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What do you call a waffle on a California beach?


A Sandy Eggo. - Compliments of my cousin's 6 year old daughter (She says "Hi" by the way).

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Fuck it, let's get pissed.


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Net neutrality day of action update: Twitter, Soundcloud, and Medium, have joined. Reddit, This could be as big as SOPA.


Hey reddit, I wanted to give another quick update on the Internet-Wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality planned for July 12th that tons of major websites, subreddits, online communities, and Internet users are helping organize. The momentum is continuing to build. In the past few days Twitter, Soundcloud, Medium, Adblock, Twilio, and some other big names have joined. Since we announced earlier this month a ton of other high-traffic sites have signed on including Imgur, Amazon, Namecheap, OK Cupid, Bittorrent, Mozilla, Kickstarter, Etsy, GitHub, Vimeo,, Fark,, Y Combinator, and Private Internet Access. Reddit itself has also joined, along with more than 80 subreddits! We've started solidifying ideas for the types of messages that sites can display on the day of the protest, and you can check those out here (feedback is welcome!) EDIT: A little more info about the plan: on July 12 websites will display a prominent message on their homepage, and apps and services will send push notifications or do whatever makes the most sense for them to reach as many people as possible. We'll direct people to, an optimized action site that easily allows anyone to submit a comment to the FCC and Congress at the same time, make a phone call, and sign up to participate in meetings with lawmakers. We'll also have video bumpers that YouTubers and other video creators can use. Basically, everyone should think about how they can use the power of the Internet to reach their audience with a message abotu net neutrality and make it easy for them to take action. Important context from my previous update below. Net neutrality is the basic principle that prevents Internet Service Providers like Comcast and Verizon from charging us extra fees to access the online content we want -- or throttling, blocking, and censoring websites and apps. Title II is the legal framework for net neutrality, and the FCC is trying to get rid of it, under immense pressure for the Cable lobby. This day of action is an incredibly important moment for the Internet to come together -- across political lines -- and show that we don't want our Cable companies controlling what we can do online, or picking winners and losers when it comes to streaming services, games, and online content. The current FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, is a former Verizon lawyer and seems intent on getting rid of net neutrality and misleading the public about it. But the FCC has to answer to Congress. If we can create another moment of massive online protest like the SOPA Blackout and the Internet Slowdown, we have a real chance of stopping the FCC in its tracks, and protecting the Internet as a free and open platform for creativity, innovation, and exchange of ideas. So! If you've got a website, blog, Tumblr, or any kind of social media following, or if you are a subreddit mod or active in an online community or forum, please get involved! There's so much we as redditors can do, from blacking out our sites to drive emails and phone calls to organizing in-person meetings with our lawmakers. Feel free to message me directly or email team (at) fightforthefuture (dot) org to get involved, and learn more here. EDIT: Oh hai, everyone! Very glad you're here. Lots of awesome brainstorming happening in the comments. Keep it coming. A lot of people are asking what sites will be doing on July 12. We're still encouraging brainstorming and creativity, but the basic idea is that sites will have a few options of things they can do to [...]