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C/C++ programming information for Windows and Linux, wireless computer networking, computer hardware information, and game programming.


Game Programming Software
Long gone are the days when programmers write everything from scratch! To prevent reinventing the wheel, a wise game programmer knows which game programming software and tools are available for particular tasks dealing with audio, graphics, artificial intelligence, file management, and more. This page will continue to be updated as new game programming software becomes available.

Arizona Canyons and Cacti
Arizona is a beautiful state! From breathtaking canyons to ancient ruins from past civilizations, Arizona has it all. During the summer of 2003 I spent three days experiencing the Grand Canyon, Saguaro National Park, Antelope Canyon, Walnut Canyon, Wupatki National Monument, and more! Pictures have been posted of my excellent adventure.

Guide to Cisco CCNA Certification
Cisco CCNA Certification can help make you stand out from the rest of the information technology workforce. Not only does it show a potential employer that you're knowledgeable with computer networking technologies, it also demonstrates that you are self-motivated and can learn on your own. This article describes CCNA certification and tips for studying and passing the exam.

MIT Graduate Schedule
Michael Matczynski's schedule for his fifth year at MIT has been posted. He is currently working on his Master of Engineering in Computer Science thesis. Classes include operating system engineering, parallel computing, and an artificial intelligence class called The Human Intelligence Enterprise.

Wireless Home Networking for Beginners
With wireless home networking such a popular topic here's a guide to building a wireless home network. This article covers wireless network basics, 802.11 wireless technologies, equipment you'll need for your wireless network starter kit, setup instructions, and security considerations to protect your wireless Internet router from misuse.

Internships in the Software Industry
Michael Matczynski looks back and reflects on the three summer internships he's had at Electronic Arts, Morgan Stanley and Sandia National Laboratories during his summers away from MIT. He's assigned each one a grade based on the overall intern experience, both in terms of learning more about the company as well as professional development.

Operating Systems, Global Illumination, Robots, and More at MIT
For the final project in the operating system class at MIT, Martijn Stevenson and Michael Matczynski developed a graphical operating system called MSMMOS. Some other past final projects at MIT are described including a raytracer including global illumination and robots built from legos, complete with images and videos.

Michael Matczynski to Develop Software at Endeca Technologies
After graduation, Michael Matczynski has decided to begin his career at Endeca, a small and quickly growing software company in Cambridge, MA. Endeca develops software for e-commerce web sites, and is well known among web developers for its Guided Navigation, Search, and Analysis capabilities.

Pictures from Sunny California
While in California this past summer for an internship at EA Michael Matczynski adventured throughout the area and tried to experience the locate culture and flavor. Matczynski visited all the normal tourist areas such as the Legion of Honor, Palace of Fine Arts, Fisherman's Wharf, and Coit Tower. He even saw a man picking up pigeons and giving them to children!

Electronic Arts Software Engineering Internship
After a couple rounds of interviews with EA Michael Matczynski was offered a software engineering internship with The Sims team. He described his process of getting an internship in the entertainment industry.