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Last Build Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2017 22:07:04 +0000


Google Is Building A Smart City - In Toronto

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 22:07:04 +0000

(image) “Sidewalk Labs promises to embed all sorts of sensors everywhere possible, sucking up a constant stream of information about traffic flow, noise levels, air quality, energy usage, travel patterns, and waste output. Cameras will help the company nail down the more intangible: Are people enjoying this public furniture arrangement in that green space? Are residents […]Sidewalk-LabsTA

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Toronto’s Museum Of Contemporary Art Gets A New CEO After A Year Of Trouble

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 21:31:30 +0000

(image) Heidi Reitmaeir’s appointment marks the end of a long fallow period for the institution, which, after closing its doors in its previous Queen Street West location in 2015, has endured construction delays and high-profile changes in leadership along its path to reinvention.TorMoCA

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Art Galleries Move Into An LA Neighborhood And Residents Protest Gentrification (But It Isn’t Quite So Cut-And-Dried)

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 20:59:07 +0000

(image) When a number of largely white-owned art galleries started opening here over the past few years, a familiar narrative began to emerge: new businesses and more affluent tenants moved in, followed by rent rises that forced out longtime residents. But while many young activists in Boyle Heights have loudly and aggressively protested the art galleries, […]download

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I Made My Students Surrender Their Cellphones In Class. This Is What Happened

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 20:28:07 +0000

(image) "Initially, 37 per cent of my 30 students – undergraduates at Boston University – were angry or annoyed about this experiment. While my previous policy leveraged public humiliation, it didn’t dictate what they did with their phones in class. For some, putting their phones into cases seemed akin to caging a pet, a clear denial […]idea_sized-dick-thomas-johnson-37127362305_1411d3b101_o

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Kirkus Changes A Book Review And A Storm Of Questions Erupts

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 20:04:46 +0000

(image) Would Kirkus’s reviewer have changed her mind independently, even if the review hadn’t been pulled for evaluation? Or did she feel pressured to alter what had proven to be a deeply unpopular opinion when asked if she wanted to, even without explicit instructions to do so? What is clear, though, is that the choice to un-star American Heart reflects […]18-american-heart.w245.h368.2x

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Jean Nouvel Talks About His New Abu Dhabi Louvre

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:28:15 +0000

(image) The building is a giant dome that lets some light through. When tests were carried out in Stuttgart, Germany, and on a scale mock-up in Abu Dhabi, Nouvel found that even the 5 per cent of sunlight he intended to allow through was too much. In the finished museum, “Only 1.8 per cent of light […]image

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LeVar Burton Wins The Right To Use “Reading Rainbow” Tagline

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:03:13 +0000

(image) You may remember the news in early August of a strongly worded lawsuitfiled by WNED, the PBS affiliate in Buffalo, New York, that owns the Reading Rainbow brand, against Burton and his digital reading company RRKidz (recently renamed LeVar Burton Kids), for “theft and extortion” regarding a series of alleged trademark violations — including promoting his podcast as “a Reading Rainbow for adults” […]19-levar-burton.w245.h368.2x

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How Would You Explain Opera? Here’s One Attempt

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:31:18 +0000

(image) One would think that in an era of immersive realities, opera would have tried to aim for higher levels of verisimilitude, would have become grittier and true to life, but in the age of cinema, the opposite happened. Twentieth-century opera became more amorphous, less plot-driven. Watch something like Nixon In China, with its listless, meandering scenes […]Z76GJHPVKVEU7LFPTFY4TD4UEU

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The Loneliness Of Elizabeth Bishop

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 18:04:32 +0000

(image) "In 1974, Elizabeth Bishop seemed to have all the things a poet could want: a teaching position at Harvard, a Pulitzer Prize, a National Book Award, and a first-look contract with The New Yorker, which almost always decided to publish her work. And yet she was inconsolably unhappy. 'When you write my epitaph,' Bishop said […]Elizabeth_Bishop

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What It's Like To Spend Two Years In 'Hamilton'

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 17:01:08 +0000

(image) "Thayne Jasperson, who plays the British loyalist Samuel Seabury, is the only cast member still in his original role. Emmy Raver-Lampman, by contrast, started as part of the ensemble on Broadway, left the show in April 2016 for SpongeBob SquarePants, returned as an ensemble member in the Chicago production of Hamilton, and is now playing […]hamilton

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Important New Study Reveals Mental Health Toll On Musicians

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 16:31:10 +0000

(image) Previous research showed that more than 70% of musicians have experienced anxiety and panic attacks. The “precariousness and insecurity” of a career in music can be psychologically damaging, the new report claims, resulting in many experiencing “constant stress” around finding work and being financially stable.shutterstock_562991365

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Minneapolis Police Dept. To Start Running Bookmobiles

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 16:02:02 +0000

(image) "Community policing officers will carry books while they are making their rounds on the city's North and South sides. They'll still respond to certain emergencies, but won't be dispatched to calls for help, freeing them up to visit neighborhoods without libraries and give away books to anyone who wants them. The program is the first […]Minneapolis Police Dept. To Start Running Bookmobiles

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You Should “Know Yourself”? Um, Not Necessarily A Great Idea

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 15:31:35 +0000

(image) This whole ‘knowing thyself’ business is not as simple as it seems. In fact, it might be a serious philosophical muddle – not to say bad advice.idea_sized-edgar_degas_-_mrs_jeantaud_in_the_mirror_-_google_art_project

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Mary Cochran, Dancer With Paul Taylor And Chair Of Dance At Barnard, Dead At 54

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:50:52 +0000

(image) Known for what Dance magazine called "her verve, charm and daring," Cochran performed with the Paul Taylor Dance Company from 1984 to 1996 and led the well-regarded dance department at Barnard College from 2003 to 2013.Cochran

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Puerto Rico's PBS Station Is Shut Down

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:35:07 +0000

(image) Sistema TV in San Juan has been taken off the air because, following Hurricane Maria, the university holding its license decided to cease all non-academic activities.sistema tv

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Brown University's New Orchestra Director 'Relieved Of Duties' Just Before His First Concert

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:19:06 +0000

(image) "'Brandon Keith Brown is no longer serving in the role he took on this summer when he joined the university as visiting assistant professor of music and orchestra conductor,' said Brown spokesman Brian Clark. 'As for the reason, I am not at liberty to disclose details related to personnel, which we do not consider public.'" […]brown univ orch dir

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Classical Music Has Its Own Bunch Of Mini-Harvey Weinsteins

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:04:18 +0000

(image) "One big problem is the mindless adulation bestowed on famous conductors and directors. Such sycophancy doesn't lead just to the tolerance of abuse, it mythologises the misdeeds so that they become part of the mystique surrounding 'the maestro'." (For example, Georg Solti, who'd seduce his way through the female choristers at the Royal Opera house […]classical music has its own bunch of mini-harvey weinsteins

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Inside The Weinstein Company When The Stories About Harvey Broke

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 13:48:32 +0000

(image) "As they gathered, someone mentioned that The New Yorker story was up. The assembled employees read in silence. They listened to the tape. They knew that voice too well. Some began to shake, and many of them wept as they contemplated the roles they might have played as accomplices, unwitting or not." Dana Goodyear talks […]at the weinstein company

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This Might Be The Most Appalling Thing Any Woman Has Yet Said About Harvey Weinstein

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 13:33:05 +0000

(image) Russian actress Lyubov Tolkalina said in an interview, "Isn't it beautiful when a man of such great power sexually harasses you? ... What does it matter how you got the part? It's good for everyone: he feels good, they feel good, and most importantly the viewers feel good."russian actress defends harvey w

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Canadian Opera Co. Extends Alexander Neef's Contract To 2026

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 13:17:03 +0000

(image) "This means that by 2026, Neef will be the longest-serving General Director of the COC (18 years), after Richard Bradshaw."aAlexander-Neef_COC-Director

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As ISIS Loses Territory, It Steps Up Looting Of Antiquities

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 13:02:17 +0000

(image) "Members of IS are definitely involved in sales," says one scholar, "particularly now that the so-called state is rapidly unravelling." However, there's little independently verifiable evidence of the scale of the ISIS trade in stolen antiquities - not to mention the fact that there are plenty of fakes mixed in with the genuine artifacts.ISIS

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This Mosaic From Caligula's Pleasure Boat Spent 45 Years As A Manhattan Coffee Table

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:46:42 +0000

(image) The 2000-year-old piece was once part of an elaborate mosaic floor in one of the Roman emperor's floating palaces on Lake Nemi south of Rome. Somehow it ended up in the Park Avenue apartment of an antiques dealer. "Last month, prosecutors seized the mosaic, saying they had evidence it had been taken from an Italian […]caligula-mosaic

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What Do Young Ballet Dancers Need? More Interesting Ballets, Says Benjamin Millepied

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:31:13 +0000

(image) "These ballet dancers are great and they're ready and what they need is more interesting work. I feel people are playing it safe a lot. If anything, I think it's the choreographers and the directors who need to make an effort for these dancers who have made this art form their passion, and to really […]millepied

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When Philadelphia Eliminated Arts Programs From Its Schools, Here's How Local Foundations Stepped Up

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:15:30 +0000

(image) "Most obviously, the city's financial woes were so calamitous that, funders, most of whom already had extensive footprints in the city, had no choice but to respond en masse. Samuel Johnson's old adage applies here: 'When a man knows he is to be hanged, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.' That being said, there's far more […]philly schools

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Amazon Moves Into Australia, Which May Not Be Prime Territory

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:00:13 +0000

(image) "When Borders opened in 2002 across the street from Readings, Melbourne's best-known independent bookseller, retail experts predicted catastrophe for the musty old shop competing with the shiny new chain store. Instead, Australians rejected Borders right into bankruptcy." As Amazon launches its book business there, Damien Cave reports, there's a chance it may not catch on […]amazon australia

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Upright Citizens Brigade, Famed Improv Troupe, Is Leaving Its Home

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 11:44:06 +0000

(image) The company, founded by Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh and Matt Besser and the training ground for many comedians, sketch actors and Saturday Night Live cast members, is moving from its longtime base in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood to the group of Off-Broadway theaters on the far west end of 42nd Street.Upright Citizens Brigade

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Enough With The Star Actors Playing Hamlet Already!

Fri, 20 Oct 2017 11:29:33 +0000

(image) "If, in any given year, somewhere up and down the UK, you can see a starry production of Hamlet being staged with Big-Name Acclaimed Actors showing off their Big-Name Acclaimed Acting Chops, then the cachet of that role is reduced. No question. It's the basic economics of scarcity: when every Tom (Hiddleston), Dick (Burton) and […]hamlets

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