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I was in a situation where my boyfriend was in an accident the beginning of this year. He was hit at a stop light coming of the highway from behind. So the other party was at fault. At the time, there was a lapse in insurance. I finally was able to have the chance to take the vehicle to one of there inspection site for an estimate. Being that I don't have the time because of my job to pick a shop, I wanted them to issue the draft to myself so that when I was ready. I am financing my vehicle but ...

is rain damage covered by home insurance
after over a week of rain, the wall board over our sliding glass door bubbled up from rain getting in somehow.

how to become health insurance broker in florida
Hi I was always wondering who are the people I speak to when I call health insurance. How do I get job like that? I would like to become health insurance agent in Florida, but do not know where to start. What do I need to do in order to be health insurance broker? can I work from home? How do I get job in company such as florida blue or any other big companies. . thank you for advice

Accident and follow up, any advise appreciated
Hello Forum, Back in September 2015 I was involved in a 3 car crash (I was the car in the middle). My car was / is a 2012 Porsche Panamera, valued at $50k First repair estimate was $28k, then it was adjusted to $38k, the repairs started and are now just about to be completed. Final repair bill is ~$45k Almost 5 months have passed since the accident, I had 30 day of rental reimbursement, but nothing since. I keep on making car payments, as well as insurance payments. Last week I spoke wi...

I want to cancel my health insurance how
I want to cancel my healh insurance policy

Should I pay this extra fee or fight it?
I faxed my insurance company on November 17, at noon saying that I was discontinuing my service with them. My insurance ended on November 18. I later received a $49 charge in the mail saying I still owed them. I called and asked about it and was told because I faxed them half a day early I was charged an extra fee. If I would have put the notice in the next day I would not have been charged. I have not paid yet and have been in discussion with the insurance company, but have been told they were...

What do these abbriviations mean when a owner fixes a total
car ? (ACV means what ?) (UPD means what ?)and (Total ACV means what ?)

Questions on options after filing claim
Hello, I have just had my first accident, the ins co has determined that the car is a total loss based on the repairs costing more than the value of the car. Car details: 2004 M3, all options except Nav and SMG (sequential gearbox) 167,000 miles, I'm the original owner and the car has never had an accident. They are valuing the car at $9100 and the cost of repairs at 11k. They say the car is in good condition. When I look for similar cars with similar mileage and condition to mine I ge...

damage by roots outside clogged pipes
Damage to interior of home because underground pipes outside were damaged by roots

My homeowners insurance denied a
My homeowners insurance denied a claim for a broken window citing age of window and that Windows only last 5 to 8 years