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Baywatch: Russia


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A Brief Season of Mirth


Good Morning fellow citizens. My pelt is veritably glistening with pride and anticipation at the thought of you all learning some woodworking as you gigglingly traipse through my new book Good Clean Fun. That said, do please ask me anything that pleases. Proof: THAT IS MY TIME! Thank you very kindly for your gentle indulgence. Hug before punch.

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Hey /r/gaming I'm Dylan and I'm 14 years old and I want to know is NHL 17 a good game to buy for the Playstation 4?


How is drop in games this year? My birthday is tomorrow and my mom is letting me buy a game.

Thanks for reading this guys, girls, have a good one

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A 24 year old Charlize Theron


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Furry trash


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Parents took out student loans in my name and spent it on a car/vacations, now they can’t pay it back.


Over the course of 3 years they’ve taken about $45,000 in student loans out from private lenders all in my name only. I graduated in May with about $10,000 in federal loans which I’ve since reduced to $8,000 with a one time payment of $2,000 and I start making my regular payments this month.

I work retail for now while I try to get into my chosen field, which would allow me to pay off the loans I took out within a year or two at most.

The problem is my parents took out so many private loans without my knowledge that I can’t afford to pay the monthly payments and my parents can’t afford it either. 95% of what they spent it on is gone (living expenses, vacations) and their only car I’m pretty sure was bought from the money as well.

I’m afraid that this is going to kill my credit and maybe even get me sued. Where would I begin to get this cleared up?

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I had a medical abortion today.


A few hours ago I had a medical abortion at 8 weeks and 1 day. I'm hoping my honest account of how it went might help someone out there in a similar situation. I'd read so many horror stories on the internet, detailing the excruciating pain and blood loss that comes about through aborting this way, and found there were very few positive stories out there. This morning, before I got to the hospital, my head was full of these stories and I was terrified. Two days ago I took the first abortion pill, mifepristone, and was sent home after a quick blood test and told to rest with my next appointment booked for 48 hours later. I felt fine, if a little drained, but I think that was mostly because I had grown attached to this baby, and the grieving process had started, even though I knew this was definitely the right decision. The next day after taking the mifepristone was worse, to be honest. I started passing very small amounts of dark brown blood, and then the magnitude of what I was doing really hit me- my baby had died. I felt a lot of things, mainly crippling guilt, and I panicked and rang my hospital on the support number they gave me. I asked if there was any chance of reversing the mifepristone, and to carry on with the pregnancy to term because I had changed my mind. The nurse was very comforting, but she told me that as I had started bleeding, it was extremely unlikely the pregnancy would, or could, progress any further. I took a nap, and tried to keep busy, and after a few more hours I felt acceptance. Which brings me to this morning. I threw up while getting ready, but I had suffered from nausea throughout the pregnancy so that was nothing new. I arrived at the hospital and was taken into a ward with six other people in it. I had expected to be given a private room with my own bathroom, so this was a shock, but I had my own bed and privacy when I pulled the curtains across, so it could have been worse. The nurse showed me where the shared bathroom was, and told me to put down a cardboard pan each time I went to the toilet, so they could monitor my blood loss. Back in bed, another nurse arrived to insert four misoprostol tables vaginally, and a painkilling suppository. She was incredibly kind and promised to look after me, bringing me water and two more painkillers to take whenever I needed to. I was told to lay flat in bed for one hour, and not to get up or move, and that she would come back and tell me when the hour was up and I could start going to the toilet. About 20 minutes had passed when the cramps started. At first they were minor, and I found that deep breathing made them almost disappear. A few more minutes later, I started feeling nauseous, and gagged a few times but was not actually sick. I began shaking hard, to the point the whole bed was moving, and the cramps had returned. These cramps were strong, but no worse than period pains- they came in waves, so the few moments of relief after each contraction was enough for me to take a breath and get through it. I took my painkillers at this point, and shortly after the shaking stopped, the nausea went, and the cramps returned to being minor and barely there. Almost immediately after my hour was up, I felt a gush of blood, and looked down to see my jeans and the bed were soaked through with bright red blood. This shocked me as I hadn't expected anything to happen for at least 3-4 hours. I went to the toilet, put the bed pan over, [...]