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Last Build Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 22:02:22 +0000


Indigenous Dance Festival That Focuses On Contemporary Indigenous Culture Across The World

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 22:02:22 +0000

(image) The festival will highlight commonalities, as well as differences, across geographically or politically separated Indigenous cultures. National borders are of scant relevance to the peoples whose ancestors inhabited Turtle Island long before Europeans “discovered” North America. Santee Smith emphasizes that today’s Indigenous artists are highly individual. “We’re all rooted in our world views — societal, […]neoindigena.jpg.size.custom.crop.813x650

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How Opera America Helped Spark A New Era In American Opera

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 21:34:16 +0000

(image) “New music is a culture that tends to romanticize risk, and I think we ought to push back on that romanticizing. For all its aesthetic innovation, new music remains a job for many people.” Perhaps the same could be said of new American opera. Debates over its future highlight a complex web of expectations concerning […]OA-80-header

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China Blacks Out Foreign Movies And Sees Home-Grown Movies Top The Box Office

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 21:02:13 +0000

(image) China's government, intent on building a domestic film industry to rival Hollywood's, typically bans imported releases during peak moviegoing periods, such as national holidays and summer vacations. The blackouts — officially called "domestic film protection periods" — have historically given a summer bump to local

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American Theatre Enthusiastically Takes On The Made-For-Theatre Trump

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 20:31:18 +0000

(image) "With almost as much gusto as the talkers on cable news channels, the theater world is chewing over the bombastic image and pronouncements of President Trump, albeit with even less concern about the appearance of neutrality. It’s fair to say that among the lively arts, the theater has staked a claim most quickly and aggressively […]Trump-Sellers-1

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Deputy Director of Development

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 20:19:59 +0000

(image) The Music Hall, a leading performing arts center with two venues in downtown Portsmouth, NH, seeks a senior fundraising professional to serve as Deputy Director of Development. musichalllogo

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The Most-Popular Playwright In America Is An Unexpected Name

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 20:02:57 +0000

(image) Lauren Gunderson recently topped the annual list of American Theatre magazine’s ranking of the country’s most-produced playwrights. (She was second only to August Wilson, who is deceased. Shakespeare receives so many productions every year he is no longer included on the list). Her placement there was remarkable for a number of reasons. She’s one of only a handful of […]maxresdefault-2

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Study: Art Hung Higher Than Eye Level Is Rated Higher Quality

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:31:41 +0000

(image) Those who looked up at the work "rated the painting most positively, while participants who looked down gave the lowest aesthetic appraisals," the researchers report. "Eye-level presentations received judgments in between."joshua-earle-233782

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Report: Nonprofits Are Stockpiling Huge Amounts Of Cash

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 19:00:40 +0000

(image) "Nonprofits with large endowments are collecting more than twice as much money as they are spending on grants, facilities, and administrative and other costs, a new data analysis of 1,600 organizations by The Chronicle shows."nonprofit

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Is Canada's Access Copyright Law Depriving Artists Of Compensation For Their Work?

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:31:04 +0000

(image) "The amounts Access Copyright collects have dropped by 80 per cent since 2013 as the universities have used the new law to craft their own definitions of what they can copy for free. Society might be considered to have already paid the tenured scholars whose titles might be registered with Access Copyright, but for independent […]2016-kate_taylor

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New EU Regulations On Data Collection Will Impact How Arts Organizations Track Their Audiences

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:02:37 +0000

(image) "People will be able to request details of the data held about them at any time, and can require its removal in a wide range of circumstances. This is not only fundraising data but information held about everyone in an arts organisation’s database, from audiences and artists to volunteers."primary_school

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AEA Consulting is Hiring

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 17:47:51 +0000

(image) AEA Consulting is recruiting Senior Consultants, Consultants and Research Analysts for its offices in London and Beacon, New York

Alice Cooper Finally Remembers (40 Years Later) That He Has A Warhol Worth Millions

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 17:28:07 +0000

(image) “Alice says he remembers having a conversation with Warhol about the picture. He thinks the conversation was real, but he couldn’t put his hand on a Bible and say that it was.” The artwork entered Cooper’s touring equipment collection, and disappeared.1210

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When Everything's A Market, You Get... Neo-Liberalism

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 17:01:14 +0000

(image) "This approach to markets and governments, commonly called neoliberalism by its critics, has grown increasingly dominant. As this theory moved off the page and the blackboard, people who wanted to live according to neoliberal principles ran into a basic problem. This is a specific way of dealing with markets, even for those committed in principle […]FireShot Capture 71 - Aeon I a world of ideas - https___aeon.co_

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German Philosophy Has Gone Mainstream And Popular. But Has It Sold Out?

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:31:31 +0000

(image) German philosophy today is not so much the kind of intellectual discipline that Martin Heidegger would practice, hermitlike, in his Black Forest hut but rather a successful service industry competing for customers.hajek_jeffries4

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A Brief History Of 'No'

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:02:00 +0000

(image) In this Lexicon Valley podcast, "John McWhorter goes negative, exploring the evolution of no and not."lexicon valley bigger

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The Artist As Arts Administrator

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 15:31:23 +0000

(image) John Killacky: "Artists have certain advantages, particularly with the never-ending aspiration to improve. While building upon technique and experience, curiosity leads artists to explore new horizons. I often tell employees that, 'We’re hired for what we know, but our job is to learn what we don’t know'.”download

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The Great Genius Of Rare-Book Theft

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 15:03:11 +0000

(image) "James Richard Shinn was a master book thief. Using expert techniques and fraudulent documents, he would ultimately pillage world-class libraries to the tune of half a million dollars or more. A Philadelphia detective once called him 'the most fascinating, best, smartest crook I ever encountered.' And yet, despite the audacity of his approach and the […]book thief

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The Most Anthologized Poems Of The Last 25 Years

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:35:42 +0000

(image) A couple of weeks ago, Emily Temple cracked some books, ran some stats, and came up with a list (several, actually) of the most anthologized short stories of all time in the U.S. over the last 34 years. Now she's tried a similar approach with poetry.anthologized poems

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Let Great Stage Actors Be Great *On Stage* (Not Screen)

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:04:51 +0000

(image) Isaac Butler and Dan Kois: " Call it the Rylance Rule: Great stage actors can be great on film as well, but their film careers are always less interesting than their stage careers." And Mark Rylance himself is their Exhibit B; Exhibit A is Nathan Lane: "So why on earth would we want to push […]rylance rule 200

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Double Dutch As Dance Form (Seriously)

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:33:08 +0000

(image) Gia Kourlas: "Double Dutch has been a competitive sport since the 1970s, its popularity in cities intertwined with the birth of hip-hop. While just about anyone can do it, the best practitioners use athleticism, finesse and musicality to transform it from a game into a choreographic feat. Yes, double Dutch is very much an art […]doubledutch

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With TV Producers Running Out Of Books To Adapt, Where Are They Turning? Podcasts

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:02:17 +0000

(image) "When television networks resort to adapting books that haven’t even been written yet," - and that's what the Game of Thrones folks are doing at this point - "it's time to start looking for new source material. Luckily, salvation might be as close as their smartphones. As the supply of books and comics ripe for […]podcasts

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'Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening Is Creating A New Cartoon Series

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:46:26 +0000

(image) Disenchantment, of which Netflix has ordered an initial 20 episodes, "is described as an adult fantasy about a crumbling medieval kingdom known as Dreamland. The central character is a hard-drinking princess, Bean, [with] her elf companion Elfo and her 'personal demon' Luci. The first 10 episodes are targeted to premiere next year."matt groening

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Background Music In The Office Is Coming Back (Dept. Of Terrifying Trends From 50 Years Ago)

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:31:47 +0000

(image) "For decades, it was thought that playing music in our places of work would boost morale and productivity. Before it terrorised hotel guests and shoppers, Muzak originally set out to rally workers with 15-minute cycles of slowly climaxing, terrible music." (These days, thank heaven, offices seem to be turning to Spotify.)music in the office

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What Dancers Should Know Before Taking That Gig On A Cruise Ship

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:15:43 +0000

(image) Meghan McFerran gives a rundown of the pluses (free travel, free room and board, extra strength) and minuses (isolation, seasickness, the stage moving under you).cruise

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Philanthropic Generosity Or 'Tax Grab'? Battle In Canada Over Donated Annie Leibovitz Portfolio

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 12:00:42 +0000

(image) "Someone - and absolutely no one involved seems ready to say who - came up with an idea in 2012 for a patron to purchase 2,070 photos by the American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz and then donate them to ... the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia ... Four years later, though, a Canadian government panel […]annie l

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They're Going To Try A Biennial In 30 Cities At Once

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 11:44:58 +0000

(image) "The first International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America (BienalSur) launches this September across 30 cities ... Although its main hub is in Buenos Aires, the show extends beyond Argentina - to Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Havana, Paris, Berlin and Tokyo, among other cities."BienalSur

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An Arts Festival In The Middle Of The Atlantic

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 11:29:28 +0000

(image) "For the first edition of the Walk & Talk festival in 2011, its current artistic director Jesse James and fellow co-founder Diana Sousa wanted to bring 'just one artist' to Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Portuguese Azores islands. Now, in its seventh edition, the festival (until 29 July) has grown with more than 70 […]azores b

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