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Intel Teases 40% Performance Boost With 8th-Gen Core i5, i7
There's no change to the chips' microarchitecture, but Intel claims they offer 40 percent more performance than their predecessors do.

Dell Precision 5720 All-in-One
An exceptional performer that's equally at home powering VR gaming and serving as a multimedia editing platform, the Dell Precision 5720 desktop PC is our top pick for business all-in-ones.

Intel's Gemini Lake Chips Offer 15 Percent Performance Boost
Intel's next generation of low-end processors will include some nice new features as well as a performance bump for entry-level hardware.

How to Preserve Vintage Electronics
Tips from a collector with 25 years of experience on slowing inevitable decay.

Akasa Launches Raspberry Pi Case With Thermal Kit
The Raspberry Pi 3 is known to be capable of running at burning hot temperatures, making this case well worth considering.

How to Build a PC With the AMD Threadripper Chip
AMD's Threadripper chips are fresh off the production line and in our hands at PC Labs. Watch us build a Threadripper PC and find everything you need to build one yourself.

MSI Aegis Ti3 (VR7RE SLI-054US)
With 4K- and VR-capable components, the MSI Aegis Ti3 is powerful enough for intense gaming, but the bold design of this desktop PC might not appeal to everyone.

Twitch's Desktop App Has Arrived
The app offers a couple of features you won't find on the Web, including dark mode, voice and video calls, and servers.

Intel's 8th Gen Coffee Lake Chips Arrive August 21
The second 14nm process refinement, six core chips, and up to a 30 percent performance bump expected.