not arrested... why would you discard cards to raise your suspicion?

Thanks in advance!

Thread: Victory by Any Means Campaign Guide (Second Edition):: General:: Imperial Asset Sheets

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:07:35 +0000

by Lawrence Hung

The Campaign Guide says sample Imperial Asset Sheets are included with the book but I can't find any. Is it only available in physical copy and not PDF edition?

Thread: Imperial Settlers:: Rules:: Campaign solo - cant pay province control cost?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:04:27 +0000

by ddoyen

Was wondering if you lose a province if you cannot pay its control cost as well as its upkeep cost? Rules seem to suggest that it is only necessary to pay upkeep.


Thread: Imperial Settlers:: General:: Why Lookout before Production?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:00:06 +0000

by davypi

It seems to me that it would be easier to evaluate your card choices for the Lookout phase of the game if you could count the resources you will have available during the Action phase. Is there any reason not to have Produce before Lookout when playing?

Thread: Pax Pamir:: General:: My storage solution for Pax Pamir in Khyber Knives in Sleeves

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:56:20 +0000

by rebuscarnival

It is pretty tight, but I can fit the original deck and the expansion in FF green sleeves. There is half an inch of space between plastic cube and the top when it is shut that I hope to stuff a abridged set of rules.

No one was going to play Trivial Pursuit: All Star Sports Edition in this house anyway.

Thread: Police Precinct:: General:: Second Edition KS Expansions and promos

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:55:18 +0000

by Luzbel

Hi Friends from Spain, help me please...What promos or expansions I need for second edition KS?...I don't know which ones...Thank you

Thread: Myth:: General:: Journeyman wave 2 arrived

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:51:05 +0000

by mosep

Got my wave 2 package with two expansion boxes today in Sweden. Lucky I am on parental leave and could be home waiting for the FedEx guy. I got notification for delivery yesterday but did not get the package then, but today's delivery notification turned out to be true.

All the content seems to be there and undamaged, counting the minis, cards and tiles. The only oddity is that the rules in both expansions state that 27 minis is included. It is 28. The back of the boxes correctly state 28.

I hope the rest of got your stuff.

Thread: Wargames:: Historical Context:: World War II -- Did pilots doctor the paint jobs on their fighters?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:49:54 +0000

by Sagrilarus     Hey guys, I've come to the experts.     Here's the background: Wings of Glory is putting out a new Starter Kit, based on the Battle of Britain, and they're changing the way they're doing it. (If you want to see the pretty new box and airplanes, click here --    The change is in the way they're packaging the planes. In the past they have sold paint jobs of specific pilots' airplanes, generally three of each model. So there were three Spitfire Mk.Is, and three BF-109Es, and the like. Very historic, but a bit limiting for big battles.     This time they're selling the big box with historic planes, then selling additional vanilla airplanes (i.e., no specific plane marking) that come with a sheet of decals. You can see the mock-ups in the thread above. So you can actually buy six Spits, six Canes, six 109s and six 110s and have a great big battle with each plane having different call letters on it with just a pair of scissors and some warm water. Seriously cool. Each player can have their own call letters on their planes.    Here's the question -- how much did WWII fighter pilots, mechanics, squadrons, etc., get to doctor the appearance of their airplanes? You see the nose art on bombers but the fighters had a standard paint job for both the Brits and the Germans, and I'm trying to get an understanding of how much additional change the airmen had leeway to make.    You could spice up the appearance by making wingtips red, or writing "Ruthie" on the cowling or something like that, but I don't want to go too far off the reservation from what was common or even allowed by high command in the era.    Can anybody speak to this? Just how unique were British and German aircraft in that era?             S. [...]

Thread: SeaFall:: Play By Forum:: Seafall PbF Resource: (SPOILERS!!! Rules included) The Colonies, rule 2, rule 8, rule 19, rule 20

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:42:57 +0000

by gpmark

Colony resource:
• Colony 1 – Add 1 success to Explore endeavors made within 4 spaces of here.
• Colony 2 – Buy goods +2 at this region
• Colony 3 – May sell goods from this colony’s warehouse.
• Colony 4 – May sell goods from this colony’s warehouse.
• Colony 5 – You may repair ships here.
• Colony 6 – You may repair ships here.
• Colony 7 – Your ships have +3 sail when they sail from here.
• Colony 8 – Your ships have +3 sail when they sail from here.
• Colony 9 – Add 1 success to Raid endeavors made within 4 spaces of here.
• Colony 10 – During winter, you may take back two enmity tokens from this island.
• Colony 11 – You may upgrade ships here.
• Colony 12 – Tax +4 gold if this colony’s build site has a structure on it.

Rule 2:
Inactive Colonies
At the game's start, colonies are inactive and must be activated by the governor during winter. Colonies offer no powers while inactive but the player who holds the colony card is still considered the governor.

Rule 8:
Activate Colonies (Step 7 in the winter phase)
Starting with the Astrolabe holder and going clockwise, players may activate colonies they control. The cost is six gold for each colony you activate. When activating a colony, place a province marker on that colony's island on the game board. The colony is now active. Adjust your glory marker to reflect the glory printed on the colony card.

Colonies Collect (Step 8 in the winter phase)
For each active colony, its Governor may take a good from a site on the island and place it in the colony's warehouse OR gain three gold if the island has a mine.

Session: Star Trek: Attack Wing:: Battle of Mempa - Klingon Civil War OP2

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:37:07 +0000

by Mr S Baldrick One of my venues had Battle of Mempa over the weekend. At this venue we play by the suggested format, but we do NOT retire resources. I have two regular opponents at this venue and have been seeing a lot of Donatra and Cloaked mines from both. Needless to say it's been getting a little boring So I had an idea to shake things up a bit. I have been trying to play thematic lists lately, but I thought I would deviate a little, well maybe a lot. This is what I came up with.Officer Exchange Borg/Federation*52 Cube 384 (also known as Big Momma )05 Kirk (Enterprise A)*00 Admiral Haden*01 Magnus Hanson00 Borg Support Vessel Dock**12 HMS Bounty (Support Vessel**)04 Spock02 O'Brien46 Tactical Cube 00105 Picard 9*02 Dispersion Field01 Hive Mind130 TotalYeah this is cheesy . I have been trying to play thematic but I have been getting tired of the Cloak Mines and Donatra and there is a Romulan Grand Prize at stake, so it's on Round 1 was a Bye Round 2My opponent flewIKS Maht-H'aKor 8Indy Fleet Captain (tech)DrexProjected Stasis FieldRomulan Cloaked MinesCry of the WarriorScimitarDonatraMendakInterphase GeneratorInterphase GeneratorVor'ChaKolothN'GeranSet upTurn 1 He gunned Koloth's ship and I did the same with the Tac Cube. He cloaked but Picard was able to TL and BS. Koloth was one shoted and Donatra was well out of range of Kirk and Big Momma.Turn 2He brought in Kor and dropped his mines.Koloth and Donatra end up right in front of Big Momma. Kirk stripps the shields off of Kor's ship and does 2 hull damage. Picard finishes him off. Turn 3The Scimitar is still there but it is under the Cube. Picard says :soapbox: "screw those mines" . Both cubes pound on the Scimitar and get rid of her Interphase GeneratorsTurn 4Kirk and Picard finish off the Scimitar while it is under the Cube.Victory! IIRC Big Momma lost her shields and took two damage to the hull. The Tac Cube only lost 3 shields to the mines. Round 3My Opponent flewScout Cube 255Khan 8Dispersion FieldMagnometric ChargesTorres (Val Jean)Monotonium Armour PlatingStal[...]

Session: Thunderbolt Apache Leader:: TAL Israeli Defense 2001 General War AAR

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:36:05 +0000

by grandvp124_seraph TAL Israeli Defense 2001 Day 04 AARJust because IAFL’s KS Campaign is over doesn’t mean I can’t finish up this Campaign that’s back-to-back with HLCAO! And also, I’ll do keep on doing this to build up hype for Sherman Leader’s coming Kickstarter Campaign!Rapid Deployment Force Commander's ReportName: Richard "Daredevil" CutlerRank: ColonelOctober 16th, 2001Day Four – Retribution or BustStarting SOs: 5Our brothers at sea scored another great victory by sinking a Syrian missile boat fleet while the Admiral’s perfectly-timed cruise missile strike really put the hurt on the enemy. I was going to once again play the part of a Daredevil. I’d strike three Battalions again, in order to keep down the pressure. One of them was the Fast Assault Battalion that barely survived yesterday… I was going to make good on my promise to finish it off. Permanently.Sortie #01 – Fast Assault (9A)Enemies Encountered1x Tank1x TruckShadow’s Armaments2x AGM-1142x LAU-611x LAU-68A SAM Vehicle attempted to get the drop on Shadow, but his Hellfires stopped it cold.Shadow started the mission with a bang, blasting the surviving tank with a full rocket salvo from one of his LAU-61 pods. Then after traversing at High Altitude for a little while, he found the Truck in cover and descended downwards to destroy it. It was easy to do with the aid of a full rocket salvo from the second LAU-61 pod. The Battalion that survived yesterday met its end. Now Gator and Zinger would take on the Supply Convoy.-ENEMY ASSAULT BATTALION DESTROYED-StressShadow: 5ExperienceShadow: 3Sortie #02 – Supply Convoy (2S)Enemies Encountered4x APC8x TrucksGator’s Armaments2x BGM-712x LAU-61I was able to get on the horn with the MLRS Battalion again, and they positioned themselves to strike the Convoy. The Rockets destroyed three of the Trucks and one of the APCs. And best yet, the Scout came back with good reconnaissance, giving my boys more than enough time to destroy the Battalion.Zinger’s AC-130 took out two of the Trucks[...]

Session: Vast: The Crystal Caverns:: Four Games, Four Roles

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:35:51 +0000

by mournful My copy of Vast arrived one week ago tomorrow.In that time I have played it solitaire 13 times and in groups 5 times.Today some friends came over, and I got in four games. Our first two were 1v1, and a third joined us later.Game 1: Thief vs. CaveThis was an uneventful game, which was unexpected. I've always found Vast engaging and quick. This particular game felt a bit lifeless.The Cave primarily played to keep treasure away from the Thief, who primarily played to reveal tiles to force the cave to get some treasure on the table. It went on like that until the collapse, at which point the Thief grabbed the last treasure and ran to the exit.We agreed that this was odd. I'm open to suggestions as to how that pairing plays, and what might have made it more interesting. We don't currently have any plans to revisit it.Game 2: Knight vs. DragonThe Knight blew through all 3 bombs in 3 turns. Dragon was at 2 already. Dragon tried to evade, to reveal some tiles and get treasure. The Dragon has the victory condition, "or kill the knight." But we couldn't find any rules for how the dragon attacks the knight. None of his moves do damage. Maybe smacking the knight into a wall of fire? A lot?The Knight very quickly piled up treasures. The bow took cards out of the Dragon's hand, even through walls. The javelin reduced the Dragon to 1 life even before he emerged. Once he did, the Knight was well geared and max level, and she killed the Dragon like a champ.We hoped we were missing something here. Both roles are fun to play, but in this session it felt pretty one-sided. Any suggestions? How does the Dragon fight back in this scenario?Game 3: Goblins vs. Cave vs. ThiefThief is a tough role. So fragile. So valuable.This was a fun sessions except for one invalidating issue. I'll get there. The Cave was new to the game. He placed some treasures early, without fully understanding the reach of the Thief and Goblins. This resulted in the Goblins eating the Thief a couple of times. For the early [...]

Session: Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations:: Hornet Leader CAO Israeli Defense 2001 Day 04 AAR Session

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:35:22 +0000

by grandvp124_seraph Though IAFL's KS has ended successfully, I still have to finish what I started! Besides, no one else has even tried an AAR with the HLCAO/TAL Combined Campaign Rules before! And maybe get people hyped for the coming Kickstarter for Sherman Leader!Day 04, Primary Mission - Target #13: Missile Boat FleetThe Roosevelt's escorts detected a small group of Syrian Missile Boats approaching the CVBG. Captain Sheridan, aware that some of his best pilots are stressed out, decides to only send four of the least stressed flyers into action: Commander Leon "Griffin" Greene, Lieutenant Nick "Bear" Daly, Lieutenant Carmichael "Talon" Rawlins, and Lieutenant Junior Grade Kyle "Kermit" Henderson.-Beginning of Mission-Determine and Place Sites:Center Area: 1x Infantry, 1x Sa-11, 1x S-60North Approach: 1x Sa-13East Approach: 1x Sa-6South Approach: 1x Sa-13West Approach: 1x Zu-23-2Starting SOs: 36Order of Battle3x F/A-18C Hornet (Griffin [Veteran], Bear and Talon [Average]Equipment (Bear and Griffin): 3x AGM-65, 1x ECM PodEquipment (Talon): 2x AIM-9, 2x AIM-7, 2x AGM-88, 1x ECM Pod1x F-14 Tomcat (Kermit [Green])Equipment (Kermit): 2x AIM-9, 1x AIM-7, 3x AIM-54, 1x ECM PodSOs Used: 3 [4 Free SOs]Remaining SOs: 36-Target Bound Event-Mid-Air RefuelingNo Comment.-Determine and Place Bandits-Center Area: No BanditNorth Approach: No BanditEast Approach: 1x MiG-25 Foxbat [Uh-oh!]South Approach: 1x Su-27 Flanker [The Syrians nor Egyptians are not supposed to have these... I ponder...]West Approach: No Bandit-Intel Air Defense Adjustment-Center Area: 1x MiG-21 Fishbed-Over the Target Event-Target of OpportunityGood! This is the best chance we have to catch the Bandits and the Sa-11 flatfooted!-Phoenix Missile Attacks-Kermit: 2x Hit, 1x Miss [1x Su-27 Destroyed, 1x MiG-25 Destroyed, MiG-21 Missed]-Over the Target--Turn 1-Slow Pilots AttackKermit: 1x AIM-7 fired at MiG-21 [Result: MiG-21 Destroyed]Talon: 1x AGM-88 fired at Sa-11 [Result: Sa-11 Destroyed]The Hornet P[...]

Thread: Twilight Imperium (Third Edition):: Variants:: I really like Preliminary Objectives, so

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:27:49 +0000

by L4D2 Saturday four of us sat down to our second game of TI3. I thought the Preliminary Objectives were a good idea, especially to help shorten our game, and persuaded the other three to use them. By the end of the game I was the only one who had fulfilled mine. The other three said their Preliminary Objective was too hard (I’d told them the P.O. were easier to fulfill than the Secret Objectives). Well, the three of them didn’t think we should use them in the future. BUT I really like the idea of Preliminary Objectives and hope we can use them in future games, so I decided to trim them down a bit so we’d have some that were fairly easy to fulfill and thus shorten the game. I culled the deck and decided to keep seven of them, drafted four Public Objective cards that were easier to fulfill than others (we have both expansions so have quite a few Public Objectives to choose from), and scavenged several other objectives from various sites and even created a couple of my own design. I have a list of 18 Preliminary Objectives and have made cards for them. With 18 objectives, we can deal three to each player who will then choose one. At the same time we’d deal two Secret Objectives to each player, so they can possibly choose objectives that would support one another. I wanted to post this to get feedback on whether they’ll work, or if we should just 86 Preliminary Objectives altogether.1 point - Researcher - I control at least 4 planets with a Technology specialty.1 point - Defender - I have all 6 of my PDS units on the game board.1 point - Explorer - I control 2 systems adjacent to Mecatol Rex.1 point - Commander - I have all 5 of my Dreadnoughts on the game board.1 point - Scientist - I have 3 yellow Technology advances. 1 point - Invader - I control a planet that was controlled by an enemy player this round.1 point - Traitor - I have attacked a player this round with whom I have a trade agreement.1 point - Expan[...]

Thread: Arcadia Quest:: General:: Availability of Arcadia Quest pets on retail.

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:26:30 +0000

by VixenIcaza

OK so after discovering CMON recently I have backed a few of their KS. However I have now discovered Arcadia Quest and will be getting a copy for xmas.

One thing that really interests me is Pets!!! But I am to late for the kickstarter. I am hoping to pick up a KS version of Inferno with pets at the start of 2017 for a reasonable price, but if I can't how long before we see the pets add on in stores?

TL:DR How long after KS delivery are we likely to see Arcadia Quest pets for retail?

Thread: Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King:: Variants:: Catch up mechanic is far too powerful as is. ideas?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:24:06 +0000

by Redward

I like this game but the catch up mechanic is far too helpful for those falling behind and decreases the reward for good play. Any thoughts on how to reduce it?

I thought perhaps one gold per player ahead on the track round three and onward without it ever increasing.

Thread: Star Wars: Destiny:: General:: Availability.

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:15:51 +0000

by Fenderbass124

Anyone know of any online stores that still have any starters and packs in stock or it looks like I'll have to wait until next month as all the normal sites I use say January for the next batch to be shipped out.

Thread: Conan:: Rules:: Movement and Defensive stance

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:14:31 +0000

by Splig

The rule book simply states that if you have not taken the move action during your turn you may take the base movement value. If taking the cautious stance, a hero can only guard and reroll actions. The example text doesn't cover it. In the example the character taking the defensive stance is not mentioned further than doing so. The question is can one move their base movement while in a cautious stance. I say yes, now I have a deeper understanding, but personally want to officially clear up the haziness of the very simple and important rule.

Thread: No Retreat! The Russian Front:: Rules:: Question Counterblows

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:10:25 +0000

by ibaius

Hello, a question .. if a German unit is placed adjacent to two Soviet units and places a voluntary target marker on one of them in its combat phase, but then the Soviet player prefers to draw fire on the other unit and places a marker CB, the first voluntary target is discarded or that German unit attacks twice?


Thread: One Deck Dungeon:: General:: Now that the game has shipped...

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:07:38 +0000

by John_VW

(just read this KS post: "Pack-out of all the Kickstarter orders was slated to complete at 2PM, and I haven't heard anything to indicate that didn't happen, so everything should be on its way to you all! It is a little strange not packing them all ourselves, but shipping straight from the factory seems to be a better way of getting games to you all faster.")...

does anyone know where the US games are shipping from? and how (USPS, UPS, etc.)?

Thread: Cthulhu Wars:: Rules:: Spell book requirement (Great Cthulhu)

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:06:36 +0000

by Barbapapa2014


Great Cthulhu faction card (Spellbook Requirement) :

In the first Doom phase,receive this Spellbook.Also receive 1 Elder Sign.

This requirement is not effectif in the first round of play? Just?

Thank you.

Thread: Bios: Genesis:: General:: Playing with 2 or 3 players - Parasites...

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 14:06:13 +0000

by Domostie

I have played solo only so far, but I was wondering about the gameplay with multi player.

I wonder why there is no solo-like setup for 2 players with AI Parasites being the other 2 parasite colors. I thought this would make better sense then only playing with 2 Bionts ?

That being said, in multi player, it mentions the 3rd Bionts is used as AI parasite, so your own parasite color is now driven by the AI (e.g. you do not decide the side and which organism you attach too) ?

Possibly confused by the solo mode, but would appreciate views and clarification on this.

Thanks !

Thread: Gloomhaven:: General:: Is Versus mode still in the game?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:59:43 +0000

by DayZ113001

Just haven't heard about it in a long time, and I didn't see any mention of it in the rule book. Does anyone know if it'll still come with Versus mode?

Thread: Fatal Alliances: The Great War:: Rules:: Iced-In Ports

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:57:45 +0000

by kubaman

There are some contradictory rules concerning iced-in ports: says "Naval units (and their cargoes) moving into a closed port must immediately stop and are then turned face down. Naval units in a closed port may not move or reorganise (even during final reorganisation)."

While Note 9 (which applies to ports susceptible to being iced-in): "Naval units may not enter or leave in Snow/Blizzard."

Note 9 makes more sense to me. It's also interesting to note that not all ports within the Arctic-Zone are automatically susceptible to being iced-in; for example, Murmansk and Dutch Harbor act like normal ports in Snow/Blizzard.

Thread: Warhammer 40,000: Conquest:: Variants:: Warhammer Conquest: Fantasy

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:56:56 +0000

by coacht

A new way to play the Warhammer Conquest system, using D&D and Warhammer armies! Included in the package:

- some rule changes for a more tactical fantasy battle using the Conquest system
- objective, weather and Fate cards
- armies made up of 40 cards, each with 3 Generals to choose from, include High Elves, Mountain Dwarves, Monster Horde, Wood Ffolk, the Undead, Skaven and the Drow
- rules and objective cards included for underground battles
- for Dragonlance fans, the Dragonarmy and Solamnic Knight armies, featuring Generals, heroes and creatures you'll recognize from the novels

Though it hasn't been tested enough to get all the cool card combos from the 40K game, the Fantasy variant plays quickly and easily using most of the familiar Conquest system.

Look for all four zip files in the Files section for Warhammer Conquest! Feel free to comment and share.

Thread: Ardennes '44:: General:: introducing play balance

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:55:17 +0000

by bob_santafe

Ardennes '44 is by most accounts, and in my experience, unbalanced in favor of the Americans (no surprise -- the battle itself was unbalanced in favor of the Americans, given the determination of the American infantry and the skill it had acquired by that point in the war). Does anyone have any suggestions for introducing play balance? The only way I can think of, without changing the character of the game, is to change the air rules -- ie, to reduce the American air support and add a German air capability. Any comments?

Thread: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition):: General:: expansions?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:52:08 +0000

by kyau

Hi guys dont worry not typical question about what expansion to buy as first for my collection...

But let me ask you this... Do you think ffg will make another expansions? I want to invest more to descent but I dont wanna ended up with bunch of stuff and no more love from ffg.. OFC i know that day ll come but you know... . Cuz what I see is only IA expansions and ofc upcoming app for IA next year so... what do you think guys? Do you think there ll be more expansions?

Thread: Viticulture Essential Edition:: General:: Well-fitting sleeves for smaller cards?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:50:06 +0000

by sigmarpriest

I'd like to ask what sleeves do you use to small cards. I know that I can find this on geeklist, but I have UltraPro pro-fit on bigger cards and i'd love to have similar impression.

Thread: Champions of Midgard:: Rules:: food when we were fight the monster

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:50:04 +0000

by dejansavi

i have palyed 7 times for ths game and still confused about the rules . when we decide to fight the monster we shud rent the ship and bought the food as much the warrior we bought ( consider by the sea ) , if our food is exceses is that food can go back to our supply or not?
sorry for my bad english

Thread: On To Paris!:: Rules:: Scenario clarifications

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:49:03 +0000

by kbernatz

This has come up working on the vassal module, so just wanted to get this out there.

During final pre-production, we changed from starting the scenarios during the Reinforcement Phase to the Resource Phase, so that we could make it easier on the players by stating where all the markers + reinforcements were located. However, it looks like we missed a few things:

1) For scenarios 3 - 8, it should say that the scenario begins in the Resource Phase not the Reinforcement Phase .

2) For scenario 4, the Prussian Army of the North should begin in the Available Formations Pool (it arrives as a reinforcement on turn 3).

3) For scenario 7, the French leader Jaures should begin in the Available Leaders Pool (he arrives as a reinforcement on turn 7).

One other issue I noticed that isn't 100% clear is that for scenarios 5 - 8, players should note that the Empire is considered to have fallen on turn 4. We implied this, but never explicitly stated it, which we probably should have.

-K (acting developer On To Paris!)

Thread: Legends of Andor:: Rules:: Question about fate cards

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:47:53 +0000

by RaMo_teamhellep

Do you really have to complete your fate completely on your own? Or can you get help from the other players?
E.g. one card says that you have to bring a farmer token to space 67. So, is it necessary that the player who actually got this card is the one who drops the farmer at space 67 or is it only important that the farmer is brought to that space no matter which hero brought him there?

Thread: Mythic Battles: Pantheon:: General:: Do flyers get any weakness?

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:43:55 +0000

by Rhalius

Looking through various moves, talents and rules, it seems that flyers might have it a bit too easy since various things do not apply to them.

Aquatic units have the downside of moving slower on land than in water, but it seems that flyers have no downside to their free movement. There also does not seem to be any unit that deals bonus damage against flyers.

To me it seems fitting that big flyers would be vurnerable to some ranged units, since they are a pretty big target and in the sky they would be vurnerable since they can't hide.

Maybe it would be fitting if the "archer" talent gives +2 extra damage for ranged attacks against flyers, and +1 against anything else as usual.

Not many units have that talent, it would not be too strong but just a little edge against flyers. I feel that in particular the really big ones like the Manticore would be pretty much unstoppable.

Alternatively, a unit that does bonus damage against flyers could also provide a counter instead.

Review: Grand Prix:: [Roger's Reviews] A Grand Time

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:43:03 +0000

by leroy43 Grand PrixA game for 2-11 players designed by Jeff & Carla Horger"IF is a very long word in Formula 1; in fact, IF is F1 spelled backwards."Murray WalkerIntroductionGrand Prix is an F1 racing game, and both a mechanical and spiritual successor to Thunder Alley. When I reviewed the latter two years ago I concluded that I was keen for Grand Prix. I even went as far as to sponsor one of the teams. ComponentsGrnad Prix comes with two double sided mounted map boards for a total of four tracks, but they are fully compatible with both Thunder Alley and the Thunder Alley: Expansion Tracks, so if you already own TA or the expansion tracks, you have an awful lot of variety available to you.Image credit: Beatrix Schilke (HedgeWizzard)Along with the map board and team cards there are rules, cars, damage markers, and two decks, one for the event cards and one for the movement cards.Rules & Game PlayGrand Prix puts you in the driver's seat of F1 cars and abstracts a long race into about 3-4 laps (depending on which map/track you use). For the purpose of your team and your opponents, all cars are essentially the same. It's not team Honda vs. team Ferrari vs. team Mercedes, and there is no car construction, save for the selection of tires. Soft, regular, or wet (for rain).No matter how many players there are, your team, insofar as vehicles you care about, is two cars. However, depending on the number of players, there will be[...]

Thread: War of the Ring: Warriors of Middle-earth:: Rules:: Hideous Speed (Spiders Faction Event card) and eliminating Companions

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:37:29 +0000

by roysubs Noticed a point that makes Hideous Speed a bit more powerful when playing with Lords of Middle-earth:Hideous Speed (Spider Faction Event card): "Play if there are Spiders in the same region as the Shadow Army. Before the Combat roll, roll one die. On a result of 1 or 2, eliminate one of these Spider figures. On a result of 5 or 6, eliminate a Free Peoples Leader or a Level 1 Companion in the battle."Worn With Sorrow and Toil says "you may eliminate" directly indicating that it is the Shadow player that should randomly select the Companion to be eliminated, and I think this card has the same sense (as card text is always written as an instruction to the player playing the card so will state if an opponent has to perform something. i.e. Also with Heroic Death it instructs the Free Player that he should eliminate a leader or Companion etc).So, in the base game + Warriors of Middle-earth, this only affects Hobbits as they are the only 2x possible Level 1 Companions (Merry or Pippin). If Hideous Speed is played, then the Shadow player decides whether a Leader or a Hobbit in that battle is eliminated (obviously more useful to eliminate a Hobbit if possible!).However, if Lords of Middle-earth is also in the mix, there are then 5x possible level 1 Companions (Boromir Captain General of Gondor, Legolas Elven Prince, Gimli Dwarven Lord, Merry, Pippin, with either Hobbit types being Level 1), [...]

Thread: LOAD: League of Ancient Defenders:: General:: It is here! - the unboxing of LOAD

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:37:01 +0000

by skolo Ladies and GentsLOAD the Board GameNeed to say that I`m overwhelmed by the quality of the components. Good card stock, outstanding packaging of the product and quality of the miniatures its mind blowing for a board game. I have to say this will be a pleasure to paint and play without a doubt. [...]